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Chicago Teachers Union Boss Blasts the 1%, Owns 3 Houses and Makes $200K

Maybe teachers union presidents who live in luxurious glass houses shouldn't throw stones at the one percent.


Karen Lewis
Sun-Times / Youtube

Maybe teachers union presidents who live in luxurious glass houses shouldn't throw stones at the one percent. Chicago Teachers Union boss and generally unpleasant person Karen Lewis recently criticized Mayor Rahm Emanuel, calling him a corporate tool and "Mayor 1%." (She has previously joked about killing rich people.)

Such populist screed is undoubtedly groundwork for an eventual mayoral run. It is also hypocritical. Lewis isn't nearly as wealthy as Emanuel, but she's no vagrant either. Her two union salaries bring her total compensation north of $200,000 a year, only about $15,000 less than the mayor's salary. She owns three homes and vacations in Hawaii every year. She doesn't quite crack the one percent, but her earnings put her in the top five percent of all Americans, according to the Chicago Sun-Times:

Regarding her pay, Lewis said, "I'm not going to apologize for it. I don't think that's wrong. I did what we are told to do. You are supposed to go to school, become educated. I have an Ivy League diploma. I have two master's degrees. I'm a board-certified teacher."

No teacher in the Chicago schools system makes as much as Lewis, although a few union officials make even more.

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  1. She has previously joked about killing rich people.

    Suicide seems like a good start, then.

  2. Occupy Karen Lewis

    Paging Teenage Girl…

  3. To be fair, it’s probably tough going through life without a neck.

    1. She looks like a really unattractive human version of Miss Piggy.

      1. Jabba the Union Hutt.

        1. I wish HnR was like Reddit so I could upvote you.

    2. To be fair, it’s probably tough going through life without a neck.

      It’d be hard finding clothes that fit, but at the same time, if you’re ever going to be executed, you know one method they’re going to have to rule out!

      As for the romance department, some men like their women large and earthy. Personally, I like a little shape to a woman, and when the head, neck, and shoulders form one continuous pillar of meat, well, that’s a bit of a turnoff.

  4. Karen Lewis is seriously the most hateable person in Chicago.

    1. Wow. That’s like being the worst person in the world.

      1. I didn’t think it was possible to find someone more hateable than Rahm Emmanuel, but the teacher’s union had no trouble finding several candidates

      2. Like, but not exactly the same. Nikki keeps that, right?

        1. Nikki is the worst, not the most hated.

          1. Just so.

    2. She is also the most easily hateable person in Chicago.

  5. I’m not going to apologize for it. I don’t think that’s wrong. I did what we are told to do.

    There is a faction of proggies whose concept of how society should be organized is a recreation of the elementary school classrooms they attended at a critical juncture of their development.

    They replace grades with money, the teachers with government, and believe that as long as they do what the teachers tell them to do they should be rewarded with good grades, and that furthermore the teacher should be dictating what grades people get.

    And her comment makes me think she is one of their number.

    1. There is a fraction of progs who use their ideology as a way to rationalize their generally depraved and selfish personal lives.

      1. I don’t know about fraction; more like a defining feature of the set.

        1. Well, 1/1 is technically a fraction isn’t it?

    2. That’s a very astute observation.

  6. I use to have a friend who made 200k a year complain that the rich have more than they need so their money should be redistributed for the greater good. I agreed and said the cap should be 30k so we would be equal and he should cancel his ski trip to vale and give his money to charity. He scream roadz-Somalia! We are no longer friends.

    1. 200k a year isn’t rich rich.

      1. That was his basic argument. Other people should have their shit taken. Ta-ta I’m off to Greece for summer.

      2. Kids really make a difference. If you’re making $200k, alone or as a couple, you’re going to be doing pretty good for yourself. Toss in 2-3 kids and it’s a totally different story. Total overhead from day one through college makes those ski trips and junkets to the Continent disappear REAL fast. Still a good life, but no kids $200k is upper-middle class, with 2-3 kids is middle-middle class (assuming college is in store and planning some sort of retirement). Of course, it doesn’t help much when, even with kids, ~50% of earnings disappears into the Blaok Hole.

