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Biden to Putin: 'I Don't Think You Have a Soul'


Floyd Brown

Vice President Joe Biden once got, like, this close ("a few inches from his nose") to Russian strongman-in-chief Vladimir Putin and do you know what he did?

"I said, 'Mr. Prime Minister, I'm looking into your eyes, and I don't think you have a soul,'" Biden assures he said in 2011. He recalled the encounter for The New Yorker's Evan Osnos, who today published 13,000 words on the vice president, with a focus on his role in the Obama "administration's handling of the most vexing national-security problems," like Ukraine and Iraq.

Reuters picked up the story and deems "Biden's assessment [to be] in stark contrast to that of former U.S. President George W. Bush, who famously said after his first meeting with Putin in 2001: 'I looked the man in the eye…I was able to get a sense of his soul.'"

Apparently, last year Biden also called it like he saw it again and told Ukraine's soon-to-be-ousted President Viktor Yanukovych, a Putin crony, that he looked "like a thug."

These lines are funny and seem worthy of a comic book (or The Onion), but they hit the ground with a big, fat so what? The second-in-command admits, President Obama "sends me to places that he doesn't want to go." None of his gibes or gambols helped him help Ukraine until after Yanukovych's kleptocratic policies had already driven the nation's economy into the ground and left the people desperate enough to stage a revolution. Biden's clairvoyant insight into Putin's heart couldn't stop Russia from invading and annexing Crimea and oppressing its minorities, or from facilitating a war in eastern Ukraine, where the wanton killing has become an international crisis.


Osnos's hype about 2016's longest-shot candidate is tempered, but if having a list of almost-got-ems in such a massive profile is the best Biden can muster, one needs to wonder little why he isn't a stronger candidate.

Osnos only indirectly questions the veracity of Biden's tales of calling out corrupt Slavic leaders, but he does touch on the vice president's career-impeding "record of … exaggerations and plagiarism" and excuses it as "the excesses of a man who wants every story to sing, even at the risk of embarrassment."

The writer more favorably suggests that Biden has been a cool, anti-war voice within the administration, "in favor of ending two wars, no matter how unresolved," which actually doesn't sound so admirable given the current deadly mess of Iraq. 

Here you can read all about the apparent difficulties Biden endures, like the "restrained splendor" of his private cabin on Air Force Two: There's only one proper guest chair in it. Alternatively, you can just read the top 15 Bidenisms Politico pulled out of the piece.

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  1. “…and the Putin laughed, and laughed, and laughed, and laughed….”

    1. Although it could never happen, I really wish Obama would be impeached and convicted just for the comic relief that a Biden Presidency would provide.

    2. Putin probably didn’t even get the reference. “Of course you’re looking me in the eyes. You’re right in my face!”. Then he laughed…

  2. “Well, why don’t *you* look into the sole…of my shoe!”

    1. Shakespeare!

  3. Putin: That Biden, funny guy, make me laugh. I tell you, Comrade Biden, in Soviet Russia, soul have you!

  4. Since we’re a week away from the centinnial of the start of WWI, it’s worth pondering this thought:

    A lot is made about how the victorious allies drew rather haphazard country borders in the imperial wind down that followed the first and second world wars. People like Biden have frequently suggested that places like Iraq or Libya should be Balkanized, whereby the various tribal or ethnic factions can form their own govts that are more representative and free of the strife of cohabitation with other factions. The West seems a fan of such policies when it suits the West’s interests.

    Frankly, Ukraine’s boundaries were drawn in a similarly haphazard fashion and much of Ukraine’s eastern half is largely ethnically and linguistically Russian and yet the West treats that boundary as though it is crafted by Jebus himself.

    1. People like Biden have frequently suggested that places like Iraq or Libya should be Balkanized

      When he says the same thing about the USA, I’ll start taking him seriously. Ok, I still won’t take him seriously, that’s not possible, but I’d agree with him.

    2. There is no perfect boundary line.

      The issue could always be “reopened” by some country using force to readjust the boundary its way. Lather, rinse, repeat until the boundary is just right.

      Or we could just muddle through with the boundary they have already.

    3. The manner in which Russia is inserting itself into Ukraine after losing its stooge is offensive because it impedes freedom and creates violence and it also just resulted in hundreds of airline passengers getting killed.

