A.M. Links: Blame Game on Downing of Malaysia Air Flight, Israel Launches Gaza Ground Offensive, NASA Scientist Thinks Evidence of Alien Life is Nigh


  • that it gets better

    The deliberate downing of a Malaysia Air flight crossing Ukraine has been blamed on pro-Russian separatists (or Russia) by Ukraine and Western leaders and on Ukraine by Russia, while John Kerry has called for an international investigation. International flights are now avoiding crossing over eastern Ukraine. In the meantime, the United States has expanded its limited sanctions on Russia to include large firms tied to Vladimir Putin.

  • The deputy attorney general at the Justice Department has decided the Internal Revenue Service scandal didn't warrant the appointment of a special prosecutor.
  • Congressional Democrats have finally found spending they don't approve of, questioning how much a House lawsuit filed against President Obama will cost.
  • The new CEO of Microsoft announced 18,000 layoffs, representing 14 percent of the company's workforce, over the next year.
  • Israel has launched its ground offensive in Gaza—it says it intends to destroy tunnels used by Hamas and other militant groups to enter Israel and weaken the group's infrastructure in the Gaza strip.
  • Typhoon Rammasun is gaining strength as it approaches southern China. The storm has already killed at least 54 in the Philippines.
  • The deputy chief scientist of solar system exploration at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab said in a panel this week he believed evidence of extraterrestrial life could be found in in the next 20 years.

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  1. …while John Kerry has called for an international investigation.

    Into whether AGW had a hand in it.

    1. He’s playing catchup

      1. HaHaHaHam I see what you did there.

        1. Long may you relish it.

          1. I can’t believe you mustered the wit to come up with it so quickly.

            1. “Srira-cha-cha”

              – Sammy Davis Jr.

            2. There must be 57 varieties of that pun …

              1. That was an A1 pun.

                1. Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

              2. Once that theory gets out of the bottle, you can’t put it back in.

      2. It does put him in a bit of a pickle, doesn’t it?

      3. But if we don’t have an investigation we mayo never get proof that it was the russian (dressing) behind this and then it will take a miracle to whip the American people into a frenzy for war

    2. Hello.

      “…while John Kerry has called for an international investigation.”


    1. Sorry. You just missed him.

    2. I was speaking of my broken knuckles.

    1. First Native American president.

      1. Unless I’m mistaken, we’ve had a lot of native born presidents.

        1. Those were Lizard People.

          1. Doesn’t mean they weren’t *born here*.

        2. All except McCain.

          1. President McCain? When did that happen?

    2. because we haven’t gone far enough to the left?

    3. Why do people on the left dismiss the criticism about her claims to Native ancestry? They say it’s been ‘proven’ not credible. Yet, I’ve yet to see or hear proof that she is.

      1. Some people on the left defend communism from time to time so…. As someone once said its principals over principles.

      2. I think it’s on par with “everyone lies about sex,” so if Warren cheated the system to get a job, that’s the same as polishing a resume. They have to say “everyone does it” so that condoning would be moot.

        1. It’s projection. They cheat, so cheating must be okay, so move on, so what difference, at this point, does it make?

    4. I think a Warren presidential bid would be great for America. And I’m being serious.

      If that lady ran and the left started to really get behind her, it would ultimately terrify enough non-voters as to the direction the progressives are taking our government, that it might get enough of them off their asses to actually invoke some fiscal restraint and rein in the insanity.

      If she runs, the Democrats will be marginalized for a decade.

      1. I agree it would be Mondale levels of retard, she won’t even make it pass the primary.

        1. Nah it’d be well into Dukakis territory.

          1. I’m voting for Dukakis.

      2. You forget who the media backs.

        1. The media has lost a lot of credibility in the eyes of the average American. It’s the price they paid for their consistent and inexcusable defense of Chicago Jesus and his robe of many fuck-ups. They’ll have an exceedingly hard time convincing any other than those who want to believe, that Warren has any redeeming qualities. See also: Hillary Clinton’s plummeting poll numbers, the ‘in the tank media’ cannot help her..

          1. Yeah that’s what I thought prior to November 2012. “Finally the people have woken up.” Then I went hunting and came back to realize that the people are never going to wake up.

      3. I wonder if any non-leftists thought, for similar reasons, that it would be a good idea for Juan Peron or Hugo Chavez to run for president of their respective countries.

        1. Totally different climate there. We don’t have state-run media and with the internet, there’s no way her real goals can slip past a skeptical electorate.

          Trust me, there’s no way in hell Warren would get elected and her candidacy would result in catastrophic losses for Team Theft.

          On top of that, there’s the fact that Americans are getting pretty tired of a President that is a grievance-monger. After 8 years of being told they are bad unless they kowtow to some less-fortunate group, people are starting to see that their situation ain’t so great right now either and maybe, just maybe, that’s because our confiscatory communitarian economic policies are actually fucking us in the societal ass.

          But that’s just my opinion and I may be wrong.

          1. I never thought there was any way in hell that a less-than-one-term senator who had never held a real job in his life would win, either.

            1. Much less get reelected based on his dismal record the first four years.

            2. Oh, I did.

              In the words of Bullet-tooth Tony: Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity.

          2. Societal Ass, LIVE at Red Rocks. July 23rd…don’t forget to bring the green!

      4. Same could’ve been said about Obama though. Never underestimate the capacity of sheep to follow a blind shepherd.

        1. Are you Ready for Hillary?

          1. If she cuts the budget back to Clinton-era spending levels.

    5. I’d blow my brains out, so it wouldn’t be good for this American.

  2. Tipping perpetuates racism, classism, and poverty ? let’s get rid of it!

    Racism isn’t the only kind of discrimination baked into the American tipping system. Female servers, too, face routine discrimination. As Lynn told Dubner: blonde, slender, larger-breasted women in their 30s earn some of the highest tips. Granted, the decision of how large a tip to leave is up to the subjective whims of the tipper, and different people have their own aesthetic preferences. But when a server’s main source of income is her tips, and if those tips are regulated by the prejudices of the tippers, then a case could potentially be made that certain wage practices of restaurants are discriminatory.

    This is the very case Kamer made (emphasis mine): “In 1971’s Griggs v. Duke Power, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was ruled to prohibit businesses with discriminatory practices against those protected under it, even if that effect is unintended. Tipping, which has been proven to be discriminatory, could be downright unconstitutional.”

    1. And replace it with much higher wagers for servers, I assume?

      And there will be shock, shock I tell you, at the unexpected consequences.

      1. And replace it with mandatory union “protection” for servers.

        1. This would guarantee a certain level of service…

          Service with a ‘fuck you, what you looking at, so what, you been waiting for 25 minutes, I had my mandated break, but if you want food faster, slip a 5 under that napkin there’.

    2. So because black people don’t tip none of us have to? Cool, we have bring lowest common denominator stuff into the service industry. I feel dirty typing that first sentence, but everyone I know who has ever worked a tipped job has mounds of anecdotal evidence. I never wanted to deliver pizza to certain neighborhoods. Ugh, I make myself sick.

      But I’ll still tip.

      1. stereotypes exist for a reason. The pizza delivery guy was never robbed in the higher income neighborhood. In some cities, even black cabbies want no part of going into some areas. Are they racist, too?

        1. Yes. At least in internet SJW-land. In real life they are just being practical.

        2. When I would go with black friends and co-workers into predominantly black low-income parts of town, they would tell me “don’t ever come to this side of town without one of us. You’re okay because you’re with us, but it won’t be good if you are alone.”

          So yeah. They must be racists.

      2. I didn’t have as many calls to those neighborhoods, and the ones where robberies had actually occurred were declared out of our delivery area. Much more often, I’d go to the trouble of finding a temporary parking space at Brumby Hall, go into the rotunda-lobby area, call the girl up, wait for her, then get handed a check for the exact order amount. These were mostly white suburbanites, too.

        1. the ones where robberies had actually occurred were declared out of our delivery area

          Sounds like racist redlining to me.

          1. and contributing to food deserts.

        2. In a bigger city it’s easier to declare places “out of delivery area” . I was in a city of 90,000 which meant all places were fair game. I got stiffed by all races too. So part of it may have been my discomfort with the area multiplied by the likelihood of getting stiffed.

          1. When I delivered pizzas, the stoners always tipped more and were friendlier – the soccer moms were mostly hassled and tipped less.

            1. My last delivery, at the end of my last night working for Domino’s before starting at Gumby’s, I was invited in to hang with some guys who gave me a beer, got me high, and showed me a porno involving ghost girls who would dematerialize after doing someone.

