Cop Shoots Dog in Throat, Threatens Owner With Arrest If He Tries to Help Wounded Canine


shot by cop
via 11 Alive

Another day another dog shooting. A cop in De Kalb County, Georgia, shot a dog that surprised him in its own yard and then wouldn't let the owner seek help for the injured animal for more than an hour, according to Tim Theall, the dog's owner, who spoke to 11 Alive in Atlanta.

Theall even says he can "almost understand" (11 Alive's words) why the cop shot the dog—they startled each other in his front yard—but not why police blocked his exit to prevent him from seeking medical assistance for his dog and threatening him with arrest if he kept trying. Police say they are investigating, naturally, as they do all police shootings, but a police spokesperson sounds like cops aren't disputing the account. Via 11 Alive:

DeKalb County Police spokesman Capt. Stephen Fore told 11Alive the incident is under investigation, like any shooting. He said their officers are trained to preserve evidence at a shooting scene, but he understands the owner's concern over the dog not being treated immediately.

Fore added that the incident will be studied and that they "may learn from it" and handle similar situations differently in the future

A wounded animal, wounded by police no less, little more than evidence when procedures are followed.

h/t Dustin C.

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  1. From the local news article:

    After other officers, including a sergeant, arrived and after an hour had passed, Theall said he was finally allowed to take his dog to the emergency vet, where it’s expected to recover, but with very expensive medical bills. His wife set up a gofundme account for donations to help pay for the dog’s care and the couple is amazed at the huge response.

    So the dog will at least live. I really think Ed should have included this part so if anyone here wants to donate to help the dog and his owners they can.

    1. I think that’s actually a damn good idea.
      Imagine if gofundme accounts were started for every one of these stories. Not only would it be bad publicity for these sociopaths, but it might actually pressure local politicians into holding their LEO’s accountable come election time.

      1. “Look at all that fundraising THAT WE’RE BEING DENIED!”

        1. Yes, remember that when the FOP calls asking for donations. Don’t give them any money!

      2. local politicians into holding their LEO’s accountable

        And you see, there is the problem. They are supposed to be OUR LEOs, we pay their damn salary, but they’ve become the protector of criminal gangs instead(politicians), and the enemy of the people.

  2. I’m still waiting for PETA to speak up on these atrocities. Or are they too busy protesting aquariums and KFC?

    1. Three weeks since I setup my first aquarium in over a decade. 10gal freshwater, plants, two orange mollies. LED lights are so much better than the old fluorescents. Linky

      Also, fried chicken.

      1. Looks awesome. How much did that setup cost you? Just curious since I have an old terrarium that I was thinking about trying to convert, but I haven’t a clue where to start.

        1. lil over two hundred, half of which went towards the light (worth it).

          Get that old tank filled up, and as soon as you’re comfortable that it’s not going to leak, then start buying equipment. Canister filter, heater, powerhead(s) if you need more circulation. Deep gravel and strong lights if you want to do live plants.

          1. Gotcha. Pretty sure it’ll hold water. The base is shaky as hell. I think I can rig up some LEDs I have here pretty easy

      2. Awesome. I used to really be into it. I had a 100 gallon freshwater at one time, and I got into breeding fancy tail guppies, really beautiful fish. That was a long time ago. Would like to get into this again if I had the time.

        1. livebearers are the best.

    2. PETA doesn’t give a fuck about animals. The only thing they care about is the cult of Ingrid Newkirk.

    3. PETA doesn’t want you to be enslaving animals by keeping them as pets. The euthanizing of these animals by the police is an unfortunate, but ultimately humane, means by which to liberate from their captivity.

  3. Fore added that the incident will be studied and that they “may learn from it” and handle similar situations differently in the future

    That is the cops will be trained to aim for the brainpan.

  4. All living things would be safer if cops didn’t carry guns.

  5. The dog’s owner can’t understand why he was prevented from aiding the wounded, suffering animal. That was almost like something a malevolent piece of shit sociopath would do, not a selfless public servant.

    As I get older, I am realizing that some of the things that are presented to us as truth in this culture from the time we are children are absolute bullshit. That dog owner came up against one of those “truths” in a fairly horrific way.

