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Philly Cop Finally Getting Suspended, Fired, for Fighting With Children—Investigation Took Two and a Half Years


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Philadelphia P.D.

An update on the Philly police officer who had a habit of jumping into her teenage daughter's fights. Tamika Gross was suspended without pay for 30 days and will be fired after that, according to the police department (as a public employee, Gross will likely be able to appeal that decision). This week, Gross was charged with a felony count of endangering the welfare of a child and a number of misdemeanor counts related to corrupting minors, assault, and reckless endangerment. 

The latest incident for which Gross is being charged, which we covered last year, happened in October. In that incident, Gross jumped in to join a fight over a boy between her daughter and another teenage girl The first one happened in January 2012, when Gross demanded her 18-year-old son fight another teenage boy, which led to a wider fight between multiple boys.

It took the Philadelphia Police Department's Internal Affairs division and the District Attorney two and a half years to investigate, and these charges and the suspension/firing come more than six months after the mother of the teenage girl in the latest incident complained about the cop assaulting her child.

Nevertheless, a police spokesperson wanted resident to know Gross' behavior was "what we are combating every day out on the streets" and that they "don't want any of our officers encouraging this type of behavior."  The lag time between the incidents and the charges, and the length of the investigation, isn't very encouraging.

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  1. “Gross’ behavior was “what we are combating every day out on the streets””

    Yeah, last October a civilian attacked a child, and it took all of two hours to charge that person. So a several-months delay for a cop is fair considering cops’ higher caste status.

    1. Firing anyone can be difficult.

      Firing a civil servant is very difficult.

      Firing a black female cop probably requires an amount of planning and effort similar to taking a Japanese-held island in 1944.

  2. h/t to sarc?

    Haaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha!

    1. I’m sorry your butt hurts :*(

      Actually, I remember when you posted that 🙂

      The end.

  3. Gross looks like Little Richard.

    1. I thought we settled on Ruby Rhod.

      1. +1 Supa Green!!

      2. H/T Brandon?

  4. “Ain’t we two a pair, Raggedy Man?”

  5. OT: And then they came for Chief Wahoo and I said nothing because I was not a wahoo

    A Native American group is planning to file a $9 billion federal lawsuit against the Cleveland Indians and their “offensive” Chief Wahoo logo, according to CBS Cleveland. The suit is expected to be filed next month.

    Here’s more from CBS Cleveland:

    Robert Roche, a Chiricahua Apache and director of the American Indian Education Center, is planning to file a federal lawsuit in late July against the Cleveland Indians organization. Roche, who is also the leader of the group People Not Mascots, says the lawsuit will challenge that the team’s name and Chief Wahoo logo are racist.

    “We’re going to be asking for $9 billion and we’re basing it on a hundred years of disparity, racism, exploitation and profiteering,” Roche told WEWS-TV. “It’s been offensive since day one. We are not mascots. My children are not mascots. We are people.”

    Local supporters of the Chief Wahoo logo say it is only a small minority of people who are offended by the logo.

    “If just a small amount of people are against it, than I think you’re doing a disservice to people that like it,” Bob Rosen, president of the Wahoo Club, tells WEWS. He added that thousands of Indians fans embrace Chief Wahoo as a loyal and friendly symbol.

    So next on the list is probably the Blackhawks, then Braves, then Seminoles.

    1. And the levee breaks, freeing the attorneys.

    2. I hate to concede to these people. But at this point, if a team mascot is not an animal, weather event, or other equally innocuous noun/adjective, you may as well change it. Because the butthurt groups will never just go away. No more Naive American mascots. Any other human mascot will be subject to the same suits.

      1. if a team mascot is not an animal, weather event, or other equally innocuous noun/adjective, you may as well change it.

        Don’t forget:

        You get more of what you reward, and less of what you punish.

        Reward these grievance-mongers, and they will just ramp and keep going. And going. And going.

        Fuck ’em, I say.

        1. But which grievence-monger group is going to sue over OKC Thunder, Miami Heat, Dallas Cowboys, LA Dodgers, or Chicago Cubs?

          Again, I fucking hate this shit, but I’m tired of productive people getting sucked into this legal swamp. It wastes money and time, and creates animosity toward individuals like Dan Snyder and whole groups like Redskins fans. Change the name and none of these groups can profit from their fake butthurt.

          1. I thought the Dodgers got their name when they were based in Brooklyn, and it was a reference to Brooklynites dodging the trolleys that were running at the time.