      1. I’ll not defend the shooting down of a civilian airliner, but I’ll also not condemn the Crimeans wanting to be a part of Russia.

        Sure, Russia isn’t exactly a model of peace and freedom, but Ukraine is hardly a model of such either in this conflict.

        1. Crimea joined Russia under highly dubious circumstances.

        2. Ukraine is clearly superior to Russia.

        3. I’m sure the Crimean Tatars who were expelled by the Soviets didn’t want to be part of Russia, but many of them still haven’t been able to return.

    4. I believe that outside of Crimea Russians are not the majority in any area. Eastern Ukraine is divided but not overwhelmingly Russian

      1. That’s true, it’s somewhere around 60% in Crimea (including nearly 80% in Sevastapol) while the other eastern provinces such as Donetsk hover around 40% (per Ukraine’s 2001 census).

    5. Didn’t that become the case under the USSR (Russians moving and being moved into Ukraine)?

      1. Not for the Crimea, which historically was a Russian position after they conquered the last of the Golden Horde khanates. It was transferred to the Ukrainian Soviet republic adminstration in the 50s.

      2. Certainly in the Baltic states, too. In the last interwar census, Estonia was about 9:1 Estonian/Russian; by the last Soviet census it was close to 60:40.

    6. My Russian Civil War history knowledge is rusty, but didn’t the Cheka murder a million or so in Crimea in the early 20’s?

    7. Then you have House district borders in the US. Anyone outside the country would think the borders were drawn by corrupt psychopaths.

  5. Does Ron Paul help or hinder the potential 2016 Presidential candidacy of his son on the basis of his public statements about Russia?

    1. What did he say?

      1. Some really dumb stuff. Even loonier than Ron Paul’s typical spiel.

      2. Apparently, Putin was as surprised as anyone when he opened his newspaper and found that there was some kind of war in Ukraine.

        1. He’s sort of like Obama, you’re saying?

          1. Yeah, only instead of IRS and NSA scandals, Putin keeps getting surprised to learn about his political enemies being repressed, or ethnic Russians rebelling in neighboring countries with the help of Chechen warriors.

            1. Putin’s a thug and Obama’s a clown. It makes one feel good about things.

          2. He’s sort of like Obama, you’re saying?

            Well he can work without Mr. Teleprompter?.so there’s that.

        2. That and this conflict is all being orchestrated by The Jews The Banks.

    2. Hinder.

      1. Well, Lindsey Graham said he’s single handed going to kick Putin’s behind. So let’s send him on over.

        1. THAT, I’d love to see. Kermit’s froggy head exploding like a scene from Thrones.

        2. I’m convinced that Graham hates Putin even more than your average American pol hates Putin due to Putin’s anti-GHEY agenda.

          Seriously, after the first black POTUS and the first woman POTUS (Warren), I think Graham may finally come out and hope to capture the first GHEY POTUS prize (at least openly GHEY, with all due respect to James Buchanan).

          1. I don’t know if the “average American pol” hates Putin as much as they envy him.

            Imagine Harry Reid given the kind of power in the USA as Putin has in Russia.

            1. I don’t know if the “average American pol” hates Putin as much as they envy him.

              Bingo. Given all their jive about “obstrucshunizms!”, it’s painfully obvious that Reid and Obama are pining to wield authority as easily as Putin seems to.

  6. Joe Biden: Tough Guy!

  7. No one takes Obama seriously, outside of hand picked audiences from liberal colleges. He’s a clown.

  8. The writer more favorably suggests that Biden has been a cool, anti-war voice within the administration, “in favor of ending two wars, no matter how unresolved,” which actually doesn’t sound so admirable given the current deadly mess of Iraq.

    So Zenon thinks the federal government should continue fighting endless unwinnable wars against Iraqi insurgents even though there’s no compelling threat to U.S. citizens living in the U.S.?

    Quite the libertarian position, that.

    1. Way to read an excuse to burn the heretic into that.

  9. Better no soul than no brain.

    1. Can’t it be both?
      See: Warrren, Elizabeth

  10. Never forget:

    Joe Biden has actual, no-kidding brain damage from a stroke (I believe) a number of years ago.

