Michael Brown Shooting

Confirmed: Ferguson Police Arrested St. Louis Alderman Antonio French While He Covered Police Protests


Antonio French's last Vine

According to various reports on Twitter, St. Louis Alderman Antonio French, who has been tweeting from the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, over the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown has been arrested. I called Ferguson's police department tonight to ask whether they could confirm French had been arrested. I was transferred to the jail, which isn't quite a yes but is far from a no. I left a message with the jail but haven't gotten a response yet. Given all the reports of arrests tonight, it may take a while. I'll call back in the morning.

Links to livestream in Scott Shackford's coverage of the protests earlier today and more coverage of the protests directly below this post.

UPDATE 12:37a.m. ET: According to BuzzFeed sports writer (new media!) Joel Anderson, the St. Louis county jail says it doesn't have French in custody there.

UPDATE 12:46a.m. ET: CNN's Brian Stelter tweets that a jail official told him French had been booked.

NEXT: Tonight in Ferguson: Police Storm a Neighborhood, Break Up a Protest

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  1. Wait, fuck it just hit me. We're having racially motivated riots under Barack Obama. The L.A. riots were blamed on Bush and his policies. What's the media's take on these?

    1. Look! A blue car!

      1. At first, I didn't see what you did there.

    2. It must be because Obama is on vacation. He deserves a break. It's Biden's fault.

      1. Ha!

        1. Isn't everything?

        2. After seeing all these BOOOOOOOOSHHH installments, people need to appreciate that after over a dozen years of FDR, to this day - 80 years later, the left blames Hoover for everything. It might be best to just get used to it.

    3. What's the media's take on these?

      The rioting is rage against Republican obstructionism?

      1. I thought it was their rage over the failure to pass a COMPREHENISVE Immigration Bill? If Obama grants blanket amnesty to every central american, it should quiet things down.

    4. Here DU's take:

      In Missouri there are no guns being pointed at the police so their response is totally over the top. My position is consistent whether we are talking about protesters on the left or right ends of the political spectrum or anywhere in between. Unarmed protests should be respected by the police and no heavy handed tactics should be used, if guns come out however then the police should have the right to confront the people with guns with force.

      While there has been some unfortunate violence in the Missouri protests none of it was violence against people, it was only violence against property and that sort of crime can be addressed without the use of violence by police. Once people start pointing assault rifles at law enforcement as the Bundy clan did however, well they are asking for a heavy handed response.

      1. I would love to see some of the militia groups who went to Bundy's ranch, go to Ferguson.

        The progs' heads would explode at the thought of those nasty Tea Party types helping black people defend themselves against the State.

        1. But they're black.

        2. The media would wait and follow them to a gas station, or dunkin donuts, snap a couple of unflattering pictures.. then plaster "TeaBigots only defend white owned businesses in Ferguson!11!1" all over every website..

        3. I like this idea too, but it has to be carefully managed.

          You don't want any of the white Tea-Party types shooting a black looter. Or even getting into a physical confrontation with one.

          You do want people with open carry permits, but not with weapons drawn.

          Yes Gadsden flags, no Obama criticism.

          You may have to explicitly uninvite hot-heads.

      2. "While there has been some unfortunate violence in the Missouri protests none of it was violence against people, it was only violence against property and that sort of crime can be addressed without the use of violence by police."

        Define violence... The police may deploy different levels of force, but in some way shape or form it is still violence they are using to do their job.

      3. While there has been some unfortunate looting, pillaging and burning there's no need for heavy handed police tactics against these poor Vikings.
        An English Reporter

        1. Of course, unlike the Vikings, the protestors actually live in the areas where the cops are being heavy-handed.

  2. Hey, at least the cops haven't shot him. Yet.

    1. They're probably used to that.

    2. Hey, someone has to be the third world shithole.

  3. So ready for some long hot summers?

    1. It's mid-August. You better be praying for an indian summer.

  4. So who is Obama going to defend? The racist cops or black looters?

    1. Reason commentators had the same problem.

      1. That's a funny-sounding name.

      2. Reason commentators had the same problem.

        I don't have any problem at all determining who to support.

        I support the peaceful protesters. Looting and destroying property is theft and criminal. Protesting what you believe to be police brutality is completely legitimate.

        1. I agree. That said, bringing up the three dozen looters in the face of breaking up hundreds of peaceful protesters, placing tanks on streets and snipers on roofs, and arresting politicians and the press, smacks of apologies for the tactics.

          In other words, I am extremely tired of the people who feel the need to say LOOTERZ every time this shit comes up. Yes, some looting happened in X place. That doesn't justify what's happening in Y place.

          1. Missed your enema again this morning, eh?

            1. You probably shouldn't broadcast your fetish for my rectum.

              It's nice to have a fan, though.

            2. Did your police buddies leave a baton in you?

              1. It's for the scavenger hunt!

                1. Stupid threading limit.

    2. He'll straddle the line. He'll promise billions in stimulus and rebuilding monies, just like they did for South Central. That way it'll be gobbled up by all the corrupt, entrenched race hustlers in St. Lou. Right after that, he'll send in the Nat'l Guard to quell the violence.