              1. Sounds like you were in a movie.

      3. My anecdotal evidence from bartending at a club that had black promoters for Friday night’s party and guidos for Saturday night supports your observation.

    3. Are you horning in on the Derpetologist’s territory?

    4. Vox: Just like Slate, only two weeks later!

      1. As Lynn told Dubner: blonde, slender, larger-breasted women in their 30s earn some of the highest tips.

        Isn’t that just perpetuating the rape culture?

        1. It is rape culture. Because “tip” is what you call the end of penis.

          1. Ahem. I call it the glans.

            1. how about “bellend”?

              1. How about ‘safety device’?

                The tip is there to keep your hand from slipping off and smacking your forehead.

            2. So on the credit card receipt you just scratch out “tip” and write in “glans”? OK, weirdo.

              1. I’d leave you a tip, but I need every inch that I’ve got.

        2. “blonde, slender, larger-breasted women in their 30s earn some of the highest tips”

          When men are paying the bill. When women pay the bill we see an opposite effect.

    5. “Don’t give me that. She doesn’t make enough money she can quit.”

      1. Chu. Toby Chu?

    6. Tipping as a substitute for wages is stupid because it’s stupid. But now, based on this article, I’m going to ignore that it’s stupid because apparently it’ll help me polish my monocle.

    7. “…He is rightfully entitled to that money, and you are ethically obligated to give him by social norms…”

      Er, no. I don’t tip if I get poor service. Albeit, it take a lot for me to do so since I’m not that fussy but if I feel it’s subpar I give a subpar tip or none. You still have to earn it.

      1. Especially nowadays, when servers are pushing this ‘20%’ crap.

        All you did was take the order, bring the food by, and then deliberately interrupt me every 5 minutes during the meal – how the hell is that worth 15+% of the tab.

        1. And why is it when I go to a restaurant that doesn’t have servers, where I stand in line to get my food, there is a “tip” line on the receipt? Do I tip? Do I not tip?

          I really only tip pizza delivery and restaurants with servers. If it isn’t one of those two, then I don’t normally tip.

        2. How did the standard tip creep up from 15% to 20% anyway? I remember being told that 20% was normal in a really high-class restaurant, presumably because you were getting really high-class service (though I would think that 15% of the tab at a high-class restaurant would already be much more than even 20% at Denny’s).

          But people who stiff waitstaff on the tip, for anything less than insulting the customers’ mothers and spilling food on their laps, are dicks who should be shunned in polite society.

          1. That’s the thing. Do we even have polite society anymore?

          2. Important thing though.

            If you are intentionally reducing the tip because of bad service you need to give more indication than the poor tip. Otherwise they just chalk it up to your being a dick and a poor tipper.

            When I reduce a tip I always write on the bill “tip reduced for poor service” and sometimes add in an example or two of why it was reduced

            1. It’s only happen a couple of times for me and I explained to the manager why I did so. If anything, to let the server know.

              Sometimes my wife and I engage the server to “delve” into the bad service and more often than not the story or explanation is fair enough for us. We tend to over tip by the way because of her allergies. So just as we’re generous with tips we do expect decent service.

              1. I tip a little extra when I take the kids with us. They can make a bit of a mess.

                1. Han Solo (flipping coin to bartender) “For the mess”.

          3. There is nothing quite like excellent service. Not fawning or bothering you but actual service. Two places come to mind: The Ritz Carlton High Tea in London (yes I know my monocle is showing) and the Brown Palace, Ellyngtons Sunday Brunch in Denver.

            The reason for a higher than average tip is not only the better service but also the ARMY of people serving you. You have a host/hostess, maitre d’, Table Captain, servers (2 if big table) Bar staff (for drinks), and bus boys. All of which may be included in that tip. So yeah the tip for High Tea at the Ritz is more than meal for one at a nice steak house but there are reasons. Also, I have noticed that bad tips in environments like that don’t lead to customer blaming but to the manager or table captain addressing what they saw wrong with the staff.

          4. The math is easier at 20%.

    8. I’ve worked in restaurants and it is commonly understood that blacks don’t tip for shit. You can call me a racist for pointing this out, but it’s true.

      Tipping, which has been proven to be discriminatory, could be downright unconstitutional.

      Tipping is protected speech.

      1. Nice handle. Only slightly gross.

        1. 110 Lean / Enough about Palin here. Change from EAP to Lean, because of Palin’s Buttplug. Didn’t like the similarity to the world’s dumbest troll. But then decided to face it head on. Troll got pretty pissed when it first encountered it.

          1. Should have made it “Reggie Love’s gimp suit”, if you were going for true outrage.

          2. 110 Lean was confusing too. I though you were talking about yourself, which would be an odd thing for a man to brag about. I had no idea you were talking about your dog.

    9. “As Lynn told Dubner: blonde, slender, larger-breasted women in their 30s earn some of the highest tips.”

      What’s wrong with blonde, slender, larger-breasted women in their 20s?

      1. They become more grateful as they age.

    10. Feature, not bug.

  3. The new CEO of Microsoft announced 18,000 layoffs, representing 14 percent of the company’s workforce, over the next year.

    While Bill Gates pushes for more immigration.

    1. How many of these jobs are in the US? I know that 1,100 of them are in Finland, and since the layoffs are focused on the former Nokia business, you’d think they’d be a little more internationally distributed.

  4. A man wearing a Captain America T-shirt broke into the Kennedy compound looking for Katy Perry.


    1. Wait, was he the black Captain America or the white Captain America?

      And are we sure he wasn’t looking for the female. Thor?


        1. If the movie is directed by Michael Bay, then yes.


        2. Of courth the will be thor after her boyfriend gets done beating the hell out of her for kithing that girl

    2. Clearly we need new, tougher anti stalker laws to protect our entertainment class.

    3. Captain Sweatpants?

  5. The deputy attorney general at the Justice Department has decided the Internal Revenue Service scandal didn’t warrant the appointment of a special prosecutor.

    I doubt he characterized it as a scandal either. Or even admitted the existence of an IRS.

    1. The administration investigated itself and decided that the scandal didn’t warrant the appointment of a special prosecutor. I think I’ll make some old tax forms into a papier-m?ch? shocked face.

      1. You better not use tax forms. The IRS is a stickler for keeping records mandated by law.

          1. Oh, but he still has them.

            They just got a ‘little water on them’.

      2. Most ethical and transparent administration EVAR!

  6. Japanese artist released following arrest over vagina selfie for 3D prints


    1. What a bunch of pussies.

    2. Some followup on this. I finally found a picture of her in her custom kayak. She did not actually create a whole kayak, but rather a fairing which she placed on what appears to be a standard production-model kayak.

      The original photo of her standing beside the kayak was suspect because you could see the background through the cockpit (!) hole.

  7. 150,000 Burmese pythons in the Everglades. Nothing to be afraid of.

    … Americans might want to consider the findings of a federal study that says visitors shouldn’t avoid Everglades National Park, south of Miami, because some 150,000 Burmese pythons have made a home there.

    According to the study by U.S. Geological Survey and National Park Service researchers, pythons, among the world’s largest snakes, tend not to bite? humans. Everything else, from rats to storks to American alligators, is fair game.

    More than a million people visit the park every year, the study says, and not one bite has been reported. Visitors venture out in canoes, on foot, and along trails ? everywhere pythons have been found on the swampy terrain.

    1. Pretty much all non-government studies put the number much lower. But the government number has to be high as an excuse to do something.

      1. hard to justify hiring more people at the wildlife agency otherwise, isn’t it?

        1. Last year they had a hunt where 1600 people fanned out into the swamp, expected to find thousands of these invasive creatures. They found 68. The largest was 14 feet. It was so embarrassing that they aren’t going to do it again this year. But the government still says the snakes are taking over. Anyone with a functioning bullshit detector can see that the government is lying.

      2. ONE BILLION PYTHONS!!11!!

        1. Exactly why you need so many professional wild life experts. An amateur might pull one snake out and then the whole everglades would unravel.

          1. A billion pythons! Is that the full Monty?

    2. More than a million people visit the park every year


      It’s a goddamn swamp! You got heat, humidity, muck, bugs, gators and now pythons too. Why do people keep going there?