        1. BY that logic, 200K no kids = 600K + 3 kids.

          But I’m sure this thug isn’t factoring any other life expenses of the people she claims to want to tax.

          And anyway, this tub of lard actually wants to increase the taxes of anyone making 30K anyway.

          “To ensure that the 1% don’t get all of their ill-gotten gains, everyone earning 30K or more will see a 1% tax increase. Annually. This amounts to only $75 on the typical $75K single-family home.”

          Scum like Karen Lewis caused Detroit. And by all means the retarded voters of Chicago deserve what they get if they elect this piece of shit.

          1. If she did indeed say that, she’s also the perfect representative for our nation’s teachers since she confused 1% for 0.1%. Tell the person making $75k/annum that they’re gonna get a $750 tax increase and they’ll get pissed.

        2. If you make 200k with 2-3 kids and you’re struggling maybe you should move away from Connecticut or whatever ridiculously rich place you’re at. This country is full of neighborhoods where you can live decently on 200k a year, even with 10 kids.

          1. The issue is that you’re not making $200k when you move to the cheaper hoods. The COLAs for the coastals make them seem better off than they are in real terms.

            1. Yup. I grew up in Kansas and wouldn’t mind moving back there to be near family. The cost of living is about 20% lower than where I live now. Problem is that the salaries there are about 30% lower than what I could find here.

    2. All anyone needs is a warmish pile of straw to sleep on and some nutritional gruel sufficient to keep them alive and minimally productive. $30k/year is luxury and decadence.

      1. Pol Pot is that you? 🙂

  7. Chicago Teachers Union boss and generally unpleasant person Karen Lewis

    At first pass I read this as “genetically” unpleasant and got a good chuckle.

    1. Chicago Teachers Union boss and generally unpleasant person Karen Lewis

      “generally unpleasant person” is one of the more polite descriptions of that angry zeppelin.

  8. she looks like someone who takes more than their fair share. and I’m not going to apologize for calling her a fat SJW. I don’t think that’s wrong. I did what they told me do.

  9. Chicago Teachers Union Boss Blasts the 1%, Owns 3 Houses and Makes $200K

    What Robby fails to consider is just how expensive three mortgages really are after QE reinflated the housing bubble. Karen can barely afford both of her Prius payments these days!

    1. That brings up an interesting point….how does one own 3 houses on a $200k salary? In Chicago?

      Methinks someone is on the take…

      1. Now I read below that one house is in Hawaii. Hmmmm.

      2. In Chicago? Methinks someone is on the take…

        but you repeat yourself…

      3. Ten years on the job = $2 million. 3 houses at 500K each and you’ve got 500K left, or 50K per year in mad money.

        1. House in Michigan was inherited….


        2. Also she could have easily inherited one of those houses. And how much do you want to bet she doesn’t live in Chicago.

    2. I don’t think anyone with car payments can be trusted.

      1. “I would not vote for anyone guilty of golf”

      2. Why not? 0% financing is like free money.

        1. Usually some other dealer incentives are excluded because of the financing so the price you paid is not the lowest a cash buyer would have received. YMMV.

          1. Negotiate price first, then talk financing. I hate it when car salespeople try to talk about financing. Although sometimes I’ll hint that my plan is to finance through the dealership…I think it makes them more likely to go down on the price.

    3. You think a Prius could actually haul that thing around?

      1. I say not for long.. The wear and tear, and I am not talking about her eating habbits, would wreck the thing.

      2. She harnesses them in tandem and rides behind, like Aquaman with his dolphins.

    4. *Karen can barely afford both of her Prius payments these days!*

      No way this woman drives a Prius. If she doesn’t have a taxpayer funded Town Car with Driver, she probably drives some gigantic land beast like a Yukon Denali, never has a passenger to share the ride, flooring it at every green light and slamming the brakes at every red light, leaves it running while she runs into the Osco to buy lottery tickets and a bottle of Malibu, etc.

  10. I’m disgusted every time I see her on the news (by her politics…mostly), and I couldn’t quite place who she looks like. It finally hit me: Anakin Skywalker sans helmet on his deathbed.

    Yes I know it’s gratuitously ad hominem, but I’ll gladly resort to name-calling if it helps prevent her from becoming our next hizzonner (heronner doesn’t have the same ring).

