Stay Indoors, Kids! Baltimore's Crazy Curfew Will Cost Parents $500 a Pop

What a nuisance (the law, not the kids).


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Be warned, Baltimore-area kids: If you venture outside at night, you will be picked up by police—and your parents will have to choose between paying a $500 fine or attending parental guidance classes administered by the city.

It's all part of the city's new curfew law, the strictest in the nation, which takes effect next month, according to CBS Baltimore:

With the new law, teens under 14 years old have to be off the streets by 9 p.m. Those 14 to 16 years of age can stay out no later than 10 during the week and no later than 11 on the weekends and during the summer.

The law has the support of Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who apparently believes the city's youth are out of control. Rawlings-Blake is hosting a forum on the subject tonight, and hopes to clear up "misconceptions" about what the law entails. The curfew will help the city identify parents who need help from the city raising their kids properly, she said. Whether it will actually succeed in keeping troublesome kids off the streets is another matter—but plenty of residents doubt it.

Civil libertarians have also raised obvious concerns. From The New York Times:

Critics fear that the curfew gives officers another reason to randomly stop youths, many of whom already mistrust the police, and ask anyone who looks young for identification.

"I'm not sure ultimately if the police should be riding around looking for children while they're still looking out the other eye for criminal activity," said Tessa Hill-Aston, the president of the Baltimore branch of the N.A.A.C.P.

Rawlings-Blake isn't particularly impressed by these concerns. She previously told skeptics of the law to "go live on a farm somewhere"—as if the expanding reach of the nanny/police state was something that only yokels would oppose.

As Reason's Jesse Walker wrote back in May, such a law is likely to bring innocent kids—as well as kids who could use some help—into constant conflict with the police. That can't be a good thing.

What a nuisance (the law, not the kids).

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  1. The law has the support of Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who apparently believes the city’s youth are out of control.

    No doubt they’ll obey THIS law, though!

    1. Sure they will. They attack people on busy streets full of pedestrians right in the middle of the day. This is going to fix that, for sure, cannot fail.

      1. Where was that 17 year old beat up by police for violating curfew?

  2. I have this feeling, you know, just a feeling, that this is not going to work out too well.

    The parents of the children that are on the streets committing crimes that started up this whole brilliant idea, don’t likely HAVE $500 unless it’s on an EBT card. Maybe Baltimore City gov will pay their fines for them. They can raise taxes to cover that. It’s a WIN/WIN.

    1. Or more of them will end up in debtors prison. This is just another way to fuck poor people over.

      1. They already have the drug war, I’m not sure they need anything else.

        1. If just one poor person remains unfucked over then the drug war just isn’t enough.

          1. Laws proposed by proggies, the champions of the poor, that fuck over poor people. Imagine that.

            1. No need to imagine, a good look around is all that’s required.

  3. Oh great does this mean I’ll get to read more stories about cops beating the shit out of kids who are “out to late”. Awesome, UH-MER-I-KA

  4. 9PM???

    I had Little League games that started at 8PM when I was 10. And I usually rode my bike to them. Games ended around 10, and the concession stand was open until at least 10:45, they had halfway-decent (tasting) food too. Every kid in uniform got one 15-cent treat on the league after every game and the coaches and a parent or two usually chipped in to bring that up to 5 or 6 treats (or 75-90 cents worth, the pizza was 60 cents and a hot dog was 45 cents – the popcorn and sno-cones were 15 cents each, cokes were 30 cents.) Still the best popcorn I’ve ever tasted.

    And this was the friggin’ south side of Chicago which was not exactly idyllic in the mid 70’s.

    1. I wouldn’t suggest to any adult to be on the streets in some parts of Baltimore at 9pm, or in any other part of the day as far as that goes.

      1. The curfew is city-wide, not just the “bad” parts of Baltimore.

        1. Yes, but the parts of the city that has the ‘out of control’ youths, are not the good parts.

        2. Lets’ be realistic here. The cops aren’t going to be hanging out in the good parts of Baltimore (there are good parts of Baltimore?) searching for violators of the curfew.

          1. Correct.

            The problem areas where white collar workers work in close proximity to very dangerous neighborhoods, are getting robbed and mugged, will get the focus of this.

            In the worst areas, well the cops don’t even go into those neighborhoods unless it’s to investigate another murder scene.

      2. Not until the city government learns that the 2nd Amendment means them.

  5. There is only one fix to this. Stop generational welfare and clear the city of Democrat politicians.

    The only thing stopping Baltimore from turning into Detroit is the proximity to the DC tax payer funded gravy train.

    1. “There is only one fix to this. Stop generational welfare and clear the city of Democrat politicians.”

      There’s a difference?

    2. Seriously? This is Maryland. I’m surprised they even bother with ballots.

  6. parental guidance classes administered by the city.

    How long before we have charter parental guidance classes?

    1. parental guidance classes

      We don’t need no
      No no no
      Parental guidance here

      / Rob Halford

    2. How long before we have charter parental guidance classes?

      There is no turd that can not be polished. So, not long.

  7. Rawlings-Blake isn’t particularly impressed by these concerns. She previously told skeptics of the law to “go live on a farm somewhere”?as if the expanding reach of the nanny/police state was something that only yokels would oppose

    She might want to re-think that sort of talk. Baltimore once had more than 1 million people. That’s down to 600k. To lose half of your population and talk like that is .. well, Obama like.

    1. There are some farms in Detroit now. Probably will be some in Baltimore rather soon.

      1. Naw – city clowncil (as some yokels like to refer to it) shut all that shit down. Can’t have farms fuckin’ up the “urban decay” look, now, can we?