    1. He sure acts like it.

    2. That explains a lot, actually. I remember watching C-Span coverage of a Senate hearing on youtube from back when Biden was a Senator and he was actually asking very pointed questions. Not good or relevant questions, but loaded questions that would trap the person testifying into agree with whatever Biden was trying to prove.

      Now, he just seems stupid and completely incapable of having that kind of conversation with another human being.

      1. He chaired the Borkery.

      2. Now, he just seems stupid and completely incapable of having that kind of conversation with another human being.

        He is a VP under the thumb of Obama. Anything smart he might have to say would have been beaten out of him before he ever gets in front of camera or reporter. You ever notice he disappears for months at a time?

        Even Einstein could not shine under that.

        I am not saying he is not idiot. He very well could be…only that it really is impossible for us to judge.

        One thing i do love him for is that he tricked the Obama administration into supporting gay marriage. Even if he bumbled into that like an idiot it was brilliant all the same.

  11. sarc to Biden: ‘I don’t think you have a brain’

  12. In post Soviet Russia…soul blesses you.

  13. I’m sure that Putin didn’t intend for, or want this to happen. But when you’re supplying high powered weapons to psychotic maniacs, what do you expect?

    So now Putin’s probably thinking ‘Wow, I really stepped in some shit. But, Europe is weak and Obama is a clown. So, who’s going to do anything about it? I’ll just stall until it goes away’.

    1. One clarification:

      Those top-shelf anti-aircraft missiles weren’t supplied to psychotic maniacs. I am quite sure they are still 100% under the control of the Russian Army.

      OK, that doesn’t rule out psychotic maniacs, but you know what I mean.

      1. Those top-shelf anti-aircraft missiles weren’t supplied to psychotic maniacs. I am quite sure they are still 100% under the control of the Russian Army.

        If so, then Putin has a hell of a lot more sense then we do.

        Charlie Wilson sucks cocks in Hell.

        1. How dare he help win the Cold War!

          1. The fall of the USSR via forcing them to spend money in their Afghan War is a myth. It was an attempt to make sense of the Black Swan event that was the 1991 coup, which was initiated by hardline Communists seeking to undo Gorbie’s reforms, and return to a more belligerent stance toward the West, remember.

            1. I know you want it to be a myth very badly, but it’s not. Defeat at the hands of the goat-people was devastating to Soviet moral. It was critical. Further, it did not result in any bad after-effects for the west in so far as the USG directly oversaw events. The MANPADs or whatever they’re called were out of battery juice by the time America returned. And the forces America helped were later fighting the Taliban, so thank goodness we helped them. The only mistake was to trust Pakistan at all.

              1. I can’t believe you wrote all that in defense of Charlie Wilson and then finished with “The only mistake was to trust Pakistan at all.”

                Who was Islamabad’s number one man in DC?

              2. oh yeah nothing bad came out of that, I mean except Bin Laden. We helped the people who became the Taliban as much as we helped the Northern Alliance

  14. Yeah.

    I once benched 250.

    Also, i have a supermodel girlfriend. In Canada.

    1. You’re lying, there are no supermodels in Canada. Do you know how much whale blubber one must consume to survive a Canadian winter?

      1. I beat up Sean Penn once. Right in front of Madonna.

        1. That I could believe.

          1. He begged me to kill him. I was like, ‘no man, not in front of a lady’. Then I made out with madonna while he whimpered in a puddle of his own piss. Then i went and bench-pressed like, 275.

            1. I was like, ‘no man, not in front of a lady’.

              So you beat him up in front of Madonna and some other chick?

              You at least left him in a puddle of his own piss, and didn’t piss on him after the beat-down. Which an acquaintance of mine actually did once.

              1. That was before I went into Special Forces.

      2. Linda Evangelista doesn’t count?

  15. Biden should know.

    He sold his soul to the same buyer.

    However, I suspect that this claim is more Biden’s early onset senile dementia speaking than actual truth. Biden does not have that kind of chutzpah,

  16. Joe Biden is a tough-talking, no-guff-taking, hard drinking, street-wise Man’s Man…

    …from the POV of a beta-male, 20-something recent college grad who wasnt even born when Biden first really garnered notice for his Sterling Character

    1. …from the POV of a onesie-clad beta-male, 20-something recent grievance and microaggression studies college grad who wasnt even born when Biden first really garnered notice for his Sterling Character

      I added a bit to that…

    2. He is a better man than Dickless Cheney.

      1. how old are you? really. Just curious.