            1. know because they dodged the high tax rates in NYC for the rich open pastures of California.

              1. *no

          2. “…which grievence-monger group is going to sue over …….. Chicago Cubs?”

            Hey, with 9 billion up for grabs I bet these guys will sue:


      2. Shit, we learned that 20 yrs ago with AF aircraft and noseart. If it ain’t historical (Memphis Belle) or it isn’t completely sanitized from gender or ethncity, it ain’t gonna be put on an airplane.

    3. Someone had the brilliant idea to the rename the Washington Redskins to the Washington Reagans as a tribute to Ronald Reagan.

      It’s brilliant because I noticed a link to a Salon story this morning that was fuming over the idea. The only thing I would change is calling them the Washington Gippers instead since it’s less explicit but still obvious.

      1. instapundit suggested the pederasts and putting harry reid’s visage on the helmets.

        1. What’s a pederast, Idle?

          1. It is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass!

          2. 8 year olds, dude.


      2. I say keep the name and just swap out the Indian in the logo for a picture of some redskin potatoes.

    4. $9 Billion? If you’re gonna go full retard, at least ask for more money.

    5. that is a hilarious amount of money. for the Lawyers: if the NFL does change the Redskins name doesn’t that than open them up to discrimination lawsuits because they would be admitting through changing it that it in fact was racist?

    6. Who is in with me in my lawsuit against the Vikings? I’m totes offended by that caricature of a scandahoovian warrior. Not everyone is blond you know! I don’t want money, I just want a cease and desist order so I don’t have to watch them anymore.

      Also, how long before one of these teams goes with something like Fighting Whities as a big FU to these jerks?

      1. I’m offended that they used the proceeds to indoctrinate Native Americans rather than simply pocketting the funds.

        Had they simply run a business and enriched themselves, I’d have been fine with it. That they chose instead to ruin the thinking ability of another group with the proceeds makes me mad.

      2. I remember when that happened… the team that named themselves that were pissed off that all of the white people wanted to buy the jerseys and weren’t offended by it. They eventually put a disclaimer on the webstore that read to the effect:

        By purchasing this item, I agree to work against using racial characteristics and names as team mascots.

      3. How on earth does that NZ rugby team still exist? Amazing.

    7. they can’t blow there load all at once the amount of fans that support these teams out number the amount of native americans. you gotta take it one team at a time.

    8. People Not Mascots

      This name alone is too depressing for me to handle.

      1. Anagrams:

        Cattlemen Poops So
        Cleanest Tom Poops
        Lace Peons Topmost
        Cleans Totems Poop

    9. I’ll just leave this here:


  6. Why are you all so concerned with trivial matters when you could be watching the Google I/O keynote?!

    Some random lady shouted “get a conscience” or something for about 30 seconds. It was total pwnage though — at the time, the guy was talking about battery life improvements in Android, and he later mentioned that “it will give you that extra time you need on a long hike — or during a long protest


    1. How about fixing the lousy wifi and mobile in KitKat first?

      1. Works fine for me. What device?

        1. Oh, and nothing personal, but I fucking hate it when people hear product announcements and they say “How about they fix ___ first?”

          How do you know they haven’t fixed it? You haven’t seen a full changelong, and you haven’t been able to try it out. It’s really obnoxious.

          1. And I think when your product goes to shit, you’re best off fixing it before adding new features. I, for one, hate it when new releases of software break basic functionality.

            1. That’s not how software development of something as large as Android works. Different teams work on different things in tandem.

              1. Doesn’t matter, when your vehicle doesn’t accelerate anymore, nobody cares if you’ve got built-in GPS.

                1. Yeah, the stakes are totally the same. It’s not like the auto team would have tighter QA or anything.

                  And notice how you didn’t address what I said.

                  1. If the wifi doesn’t work on a modern phone (or tablet) and cell performance is noticeably decreased, I consider it irreparably broken.

                    And my viewpoint is from the customer end (even though I spent ten years as an engineer working on cellular systems). Whether or not new features keep rolling out from various teams is completely secondary if you’ve got a major quality problem in basic functionality. Particularly when it goes unfixed for months and is not very well acknowledged.

                    1. See, that makes perfect sense. I agree.

                      But that does not lend support to the notion “Teams that wouldn’t actually be involved in fixing my problem should stop working until my problem is fixed.”

                    2. But that does not lend support to the notion “Teams that wouldn’t actually be involved in fixing my problem should stop working until my problem is fixed.”