      1. WHY?!

        1. Ride one of them airplane boats
        2. Watch alligator wrasslin’
        3. Dispose of corpses

        1. AaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrBOAT!

      2. Somethings you just feel like going home.

      3. Swamps are my favorite terrain. Too many hours watching 50s creature features.

        1. Nothing beats the bayou.

        2. I am a geek, this is true. That being said there is a description of an estate in a fantasy book by L.E. Modesitt (Wellspring of Chaos) that is apline/fjordish. I want that place. The only problem with Colorado is no ocean. If we had an ocean that came up to the front range (like we used to…damn global warming or something) this place would be idyllic.

    3. Afraid?! They are merely the ranch-stock of Mounty Python’s!

    4. Just convince the tastemakers that Burmese python is both a delicacy and the most fabulous hide for belts and handbags. Problem solved.

      1. But then the government will complain because there are only a few thousand Everglades Burmese Pythons left in the wild and turn it over to the EPA.

  8. Everyone deserves a second chance, right? Well if you’re an Evansville Police officer, apparently seventh chances are in order.


    How long before he kills somebody, gets a lifetime pension due to the mental anguish and leaves the taxpayers on the hook for a $5M settlement when he finally kills somebody .

    1. $5M settlement

      Evansville might have to sell off some of its 800,000,000,000 stoplights to cover the cost.

    2. I see you left a comment. Do you have some sort of google news alert in place for this stuff?

  9. Italy’s former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has been acquitted on appeal of charges of having sex with an underage prostitute and abuse of power


    1. Italian prosecutors now believe it was Amanda Knox wearing a Berlusconi mask.

        1. Well, there was a whole lotta shakin’ going on…

        2. I am seriously considering passing on a trip to Italy next year because of their fucked up legal system.

  10. The new CEO of Microsoft announced 18,000 layoffs, representing 14 percent of the company’s workforce, over the next year.

    Having perfected the bug-free operating system.

    1. You know what’s been fun this week? Trying to get the Microsoft SDK 7.1 and Microsoft Visual Studios 2010 to cooperate.

      1. Has anybody here ever used Mono as a free version .NET . Is it a complete uphill climb or is it worth it?

        I’m trying to live a completely microsoft free life if I can. But if I have to do .NET crap, I’m afraid that’s going to have to be an exception.

        1. works pretty well actually try it


    But holy hell the world seems ablaze this week. Sometimes I wish I could go back to being a person who was completely unaware of current events. It’s a drug and it certainly has negative side effects.

  12. Laibach is to release an EP to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the doomed Warsaw Rising in Nazi-occupied Poland.


  13. NY Post whines about cops getting sued.

    It’s open season on cops ? at least in New York courtrooms.

    Bottom line? All of this will serve to smear the reputations of the police, make their jobs harder and endanger New Yorkers, as cops worry about litigation over every on-the-spot decision they make.

    1. Disappointing, but not surprising from the Post.

      1. Yes, the Post is all about cop-sucking. And even more gun-grabby than the Times or Daily News, or at least more shouty about it.

    2. I think they’re doing it to themselves.

    3. Yeah, it’s terrible how 99% of cops give the other 1% a bad reputation.

  14. ‘Pastafarian’ wins battle to wear colander on head in official pictures

    Niko Alm claimed he took the bold step of donning the strainer for an official photograph after discovering that headgear was permitted in his native Austria if it was worn on religious grounds.

    In an unorthodox move, he claimed to be a member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, an apparently spoof organisation based in America.

    Its website insists: “Pastafarianism is a real religion.”

    The site adds that those who observe Pastafarianism are “fond of beer” and observe a religious holiday every Friday.

  15. Mystery of the hole at the ‘end of the world’ in Siberia is ‘solved’: Crater is caused by rising temperatures, not a meteorite

    Enormous crater appeared suddenly in part of Russia, Yamal, where name translates as ‘the end of the world’
    Some thought the unusual and rare geographical occurrence, which was 262ft wide, was caused by a meteorite
    Andrei Plekhanov from Scientific Research Center of the Arctic says crater was probably due to rising temperatures

    Global Warming is causing random craters! There is literally nothing it cannot do!

    1. So a couple of degrees warmer weather (according to some) just dissolved a ton of dirt and rock?

      1. Yup. Maybe you need to learn to science better.

        1. In my defense, those classes were mostly other dudes. Why would I bother to go to them?

          1. Agreed.

      2. It looks like a sinkhole to me. It’s probably been eroding underground for some time, then this summer’s melt touched the upper layer and it collapsed.

        1. This is not the time to be reasonable. Instead we must run around the barnyard like chickens with their heads cut off.

  16. Hey any Badger (UW Madison) grads out there? Your credentials may soon become worthless…or at least asterisked.

    An amazing diversity plan at Madison


    1. For the trillionth time, “Harrison Bergeron” is a satire, not an instruction manual.

      1. Next you’ll tell my that ‘A Modest Proposal’ was unserious.

        1. Wait….it is?!

          *shoves large platter out of sight*

    2. UW-Madison has always been one of the most liberal/progressive schools in the Midwest, but this kind of proggy bullshit is beyond ridiculous. UW-Madison can’t actually implement that kind of grading system, can they? I sure hope not.

      1. They’ll get sued on equal protection grounds.

        1. So then they’ll just give everyone an A.

      2. They sure as hell better not.

    3. Don’t pretend this wasn’t happen already but for the White Privileged, this just levels the playing field!!!/

    4. Until HyR comes up with an interface that allows commenting via a crayon Badger alums will not be showing up here.

      1. What illustrious institution did you graduate from, per chance?

        1. Memphis State for the win!

          I currently reside in Sunny Minnesota though and have to put up the shenanigans of the sconnies who somehow cross the river.

    5. If you’re any kind of serious student pursuing any kind of serious degree that has some type of objective standard, why oh why would you choose UW Madison in light of this?

      1. And isn’t there some kind of equal protection right to fair grading from a state run school? Imagine if a school decided to give poor performing white kids this advantage. I can’t believe that would pass equal protection scrutiny.

        1. Your privilege, John – you need to check it.

    6. This is revolting. I am a grad. Appalled.

  17. Canadian model hopes random word face tattoos will make him the most famous man in the world (as opposed to just the dumbest)
    At just 24, Vin Los has 24 tattoos on his face alone
    Began at age 16, choosing words as drawings ‘don’t mean anything’
    Has phrases like ‘iconic face’ scrawled on his face
    Also has fake chest hair tattooed on his torso
    Says he wants to make an ‘impact’ and be the most ‘famous man in the world’

    How many stupid pills does that guy eat every morning?

      1. “This is Coca-Cola, this is a big brand.”

        Would it have been a difference if it was RC Cola?

        1. A year or so ago on a football forum there was a discussion about the NFL and paying for health care for retired players to which I responded, “Because the NFL has a big pile of money and dammit, that’s just not fair!”

          Oh my did it start a shitstorm. 🙂

          1. Given the pay of NFL players, if they can’t save for it, or leverage their past fame into future employment, I have no pity.

    1. His next tattoo should read “I am not a narcissist”. That would be edgy.

    2. It looks like he passed out at a party.

  18. Origin of the faeces? World’s longest poo belonging to an unidentified dinosaur measures an ‘eye-watering’ 40 inches – and it could fetch $10,000 at auction
    Longest dinosaur dung on Earth is going up for auction in Los Angeles
    It measures 40 inches in length and has a pale brown-yellow colour
    Auctioneer I.M. Chait expects it to reach $10,000 when under the hammer
    Fossilised feces of this sort if is known as coprolite and can reveal diet info
    However researchers aren’t sure what dinosaur it originated from

    Holy shit!

    1. I’m trying to understand the ‘eye watering’ reference…is the author sad? does he imagine a dinosaur straining to produce the fossil?

      1. It still reeks.

      2. “I’m trying to understand the ‘eye watering’ reference..”

        Because, ‘mouth watering’ would of sounded.. awkward..

    2. Bah. Warty can churn out 40 inches after one cup of morning coffee.

      1. The post-coffee morning deuce is one of the best parts of my day.

    3. And here I’ve been flushing my shit down the toilet for years. *sigh*

    4. Just how does one pronounce the auctioneer’s name?

      Methinks this story is full of chait.

  19. Majority of mass shootings in the U.S. are related to domestic or family violence, study finds
    Everytown For Gun Safety carried out analysis of FBI data and media reports
    Analysis found 110 mass shootings between January 2009 and July 2014
    Total of 57% of mass shootings were related to domestic or family violence
    FBI defines mass shootings as incidents in which at least four people were murdered with a gun

    From the comments:

    Perhaps if the US stepped into the civilised world and banned firearms, nobody would get shot?