    1. Keep in mind that a cop willing to do this to a dog is also willing to do this to a human.

  6. I’m not going to lie to you. I’m siding with the homeowner on this one.

  7. Fuck all cops. The ones that commit these acts of cowardice and those that tolerate them.

  8. Theall’s wife provided more details of the shooting and its aftermath at the fundraising site.

    She wrote that the police officer would not allow the couple to take Doctor for help “due to procedure.” When a second officer arrived 20 minutes later, “we found out that procedure was just to take pictures of the bleeding dog.”

    She also said that the police officer who pulled the trigger said that animal control were on their way to assist Doctor.

    “I find out that animal control was told to come pick up a dead dog and had no idea about the dog needing help,” wrote Theall’s wife.

    It would appear procedures were to wait for one of them to put down the steroids/donuts, grab the department’s camera and drive on over to the crime scene. The wife’s account at the fundraising page is worth a read.

    1. Whenever cops ask for donations, let them know loud and clear that your donation budget is reserved for the dogs (and owners) that have been shot by cops. Maybe the charitable orgs suffering will force some changes.

      1. Excellent! I get calls from these guys about once each year. This is the perfect comeback!

        1. I would hesitate to make myself a target.

          1. You read this blog, you’re already a target.

  9. Fore added that the incident will be studied and that they “may learn from it” and handle similar situations differently in the future

    If the cops at the scene didn’t have a soul, I don’t think study and additional training is going to solve that particular problem.

    If you have to study in order to exercise common human decency, you’re not fit to be a cop. Or much else.

    1. If you have to study in order to exercise common human decency, you’re not fit to be a cop. Or much else.

      I think the modern qualification for being a cop is that you are NOT too smart and that you are unquestionably beholden to authority. I’m not sure that there are any further qualifications for the job.

      1. It also helps if one is a steroid-addled, thuggish donut monkey with utter contempt and disregard for anyone and anything on the other side of the Thin Blue Line.

        1. thuggish donut monkey

          I’m liking that, I think I will use it…

  10. Please go right ahead.

    My wife prefers “donut-swilling tax leech”.

    (With cops, it’s all about the donuts. And wreaking consequence-free violence on innocents.)

  11. People are going to start shooting cops, and Epi will bitch about collectivizing being laziness, but I’m not gonna feel bad if they get the wrong guy sometimes.

  12. I appreciate the cop shoots dog stories as much as the next libtoid.

    But, there is a clusterfuck at the southern USA border which Reason apparently hasn’t heard of yet.

    I have a theory that Reason’s embrace of “open borders result in only good things” is causing some editorial problems.

    So instead, Reason ignores the inconvenient stories. Sounds very Progressive. Discuss.

    1. Are you going to give any hints to what you’re talking about?

      1. No, if you need a hint, you can’t play.

        However, I should have prefaced my first comment with “OT:”

  13. No one has asked the critical question — Why is not the officer in question identifed? No name, dept, etc.

  14. The day is coming soon when a cop is shot dead while standing over a freshly shot dog. I hope I’m on the jury. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet.

  15. Yesterday morning, my car broke down about 5 minutes from work. I called one of my employees to pick me up on the way in, but before he got there, a police officer arrived to find out what was going on. I explained the situation, and she offered to give me a ride to work. I agreed, and everything worked out fine. I had a couple of breakfast pizzas for my work group; I offered her a slice, but she declined.

    She didn’t pull a gun on me, handcuff me, or ask for my I.D. I guess not everyone’s experience with law enforcement is bad.

    1. I once worked at a department store. One afternoon while I was working a young man came into the store and killed 8 innocent people and himself and critically wounded two others. In the aftermath of this the store hired uniformed local police to serve as security to reassure the public that the store was safe. I got to know the cops. Two of them were perfectly fine, the types of people whom I would trust not to abuse their authority. One of them was generally alright. The other eight were absolutely not suited to the position. Some cops would be perfectly willing to be helpful and professional, but I fear this is the minority. I used to be of the mind that these cops sucked too because they didn’t do anything about the bad cops, but after learning about what happens to cops who do try to stop the bad police, I understand their cowardice.

  16. What the hell Krayewski – nut punches on the weekends now?

  17. Breaking news: The cop resigned.

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