Obama Administration

Dems Question Cost of Suit Over Obama Executive Overreach

Now they're worried about spending.


Democrats on the House committee tasked with overseeing a Republican lawsuit against President Barack Obama are asking the panel's chairman to detail how much the suit will cost.

House Republicans hope to bring a lawsuit against Obama for a 2013 delay to employer mandate provisions in Obamacare.

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  1. “Democrats […] asking the panel’s chairman to detail how much the suit will cost.”

    Figure 1/1,000,000 the cost of a day’s worth of O-care; close enough.
    Or, look at it this way: not nearly what the lying bastard has spent flying his kids off for vacation.

  2. “Dems want to know how much the suit will cost…” Hahaha! that’s funny. Dems never care how much something will cost. Republicans only care when it’s something they don’t like.

    1. To be fair, there have been several times when Democrats have questioned how much something will cost. Unfortunately, they’ve only asked when their real intention is to make their Republican fellow collaborators appear hypocrites for the sake of the show.

      1. Have they questioned how much harddrives cost yet?

        1. The IRS has to get them at Goodwill, so they’re not really top of the line.

  3. Anything that get rid. Of the traitor in chief is a bargain compete to the alternative. Obama is truly evil.

  4. The point of this is to make Obama run his own pet project into the ground. Anyway, making the whole thing activate at once will cause a huge outcry to get it repealed, which is one reason the administration has tried desperately to hold it back from all going On at once.

    1. Exactly. The law is horrible and actually enforcing it would make it obvious how horrible it is.
      Instead, we get the Royal Decrees on Friday afternoons saying Obo the First has decided not to enforce X.

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