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Former State Trooper Maintains Innocence While Pleading Guilty to Stealing Cash, Jewelry From Dying Motorist


obviously didn't resign right away
NBC 12 Connecticut

Aaron Huntsman, a former* Connecticut state trooper pleaded guilty to charges of larceny related to getting caught on his own dash cam video stealing cash and a gold crucifix from a motorcyclist involved in a fatal accident. Via the Connecticut Post:

Huntsman, who was the first trooper at the crash scene, walked over to where [John] Scalesse lay, bent down and picked up Scalesse's gold chain from a pool of blood, according to the arrest warrant affidavit. He then took a roll of bills – $3,700 – that had been in Scalesse's pocket. Later, Huntsman told Scalesse's grieving father that he didn't see any money on the victim, the affidavit states.

The cash was later found held with a rubber band under the front seat of Huntsman's cruiser. State Police said Huntsman has maintained his innocence even after he was shown a video of him taking the money that was captured on the dash camera of his own police car.

Huntsman pleaded guilty under the "Alford Doctrine," based on a 1970 Supreme Court case, North Carolina v. Alford, where a defendant in a capital crime argued he only pled guilty to avoid an automatic death penalty. It is a guilty plea wherein the defendant maintains his innocence.  Coupled with the Connecticut Post and other outlets describing Huntsman as a "state trooper," the conditions of the plea brought up the question of whether it was an attempt to keep some kinds of benefits. After all, he wasn't even being described as a former state trooper and I couldn't find any news articles that talked about his suspension.

*I reached out to the Connecticut Department of Public Safety (DPS) last week about Huntsman's employment status, and received a response today attributed only to the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection that "Aaron Huntsman has resigned. He has no state benefits or state pension and no further connection with the CT State Police." I've asked for details on when Huntsman resigned and whether he would be in any way precluded by DPS from future employment with them or local police departments in Connecticut and will update this post with a response if one is forthcoming.

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  1. If America is so bent on tracking people these days why can’t we have a national database for people who have abused their position as an agent of the government and thus be precluded from ever being able to do so again?

    1. why can’t we have a national database for people who have abused their position as an agent of the government

      That might cause people to lose faith in government, so it will never ever ever happen.

  2. Who are you going to believe? A hero in blue or your own lying eyes?

  3. The guy got caught on tape. And yet he still claims innocence. Amazing.

    1. You’re just biased against cops, Episiarch.

      1. Unfortunately he’s been recovering from is traumatic loss of athorataih by travelling in Europe. He was recently spotted in Ukraine sporting a handsome new set of carry-on bags.

      2. If C.O.P.S. stands for Caught On Patrol Stealing, I am too.

    2. What tarran said! Fucking hater!

    3. Hang his ass.

  4. That much cash? Had to have been drug related. The charges are because that ill-gotten booty rightfully belonged to the state!

    1. Exactly: if the trooper had stopped the guy for speeding and wound up seizing the cash, everything would’ve been on the up and up, the department would’ve been $3700 richer, and Mr. Huntsman would’ve received some sort of commendation.

  5. I will say this – the cops who showed up when Toledo tried to kill me in 2006 (it only managed to kill my ZRX1100 – I lived with only a flesh wound) were 100% superb. Esp the one who visited me in the hospital (the execrable St. Vincent’s, where I remained in a hall for 6 hours, until I walked out on my own)…can’t remember his name. Just that I was still boarded and couldn’t move, so he got my phone out of my jacket so I could call my wife. Really, really nice man. Put the phone back in my jacket when I was done, since I couldn’t reach it – gave me his number to call “in case you need anything.”

    This guy? What a typical, thieving fucking cunt. I hope if I die in a motorcycle accident, it’s running into this fuck and taking his head off before I meet my maker.

    What a fuckstain.

    1. Ah, the Z-Rex – nice bike. I prefer sport bikes personally, but there’s something to be said for “naked” bikes without all that fairing. Nice to be able to see the engine. Glad you were able to walk away from a wreck that totaled your bike.

      1. Hell, I just bought myself another ZRX (and ’02 1200) a couple years ago.

        To go with my ZX14 Ninja 🙂

        1. To go with my ZX14 Ninja 🙂

          A purpose-built death machine if ever there was one. Kudos! 😉

  6. *I reached out to the Connecticut Department of Public Safety (DPS) last week about Huntsman’s employment status

    Ed, thanks for following up on this. Nobody else seemed to think it was important if he kept his job or not…

  7. These “state troopers” kill me. They saunter about like pea-cocks?with those stupid, idiotic hats?.all the while having the easiest cop jobs on the planet.

    Why do we call them “troopers”? Jesus, we have to blow so much smoke up the asses of these people.

  8. “Aaron “AJ” Huntsman”

    I’ll be Franck – this Huntsman needs to fear being cursed.


  9. Lieutenant Paul Vance is the guy you want to talk to, and I would be surprised if he is unresponsive.

  10. This despicable worm will end up with a fat pension.
    Are there not harsher penalties when someone violates the public trust? Like when a shitstain like this loots a dead body?

    1. He didn’t violate the public trust. The public is everyone except you. The government decides who the public trusts or doesn’t trusts.

  11. Maybe the trooper was just LARPing his favorite MMO and trying to get some extra experience through looting.

  12. What, exactly, is his version of events?

    1. “Uh dint do nuttin'” would be my guess.

      1. I’m a state trooper and I get respect
        Your cash and your jewelry is what I expect

  13. How the bloody hell do you plead guilty but maintain your innocence?

    I guess language means nothing and laws even less.

    1. It’s a result of our plea-bargain system. You spare the prosecution the expense of a trial, plead guilty to some charges, and maybe part of the deal is you get to make a pro forma protestation of innocence before they send you to jail.

      1. Except this shitstain isn’t going to jail. He’s going to get probation because “cops get beat up in prison.”

        Fuck that. He belongs in jail, at double the maximum sentence because he broke the public trust. And if the other prisoners in his cell block decide to stretch his anus a few thousand times before killing him, this is one person who won’t shed a tear over it.

  14. Nothing less than losing his pension would be the correct punishment for this miserable, immoral, piece of shit.

  15. Aaron Huntsman, a former* Connecticut state trooper plead guilty to charges of larceny….

    Really? He plead guilty? When do he plead guilty? Do he admit that he take the jewelry and money?

  16. He will never be able to return to the State police because of their felony strict policy.

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