Brickbat: To Sir, With Love


James Rampulla Jr. gave a 14-year-old student cash and expensive gifts, showed him pornography, sent him hundreds of texts, and allowed him to drive his car. But an arbitrator has ruled he can keep his job as a middle school teacher in the New York City school system. The arbitrator found Rampulla guilty of misconduct and suspended him for the fall term but said he could return to the classroom after that. The arbitrator said there wasn't enough evidence to determine whether the teacher's interest in the boy was sexual.

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  1. O’Donnell noted that Rampulla emailed the boy’s mom: “I hope u can find it in your heart to forgive me. I’m, not a bad person. I tried to be something I’m not. I’m not in your family; or related and I forgot that.”

    Hopefully he’s not the English teacher.

    1. Technology and film teacher. Here’s what his students say about him

      1. Methinks those kids need to distinguish why a teacher is being so nice to them. And maybe want a teacher who actually teaches them instead of just being chill.

      2. I did absolutely nothing in his class and he gave me a 90. Coolest teacher ever

        Cool! What’d you do *outside* of his class?

        1. terrible teacher. students just like him because his class is easy. i simply learned nothing in his class. simply nothing.

          Public school teacher doesn’t teach shit? This is my shocked face.

  2. . . . showed him pornography. . .

    You would think that this, alone, would be evidence enough that the man does not have the maturity, impulse control, and judgment needed to be a teacher.

    Of course, since abetting someone else’s kid’s access to pornography isn’t explicitly *forbidden* in the NYC teacher’s employment handbook, I guess they’ll just need to have some more training.

  3. I knew teachers like this. They were the best ones, by far. It was a “free school” as they were then called (and in actuality). I can’t imagine any man (or now, increasingly, woman) being a teacher today. The hysteria only builds and never abates. What we are experiencing is a massive “decontamination” of all unacceptable thoughts or opinions in society today as well as truly frightening levels of distortion in the perception of risk that result in the isolation of kids within the society of adults. And we are seeing the results from several decades of this approach and they are disturbing.

    1. Somebody remind me to make sure my children never come in contact with Eric T, and that in case they do,mother are well-armed.

      1. Yes, but imagine what they’d learn about public education from a teacher who blatantly plays favourites, gives high grades to them even if they don’t do any work, doesn’t bother learning the names of other kids, and may or may not be sexually grooming some of them.

    2. Yeah, so Bill Vahey was a favorite educator in schools all over the world. He chaperoned trips abroad, including a Turkish excursion I was on in 8th grade.

      Kids loved him because he was friendly, laid back, and handed out milk and cookies in the evening.

      Now we learn the cookies were laced with drugs and he abused at least 100 boys.

      James Rampulla is a sick fuck who needs to be stopped now.

  4. Now ask yourself what would happen it it was a girl.

    1. This is the NYC teacher’s union – so, the exact same thing.

    2. Teacher or student?

      The public would use a different stock reaction depending upon which comination you end up with.

      1. Yes, but the public’s reaction is irrelevant when it comes to public sector employees.

        Now, if a CEO of a company said something mildly disparaging against a protected class,watch out!

        1. He asked ‘what would happen’ not ‘what would the consequences be’. A different colored explosion is something different happening, but not a different consequence. The same applies when it’s a public reaction instead of the shade of pixels on the monitor.

          1. Reactions, especially negative ones, lead to consequences in the real world. And yes, if a person not in a public sector union did these things,my wager is that the public reaction would be different and that different reaction would lead to consequences.

            1. If government sector isn’t ‘real’, then their actions can’t affect you. A population isolated from incentives and feedback is no less in the real world than anyone else, their preceptions are simply colored by their immediate environment.

              1. Fine. Replace “real world” with “private sector” if need be. But I still think “real world” applies as the public sector is getting closer and closer to fantasyland every fucking day.

              2. The public sector has incentives and feedback, same as everyone on the planet. Their incentives are those of a predator or parasite, depending on how much power they wield over the tax-slaves. Their feedback comes from their labor union bosses and supervisors.

                1. ^^This^^

    3. They’d tell her to dress less provocatively.

  5. Non public employee in an union: that which is not expressly permitted is forbidden.

    Public employee in a union: that which is. It expressly forbidden is permitted.

    1. And needless to say, the teachers’ unions can’t write standard English.

  6. Missing alt-text on the pic: “Ferris Buehler’s day to see an erect penis”

    1. Especially since Ed Rooney, the principal, turned out to be a child molester in real life:…..31699.html

  7. Public school: Where you’re not allowed to chew a Pop-Tart into the shape of a gun, but if you find the right teacher, he will show you porn.

    1. “But it’s *not* a gun! It’s Mr. Rampulla’s penis!”

      1. Well that is OK unless you hold his ball sack, and point his cock at other kids and make “pew pew pew” sounds during the money shot. That is waaaay too close to a gun to be allowed in a school. Otherwise it is ok.

    2. Personally, I prefer the term “government sector” to “public sector”.

      1. “Public servant” — “Government X”

        X = “retainer”, “dependent”, “hireling”, …?

        1. That depends on the role within the organization.

          There are appointees who are henchpeople, then there are enforcers, then there are rank and file who exist to justify the budget of the unit, and so on.

          1. So it’s kinda like a beehive. Except instead of creating honey those outside the hive can use they create shit.

            1. Yup, 100% Grade A American Bullshit.

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