Refusing to Negotiate With "Terrorists," Adam Carolla Continues His War on Patent Trolls

"We'll take the duck tape and the zip ties."


When a Texas-based "patent-troll" sued comedian Adam Carolla (host of the world's most downloaded podcast) for using its "groundbreaking innovations in the distribution of serialized online media," he went to war.

When sued for patent infringement, most defendents quickly settle no matter how baseless the claim because that's cheaper than paying lawyers. Carolla countersued the firm, Personal Audio, and launched a legal defense fund. (So far he's raised $471,000.) He also took a trip to Washington, D.C. to discuss patent reform during a Senate briefing.

Carolla explained his thinking to Reason's Zach Weissmueller in a recent interview:

It's kind of like when terrorists take hostages, if you start negotiating with them then they start kidnapping more camera crews. We figured let's save the next camera crew, and we'll take the duct tape and the zip ties.

Personal Audio has since offered to drop its case against Carolla, because the comedian wasn't earning enough money to justify the shakedown. Carolla rejected the offer, stating that his production company has already incurred "hundreds of thousands of dollars" fighting the suit. He'll continue his counterclaim and request that the patent in question be invalidated.

Click below to watch Zach's entire interview with Carolla:

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