    1. right franchise. wrong movie.


      1. If Jabba and Anakin/Darth had a baby that survived an abortion, then.

    2. It’s only ad hominem if you say she’s wrong because she looks like she was dragged down forty miles of bad road face first.

      Otherwise it’s just an entertaining insult for humiliation purposes.

    3. I think she looks like the clerk in Monsters Inc.

      1. I fully expect to hear her scream, “OWEN!! Louie Armstrong was trying to kill me!!!”

    4. I think she looks like the grandma squid with the walker on Squidbillies.


    5. I’d have gone with Jabba the Hut.

      Of course, Jabba was only a vile ganster, not a teacher’s union president.

      1. I hear Jabba was aspiring to be a teacher’s union president when that filthy libertarian freedom fighter killed him.

  11. So like Shrillery, she’s not rich – rich?

  12. This woman has a house in Hawaii. That means she probably goes to the beach. And if she goes to the beach, she probably wears a bathing suit.

    Try and un see that mental image.

    1. bastard.

    2. Goddammit, John.

    3. And now we know what John thinks about while his clients are rambling on.

    4. and that coming from our resident chubby-chaser 😉

      1. I assume he typed that with a weird smile on his face.

    5. I hope the suit covers the blow-hole…

    6. Try and un see that mental image.

      Way to displace nichole, john!

    7. I can’t generate that mental image. The farthest my brain will allow is her in a Muumuu on the beach.

    8. I hope she doesn’t enter the salt water, I’ve seen first hand what salt can do to slugs.

    9. Beached whale…

  13. Seriously is there a more entitled-feeling, self-righteous, faux-martyr subset of the American population than public school teachers?

      1. social workers do see some shit and they don’t get two months off. But the whole “look at me, admire me” thing is still there.

      1. Yeah, cops make even public school teachers and professional politicians look like selfless devotees of the people.

  14. “I’m not going to apologize for it. I don’t think that’s wrong.

    Most rich people did the same thing yet you DO criticize them for it.

  15. I have an Ivy League diploma. I have two master’s degrees. I’m a board-certified teacher.

    In other words, unproductive.

    1. Principals, not principles.

    2. I have to wonder what she would say about some high-flying Wall Street broker who said, “I have an Ivy League diploma. I have a master’s degree. I’m a certified broker and a certified financial planner. I’m not going to apologize for the size of my salary.”

      1. My guess: white privilege.

    3. I was thinking the same thing. This woman has done nothing with her life.

  16. There’s a certain look to bureaucrats and/or government workers. She has that look.

    1. Have you ever heard her? She has that sound, too.

      1. like the sound of nails on a chalkboard?

        or like the rubbing of loafers on skin, pressing on your neck until you can’t breathe?

        1. “Imagine a calfskin mule pressing a human face into the mud – forever.”

  17. she looks like the thin man from Pan’s Labyrinth after eating a few dozen children.

  18. She’s in the top 1% of ugly, venal, liars though…so she’s got that going for her.

  19. Heard her on the radio today. (I live close to Chicago). She really is a foul person. I listened long enough to hear her complain that Rahm caters too much to businesses. That’s it Karen, just get elected and drive every private sector employer right out of Chicago.

    1. I spent the first half of my life in and around Chicago, and would have thought never in a million years would someone like this get elected. But then I saw this:

      “In July 2014 poll, Lewis bested Emanuel 45-36 in a hypothetical electoral contest in the Chicago Sun-Times”

      So very glad I don’t live there any more.

  20. I did what we are told to do.

    People actually think this way, and are proud of it… and believe that it’s a good thing.


    We’re fucking done for.

  21. She hasn’t missed too many meals, has she.

  22. Occupy Karen Lewis

    No thanks.

  23. Lets roll that beautiful bean footage. Yeah.


  24. To be fair, she’s a lot less wealthy ever since Han Solo jettisoned her cargo.

  25. I don’t care how many houses she owns.

    It’s her politics I can’t stand. She truly is a horrible person.

    If she gets elected, Chicago will start speeding down the road that leads to where Detroit is now.

    I’m glad I live in the suburbs.

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