Wait…IRS Backup Tapes of Lois Lerner's Email May Exist After All?


Lois Lerner

The Internal Revenue Service's John Koskinen didn't exactly walk whistling into today's hearing and dump a bag full of supposedly missing correspondence on the desk, but we seem to be inching in that direction. Not long ago, he insisted that emails belonging to Lois Lerner, the former official at the center of the political targeting scandal, went bye-by along with her computer hard drive. The backup tapes were gone, too, long-since recycled.

Maybe not. Last week, IRS Deputy Associate Chief Counsel Thomas Kane said that the tax collection agency's computer woes were worse than originally reported (to an improbable degree), but he added that maybe some backups of Lerner's emails exist after all.

Today, in further testimony, Koskinen confirmed that the IRS Inspector General has "backup tapes that were recycled but may be recoverable." He does insist that he has "no information as to whether there is anything usable on those tapes." But this is a bit of a shift from early insistence that the tapes were recycled, and their contents gone forever.

He was also openly annoyed that his questioners on the committee publicly revealed the existence and examination of the backup tapes.

The smart money is on a few of those emails making their way into the light of day.

You can see the key part of Koskinen's testimony below.

And don't miss Remy chiming in on all of the fun:


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  1. Koskinen is a piece of shit, regardless. But I hope there’s a smoking gun or two (belated TRIGGER WARNING!!1!!1) in that steaming pile.

    Fuck the IRS, fuck Joe Biden, fuck President Not My Problem, fuck Lois Lerner, fuck Koskinen again, and fuck Congress.

    That is all.

    1. There will be nothing incriminating, as they are stalling while furiously fabricating emails to take the heat off once and for all.

      1. Yeah, I shouldn’t even hold out hope, but – IT’S ALL I HAVE ANY MORE!

        1. Don’t forget about change!

          1. IRS took all my change. Bastards…

      2. WTF|7.23.14 @ 3:02PM|#
        “There will be nothing incriminating,”…

        It’ll be three hours of her typing “Mary had a little lamb/its fleece was white as snow…”
        And Obo’s latest deputy liar saying ‘See? Nothing here!’

        1. All work and no play make Lois a dull girl.All work and no play make Lois a dull girl.All work and no play make Lois a dull girl.All work and no play make Lois a dull girl.All work and no play make Lois a dull girl.All work and no play make Lois a dull girl.

          1. ^^THIS!!^^

        2. You mean 18 1/2 minutes.

      3. My first thought. The non-production and the DOG ATE MY INCRIMINATING DOCUMENTS bullshit wasn’t flying, and there’s a real chance the GOP Senate will impeach the fuck out of the administration (likely not even bothering with His Emptiness), so they need something slightly more plausible. “Hey, look, we found these totally nonincriminating e-mails! Everything is groovy!”

  2. You left out the best part – all this fake-scandal investigation is hurting IRS morale.

    My gums bleed for them.

    1. You know, if we didn’t have that abomination against nature that is withholding taxes, I bet we’d have a tax rebellion on our hands, though I further bet that would’ve happened many years ago if we didn’t have withholding.

  3. You mean there may have been evidence… the second this was announced, someone went in and destroyed anything that could possibly be recovered.

  4. How many times do you nuts need to be told….FAKE SKANDULL!!!!!!

  5. So the legally-required-to-be-retained back-ups were also “recycled”?

    But why talk about any of this on the news when there’s Beyonce’s divorce to speculate about?

    1. You’re just a member of the peanut gallery that’s bought into the fake scandals being fed to you by fat rush and Beckerheads. Christfag!

    2. Yeah, what Designate said, SugarFree. Or should I say, SaltedPeanut? BUSHPIG!

      1. NOoOoOoOoOoO! I am UNMASKED! [flees]

        1. Wait, SugarFree is Ganondorf?

          1. More like the mysterious visitor at the costume ball.

    3. In any other context, people would be getting prosecuted right now for the illegal destruction of documents.

  6. “The backup tapes were gone, too, long-since recycled.”

    Well, at least she recycles. Recycling is more important than perpetuating a faux-scandal anyways.