    1. That comment is why Europe can go fuck themselves the next time they decide to have a civil war.

      1. Just ask a Bosnian, the ones that are still alive that is.

      2. Eat shit “civilized” world.

      3. Majority of mass shootings in the U.S. are related to domestic or family violence

        Clearly the answer is to ban families and relationships.

        1. They did, as a result of their ban, domestic violence went up.


    2. Remember when we banned drugs and nobody ever got high again?

      1. I’ve used that argument on people who call for a nationwide firearms ban in the US. They’ve answered with some weapons-grade “La la la, I can’t year you.”

      2. And Britain banned guns and nobody ever got killed again? (It’s good that people are immune to stab wounds)

        1. I remember recently two female cops were shot to death in the U.K. and it was discovered that you can purchase a handgun (illegally, of course) in the U.K. for less than you can purchase one legally in the U.S.

          1. No way. Everyone knows that black markets are a Randroid, teathuglican myth.

          2. The result of their gun ban was that gun violence went up.

      3. just like Prohibition meant no one touched a drop of liquor.

      4. wait, drugs are banned?

        /nervously checks self to assess stae of highness

    3. Stop! Or I’ll say Stop again!

    4. In fairness, that comment got 10 thumbs up and 40 down.

      I find the readership over at Daily Mail not to generally be anti-American.

      1. Don’t they get Drudge related swarms of Yanks too?

      2. Yeah, they have every other newspaper for that.

  20. Couple face $500 fine for letting their lawn turn brown – after they stopped watering it to comply with California water-saving rules
    Michael Korte and wife Laura Whitney face $500 in fines and criminal action if they don’t revive their lawn
    California is desperate to conserve water in the state’s third year of record low rainfall
    Couple say they plan to completely re-seed the lawn


    1. It’s right there in the California FYTW Code.

    2. Spray-paint it green.

      1. When I was in Albuquerque in the 80’s, there was a guy who poured cement over his yard and painted it green. I’ll be passing through again next month, so I’ll have to see if it’s still there.

        1. I’m there now if you wanna post the address, I can go look.

          Or heck, google maps street view.

    3. Astroturf?

  21. 43 gold bars, 1,300 double eagle coins and thousands of pieces of silver: Inventory of treasure worth MILLIONS of dollars revealed from 1857 shipwreck off South Carolina coast
    The recovery effort at the SS Central America shipwreck, about 200 miles off the South Carolina coast, began in April and continues throughout summer
    So far, 43 solid gold bars, 1,300 $20 double eagle gold coins, and thousands more gold and silver coins have been brought up from the wreck


    1. Hopefully the salvage company doesn’t get buttfucked by the government, as happened recently to another company.

  22. http://watchdog.org/149377/joh…..ic-okeefe/

    It would be nice if Reason would pay more attention to the John Doe lawsuit in Wisconsin. I know O’Keeffe is not acceptable to the beltway douche bag set. But he and the Club for Growth are destroying these people in court.

    1. That is not James O’Keefe, the guy who is always getting video of progs behaving badly, but Erik, who is a WI figure, solely.

      1. Ah. Regardless it is an amazing story. And it looks like the prosecutors are in real danger of being held personally liable.

    2. Fucking Disqus comments.

  23. NYC-area Reasonoids:

    Meet-up Saturday July 26.
    Place: Rattle and Hum http://www.rattlenhumbarnyc.com/home
    Time: 5:00PM

    Who’s going?

    1. DC area Reasonoids,

      Meetup next Wednesday in Old Town Alexandria
      O’Shaugnessys from 5:00 on

      Who’s with me?

      1. I’m still planning to be there, probably around 6:30 or 7.

          1. If either of you (or anybody else) is game, I’ll be at Elephant and Castle on K Street around 5ish today.

            1. I Street actually.

      2. Sounds okay. Is it okay if I lurk from a distance and watch your conversation or do I have to actively participate.

        1. From the sounds of it, the bar is kinda small, so you will probably be participating whether you like it or not.

        2. You can do whatever you want, man.

          I know Los Doyers will be there, as should Kaptious Kristen.

          I’ll plug it to the staff at the DC office and see if any are up for it. I know it’s not on the Orange Line, but we can still cross our fingers some,of them will make it.

          1. yeah sounds fun, I’m always in for drinks.

    2. I will be at the Bacon/Beer fest at Citi field and maybe swing by on my way back through Manhattan.

    3. Restoras, you might want to try to hit up Freedom Frog or Slammer directly. They were interested in IRL socializing and live in NY.

      If NY and DC are going to get active I’m gonna have to roust the LA folks.

    4. Denver area Reasonoids:

      I’m going to be getting baked by my firepit in my backyard sometime Saturday night. Just thought yall might like to know.

  24. The deputy chief scientist of solar system exploration at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab

    Sure, I always trust people who produce hot air for a living.

  25. …it says it intends to destroy tunnels used by Hamas and other militant groups to enter Israel and weaken the group’s infrastructure in the Gaza strip.

    Plus Netanyahu knows those Hamas gets in the country it will just vote Democrat.

  26. ” John Kerry has called for an international investigation”
    Because nothing is certain unless the Americans, Bolivians, Kenyans and Koreans can agree on it.

  27. Thief makes off with giant ‘Skittles’ from kids’ playground

    Three giant “Skittles” had disappeared from the children’s play area.

    The “Skittles” are part of a colourful art installation scattered throughout the area.

    The large balls are anchored to the ground and according to park officials, are very heavy.

    “It is a bit of a mystery how and why someone might want to take them,” said Assiniboine Park’s Laura Cabak. “We searched the park in the hopes that the culprits may have discarded them somewhere on the grounds but have had no luck.

  28. The deputy attorney general at the Justice Department has decided the Internal Revenue Service scandal didn’t warrant the appointment of a special prosecutor.

    How about a regular one, at least?

  29. Why Triangle craft beer won’t be brewed with sheep feces

    A recent West Coast-style IPA from Iceland’s Borg Brugghus was made with malts smoked over a fire burning sheep droppings. It’s creating a stir online, and the beer is making its way to the states.

    According to North Carolina’s beer aficionados, the N.C. Beer Guys, who have reviewed most of North Carolina’s craft beers, this type of fecal-based experimentation isn’t as wild as it sounds.

    1. We better make sure none of the barley in US beers was fertilized with manure!

    2. I wouldn’t drink that shit.

  30. The deputy chief scientist of solar system exploration at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab said in a panel this week he believed evidence of extraterrestrial life could be found in in the next 20 years.

    I realize that Reason editors don’t often credit comments in the AM Links with hat-tips, but wasn’t this an official Link just a couple of days ago? Or is this a new announcement, covering a slightly different time frame? I hope this doesn’t become the new Voyager.

    1. Alien contact will be like practical nuclear fusion power generation….always 20 years away!

      1. Wait, you mean the last peice we need will be delivered by aliens?

      2. Don’t forget the practical electric car.

      3. To be fair, fusion power probably would help in discovering aliens.

        1. We just have to get Pro L to share his ship design, next time he is in from his Oort Cloud base.

        2. “fusion power probably would help in discovering aliens”

          Yeah, but not for a long time since it would still take a while to ramp up into a true spacefaring species. The most likely evidence will be radio signals.

          1. No man they are using MP3’s

          2. I really doubt that. We’ll probably find microbes in this solar system long before we detect intelligent life outside.

            1. Oops, you may well be right. I was focused on alien civilizations.

    2. Well his statement is absolutely true – “could be found”. It could also not be found.

      Also, “evidence” includes radio signals and with advancing electronic and computing capabilities it’s increasingly likely for us to detect any signals that are out there.

  31. NYC Reasonoids: Was there a movement on a get-together? Last heard I was possibly Saturday the 26th. But shortly after that, Reason announced a shindig on Monday the 28th. I don’t know if that’s changed people’s plans.

    1. Posted above, MJ. Here it is:

      NYC-area Reasonoids:

      Meet-up Saturday July 26.
      Place: Rattle and Hum http://www.rattlenhumbarnyc.com/home
      Time: 5:00PM

      Who’s going?

      1. I’m going to try. I might not be able to. If I miss, I’ll make the next one.

        1. Hope you can make it. Anyone else?

          1. I said I’d try but looks like my course for gun registry with the RCMP takes place that week-end.

      2. I know there’s more of you out there…good beer! Food! Conversation!

      3. Hah, damn. I knew I shoulda posted this yesterday!

        I’m planning to join. I’ll be the bearded white guy with glasses. I’m sure such a sight will stand out.