        1. Not old enough to pull five deferments during the Vietnam War. The problem with you jackasses is that you are amoral. Biden didn’t lie us into a $1 trillion bullshit war. Yet Cheney is respected here – just Team Red devotion maybe. Still amoral.

          1. I think there’s a fair amount of people who lean curiously Team Red here but I have to say I’ve never seen much respect for Cheney here.

            1. I posted here during the Bush administration. I should know.

              Cheney had a reputation of being “serious” although he was wrong about everything.

              Think of a first-rate asshole version of Bill Kristol.

              1. How old are you, PB?

                Age. in years.

                1. He claims to be a UGA grad from the early ’80s. 83, I think, but I’m not certain. That would put a normal person at 52 or 53. Factor in the retard, and he’s much older.

                  1. REM sucked

                    1. They were great. Athens was it back then before Northwest grunge was.

                      So now you know how old I am. Happy for a minute or two?

                    2. I’d be much happier knowing that you have invested wisely over the years and have a nice retirement nest egg waiting for you. Please tell me it’s true.

                    3. It doesn’t have investments. It doesn’t even know what investments are. It’s not sentient! It’s just spitting out sequences of words with a goal of maximizing the response it gets.

          2. Yet Cheney is respected here?

            Hey Moms Basement Dweller?..World Net Daily is just over there! They have the drones you are looking for.


          3. Yet Cheney is respected here

            I have visited this site regularly since 2005. I cannot recall any favorable comment about Cheney on the part of a Reason blogger.

            There are some Team Red posters, but that is like saying Reasonoids admire Obama because Joe from Lowell used to post here. (And possibly still does, but I don’t know what handle he is using.)

            1. Here – first hit.


              RC Dean, Shannon Love, and Tall Dave all rush to defend Cheney in a good piece by Jesse Walker.

              (Interestingly, GILMORE is debating them on whether or not Cheney lied about Al Qaeda’s ties to Saddam – he did and GILMORE points it out).

              TallDave was a particularly nasty Team Red poster I remember well.

              1. How old are you PB?

              2. I said blogger, not poster, you disingenuous weasek.

                (And I particularly said there were Team Red posters. See my second paragraph.)

                1. I will say I think PB was referring to the comments section when he said ‘here’

                2. I don’t have any problem with the Reason writers. In fact they are the reason I read this site.

                  GILMORE, fuck off. I am probably younger than you are but who cares?

                  1. No, i’m 40. You act like a teenager.

                    1. And not in the ‘good’ way

              3. Only R C Dean comment in the link you provided:

                R C Dean|3.11.08 @ 3:04PM|#

                Key word is “operational”.

                I have no idea what this means, either. I believe it would be accurate to say that I have no operational links with the federal government, yet around a third of my income goes to support their activities, which are done in my name.

                That said, I don’t recall “Saddam is a major supporter of AQ” being in the list of particulars. I seem to recall allegations that he supported various terror groups, but not that Iraq was a significant “operational” base for AQ. Links to the contrary are always appreciated.

                That does not look a defense of Cheney to me Shike.

            2. I’ll post some respect to Cheney’s position vis-a-vis Iraq…. circa 1991 (when he as SoD advised the elder Bush not to fully invade and depose Saddam Hussein). He was once a foreign policy realist. A Bismarkian if you will.

              Don’t get me wrong, foreign policy realists have their drawbacks (they can be even more bellicose than a traditional Wilsonian idealist when the almighty national interest is perceived), but when he transitioned to full on neo-Wilsonian idealist, he erred.

              1. The Wilsonian bullshit is cover; there was a realpolitik reason the invade Iraq as part of the war on a tactic.

                Specifically, the invasion of Iraq eliminated the threat that the Saudi monarch would face an invasion from the north, and allowed the evacuation of the U.S. military from Saudi Arabia, thereby resolving the main casus belli of Al Queda.

                Gotta protect the ersatz petroleum standard at all costs boys!

