Police Abuse

NYPD to Retrain Every Officer After Chokehold Death


Every member of the New York City police department will be required to undergo retraining on the use of violence following the death of a man in custody who appeared to have been subdued with a chokehold, the police commissioner said today.

Police Commissioner William Bratton said his investigators have spoken with the FBI "to discuss their monitoring of this investigation," and said that he would "not be surprised" if federal prosecutors began their own civil rights violation case.

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  1. Hello. Welcome to the NYPD retraining class on what are permissible restraint techniques.

    Rule one, make damn sure there’s nobody around recording your actions.

    That will conclude the retraining class, now go out there and crack some heads! Discreetly, for fuck’s sake!

  2. Retrain 30,000 cops? Cost =millions.

    Actually admit to wrongful death? NEVER

    ” Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President Patrick J. Lynch called Pantaleo’s reassignment “a completely unwarranted, kneejerk reaction for political reasons.” He said the move “effectively pre-judges this case and denies the officer the very benefit of a doubt that has long been part of the social contract that allows police officers to face the risks of this difficult and complex job.””

  3. They should have just let the citizens keep the white flag on the Brooklyn Bridge.

  4. This is straight up manslaughter.

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