        1. Cool. I am leaning toward a Rush t-shirt (band, not the man) to stand out.

          Let’s circle back here on Monday and try to round up some more Reasonoids.

    2. What is the event on 7/28?

      1. “Revel with Reason” at Henley Vaporium, 6-9. I can forward the eventbrite link; I suspect the blog will have a post on it eventually.

  32. Plymouth, MA cop beats handcuffed man and then commits perjury. Sentenced to 366 days.

    I guess firearm enhancer don’t exist for a violent physical assault when you are one of the King’s Men.


    1. OW!!!! So early in the day for kicked in nuts.

  33. http://thefederalist.com/2014/…..fb20134fa8

    In other news Sad Beard is still really stupid. Hemingway doesn’t even pile on by mentioning that the same guy who criticizes conservatives for not caring about religious minorities calls himself an old-school Jacobin-style line that religion should be stamped out.. Bonus points for when some cute 20 something editor at Vox steps in to try to calm the retard down before he hurts someone. Hey Eleanor, next time just offer him some cake.

    1. So he really was coming at us like a whirling dervish, all fists and elbows.

    2. In other news Sad Beard is still really stupid.

      That’s not news.

  34. The Obama Albatross

    The Virginia Progress PAC, a Democratic committee supporting Senator Mark Warner, issued a list of talking points for potential donors that laid out the challenge the Obama albatross represents for Democrats this fall: “The 2014 midterm elections are shaping up to be similar to the wave elections of 1994 and 2010, particularly with an unpopular President and an unpopular piece of major legislation that will serve as a referendum on the sitting President. . . . A difficult political climate coupled with the rising unpopularity of President Obama could affect the Democratic brand as a whole and hurt Senator Warner.”

    Bob Beckel, a former Democratic campaign consultant, said on Fox News this week that he spoke with a Democrat “intimately involved in [Obama’s] campaigns, both of them.” The message was sobering: “He said you have to know what it’s like to get through [presidential counselor] Valerie Jarrett and Michelle Obama, and I think that’s a tough deal for anybody on a staff to do. . . . [Obama] lives in a zone that nobody else goes to.”

    1. Obama is going full retard. He won’t compromise and he is just going to keep coming.

      1. Obama is going full retard


        1. Since there is no peak retard, Obama can always be said to be “going” full retard.

          1. It IS amazing the levels one can attain if one really works at it. But it seems it comes naturally to him as he has it turned up to 11.

      2. I just hope the moron manages to do more damage to progressivism than he does to America.

        1. Doubt it. I know someone – an American – who is very well informed and intelligent and he’s just not biting on all these issues. Very strange.

        2. The proggies I know do not consider Obama to be one of them. They all voted for him, of course, but their real standard-bearer is Warren.

          1. They all voted for him, of course, but their real standard-bearer is Warren.

            See? There really is no such thing as peak retard.

          2. The ideology is never wrong. So if Obama is wrong, and even they can’t deny he is, he must not be a Prog.

    2. Was Beckel’s source the Chinaman who worked on Obama’s campaign?

  35. Republican lobbyist warns conservatives: ‘Big Business’ might ‘change sides’

    Some Republicans are beginning to extend their free-market, limited-government beliefs to include opposition to corporate welfare, like the Export-Import Bank. Many conservatives hate the idea of centralized education standards driven by a coalition of unaccountable bureaucrats and big business.

    K Street lobbyist and former GOP congressional aide John Feehery warns that this is a dangerous for the Right to walk, asking:

    What would happen if Big Business decided to change sides? What would happen if the Chamber of Commerce suddenly stopped being a huge fundraising machine for the Republican Party and started financing pro-business Democrats?

    1. I thought they already had.

      1. It’s less about picking a side in terms of principles, and more about picking the winners and thus having access to rent-seek.

        1. Yeah, piss on the Chamber and their rent seeking. They want to hang with the corporatists-cronyists, go ahead.

        2. Well, actually a combination of rent-seeking and protection money.

          1. Yes, exactly.

            The corporations give money to politicians, that use that money to stay in power and peddle influence.

            The politicians use that money to dole out favors that benefit the corporations – which prevents competition from usurping the existing centers of money and thus securing their source of funds.

    2. Some Republicans are beginning to extend their free-market, limited-government beliefs to include opposition to corporate welfare

      who are these Repubs and are there more of them? And if Big Biz decides to change sides, it deserves the fucking it will surely receive.

    3. “What would happen if the Chamber of Commerce suddenly stopped being a huge fundraising machine for the Republican Party and started financing pro-business Democrats?”

      Then it would be easy to call the Democrats the party of the elites and the GOP the party of the people? They already have the celebrities, media, government officials, and intellectuals. Add the business elites, and it’s undeniable.

      I think Brat/Cantor already showed that their money isn’t really as essential as they make it out to be, as long as you have some populist kingmakers out there willing to drop your name.

  36. Not sure if this counts as an idiot cop story or an idiot C-list celebrity story. You make the call.


    1. Isn’t ‘idiot cop story’ redundant?

  37. MSNBC’s Krystal Ball pranked by caller about plane crash and Howard Stern’s ass

    After establishing live on-air contact, Ball asked Boyd to please tell the audience what he saw there from the ground in Ukraine. The prank caller then said that he was looking out the window when he saw a projectile flying through the sky. He continued by saying that it would appear that the plane was shot down by “a blast of wind from Howard Stern’s ass.”

    Quite incredibly, Ball had a follow-up question for Boyd rather than ending the interview right then. She asked Boyd if, from his military training, he could tell what type of missile system that might have been coming from. Shocked at the follow-up question, the prank caller told Ball, “You’re a dumb ass, aren’t you?” She then said, “I’m sorry, sir?” as if she didn’t quite understand him. After a pause, she went to a commercial break while promising that she would be back with all the latest, according to the Daily Caller.

    1. How does the set producer not hang up?
      Is she so boring her producer doesn’t pay attention? Either way its incompetent idiots all the way down.

      1. I’m reminded of the beginning of Network, when Howard Beale announces live on air that he’s going to commit suicide in a week’s time.

    2. That’s literally ‘breaking’ the news!

    1. Sounds alright. I never liked his vocals though. But I did always enjoy I Hate, if only for its simplicity and easy go-to song when you are pissed off.

    2. Nice. Vocalist reminds me of Udo Dirkschneider. His sound, not appearance.

  38. from Salon:

    7 biggest myths about big penises

    Patrick Moote had a similar experience when he proposed to his girlfriend at a UCLA basketball game. Instead of accepting his offer, she walked away off camera, later admitting that the reason she wouldn’t marry him is that his penis was too small.The moment was documented on YouTube, becoming a viral phenomenon, and Moote later filmed a documentary, Unhung Hero, chronicling his exploration of society’s preferences around penis size.

    How much does penis size matter and how much is myth? To address the issue, Daily Dot sexperts EJ Dickson and Nico Lang put together a list of seven reasons that penis size doesn’t matter as much as we think. The results will surprise you.

    1. I remember having a conversation with a waitress who said that for a while she was into black guys (she’s white), until she got naked with her black boyfriend. She saw is dick and said “You want to put that where?” Needless to say that ended both the relationship and her infatuation with black guys.

        1. Naw, she realized that she really was just a racist and she’d been overcompensating.


    2. Frankly, every woman should walk away if they’re subjected to a public marriage proposal like this, and tell the guy to ask again in private instead of putting her on the spot.

      1. Amen.

    3. as I’ve always said “there is an ass for every seat.”

  39. Is anybody else unable to connect to Google? Wondering if it’s just my work network.

    1. Nevermind. It works on my phone.

  40. Huffpo with the answerz:

    Want To Fix Social Security? Start With Giving Women Equal Pay

    Making sure women earn equal pay for equal work could trim Social Security’s long-term shortfall by up to a third, according to a study released Thursday by Social Security Works, a non-profit group advocating to protect Social Security. That’s because boosting women’s pay would put more money into the program’s coffers.

    Brilliant study.

    1. How many times does this “Making sure women earn equal pay” have to be disproven on national tv for them to give up this meme?

      1. How long does the temperature data have to fail to fit the models for the environuts to give up AGW?

        It’s an article of faith, facts don’t matter.

        1. yeah but in this case it far more retarded because ANY apple to apple comparison show the pay gap is like at most a couple of cents.