          4. Hey demfag: Biden voted to invade Iraq so you can take your sloppy lips off his cock.

            And I can’t believe I have to even say this but fuck Cheney.

          5. Cheney is not respected here you jack ass…

            Though i did like when he stomped on Edwards face during the VP debates.

            Of course i would have liked it if Pol Pot stomped on Edwards face as well.

            That was about who was getting face stomped not who was doing the stomping.

            Also Cheney has a gay daughter whom he is proud of. He gets a little bit of credit for that.

        2. how old are you? really. Just curious.

          Does it matter?.shreeky?.stupid at any age!

          1. It does.

          2. No fool like an old fool.

      2. That is true of about 300,000,000 other Americans, so what is your point?

      3. I disagree with Cheney nearly all the time, but if you were a leader anywhere can you honestly say you’d choose Biden over Cheney?

        1. Tough choice. The banality of evil vs the evil of banality.

        2. Are you kidding? Cheney is a lying Machiavellian power-grabbing snake. Eventually Bush figured it out and distanced himself from Cheney. And Bush is not too bright.

          1. If you think Biden isn’t a “lying Machiavellian power-grabbing snake”, you are a bigger fool than I thought.

            The main difference is that Biden is a lying Machiavellian power-grabbing snake who people is funny and cute because he makes so many gaffes.

            1. “who people think is funny”

            2. Yes, Biden lusts for power, no one keeps running for President as many times as he did (and abysmally at that) and can be said not to want power desparately

              1. My hatred of Cheney is magnified because he won’t admit Iraq was a clusterfuck even today. He is out there lying all over again.

                George W at least had the decency to go away and shut up with some class. Not Cheney.

        3. Cheney can be controlled. Biden is retarded.

          1. Actually, Cheney is more likely to take control from his boss, but I was ranking them on ridiculousness

          2. So what you’re saying is both he and shrieky-poo want cake?

        4. but if you were a leader anywhere can you honestly say you’d choose Biden over Cheney?


          No idea why that is in there.

          Anyway I would choose Biden over Cheney but I don’t lead jack shit of fuck mountain….so whatever.

  17. Was “My Pet Goat’ the official biography of Joe Biden?

    1. No. Biden’s lover.

      Biden appears frequently in the story, however. In second place.

      1. Albee wrote a play based on Biden’s love life:…..Is_Sylvia?

  18. Biden has been a cool, anti-war voice within the administration, “in favor of ending two wars, no matter how unresolved”


    1. If that claim is true, it says quite a bit about how much influence he has in the administration. Three years to pull out of Iraq, and we’ll still keep a bunch of “advisors” in Afghanistan after the end of this year through what, 2024? 23 years after 9/11 and 13 years after Bin Laden was killed?

  19. ” Evan Osnos, who today published 13,000 words on the vice president…”

    ..which, incidentally, is far higher than the number of words Joe Biden actually knows…

    “…. with a focus on his role in the Obama “administration’s handling of the most vexing national-security problems,” like Ukraine and Iraq


    Well, that explains a lot.

  20. Is there a more ridiculous nationally know politician than Joe Biden?

    1. This could be a contest, but I think Rick Perry, Al Sharpton and Bill de Blasio are in contention.

      1. Good ones, but I’m not sure the last two are national figures.

        I mean, can anyone imagine calling Biden up for advice on any subject?

        1. Now you’re being stupid. Sarah Palin is the hands down most ridiculous and everyone knows who she is.

          1. If Palin had become VP then she may well have given Biden a run for most ridiculous, but she wasn’t. Her star is fallen.

            1. Now you’re moving the goal post. You didn’t restrict your claim to just VPs.

              1. I said nationally known politician, as in holder or candidate for office. Palin is out for reasons similar to why Sharpton is.

          2. Palin looks like a wunderkind next to Biden.

            1. You’re either vapid or in the tank for Team Red.

              Or both.

              1. Ersatz folksiness wrapped in the American flag on one hand, genuine “aw shucks!” dipshittery on the other. I dunno. Palin is annoying, but she is easy to ignore.

                Ol’ “Two Blasts” Biden conceivably has access to real power, and has, for five years, been spouting off some of the dumbest shit ever said by a human. He makes J. Danforth Quayle look like Ben Jonson.