    3. More importantly, what does his racist wife Michelle think?

  5. It's too bad this will undoubtedly be turned into a discussion about how we're still a racially divided nation, and not a conversation about how it's become little people against the police.

    1. And how rioting is because of the Tea Party hate and obstructionism.

  6. This is insane. Between this shit and the Boston bomber bull shit, whats the straw that breaks the camels back? I give up.

    1. If they are ballsy enough to go after a national reporter, a protected class, how do us proles even stand a chance?

  7. I cannot believe what a total shitshow the Facebook comments on these articles are. If you want to see some real yearning for jackboots, check out real live people begging for the Guard to come in and shoot people on sight.

    1. Is it primarily "oh noes, scary black peepulz are coming to steal and commit mayhem" alarm?

      1. Pretty much. Saw a lot of not-so-subtle references to "animals" too. Oh, and apparently a whole lot of Facebook commenters just happen to live in Ferguson. Funny, eh?

    2. Try CNN if you really want some disgusting stuff.

  8. Finally, some Jezebel comments that make sense (and are met with contempt from the author of the post)

    Author goes on rant about why she's mad about Mike Brown incident. It can be summed up as a bunch of tropes on "being black in America". She trades in the standard victim class rhetoric and has Napolitano's penchant for the interrogative.

    1. Commenter responds with:

      I won't say no one is asking black people to justify their existence and equality... but I wouldn't say most people, or even very many people are. You should be angry, we should be angry, everyone should be angry. But pretending that (white) people largely do not recognize the basic human rights of blacks is to turn your ire on a strawman that doesn't accurately reflect the source of this violence. Institutions of power are inherently classist, racist, oppressive, and brutal, and the apathy and fear of the public is what lends them strength. It would be easier, in a lot of ways, if racism sprouted up from hatred and contempt, you could face it in the open, you could make it draw a line in the sand and take a stance and then knock it down with passion and reason. But that just isn't the case, there aren't any goatee-stroking white devils out there cackling with glee every time a black boy gets shot, just lazy stupid selfish scared people valuing their own safety and comfort more highly than the suffering of someone that doesn't look like anyone they know, someone from a world they don't think they'll ever have to live in.

      1. Author responds, "It's not about you"

        What a bitch.

      2. looking at the butt hurt that ensues from that cogent and valid point, makes it abundantly clear that how stupid and petty victim-hood ideology can be. They have become so removed from reality and are so consumed by group identification they can't decipher a post that essentially say's we shouldn't look at this as a race issue but a person issue. They really are herd animals.

        1. It's the same song with all the SJWers. If you try to be a thoughtful ally, you're co-opting and negating their "rightful anger" and making it about (privileged group), and then if you get pissed and tell them to fuck off, that just proves you weren't an ally.

  9. "But that just isn't the case, there aren't any goatee-stroking white devils out there cackling with glee every time a black boy gets shot,"

    Um actually there are. You need to look up the southern strategy and the origins of Nixon's "War on Drugs" Both of these socioeconomic/political programs were devised specifically to target, disenfranchise and imprison black males.

    lol. These people are so far gone.

  10. Theme song for the day, bitches!


    Democracy means doing what the authorities tell you to do, right?

  11. Sounds like some pretty serious business.


  12. My son, a fellow libertarian, asked me what's gonna happen in Fergusnon. I said nothing.

    He looked disappointed. "Why?"

    I said until the populace shows up with guns to confront the police, like the Bundy Ranch, nothing will happen.

    His response, "Let's go."

    Made me smile.

    1. That's actually a pretty awesome idea.

      Get a posse of armed white libertarians out there supporting the peaceful black protestors.

      It will confuse the shit out of everyone.

      1. Derps may spontaneously combust.

        Of course, their cognitive dissonance abilities are already off the charts, so maybe not.

        1. The tricky part is how to deal with looters. You don't want to have any of the posse trying to stop looting because they would sent the wrong impression, and would fuck up the situation real bad quickly.

          1. Out of scope. You can't fix all the problems at once.

          2. Armed citizens stopped looting in Huntsville, AL after the tornadoes (and resultant wide spread power outages) in April 2011. A looter was shot by a store owner who left him to bleed to death in the parking lot. Next morning on the radio (we had no power for TV broadcasts) the Sheriff supported the store owner. Looting stopped.

            1. Not the same situation.

              If that happened in Fergusen right now it would make things worse.
              We don't need more dead black people or more of the police supporting shooting of black people, however justified.

    1. Another oblique racist commentary on looking.

  13. The thing is, this is government at its finest, yet the exact people who are getting hurt by this will continue to ask for more government.

    Well, buddy, you're getting it, good and hard.

    1. As someone on here recently said, if you're wanting to get in bed with the government, prepared to get fucked. I think that summed it up pretty well.

  14. I'm in for that... when?


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