Tonight on The Independents: ISIS Beheads U.S. Journalist, More Trouble in Ferguson, LP Senate Candidate John Buckley, Michael Moynihan, Plus Online Aftershow


If you thought the news this week couldn't get any worse, the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) has released a video of one of its terrorists beheading the long-captive American photojournalist James Wright Foley. The executioner, speaking in British-accented English, warns that the also-captive journalist Steven Joel Soltoff will meet the same fate if the United States doesn't withdraw from Iraq. That piece of grim news will kick off tonight's live episode of The Independents (Fox Business Network, 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT, with re-airs three hours later).

Party Panelists Michael C. Moynihan (Reason contributing editor) and Julie Roginsky (Fox News contributor) will react to this grim business, and also to the latest depressing goings-on in the police state of Ferguson, Missouri. Later in the show, the duo will also respond to a new list of the world's most allegedly influential cities. Coming back on to analyze the ISIS horror is Independents regular Michael Weiss of The Interpreter, and joining the program for the first time to relay his Ferguson insights as a conservative criminal-justice reformer and ex-National Guardsmen who worked the 1992 L.A. riots is Chuck DeVore. Finally, Libertarian Party candidate for the U.S. Senate out of West Virginia John Buckley (cousin to William F.) comes on to talk about his potentially disruptive campaign. Read Buckley's interview with Brian Doherty here.)

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