              2. bah.

                Palin would have been first women VP and she actually understands how bad inflation is for wages and therefore the middle class.

                I have to say Palin is better then Biden for VP.

                Remember here folks we are talking about the fucking VP. Don’t have shit cows over VPs.

                But as i said above Biden is better then Cheney.

        2. Sharpton is a national figure but I don’t think he qualifies a politician. Political figure yes, but not politician.

          1. Because he hasn’t won anything.

            1. Exactly. But by that measure you could find far crazier.

        3. Maybe. What kind of shotgun should I buy?

    2. The 45th President of the United States, Elizabeth Warren.

      1. If Biden gets the Team Blue nomination, she will be his VP. Just an aneurysm away from the Oval Office should Team Blue win.

      2. Highly unlikely.

      3. It’s so obvious that people on here just can’t see it.

        She’s the one Obama got the you didn’t build that line from. He will back her. The utes will love her. The media will fall in line. The historic first woman in favor of free preschool and student loan “forgiveness” vs the evil rich racist women hating out-of- touch Repub.

        1. He will back her.

          That would be the most epic thing ever.

          The Hilary screeching would echo for decades.

          Which is why I don’t think Obama would do it. He does not seem like the kind of guy who would take a shit on the whole democrat party machine just out of spite….on anyone else sure…but not the dems.

  21. In May, after a teen-ager invited Biden to her prom

    That those words were ever written, much less an accounting of historical fact, fills me with the complete and total rage of the ?lfh??nar.

    1. I learned yet another new word!

      Anyway, the girl just felt bad that she didn’t have a creepy uncle, so she had Biden play that role on her special day.

  22. Speaking of foreign affairs, and ‘how the influence of Joe Biden is making the world a better place’…

    … take note of a subtle change in the media, where the term “Al Qaeda-affiliated” – once used super-liberally to describe anyone and everyone the adminstration happened to be choosing to drone-strike at the moment, or declare had been righteously “ass kicked“‘ – has been quietly dropped from descriptions of ISIS in *Iraq*… whereas, it was a necessary requirement of anytime they were mentioned in the context of *Syria*…?

    Basically, the administration has been very comfortable labeling anything “Al Qaeda” when it seems a useful justification for getting involved – i mean, we MUST fund the Syrian opposition to ensure those “al Qaeda affiliated” types not end up with too much influence, right? – but when said same Al Qaeda affiliated types actually start taking territory in Iraq… a place that is symbolically something like Obama-Kryptonite – No, now they’re more like “Sunni Extremists” or other Neo-euphamisms that de-emphasise their connection to any, like, ‘Global Islamic Caliphate‘, or anything like that

    Smack-talking Putin makes far better news as far as the Obama admin is concerned

    1. While that’s a good observation, there are more pedestrian reasons to drop the phrase:Al-Qaeda disavows any ties with radical Islamist ISIS group in Syria, Iraq

      1. “Man, those guys are crazy, I’d steer clear of them if I were you!”

      2. yes, i know.

        They had also done so (less ‘formally’) in 2006. Prior to Zarqawi’s death. He was blowing up lots of mooslims and his personal version of Jihad was not exactly making lots of new Al-Q fans. News outlets have still been pretty loosey-goosey about slapping the “AL=Q” franchise on anything they think qualifies for official Admin attention. Boko Haram was the last one to officially get included…. even though less than a year ago, they didn’t even make the Team??

        1. News outlets have still been pretty loosey-goosey about slapping the “AL=Q” franchise on anything

          As John Robb has noted it works the other way too. Islamist groups will play up any tenuous connection they have to “successful” organizations like AQ in an attempt to bolster their own legitimacy. Your average reporter is not going to have the background to sift out the bullshit.

    2. Ah but ISIS is not AQ-affiliated. They are actually fighting AQ’s Syrian branch, the Nusra Front.

      1. You’re thinking of the Popular Front.

        1. Don’t forget the Islamic Popular People’s Front.


  23. None of his gibes or gambols helped him help Ukraine until after Yanukovych’s kleptocratic policies had already driven the nation’s economy into the ground and left the people desperate enough to stage a revolution.