      2. Why do you lick the corporate boot that holds you down?!? Show me something disproving this fact and I’ll show you something funded by the corporations! It’s the corporations! They put profits before people! Aaaaaauuuggghhh!

    2. Well sure it would, in theory. That doesn’t mean it’s going to save the SS system. How about some actual reform of the SS system itself? Or is that too much to ask?

      1. We can help women and old people with one fix.

        Why do you hate the children?

        1. Because I’ve just learned ‘A Modest Proposal’ was unserious. What use are they now?

        2. Because they don’t have to work M-F or pay taxes. I envy them.

      2. Click here to learn how this “one easy trick” that will change SS forever.

        1. The clicking does nothing!

    3. How about we start charging them equal taxes?

    4. “Social Security Sucks : Women and Minorities hit hardest.”

      Actually, that is a true statement, factually speaking. But still, it’s funny to use the template. And it’s funny that that’ll never inspire them to notice that Social Security, does in fact suck.

  41. Anti nut punch of the week.

    Readers retouch photo of man’s daughter who passed away.

    1. I saw that. That’s a good one, for sure, albeit still quite sad.

    2. Sometimes it’s worth relying on the kindness of strangers

    3. Ever since my daughter was born two things happened. I can’t handle bad stories about kids even in movies and I tend to get easily emotional. Not exactly a character trait of mine.

      1. I’ve had a similar experience.

        A couple years after my son was born, I happened to watch Mystic River. I didn’t sleep for two days afterward.

    4. Fine… fine… I won’t blow up the world today… *sniff*

  42. Fuck Bill Maher…

    but this is stupid

    He tweeted:

    Dealing w/ Hamas is like dealing w/ a crazy woman who’s trying to kill u – u can only hold her wrists so long before you have to slap her

    ? Bill Maher (@billmaher) July 18, 2014


    And you can use your imagination as to how people on Twitter reacted.

    1. I do love it when they eat their own.

      1. Me too.

        I think it is dumber to suggest if someone is trying to kill you, that you only fight back with a slap.

        1. I think he’s suggesting that their response is a slap compered to what they actually are capable of doing. the one thing I will say for Maher is that he is a principled asshole on nearly all issues and won’t issue some dumbass apology.

          1. Maher is a smug giant douche, but sometimes he is right.

        2. I think he’s saying that, thanks to Iron Dome, there is a massive disparity in capacity to do harm and thus some social pressure to be tolerant (ie, strong man versus vicious but petite woman), but it’s not so effective that they can simply tolerate the rockets indefinitely.

    2. It is an offensive analogy but a valid one. That said, I agree with Idle Hands, few things make me happier than watching Progs eat their own.

      1. How is it offensive? If you’re holding the arms of a person trying to kill you, at some point you are going to release a hand and strike them until they’re no longer trying/able to kill you.

        And that’s the part the proggies are omitting…the “trying to kill you” part of the comment is what makes it apt. But all they see is the slapping a woman part.

        1. Contextualizing anything has never been their strong suit. If they put things into perspective that would require having a rudimentary understanding of the issues.

        2. It is offensive in that it trivializes family violence by making a joke out of it.

  43. The War on Sex Workers Escalates with FBI Shutdown of MyRedBook

    Five days after MyRedBook was seized, US senators Dianne Feinstein of California and Mark Kirk of Illinois introduced the SAVE Act. The bill, intended to crack down on the sex trafficking of children, would entirely eliminate online “adult advertising,” including advertisement of legal adult services. It would make having a website that “facilitates or is designed to facilitate” adult advertising “to facilitate commercial transactions” a federal crime. The Center for Democracy and Technology and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) have criticized the bill for its broadness and potential effects on free speech.

    1. I’m more surprised the publishers of Redbook magazine didn’t get it shut down for trademark infringement.

      1. They probably liked the “overflow” to their title.

        *cut to scene of a man frantically pawing through hardcopy of Redbook*

        “Aw, shit, this ain’t hos!?”

  44. New Obamacare Exemption: All U.S. Territories (After Years of Complaining)

    As if I needed another incentive to move to the Virgin Islands.

    1. Oh God, I hope the influx of right-winger extremist moving to Guam doesn’t cause it to tip over.

  45. The deputy chief scientist of solar system exploration at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab said in a panel this week he believed evidence of extraterrestrial life could be found in in the next 20 years.

    Yeah, but when does Voyager leave the solar system again?

    1. “could be found”? You could have said the same thing 20 years ago.

      1. There’s no one out there. The Milky Way is the cosmic equivalent of a starter home. As soon as you can afford to, you move.

  46. Well, the Chron is a bit late since they just published this edi-cartoon today, but I’m awfully glad Tom Toles points out that investigating the IRS crooks leads to rich people paying less taxes!
    I did not connect those dots:

    1. The comments….they’re just….I don’t even…

  47. Just an FYI, Tiger Woods is shitting the bed so far in the second round.

    1. After he doesn’t win this weekend, he will actually be behind Nicklaus’s pace of major wins at the same age. And with the fitness levels of today’s players coupled with Woods injuries, I think,it will be safe to say that the. Golden Bear’s record will remain safe.

      1. I find both of them insufferable.

        1. How can anyone find Nicklaus insufferable?? He is the penultimate gentleman, sportsman, and father. He gets my vote as greatest sportsman ever.

        2. Jack insufferable? I’ll admit he’s no Gary Player,* but he seems like a like able enough guy.

          *Met Player at Augusta several years back. He might be the nicest, most approachable athletic celebrity I’ve ever had the pleasure to shake hands with. A truly wonderful man and ambassador of the sport.

          1. Jack is okay. He just has a funny sounding high voice.

          2. I find Jack to be as smug and arrogant as Tiger, albeit in a different manner.

            I prefer Arnold Palmer, but there’s no accounting for taste.

            1. I prefer Palmer too. But in fairness, it would be hard not to be smug and arrogant if you had done the things Jack has done.

        3. What the hell? Jack’s one of the nicest human beings who has absolutely no reason to be (because he’s fantastically wealthy and won so much shit).

          Jack wasn’t as outwardly personable as Arnie, but that’s nearly impossible.

    2. Why are we supposed to care about Eldrick the Slut?

      1. Sorry the World Cup is over, Ted, and the country is again rightfully ignoring a sport played by the most fit pussies in the world.

        1. Random attacks on soccer are totally awesome and certainly don’t expose any deep-seated angst or anything…

      2. I’m cheering for Sergio, as I tend to do in majors.

        I loathe Woods more for the way he treats the crowds than for his love of strippers, whores and Perkins wait staff. He’s just an asshole.

  48. And then those anti- Happy Meals laws? Well, they WORKED:
    “Kids meal law served as nudge to healthier path, study finds”
    “Kids meals at fast-food restaurants in San Francisco have gotten healthier since San Francisco supervisors passed the (in)famous “Happy Meal ban” in 2010″

    Uh, not so fast:
    “But the law itself can’t be directly linked to the improvement, researchers found.
    The fast-food giant[…]reduced calories in a Happy Meal by 110, and cut the sodium and fat content of the meal as well.”

    So it didn’t have a damn thing to do with the law, but that doesn’t stop lying headline writers and slimy statists:
    “They said it wasn’t in response to the ordinance, but it was certainly in a direction consistent with the intent of the ordinance,” Otten said.”

    It’s all about feelz, according to that asshole.

    1. It also fails a basic methodological test by comparing the Happy Meal content before the ordinance and after the ordinance without taking into account what people actually ORDER.

      My kid loves Happy Meals. But when they reduced the size of the fries in the meal and added a portion of apple slices, he rebelled. He now asks for a Happy Meal plus a small fries, to make up the fry difference. And he throws the (utterly unpalatable) apple slices away without opening them.

      So did the meal really get healthier when you factor in the additional small fries? Probably not.

      1. More fries = more happy!

      2. “So did the meal really get healthier when you factor in the additional small fries? Probably not.”

        Hey, you really expect that ‘study’ to pick all the cherries?
        I mean, it wouldn’t ‘prove’ the claim if they did!

      3. My daughter eats the apples. Then again, she’s never known the meals to not have them. And she likes apples.

        1. My youngest would rather have an extra serving of apples and skip the fries altogether

      4. Quibble: the meal got healthier. The overall trip didn’t.

        they also don’t measure the impact that meal has on the other meals of the day. The value of a McD’s meal/dollar may have been healthier before they cut the portions down. It may have also had a negative impact on the overall cost of a family’s food budget.

        This report is fucking retarded and useless.