  7. I’d sure love to find out what the source of confusion was.

    1. It takes time to fabricate stuff like this.

  8. The smart money is on a few of those emails making their way into the light of day.

    Yet they will find no connection to the White House. But if you believe hard enough dreams do come true!

    1. Yet they will find no connection to the White House.

      Fuckstain gets one right, because any emails they “recover” will actually be fabrications to try to take the heat off.

    2. Hello, Weigel.…..eigel1.jpg

  9. I am very confident that, gosh darn it, the remaining backed-up emails just don’t have anything very interesting in them. There will be at least as much effort put into “editing” those emails as is put into recovering them.

  10. What does “recycled” mean in this context? Did they simply reuse the tape?

  11. Fantasy email:

    Lois, why don’t you target Tea Party groups for extra scrutiny just to fuck with them?


    1. I bet you’re the kind of guy who would fuck a person in the ass and not even have the goddamn common courtesy to give him a reach-around. I’ll be watching you.

      1. Lois, why don’t you target Tea Party groups for extra scrutiny just to fuck with them?

        I’m not going through a subordinate or anything because I trust you and besides, no one would ever subpoena the IRS for copies of this conversation.

        Just bring the hammer down on these Tea Party assholes so I can be reelected.


        1. Your use of italics for an entire post intrigues me.

          1. That email could be on Drudge tomorrow.

            1. Are you quitting on me? Well, are you? Then quit, you slimy fucking walrus-looking piece of shit! Get the fuck off of my obstacle! Get the fuck down off of my obstacle! NOW! MOVE IT! Or I’m going to rip your balls off, so you cannot contaminate the rest of the world! I will motivate you, IF IT SHORT-DICKS EVERY CANNIBAL ON THE CONGO!

            2. Hello, Weigel.


        2. Palin’s Buttplug|7.23.14 @ 3:11PM|#
          “Lois, why don’t you target T…”

          Go fuck your daddy, turd.

        3. Hello, Weigel.

          1. I read that in Jerry Seinfeld’s voice saying “Hello, Newman.”

    2. Actual email: Ms. Lerner, the White House is very concerned about these Conservative hate groups misusing the 503(c) designation. It would be greatly appreciated if you could find the time in your schedule to investigate these dangerous radicals for the good of the country.

      – Valerie

  12. I still can’t believe that twenty missing hard drives is even a story. Delusions. Fantasy. Conspiracy. Rubes.

    1. Rubes! Ruuuuubes!

    2. Anyboey in the private sector accused of evidence tampering ought to use the IRS in their defense.

  13. Scumbags. These people deserve all the derision and scorn and jail time that’s conceivable.

    Oh, and Remy’s video is great. It reached perfection with the faux-popup ad.

  14. Wait…IRS Backup Tapes of Lois Lerner’s Email May Exist After All?

    No, they do not exist. What is produced will be what they want everyone to think are the backup tapes of Lois Lerner’s emails.

    1. DIng!

  15. Please enlighten me. For what earthly reason would Koskinen voluntarily divulge so much as an electron of evidence even remotely, potentially, possibly, damaging to Lerner or the IRS?

    Is this announcement nothing but a phony show that he’s being completely open and cooperative?

    My question isn’t cynical or flip; I’m kind of iggerant about the law and I don’t get why Koskinen would volunteer anything useful.

    1. Koskinen is a serious Democrat donor. He will do nothing to harm the party.

    2. If he is admitting to anything, it means something must exist and it is something they either forget to get rid of or they found subsequent to his first round of testimony and think they can’t safely dispose of while the light is on them.

      Either way, it would have anything damaging on it. If it did, it’d be worth the risk to get rid of it.

      1. fuck *it won’t have anything damaging on it*

  16. As some may have already noted = …

    by this point, any evidence ‘recovered’ is highly questionable as to its legitimacy as the IRS has been so unforthcoming and inconsistent about acknowledging what does and doesnt exist, that anything finally divulged seems to be contrived solely for the purpose of claiming they’ve “Done their best” and given “what they had”.

    in other words, given nothing while pretending great effort has been made.

    If anything existed, ever, at all, it should have been handed over a year+ ago in its raw state.

