Brazil Gets Creamed by Germany in World Cup, Could Affect Brazilian President's Re-Election Efforts


nothing to celebrate today
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Save one Brazilian goal, today's record breaking high scoring World Cup match between Germany and Brazil (7-1) would've ended with a score resembling a low scoring game of football. Nevertheless, aside from the Brazilian national team's ignominious  defeat—no country has ever lost so badly in a semi-final and although Brazil has five world championships it has for the second time failed to win at home—the tournament appears to be going well, both on and off the field.

Reuters reports that the infrastructure problems predicted before the start of the tournament have not materialized. Neither have the demonstrations seen across the country last summer, which were sparked by a bus fare hike and sustained by protesters' anger over how much money the government was spending on the World Cup. Now Brazil's president, DIlma Rousseff could suffer in the polls, not for her role in promoting government spending but because of the Brazilian team's failure to win. Via Reuters:

Anger and disappointment were so intense that it threatened to darken the national mood for some time to come, with possible consequences for President Dilma Rousseff as she seeks a second term in October.

"This is worse than 1950. It's one thing to lose a game where you suffered and fought hard, and it's another to be completely humiliated," said Fernando Hazzan, 28, in Sao Paulo.

"This game is going down in history, too," he said.

The Brazilian government spent $11 billion on public works alone to host this year's World Cup, and is already preparing to spend even more ahead of the 2016 Summer Olympics to be held in Rio De Janeiro. Brazil will face Argentina or the Netherlands in a match for third will be held in Brasilia, the city the Brazil government built in the 1950s specifically to be its capital, on Saturday.

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  1. I don’t really follow the kickball. Are they rioting yet?

    1. It ain’t over till the fat lady gets pummeled by hooligans.

    2. It won’t be long now. As soon as we get through the exciting bicyclers cruising through the Alps we can get back to baseball.

  2. I feel so bad for the desperately poor residents of the sprawling murder-den favelas because their team lost a soccer game.

  3. I presume the women in the illustration are campaign workers?

    1. “….but what I REALLY want to do is DIRECT!”

      1. Hidden talent, I’m sure…

    2. I don’t know, but I keep getting suckered into looking at pictures of Brazilians that turn out to be not at all what I was expecting to see.

  4. Ok so the raid on the show Leftovers was stupid.

    I get the director/writers wanted it to look like a brutal and unnecessary FBI raid but my god how many armed trained guards stand in the middle of well lit rooms to be shot?

    Maybe it was the editor and they cut out the parts which showed the guards surrendering before being shot….it is the only logical explanation i can think of.

    1. I haven’t started watching this yet. The previews looked interesting but they kind of ran too many of them. Is it good?

      1. There are good moments.

        Some of the actors have actual talent but for the most part the two episodes have been like the first 20 min of an x-files episode trying to be mysterious before a big reveal…i get the feeling there will be no reveal….ever.

        And if there is one the show will have to radically shift as so far that unrevealed mystery (actually multiple mysteries now)seems to be the whole shtick.

        Also there is way to much shit going on. Like a Stephen King novel that can’t just focus on one fucking thing (hey there a global Rapture event how about focus on that?) and instead has to throw in Flag and aliens and shining and ghosts and dream catchers and whatever…it is also like Lost in that way.

        1. That was kind of my fear based on the previews. Maybe I’ll wait for the season to finish and then watch

  5. About the game itself:

    I just watched that horror show after getting home from work.

    I intensely dislike this Brazil team in particular. I expected Germany to win. But holy shit, not even knowing the result, not even having listened to the game on the radio…nothing prepared me for what I just saw.

    That. Was. Terrible.

    I have no more words. Naive. Gutless. Shambolic. None of those cover it.

    The Olympics should be a complete shitshow.

      1. Not interested in clicking on a wrasslin’ announcer making a fool of himself, even if it’s in this context. Wrasslin’ makes me want to stick hot pokers in my eyes and the announcers make me yearn to be deaf.

    1. I can say, without hyperbole, that for 10-20 minutes of that match it looked like the plucked me (drunk) out of the crowd and told me to be a central defender. I may have even done better because I just would have stayed in the penalty area wheezing.

  6. Rapaz, essa era uma merda mesmo. O que aconteceu hoje? Uma fodida total.

    1. In hoc signo vinces?

  7. The crowd shots of Brazilian children crying, forever traumatized by the Blitzkreig, was one of the most magical moments of my soccer viewing life. Best cup ever.

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