    2. If Happy Meals were banned, what’s up with the part about McDonalds reducing calories, sodium and fat in Happy Meals?

      1. They banned happy meals because they said the free toys were causing kids to buy unhealthy foods. McD’s worked around it by selling the toy, IIRC, for a nominal price.

        So happy meals exist, albeit in a slightly different way.

        1. OK, thanks.

        2. “McD’s worked around it by selling the toy, IIRC, for a nominal price.”

          They did better yet; they out feel-nazis the feel-nazis:
          They charge $0.10 and donate 100% to charity!

    3. Fat and sodium aren’t unhealthy anyway.

  49. And we can’t let a Friday go without a bash of Big Pharm, right?
    “Would California spend $6.7 billion for hepatitis C drug?”
    Those estimates were released by the Express-Scripts Holding Co., the nation’s largest pharmacy benefits manager”

    Do we need a better example of rent-seeking? I mean if E-S Holding Co. can’t get the state to beat on Gilead, those profits will go to the maker rather than the finance company!
    And, it gets better (or worse) if you read the article instead of the headline innuendo:
    “The drug can cure more than 90 percent of patients with the most common type of hepatitis C. And Gilead argues that taking a daily $1,000 pill for 12 weeks is much cheaper than traditional treatments, which last about a year and cure roughly half of patients, or than costly measures such as a liver transplants.”

    Does E-S get a ‘cut’ (sorry) from the transplant buzz? Who’s zoomin’ who?

  50. British Bosses Must Treat ‘Severely’ Fat Workers As Disabled

    British bosses must treat severely fat employees as disabled under European Union legislation on equal rights in the workplace, Europe’s most senior legal advisor has warned.

    UK companies will be required to treat obese workers as “disabled” providing them with larger seats, special parking spaces and other facilities.

    The warning comes following a case brought to the EU courts by a Danish child minder, who claims he was sacked by his local authority employer in Denmark because he was so overweight.

    1. All the more reason for them to sever reamining ties with the EU

    2. What could possibly go wrong?

      “I’m purposely gaining 61 pounds to get on disability!”

    3. So fire them or don’t hire them in the first place, but make up some other reason?

    4. Oh for fuck’s sake

    5. Wait, I thought only the United Snakes of Amerikkka had an obesity problem. Isn’t the UK part of the “civilized world” that we’re constantly badgered to emulate?

  51. Congratulations to Malaysia Airlines for using pure economic rationalism to choose its flightpaths!

  52. “Ground-to-air missile launchers don’t kill people, people kill people”. Discuss…

    1. Discuss…

      No thanks.

    2. Of course the launchers don’t, they’re useless without the missiles. And a radar station helps too, unless you’re willing to trust the missile’s onboard tracking from ground all the way up.

  53. The right to bear ground-to-air missle launchers is further reinforced by the fact that the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a ground-to-air missile is a good guy with a ground-to-air missle.


    1. Discuss…

      No thanks.

    2. False equivalence, you’d need a surface to surface or air to surface missle (or other ordinance). SAMs can’t shoot other SAMs.

    3. Everyone knows that when dealing with SAMs you should lead off with an ARM for the radars and follow up with a cluster bomb for the launchers and control truck.

  54. It looks increasingly likely that the MH17 disaster was caused by people acting outside of the influence of government.

    Just free market efficiency at work. Power to the people!

    1. I am pretty sure the Russian separatists in Ukraine don’t go to the latrine without permission from their Russian handlers.

      1. John, nothing says market failure and demonstrates the folly of the second amendment like a government owned plane being shot down by a government missile system during a conflict between governments.

      2. Governments have certainly never shot down an airliner before.

        1. That is impossible Jordan. Top men and all.

  55. Air traffic control is an oppressive centralized restriction on personal liberty. Discuss…

    1. Oh Mary, take your meds.

    2. Discuss…

      No thanks.

    3. Looks like we have a new troll. I bet you’re the kind of guy who would fuck a person in the ass and not even have the goddamn common courtesy to give him a reach-around. I’ll be watching you.

      1. Not new. It’s almost certainly Mary.

        1. Sure fits the pattern.

    4. Lol. Hey dock face, remember during the sequester…when there were no accidents although the air traffic controllers were all furloughed?

      Oh, and even WaPo called for ATC to be privatized. http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinion…..story.html

  56. Information should be free and all copyright is evil…except for my information which should be private and copyright.

    All regulation is a waste of time…but the NSA should be strictly regulated.

    Outlawing theft just creates a black market in stolen goods.


    1. Quit, you slimy fucking walrus-looking piece of shit! Get the fuck off of my obstacle! Get the fuck down off of my obstacle! NOW! MOVE IT! Or I’m going to rip your balls off, so you cannot contaminate the rest of the world! I will motivate you, IF IT SHORT-DICKS EVERY CANNIBAL ON THE CONGO!

      1. you had best square your ass away and start shitting me Tiffany Cufflinks or I will definitely fuck you up!

        1. Now make some decent comments, or I will gouge out your eyeballs and skull fuck you!

      2. +1 R. Lee Ermey

    2. Some people are so stupid they are not even aware that what they are saying is nonsense.


    3. Re: Anarcho,

      Information should be free and all copyright is evil… except for my information which should be private and copyright.

      Leftists can’t even make coherent syllogisms.


  57. It is so easy to hate on American automakers these days. But there was once a time when they made things like this


    That is not a car. That is a piece of art deco sculpture you can drive.

    1. I do not hate them, I love the newer, muscular throwback Mustangs, Camaros and Chargers for example.

      1. I don’t hate them either. I just wish they were what they once were. I view them more as like an aging alcoholic prodigal son. You can’t help but look past the balding head, the pot belly, the chain smoking and the lying and remember what he once was.

        That said, there are still American cars I like. The ones you listed and a few other, like the Focus ST.

        1. It’s all due to CAFE standards. Gotta make cars ugly and aerodynamic. Uncle Sam said so.

          1. Yes. And also the safety standards. If you notice most of the really stunningly beautiful cars ever made were made before 1966. That was the last year before the beginning of safety standards. Since then, cars have slowly been regulated into uniformity.

            1. I agree, but I’m guessing the market and tort law would have pushed towards those hideous models, though to a smaller degree.

              1. Probably. The combination of safety regs and CAFE regs have made cars larger and more bubble shaped. It is amazing how petite many cars from the 1960s and before really were. Sports cars like the Porsche 911 or the Austin Healeys or economy cars like the Bug or the Mini were tiny compared to today. You couldn’t make cars that small today.

                1. You couldn’t make cars that small today.


                  1. You could do it, but you couldn’t do it and have it look like anything.

                2. If all I did was drive around in a city and I didn’t have to deal with a lot of snow, I’d consider one of those Stupid Cars. Instead I drive a Subaru. Love that AWD.

            2. I’m not a car person but until about 1995 even I could identify some of the major makes. Nowadays except for a few deliberately weird exceptions, they all look exactly the same to me.

        2. I love the more muscular sportscars of the 60’s, so any emulation or throwback to them I’m sold on.

          Don’t get me wrong, I drive a little foreign model, because gas mileage and dependability, I’m talking pure aesthetics.

          1. I like them too. And the new corvette is spectacular.

            1. Total agreement there. Corvette is my dream car. Hopefully, when I become some big corporation’s kept in house lawyer-slave I will buy one.

              1. They took a 2013 Corvette and the Lotus 49 that Ron Clark won the 1967 F1 world championship in out to the Circuit of the Americas in Austin. The Lotus was quicker but only because it had better gearing. The Corvette couldn’t reach its top speed so its bigger gears didn’t help it. But the Corvette’s cornering speed was just as fast. Basically it was as fast as a 1960s F1 car. That is amazing.

                1. I saw a Ford GT40 the other day in Old Town. I,almost came in my pants it was so beautiful.

                  Seriously, I make Banjos stand there for five minutes while I walked around it about 5 times and marveled at its magnificence.

                  I’ve seen beautiful cars before. I’ve even driven a DB5 from Charlottesville to Harrisonburg and a 911 on the track at Charlotte. But that GT40 was probably the most beautiful thing on wheels I’ve ever seen.

                  1. Holy shit, that was Wednesday. Hopefully it’s there next Wednesday as well so I can marvel at it after the meetup.

                    1. And speaking of cars Sloopy, in Great Falls, VA town center, every Saturday morning at 6 am they have a cars and coffee meet up. This being Washington and filled with money, there are always some spectacular cars there. Everything from new Ferarris and Lambos to hot rods, to old 911s and Jags. You name it.