    1. No, I think this is the drip-drip-drip of a real scandal, with a mix of lies and truth and hedging and butt-covering. Of course all this violates the rule of scandal-handling that you get everything out and then it’s “old news.” Which means there’s really something to it all.

      It’s almost impossible to cover all the tracks for something this big, and to keep everybody quiet. Koskinen has to balance his official duties with his actual duties (covering for Obama), but he’s not going to put his own reputation on the line, so some damaging info has to come out.

      They just need to subpoena lots and lots of IRS employees and connected people, look at their emails, and interrogate them. Somebody knows, and somebody will talk.

      1. Which means there’s really something to it all.

        They’re certainly acting like they’re scared.

        1. And their boot-lickers are getting increasingly hysterical. As they should. Getting fucked over by the IRS is a real concern for the people who pay for the hammock state.

          1. Hammock state? As in welfare queens lounging around in hammocks?

            1. Banana Republic?

              1. Banana Hammock Republic.

  17. It does make we wonder if maybe some low level IT guy took home some of these hard drives that were supposedly destroyed, just to sell on E-bay or recondition. I can imagine the furor that would ensue if the IRS thought there was a chance of them surfacing. They may just be covering their ass in the event the cover-up has a hole or two they didn’t anticipate.

  18. OK, OK. Let’s say there was no direct orders to do the targeting, just partisans trying to please their masters by fucking over the “enemy.”

    The entire organization should still be cleansed from top to bottom and some people need to go to jail for destruction of evidence.

    1. If the White House weren’t complicit, they could simply clean house at the IRS while shaking their heads. Since they are doing the opposite of that, we already have our answer.

      1. That would take a President that could admit that something might be wrong with the FedGov and it was his job to make it right. President Not My Fault’s ego will never let him do that.

        1. I have virtually no doubt that the pogrom against these conservative organizations and individuals was orchestrated from the top (or near the top–sure the president pulled a Hitler and avoided any written communications or attending meetings where bad decisions were made) and not any “rogue employee” bullshit.

          Any other time in our history, we’d already be looking at a total gutting of the IRS and the removal of the president and some other officials. Even as recently as the 90s. Now, when the last traces of the rule of law and limited government are being treated as unpleasant obscenities, we still have almost nothing but talk.

          1. Wasn’t unionization of Federal employees allowed by an executive order by JFK? Perhaps President Scott Walker would have a solution in the form of an opposite executive order. The media butthurt would be legendary.

        2. So much for that whole “I’m not from DC and I’m going to go in there and clean house and set things right.” I bet that lasted all of the nanosecond it took for him to create the soundbite.

          1. He was from Chicago. Any person who believed that particular argument is a lunatic.

      2. If lack of housecleaning proves WH involvement, the White House is also somehow behind the VA scandal that started before the current occupant took office.

        While I expect someone in the White House (more likely to be Jarrett or someone like that, not president Woods) was involved, I suspect the real concern is not that it might net a single big fish, but that it will net a whole damn school of small ones, including Congressmen, bureaucrats at all levels, and so on. I suspect it will particular show the FEC and IRS working in hand in hand to ensure that “campaign finance regulation” means “shutting conservatives out of the political process”. In the long run, CFR might be as verboten as poll literacy tests.

      3. If the White House weren’t complicit, they could simply clean house at the IRS while shaking their heads.

        It is really, really hard to fire any government employee except sometimes the heads of the organization.

    2. The entire organization should still be cleansed from top to bottom and some people need to go to jail for destruction of evidence.

      The worst-case scenario for Team Liberty is that the American people, who previously viewed the IRS as a necessary evil that was at least impartial or screwed everyone equally, now see that agency with about the same healthy skepticism that the black community has for, say, the LAPD.

  19. Why can’t reporters go to the White House and FOIA-request all emails to and from Lois Lerner and other IRS employees? I can’t think of a national security reason why those emails would be classified, and we are talking about the most transparent administration in history, after all.

    1. The House should subpoena them.

  20. HAH! “Hey guys, I know it’s been like years, but here’s some stuff that I totally didn’t fabricate. Now will you please stfu? thx.”

  21. Wait, are people still using tapes for backups?

    1. Standard to have multimedia backups. But that’s only for us mere citizens who have to obey SOX laws and IRS regulations.

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