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EMTs Complain After Cops Punch Mentally Ill Patient For Spitting at Them


NYPD Squad Car

The latest police brutality reporting from the New York Daily News is about an incident that happened July 20, three days after Eric Garner died after being placed in a chokehold by cops from the New York Police Department (NYPD), and comes not via video but because of a complaint filed by emergency medical technicians from the Fire Department of New York (FDNY), who say they had to intervene when cops got too violent. The Daily News reports:

The emotionally disturbed patient was punched multiple times in the face by the cops on July 20, according to FDNY documents obtained by The News. The cops only stopped when the EMTs bodily intervened, the report said.

The violence broke out when the patient spit at the Emergency Service Unit officers and swore at them. The officers responded by hitting him in the face, hauling him off the stretcher to the ground and then tossing him back on the stretcher, the EMTs said in written statements submitted to the FDNY.

Bill De Blasio insists that "the law's the law," although that seemingly strict worldview doesn't apply to immigration laws—New York remains a sanctuary city under De Blasio. The police commissioner, Bill Bratton, suggests people "correct their behavior" when approached by police but the flurry of news about police brutality by the NYPD in the wake of Garner's death suggests the department, and the city government, ought to think about how to correct their behavior. 

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  1. Maybe others are getting sick of seeing fellow citizens being beat up on YouTube.

    1. I don’t know. New Yorkers seem to really seem to love their fascists. And you can’t have a Benito without having the Blackshirts.

  2. You fuckers deny me one more hat tip, I’ll… I’ll… gripe a bit and not do anything else.

    Partially reposting what I posted in the links:

    NYPD cops over at Thee Rant respond by threatening retaliation on EMTs

    Many of them want to retaliate against all EMTs:

    Fvck EMS. They want to go to war with us? They can fvck themselves when they call their 13s for police assistance.

    But there are some rational ones who just think they should retaliate against the specific EMTs involved:

    And if you have a beef with an EMS, shame on you if you can’t figure out how to make his or her lives miserable without resorting to pen and paper….Same as I never had to issue a CD….Many ways to skin the cat.

    reply to this

    1. The thuggery is just right out there, isn’t it.

      1. After so long of ‘and nothing else happened’, the mask just comes off. Look at our federal government, they barely try to hide their corruption these days.

      2. Preventing them from beating the fuck out of a helpless mentally ill person = “going to war”


        1. Not letting them do exactly whatever they want at all times is “going to war” with them. In fact, they probably consider themselves to be “at war” with everyone except cops anyway.

          1. In fact, they probably consider themselves to be “at war” with everyone except cops anyway.

            They do. Show me a cop who socializes with people outside law enforcement. You can’t do it because they don’t. It’s them against the world.

            1. My old roommate’s brother is a Jefferson County deputy with a massive gun collection who socializes with other gun nuts. Almost exclusively, in fact. He doesn’t socialize with other cops, though, so he may be an outlier.

              1. I was thinking more along the lines town and city cops, but yeah there are exceptions.

  3. Bill Bratton, suggests people “correct their behavior” when approached by police

    Fuck off, asshole. How about you just don’t approach me. Deal?

  4. The cops only stopped when the EMTs bodily intervened, the report said.

    At least we’re not reading about murdered EMTs, so there’s something.

    1. Not yet. But it sounds like the cops want to escalate the situation.

    2. Not yet.

  5. Perhaps the next time a cop is injured in an auto accident, or wounded in an altercation, the EMS could show up late, drive slow to the hospital, or not bother to administer CPR.

    1. A nickle-ride in the back of an ambulance might send a clear message.

      1. Yeah. The next day the ambulance driver would be found riddled with bullets, and the police would insist there was no foul play.

        1. It’s sad when a man shoots himself in the back 17 times. Must’ve been real depressed.

  6. Bill De Blasio insists that “the law’s the law,”

    That only applies to the serfs, not to De Blasio and his gang of thugs.

  7. Bill De Blasio insists that “the law’s the law,”

    Hey, Bill, so were the Fugitive Slave Act and Jim Crow. Care to comment?

    1. Bill don’t answer questions from the plebes. You’re just supposed correct your behavior and accept whatever treatment your betters choose to hand out.

  8. Does anyone know when the riots start?

  9. Just occurred to me that maybe the steady lowering of the crime rate for the last 20 years is because the cops have been hiring the street thugs. It hasn’t gone away, it’s just gotten official blessings.

    1. I think Orwell said something about that, predicting that police would at some point look for recruits among people in prison for violent crimes.

    2. It’s right out of the closing scenes of A Clockwork Orange.

  10. We should “correct our behavior” by making them REALLY fear us.

  11. I remember when a NYPD cop threatening me with forcible sodomy for having a gin and tonic two steps out of a bar. Classy folks.

  12. de Blasio is just a public employee’s union hack.

  13. Why doesn’t NY City just admit it’s Megacity-One?

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