                  2. Sloopy,

                    For me, the original GT40 was the most beautiful race car ever built. I think they are even more beautiful than a Ferarri250 GTO or Testerosa, especially in the blue and orange Gulf colors.


                    Now that you on the the East Coast, take a day and go up to Philadelphia and see the Simione Auto Museum. They have one of the GT40s that raced at LeMans in 67. Not the winner, the third place car I think.

                2. “Lotus 49 that Ron Clark won the 1967 F1”
                  Uh, Jim Clark.

              2. If that’s your track, and you succeed, you will be able to afford both.

      2. I hate them because they are gigantic parasites.

        1. Parasites?

          1. I’m referring to the GM and Chrysler UAW bailouts.

            1. I get that, but I’m not going to let politics trump my aesthetic sense regarding cars. Also, don’t hate the Mustangs because of GM and Chrysler’s theft conspiracy!

  58. The assumptions underlying game theory shouldn’t be applied to the real world as they’re based on an assumption that mentally ill mathematics professors and amoral fraudsters are the ideal barometer for human society.


    1. Were you born a fat, slimy, scumbag puke piece o’ shit, or did you have to work on it?

    2. I thought for a moment this was Mary. But this is not Mary sort of crazy, you can’t fake that kind of crazy.

      This might actually be a no kidding retarded prog. I am sure whether to laugh or cry that he thinks he is making clever points. But I do know that he is obviously so far gone, there is no point and trying to explain to him why the points are not so clever.

      1. After the eighth or so I realized they were interested in discussion.

        Or would somehow mistake my snark of that anyway.

      2. I read Ferguson’s take down of Krugman yesterday. Epic. Up until that point, I thought Krugnuts was simply an egomaniac who was wrong about most things. But, he really is an unpleasant, odious person.

        1. Leftist “intellectuals” nearly always turnout to be really odious people in private for some reason. It is almost as if the ideology attracts that sort of person.

          1. I would probably limit that to “public” intellectuals. Most of my leftist academic friends are very pleasant except sometimes when it comes to their political statements. And, on the rare occasion I call them on it, they almost always have the good graces to be embarrassed and apologize.

            1. Yeah public intellectuals of all kinds often turnout to be narcissistic sociopaths. See for example Bill Bennett, Mr Book of Virtues in public, degenerate gambler in private.

        2. I want to check that out. The 2nd Google link is from Salon telling me that Ferguson is a “disgraced neoliberal” with a “one-man crusade” against Krugman, so I’m sure this will be good.

          1. Well, Ferguson does support the idea of a de facto American empire and argues that the US may as well play a role in the 21st century parallel to that which Britain did c. 1820-1920.

            BUT, he’s fairly humble (at least in public) & willing to admit mistakes.

    3. Re: Anarcho,

      The assumptions underlying game theory shouldn’t be applied to the real world as they’re based on an assumption that mentally ill mathematics professors

      Leftists are unaware that one does not apply assumptions to the real world, one compares them with the real world.

      Trolls are stupid. Leftist trolls are the stupidest. That is why it is easy to fool them into staying for the sunrise so they turn into stone.

  59. This new troll is hilarious.

    1. Might not be new, might be Mary off her meds.

    2. Smells a lot like commie kid. Same sort of ridiculous statements and non sequiturs:
      ‘Libertarians are evil; discuss!’

      1. In general, trolls enliven HnR postings.


        1. Do not confuse volume with quality!

          A squabble between actual libertarians is better than prog-derp being flung around by the likes of Mary Stack, Shriek and T o n y.

          1. Do not confuse volume with quality!

            I keep telling my wife that.

  60. Driving to work this morning I saw two guys wearing black sweatshirts, combat boots, and black tanker-style helmets (the ones with the ear covers) holding an SS flag. I’m not sure why they were standing on the corner next to the Waffle House. It was an odd thing. Man, I hate Tallahassee Nazis.

    1. They can take our Waffle Houses, but they’ll never take our FREEDOM!

      Wait – they can’t take our Waffle Houses, either.

      They thought Waffen, maybe?

    2. “Man, I hate Tallahassee Nazis.”

      But the Orlando ones are OK? Just askin’.

      1. I prefer mine grilled and served with mustard and sauerkraut.

  61. The Taliban just want small localized government, the right to bear arms, home-schooling, freedom from stifling bureaucracy and an economy based on growing and selling drugs.


    1. This one actually made me laugh a bit.

      1. I lost it on this one:
        The assumptions underlying game theory shouldn’t be applied to the real world as they’re based on an assumption that mentally ill mathematics professors and amoral fraudsters are the ideal barometer for human society.

        1. Yes, that one was good too, especially the last part.

  62. Immunization programs are just socialist healthcare.

    Herd immunity is a grand scientific conspiracy designed to limit the freedom of liberty-loving diseases like smallpox and polio.


    1. Re: Anarcho,

      Immunization programs are just socialist healthcare.

      They’re the sort of corporate welfare schemes preferred by scocialists.


    2. What is this, I don’t even….

      1. It’s like someone boiled PZ Meyers until all that was left was his bigoted, hateful, paranoid essence, and drank a LD15 dose of that bitter brew.

  63. Anarcho, new troll or sock-puppet?


    1. a new weigs sockpuppet? certainly not too intelligent to rule out the possibility. the timing is dumb enough.

    2. I’m saying troll. Ridiculous enough to be satire (then again, Poe’s Law). The first few rantings might’ve suggested a sincere effort on Anarcho’s behalf, but 73 posts later, I think they’re just trying to parody the other resident leftist retards here.

  64. Ayn Rand was just a crazy old cow who didn’t cope at all well when a married man made the highly rational decision to stop sympathy-fucking her.


    1. Stupid leftists truly feel that ad hominems are a compelling way to discredit a person’s ideas.


    2. I’m curious: do you receive USDA subsidies for producing so much straw?

  65. Huh, I got to work early enough that AM Links is still a thing…

    Since I’m here.

    Aids conference says 100 researchers may have been on flight MH17

    As many as 100 of the world’s leading HIV/Aids researchers and advocates may have been on the Malaysia Airlines flight that crashed in Ukraine, in what has been described as a “devastating” blow to efforts to tackle the virus.

    Prof. Richard Boyd, director of the Monash Immunology and Stem Cell Laboratories, told Guardian Australia he was “gutted” by the losses.

    “There were some serious HIV leaders on that plane,” he said. “This will have ramifications globally because whenever you lose a leader in any field, it has an impact. That knowledge is irreplaceable.

    Nicely done Russia.

    1. Well we already knew there was a #waronwomen, now it looks like we’ve entered the age of the #warongays. Which in all honesty looks a little more real.

      1. Don’t forget #waronafricans.

        I do like that Russia is so good at being dickish to gays that they can do it completely by accident now though.

        That’s skill.

        One of the guys had been involved in HIV research since 1983. That’s as long as I’ve been alive. Fuck.

        1. I always wonder how researchers like that do not burn out – of course there were people working on polio, etc that probably went their entire lives and never got to see the vaccine, cure or whatnot.

          God’s work, seriously.

    2. I got to work early enough that AM Links is still a thing..

      Starting to believe the AM links will be the ONLY thing.

      Reason staff in a meeting?

      1. Gas leak in the east coast HQ and Shackford hasn’t rolled out of bed yet?

        1. Shackford is awake. There’s a new article up.

  66. Ron Paul will give out free spliffs if you vote for him, but be aware that “getting stoned” may have a double-meaning after he gives TeaBaggers the freedom to enforce their own community values based on Leviticus.

    1. Hey, a stupid lefty talking point that won’t go on a bumper sticker!
      Anarcho-ass has done it!

  67. Re: Anarcho,

    The assumptions underlying game theory shouldn’t be applied to the real world as they’re based on an assumption that mentally ill mathematics professors

    Leftists are unaware that one does not apply assumptions to the real world, one compares them with the real world.

    Trolls are stupid. Leftist trolls are the stupidest. That is why it is easy to fool them into staying for the sunrise so they turn into stone.

    1. +1 Hobbit

  68. Mary is a sad troll with the emotional maturity of a 4 yr old who is going to die alone and despised and then be forgotten entirely


  69. Well you didn’t need to delete the troll’s posts, Reason administrators…

  70. Yeah I missed the posts cause now I have incoherent comments about SAMs and R Lee Ermy regarding fat kids in the UK…but thats cool.

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