Police Abuse

Man Charged With Assault for Yelling at Police Dog


Port Clinton K-9

A sixty-year-old Port Clinton, Ohio, man someone called police on for stumbling while walking home with his bike ended up arrested after he refused to produce identification, and was charged with multiple petty narcotics crimes, as well as disorderly conduct (public intoxication) and assaulting a police dog. Did the man hit or kick the dog? No such thing, via the Port Clinton News Herald:

At the police station, he reportedly began yelling at the Port Clinton police K-9, Spike, causing the dog to become agitated and bark, officers said. He then repotedly [sic] continued to yell profanities at the dog and then made comments containing profanity to officers, according to the report.

As if more evidence cops consider themselves, and are considered (by some civilians and the political class) as above the law that applies to people like you and me. Rarely are cops who kill dogs (or unfortunately people, for that matter) charged with any crime.