Michael Brown Shooting

Police Won't Release Name of Cop Who Shot Ferguson Teen

Because of threats


Ferguson police will not release the name of the officer who shot a teenager in the St. Louis suburb because of threats made to another officer who was falsely accused on social media of being the shooter, Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson said Tuesday.

The department had said Monday that it would release the name, the same day federal civil rights investigators and the FBI opened an inquiry into the case of 18-year-old Michael Brown, who was killed Saturday.

Witnesses say the teen was unarmed and his hands were in the air demonstrating that. Police have said that Brown attacked the officer in his car and tried take his gun.

The teen's killing has fueled rising tension in Ferguson and sparked a national debate.

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  1. “Sparked a national debate.”

    I’m starting to think this is just media code for “brought the same old crap we have been throwing mud at each other about for the last 30k years into the 24 hour news cycle again until you all get sick of it and it stops generating sales/clicks.”

  2. Of course they wont. The man has rights don’t you know?

  3. I’m sure if someone was accused of shooting a police officer in the back, their name would be withheld as well, right?

  4. I’m betting the name is already out there and the hunt has begun. I’m guessing that when you find the block where twelve cruisers idle at the curb, you’ve narrowed your search. A simple question to a kid riding on his bike should identify the house.

    Then, all that’s left is, commitment.

    And when this response becomes the norm, the problem will begin to wane, or full on will appear, which is the only cure anyway.

    1. Of course, random clippings are less work, more fruitful, and can have the same effect.

  5. If there is an FBI report then the information should be available pursuant to an FOIA request.

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