    Oh God. Sometimes it’s easy to tell who the new staff are.

    1. Or maybe it’s fan service.

  24. Speaking of not having a soul:

    The Occupy Wall Streeter who once sobbed in court because she had to appear in the same dress twice also threatened to kill two cops’ families, court papers show.

    “You don’t know who I am! Wait until you figure it out! You probably don’t have kids or a wife, but if you do, I’ll kill them!” McMillan, 26, allegedly screeched to the officers.

    After four hours in custody, McMillan hissed to officers, “Look at what I am wearing! It is a botanist dress,” the papers state.

    “This is a cocktail dress to be worn only standing up maximum four hours! I had three to four people that helped me get into this dress. The NYPD, you must supply me with clothing!”

    McMillan said her dress was so tight that “my chest hurts” and demanded an ambulance.

    The ranting revolutionary also ordered the cops to give her a pair of sweat pants and a T-shirt.

    1. Sometimes…as awful as cops are…I have to sympathize.

    2. It’s almost as if the OWS movement has attracted a few lunatics.

      Good thing they didn’t join the Tea Party, we’d never hear the end of it!


      She only had *15 minutes to speak*…but managed to share limitless detail of the horrors of her Time on The Inside!

      “I had never before been trained as a person on how to be docile. And there’s all these things that prison does: like how you walk on the right side of the hallway. You keep your hands at your side. You keep your head down. You look up when you’re addressed to by C.O.s, but not before that. You are socialized at your core, from outside of this place to inside of this place, to be non-threatening, to be less bad, to be subservient. [I can’t explain] how much of myself I’ve had to undo to just be here.

      The real world isn’t actually any different from in here, in the sense that there are structures of violence that are orchestrated from the top to the bottom, and it’s sort of a trickle-down violence. The commissioners shit on the C.O.s, the C.O.s shit on the inmates, the inmates shit on the other inmates. Essentially, we’re all caught up in a cycle of alienated violence against one another constantly, and ultimately confined in a bureaucratic, maddening maze of inhumanity. The only thing that’s missing here is rampant consumerism ? and there’s still some of that. Wherever you go, there’s commerce. Now, it’s just in the form of commissary.

      1. Commerce is bad. Taking someone’s stuff by force and giving it to someone else is good because the person got that stuff in the first place by doing commerce which is bad.

      2. You look up when you’re addressed to by C.O.s, but not before that. You are socialized at your core, from outside of this place to inside of this place, to be non-threatening, to be less bad, to be subservient.

        Anyone want to take bets that she’ll ever have the self-awareness to recognize the connection?

        1. Yeah, what a shock that they want jail inmates to be non-threatening.

  25. Love to stay for TI but…

    Buster wants to fish!

    Good evening, Reasonoids.

  26. “I said, ‘Mr. Prime Minister, I’m looking into your eyes, and I don’t think you have a soul,'”

    He’s also a psychic?

    1. Is “psychic” Canadian for “liar”?

    2. “… and you’re thinking of the number…..7? No? Ok, let me try again…”

    3. Yeah, file under “Shit that never happened.”

  27. Does Biden have a reflection?

  28. Yeah, nobody has a soul. Next?

    1. In a holographic universe we sort of do.

      I mean the medium through which the universe is projected is immutable so even though the record needle has passed us by the record still exists.

      That is sort of a soul.

  29. Since there’s no such thing as a soul, then the proclamation that someone doesn’t have one (especially from an infidel such as Biden) bears no weight. I have no affection for GWB, but his assessment of Putin was correct. Putin loves his country and dreams of his legacy, so he’ll do whatever he has to do to ensure Russia has a positive future in the world. I don’t agree with that sentiment, but I understand it. And it saddens me that we don’t have a president who has the same attitude. Yeah, Putin is a monster, but Obama is a hopeless wuss.

  30. Upworthy headline: “This is what Joe Biden said to Vladmir Putin, and it’s TOTALLY AWESOME.”

  31. Putin to Biden: ‘I Don’t Think You Have any Balls’

  32. *None of his gibes or gambols helped him help Ukraine*

    No, but it did help him get his son a big petro-contract in Ukraine. And that’s what really matters.

  33. Putin to Biden “I Look in your eyes and see you have no Balls”

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