Brickbat: Without a Prayer


Chris JL Foter

Mary's Gourmet Diner in Winston-Salem has dropped its policy of giving a discount to patrons who pray before eating. The restaurant had offered the discount for four years, but a story on the policy recently went viral, and that led to threats of a lawsuit.

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  1. the discount was never meant to promote any particular religion ? or lack of religion ? but was meant to show appreciation for people who had what she called “an attitude of gratitude.”

    I say “thank you” very politely & charmingly to all wait staff. Where’s my fucking discount?

    1. Maybe there’s some indignation people are picking up on.

      Just a thought…


  2. threats of a lawsuit.

    It’s only ok to give discounts to veterans, the elderly, and people who take the time to collect coupons.

    1. I think you mean it is only ok to discriminate against people who aren’t veterans, elderly or coupon collectors by overcharging them.

      *I am guessing that is the basis for the suit*

      1. That’s what I was getting at.

    2. I actually hope they start putting in a 15% coupon in the local church flyers.

      Dickwads like these atheists are exactly why I started calling myself a non-believer.

      1. Amen to that bro… erm, I mean agreed.

        I tell people that I don’t disbelieve there is a god, instead I believe there is no god.

      2. I tell people I’m a don’t-give-a-shitist, or that I am areligious, depending on how polite I want to be.

        My brother accused my of being agnostic once, and I told him there are three possibilities.

        1. There are no gods, in which case why should I waste my time bowing and scarping?

        2a. There are nice gods who don’t expect me to bow and scrape.

        2b. There are asshole gods, so fuck ’em anyway.

        Or, alternatively

        3a. There are gods who created me as they want me, in which case my areligious attitude is their choice, not mine.

        3b. There are gods who created me with free will, in which case they are satisfied in my areligious attitude.

        1. I would suggest that when you pray, use the prayer Conan offered up to Crom:

          Crom, I have never prayed to you before. I have no tongue for it. No one, not even you, will remember if we were good men or bad. Why we fought, and why we died. All that matters is that today, two stood against many. Valor pleases you, so grant me this one request. Grant me revenge!

          And if you do not listen, the HELL with you!

  3. “People who are atheists don’t pray,” Gaylor said, adding that it is illegal to “charge an atheist more than a Christian.”

    Who says none of those getting the prayer discount were atheist? That’s a rather brazen generalization.

    1. “Oh all mighty dollar, save us from full price”

      /Athiest’s Discount Prayer.

    2. Im guessing atheists never close their eyes either.

      1. I haven’t blinked in twenty years.

    3. “Itadakimasu.”

      Or just not Christian.

      The Freedom From Religion Foundation lady seems to have an awfully narrow view of who considers a meal somehow solemn.

  4. Another brickbat in the fight for thick libertarianism. Have we run out of thin libertarian issues? Count me unimpressed.

    I’m an atheist by the way, and I would simply avoid this restaurant. (or say Bart’s Thanksgiving prayer: dear god, we payed for all this food, so thanks for nothing.”)

    1. I have a feeling the answer is beyond stupid, but I’ll ask anyway. What is the difference between thick and thin libertarianism?

      1. About forty pounds, give or take.

  5. Not sure why this is a brickbat item. Store’s owners have a policy that reflects their religious beliefs. People get pissed off by policy, sue. Store, under pressure from customers, changes policy.

    Using government courts to change policy, instead of using a private boycott — OK, sure, but this doesn’t seem to rise to brickbat levels.

    1. Chilling effect in action.

    2. I would suggest that maybe this reflects on the general libertarian mindset that as long as people aren’t bothering you it’s none of your damn business what they do.

      Do the people suing seriously believe the diner is going to start offering everybody the discount? No, it’s not that they want or expect cheaper food, it’s that “it’s not fair” that somebody else is getting cheaper food. They don’t mind paying higher prices as long as everybody else is suffering as much as they are. It’s pure dog in a manger.

      Plus, they’re using the argument that the diner is subsidizing the prayers by charging higher prices to the non-prayers when the diner is not going to lower prices across the board when they stop offering lower prices to prayers. This is the same argument as Donald Trump costs me more money when he uses “tax loopholes” because then the IRS needs more money from me. No, I’m not subsidizing Donald Trump and the non-prayers are not subsidizing the prayers. You pay what you pay and if somebody can pay less then more power to them.

      The people suing are just annoyed that somebody is doing something they don’t like even though it’s not hurting them so they’re threatening to use the power of government to make them stop. And then the little weasels pat themselves on the back and swell up with smug about what good little social justice warriors they are. Now I have to start praying that there is a god just so their whiny little bitch asses can rot in hell.

      1. You can be sure that if the FFRF is involved the reason is simply “get your fucking religion away from me.”

      2. Hasn’t Tony taught you anything?

        Not taking is giving and not giving is taking.

        So by not giving a discount to atheists, they were actually taking money from them.

        Those Christians were stealing from the atheists. Taking money right out of their wallets.

        Because not giving is taking and not taking is giving.

  6. No discounts shall be given without first asking permission and then obeying orders.

  7. Well now that makes a lot of sense dude.

  8. At the rate things are going, Taco Del Mar is going to have to start providing service to Ho-Dads, despite signs posted to the contrary.

  9. Who would sue and for what?

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