Barack Obama

Survey Says Obama is the Shittiest President Since End of World War II


Andy Thomas, artist

The folks at Quinniapiac College have just released a new poll that must surely be making the rounds of the White House bunker. After talking to about 1,500 registered voters nationwide, Quinniapic finds that one-third of Americans rate Barack Obama as the worst president since 1945. Another 28 percent say George W. Bush was the pits and a relatively tiny fraction call out Richard Nixon for the dubious honors.

Who did people say was the best president? Ronald Reagan pulled 35 percent, Bill Clinton a solid 18 percent, and John Kennedy took home the bronze with 15 percent.

Perhaps the worst dig at Obama from the poll? Forty-five percent of respondents said the country would have been better off if Mitt Romney had been elected in 2012 (38 percent said the country would be worse off).