If You Think 3D-Printed Guns Freaked People Out, Get Ready for 3D-Printed *Vaginas*



The Japanese artist Rokudenashiko is determined, explains the tech site Kotaku, "to break down Japanese taboos about female genitalia" by representing her vagina in t-shirts, artworks, and kayaks (such as the crowdfunded boat pictured to the right):

Typically, female privates are discreetly referred to as "asoko" ("down there"), while the more descriptive "manko" ("pussy") is seen as far more vulgar. 

To that end, Rokudenashiko employs 3D printers and molds in ways that suddenly make 3D-printed guns almost seem passe.

All artists suffer for their art (great artists make other people suffer). Rokudenashiko has reportedly been arrested for her art projects. Explains Kotaku's Brian Ashcraft:

According to Mainichi News, one of the country's largest papers, the 42 year-old Rokudenashiko, whose real name is Megumi Igarashi, was arrested for allegedly breaking Japanese obscenity laws by sending 3D printer data of her scanned genitalia via email to over thirty people in Japan. (Obscenity laws are not restricted to a woman's genitalia, but also include male private parts as well.)

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A Japanese news segment with the artist: