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Libertarian Upsets Old-Party Candidates in Florida Governor's Race

Andrew Wyllie polls at 9 percent.


It's not that Libertarian Adrian Wyllie has a serious chance to win the governorship, but a Quinnipiac Poll of registered Florida voters out this morning shows that he could decide which of the major party candidates emerges as the winner.

In a two-way race, Mr. Crist leads Mr. Scott 45%-40%, down from a 10-point lead three months ago when Quinnipiac last polled there. But when voters are asked about a three-way race that included Mr. Wyllie, the election is a statistical dead heat with Mr. Crist at 39%, Mr. Scott at 37% and Mr. Wyllie at 9%.

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  1. This is only significant if the obscure libertarian candidate sucks Democrat votes. Otherwise, he is useless. USELESS.

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    RE: Libertarian Upsets Old-Party Candidates in Florida’s Governor’s Race.
    Comrades! We need both establishment Republican and Democrats in office if we are to have our socialist paradise. The republicans help us in our cause by spending and wasting billions of dollars in needless wars, a bloated military and numerous crony capital ventures. We can not ruin the American economy without wasting the taxpayer’s money, and the republicans are doing their part to make sure America goes bankrupt. Have the republicans ever eliminated such money hungry bureaucracies as the EPA, DOE, HUD, etc? No, because the republicans are a big a socialists as the democrats but for different reasons. Putting a libertarian in office is the worst scenario a socialist could face. The libertarian would end the war on drugs, eliminate government bureaucracies, pull American troops out of foreign countries. How can socialists bankrupt the USA if we don’t continue wasting the taxpayer’s money with failed policies decade after decade? It is through economic chaos that socialism will finally come to blossom. Just think of the endless possibilities. Our elitist betters will control every aspect of our daily lives. It is only through this control can we have true freedom. So, you establishment republicans get out the vote down there in Florida so socialism can finally become a reality here in America.
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