        No we cannot. Ya’ll get your Green Acres ass out to 8 Mile and keep goin’…motherfucker.

        *gets shot by random 14 year old*

        1. They could ruin the next Season of Abandoned America if they make Detroit too pretty with all those gardens and stuff. Then what would History Channel do? They’re almost out of Ancient Aliens now.

          1. I know.

            Anybody watch Naked and Afraid?

            What if, instead of Cambodia, they dropped the pair off in Detroit/Baltimore/etc and see if they could last 21 days?

            1. They wouldn’t last 21 minutes.

    2. That was code for “move your ass to Virginia.”

      1. Why can’t they go to Pennsylvania instead? Those hordes are ruining VA.

        1. Send them to New Jersey. That’ll at least keep all the crazy bottled up in one place.

        2. Pennsylvania State Police will deal with them, and not nicely…

  8. One good side effect: young kids will learn to avoid cops. This is a skill that will serve them well throughout their lives.

    1. The tax will probably be like $500 per ear of corn and $1000 for a tomato.

      1. Oops, that reply was to Invisible Finger about he farms.

    2. Progressives…

      …making libertarians, one law at a time.

      1. This is why I’ve been thinking that we should all start campaigning for the White Squaw, now.

        Can you imagine anything creating more libertarians than 8 years of Fauxohantus and her 11 commandments of proglotardia?

        1. Seeing Hillary lose to her in the primaries and the suicide that would follow would be priceless.

          1. Dude, if Hitlary committed suicide, she’s just become Zombie Hildebeast. I’m afraid she’d then team up with Zombie Gaddafi and bring about a horrible apocalypse.

        2. I would bet anything that Warren gets the nomination. I know Hillary is killing her in the polls, but that’s just name recognition; nobody really likes Hillary.

          For the most part, only political junkies know who Warren is now. Once the Obama machine and media get behind her class warfare hysteria, she’ll run away with it.

  9. Stephanie Rawlings-Blake = slaver.

    1. No, she’s just another dumber than rocks inner city democrat.

      1. Undecided. Need more info.

        1. NOT EVEN with HM’s dick.

          HM, one thing is for certain. You and I will NEVER need to worry about competing for the same woman.

          1. I wasn’t aware of how the heavy responsibilities of state have ravaged her.

            1. What you did there, I see it.

      2. WAR ON DA WOMENZ!11!1111!!!!

      3. Not even with 0bama’s dick.

        I have one unbroken rule: Never stick my dick in the crazy.

  10. I’m sure the cops love this. It gives them another excuse to beat the crap out of kids who fail to obey. Maybe even kill them. Yeah, the cops are stoked.

  11. I’ve seen Baltimore outside in the daylight and that horrible image is burned into my brain, hon. Why anybody would endure that day to day is beyond me.

    1. It’s actually a beautiful city, parts of it. But unopposed Democrats gone wild are slowly destroying it.

      1. Apparently the beautiful parts are none of the parts I’ve seen. Nor any of the parts Cuban baseball players ever see either, since they never flee to freedom in Baltimore.

        1. You haven’t seen much here then, there are many beautiful parts of the city.

          Maybe the Cuban baseball players met the politicians here and recognized them as the same commies they wanted to flee from?

          1. Shameless shilling for Big Baltimore hon?

            1. Not at all. I will tell you all of the bad things about Baltimore, and there are many. I’m just being honest.

              1. What is easier to find, the good part of Baltimore or the good part of Anaheim?

                1. I haven’t been to Anaheim in 30 years, so I couldn’t say. It’s easy to find the nice parts of Baltimore if you know the city. If you don’t, find someone who does.

                  1. It’s easy to find the nice parts of Baltimore

                    Just walk in the opposite direction of the gunshots.

  12. OMFG!


    Fuck off cunt!

  13. “I’m not sure ultimately if the police should be riding around looking for children while they’re still looking out the other eye for criminal activity,”

    Ahh, Tessa, you miss the beauty of this. With the stroke of a government pen these children now are criminals. So now the police will have even easier time raising revenue protecting the public

    1. The beauty part of it for the cops is that teenage kids don’t typically shoot at you and are easier to beat up.

      1. And rape. Defending yourself from a rapist is felony assault on a police officer, don’t cha know…

  14. You know, there is something gnawing at me. It’s like there is some sort of correlation, something common, about all the American cities that are dying shit-holes, but I just can’t lay my finger on it.

    1. It’s not Democrats. So what were you thinking?

      1. Yeah, it couldn’t be that.

        I think, they maybe, just didn’t get enough progressive policies enacted because of those obstructionist Tea Billies.

        1. Well, they won’t have to wait long. The one who was to come, The Great White Squaw, has finally arrived to bring about her 11 points of peak derp, and save the world.

    2. Is it “someting that annoys you”?

      Cause if so, racist. True, but racist.

  15. In reality, cops will pretty much ignore the new curfew rules. I don’t mind them much. There are pretty strong protections via court decisions. I also don’t have a problem holding parents accountable for the actions of their kids.

  16. Kids of Baltimore: there is an easy way to dodge this curfew completely complete. Make up some cards that read, “Oppose Baltimore’s unconstitutional curfew law” and include the URL of your anti-curfew FB page. If a cop approaches you, give him the card, saying you are staying out late to organize opposition to the law.

    If you get a ticket, the judge will have to throw it out on First Amendment grounds, since you are “petitioning the government for redress” and they can’t fine you for doing that.

    Not kidding.

    1. “the judge will have to throw it out…”

      Hah hah hah!
      [wipes tears from eyes]
      Hah hah hah hah hah … hah … hah …

      Bwa ha ha!

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