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If You Think 3D-Printed Guns Freaked People Out, Get Ready for 3D-Printed *Vaginas*



The Japanese artist Rokudenashiko is determined, explains the tech site Kotaku, "to break down Japanese taboos about female genitalia" by representing her vagina in t-shirts, artworks, and kayaks (such as the crowdfunded boat pictured to the right):

Typically, female privates are discreetly referred to as "asoko" ("down there"), while the more descriptive "manko" ("pussy") is seen as far more vulgar. 

To that end, Rokudenashiko employs 3D printers and molds in ways that suddenly make 3D-printed guns almost seem passe.

All artists suffer for their art (great artists make other people suffer). Rokudenashiko has reportedly been arrested for her art projects. Explains Kotaku's Brian Ashcraft:

According to Mainichi News, one of the country's largest papers, the 42 year-old Rokudenashiko, whose real name is Megumi Igarashi, was arrested for allegedly breaking Japanese obscenity laws by sending 3D printer data of her scanned genitalia via email to over thirty people in Japan. (Obscenity laws are not restricted to a woman's genitalia, but also include male private parts as well.)

More here.

A Japanese news segment with the artist:


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  1. You need help with that?

  2. Um. Uh. Yeah.

  3. Obviously we need Pussy Control. No one needs more than one vagina.

    1. We should have a czar formerly known as Prince.

  4. I love her. I’m not sure if it’s for the right reasons or not, but I love her. In a non-creepy, within the bounds of propriety kind of way.

  5. She should have pixelated it. That’s what the Japanese do with their porn. I’M TOLD.

  6. Life Size Pussy Boat From Japan

    Nice band name.

    1. That’s what their version of The Love Boat was called

  7. If that’s a real replica of her vagoo, she’s got some serious problems.

  8. Suddenly, I miss polls about millennials.

  9. Can you print lube?

    1. Squeeze bottles are the original 3d-printer.

      1. “This means something. This is important.”

        (Suddenly, the whole 3D printing ‘phenomenon’ makes a lot more sense.)

  10. female privates are discreetly referred to as “asoko” (“down there”), while the more descriptive “manko” (“pussy”)

    “pussy” is more descriptive than “down there”?

    Roast Beef Curtains. THAT’S descriptive.

    1. ‘slobbering bull dog’

    2. Meat hole

      1. Descriptive indeed. My cousin used to always say, “A man only needs two things. Cold beer and a warm meat hole.”

    3. sloppy hatchet wound

  11. I feel like there’s a joke about a little man in a canoe there somewhere…

  12. Obviously she should’ve sent around 3D-printed tentacles. That would’ve been acceptable in Japan.

  13. 3-D Printed *Vaginas*

    Epi’s right hand hardest hit.

  14. Omanko sugoi desu ne.

  15. Domo arigato Fisto Robto. Domo.

  16. Japanese artist Rokudenashiko is determined “to break down Japanese taboos about female genitalia”… by representing her vagina in t-shirts, artworks, and kayaks.”

    Well *of course* ‘kayaks’.

    I mean, the ‘kayaks’ part is probably *assumed*. Or should be listed first, to ensure everyone’s clear there’s going be enough Vagina-Kayaks for everybody.

    Because when I think “artistic statement”!? I think KAYAK.

    Also, here’s some OTHER Japanese ‘art’.

    Its breaking down Japanese taboos of….

    …. uhm….


    dicktits? I swear, there’s some ‘liberation’ of something in there somewhere.

    1. Japanese taboos

      Military intelligence

      Political integrity

      Jumbo shrimp

      1. Trade Deficit

        Vacation Bible School

    2. Yes, kayaks. When I first saw the top pic my initial thought was a kayak, specifically the top half of a whitewater playboat. Then I noticed the odd shape and the headline…

    3. Because when I think “artistic statement”!? I think KAYAK.

      Yeah, I can’t decide if she fits the definition of “Japanese Georgia O’ Keeffe” to a ‘T’ or not.

  17. A man plays with his tallywhacker, and it’s “self abuse.” A woman plays with her hoochie, and it’s “art.” The war on men continues.

  18. The screencap with the caption is priceless. Well done, Reason.

  19. If the Japanese spend less time making “art” from their reproductive organs, and more time using those organs for their intended purpose, their demographic crisis wouldn’t be so acute.

  20. It’s not a societal taboo per se, as references are still pervasive in popular culture, and it has actually never been one. It’s really a government imposed taboo. If you look at Shunga, Japan’s woodblock erotic art, which was very widespread, you’ll see LOTS of pussy and dicks:

    Then suddenly it just stopped after the late 1800’s just before the turn of the 20th century, along with everything else. The government clamped down on brothels–coinciding with America’s clampdown, and geisha houses, kabuki houses, bathhouses which were all mixed gender until then (though some of traditional mixed bathouses/hotsprings have made a bit of a comeback now). In its transition to “opening up” during the Meiji period, when it decided to adopt some Western common law (good) it also decided to adopt Victorian era mores (bad), thinking it would facilitate trade. This was where the current ban on “obscenity” comes from and still stands. Some clarification is needed because it is completely different than modern Anglo law definition. Essentially the government thought that censoring images of penises and vagina would save face.

    Though it only applies to images and not physical products like statues, hence thousand year old traditions like this can still go on:

    1. Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh.

      Now it makes total sense.

    2. Some historical perspective on why the government thought it needed to do something to save face after it turned around and went full bore with western trade and industrialization:

      From their very first contacts with the remote island empire, European explorers and merchants bristled at the “loose morals” and “depravity” of their hosts. The Portuguese writer Luis Frois, in his Historia do Japao, documents an encounter in 1550 between the party of Jesuit friar Francis Xavier and the daimyo of Yamaguchi, Ouchi Yoshitaka:

      “The lord welcomed them warmly and said that he would like to hear the new doctrine of the kirishitan’ (Christians). Brother Juan Fernandez read in a loud voice from a notebook in which were translated into Japanese the account of the Creation and the Ten Commandments.

      Having touched on the sin of idolatry and on the other faults committed by the Japanese, he arrived at the sin of Sodom, which he described as ‘something so abominable that it is more unclean than the pig and more low than the dog and other animals without reason’. Yoshitaka then seemed to be angered and made a sign for them to go out. But the king made not a word of reply, and Fernandez believed that he would order them to be killed.” (Watanabe and Iwata, 1989, pp.20-21)

  21. There is something slippery about this kind of modern art. I can’t quite put my finger on it but I’m not sure if I like it or if it just stinks

  22. The Basic Training Instructor hitched up his pants and said:
    Men! There are three things bacteria need to breed: Warmth,
    moisture, and darkness…so save yourselves for your wives.

    Or patronize futanari. 🙂

  23. BTW, that isn’t a vagina. It’s a vulva.

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