                      Agreed, but my complaint is about management and what they choose to focus on in public. They risk alienating a large portion of their base (especially businesses) if they don’t acknowledge the issue and provide regular updates on how it is being addressed.

                    3. Fair enough.

                    4. especially businesses

                      The ongoing trend at the enterprise level is away from employer-provided devices. The problem that you refer to is a personal one, and employers are apt to care less and less about it as time goes by.

                      Of course, this could be taken to reinforce your point.

            1. Well, that sucks. Fortunately I haven’t had the same experience.

              That’s all talking about 4.4.2. I wonder if any of the issues have been fixed 4.4.3 or 4.4.4.

              Finally, on non-Nexus devices, you always have to keep in mind that it could be Google’s fault, but it could be the OEM’s (or its component suppliers’).

              The lack of vertical integration in the Android scene is good in some ways, bad in others.

              1. Since it’s cross-platform and manufacturer, I’m assuming its Google’s problem.

                1. The article you cited mentioned the HTC One M7 and the Nexus 5, and mentioned them having different problems.

                  1. Samsung has the same issues with different mixes. I can personally verify this on 3 different devices.

                    1. In that case, yes, it is probably Google’s fault (Qualcomm’s fault is a slim possibility, depending on which Saumsung phones you are talking about).

            2. I lost access to data networks when in CDMA/LTE mode a few weeks ago (VMobile/S3). I called and they said it was an issue with a local tower that had recently been upgraded to improve service (Uh huh). I had needed my phone to function properly because I was going someplace new and needed the GPS, so I went back to work, used wifi to kick off navigation and started driving. At some point I noticed that Google had stopped telling me I was going to turn in a few miles every six seconds and I checked my phone, which was in the middle of a remote initiated hard reset. A few days later I got a generic message telling me to punch in ##76786# to reset my phone if I’d recently upgraded to KitKat, so I’m guessing it wasn’t just me.

              I haven’t had further trouble with it since, and my battery life has actually been quite a bit better since the upgrade.

        2. Pretty much anything. It’s hit HTC, Samsung, and LG. Authentication errors galore and decreased mobile network performance.

    2. I don’t want to wear Google anywhere but I would like to have one implanted.

    3. Wow, so the woman read this Clickhole piece and took it seriously?

      1. derp. I should have read further.

    4. Lol. What the fuck is an “android”?

      1. Epi-bait?

        1. We all know Epi suffers from malusdomesticaphobia, but I wasn’t even thinking of him when I typed that.

          I was thinking of his mom.

      1. you got pwned by MJGreen

        1. Yea, but I tied you pointing it out.

  7. Anybody posted this one yet?

    School board poised to require that HS paper print the word Redskins

    The Neshaminy School Board of Directors is ready to pass a policy that would ban the student newspaper editors at Neshaminy High School from banning the use of the school’s mascot ? the “Redskins” ? within the paper itself.

    Advocates of that stance say the newspaper’s editors shouldn’t be able to impose their preferences on, say, students who want to write letters to the editor that include the term.

    “Assuming that it’s a proper use of the word, such as a reference to the mascot, the school district does not believe, and I don’t believe the law allows, one set of students to prohibit another student from expressing himself or herself,” said Michael Levin, who serves as special counsel to the district.

  8. Speaking of redskins, who can ever forget June 25, 1876? One of the greatest days in all of history! Those blue bellied bullies sure got theirs, specially that mass murdering Yellow Hair.

    1. Good news and bad news men!

      The bad news is that we will be wiped out to the last man by the Sioux.

      The good news is that we don’t have to march back across North Dakota.

  9. Man, Prince has fallen quite a ways since his Purple Beret days.

  10. OT: Barack Obama Is First President to Be 3D Printed

    A team of Smithsonian 3D digital-imaging specialists scanned the president earlier this year. They used the University of Southern California’s Light Stage face scanner to capture Obama’s face in high resolution, and handheld 3D scanners and SLR cameras to create a reconstruction of his bust.

    Next, experts in 3D graphics at the software company Autodesk produced high-resolution models, which were printed using 3D Systems’ selective laser sintering printers.

    Anything to get me closer to my dream of having an accurate 3D printed copy of my skull as a paper weight.

    1. Not your dick? I am disappoint.

      1. It’s all about dick with you.

        Dick dick dick.

      2. Brilliant! What quicker way to goose consumer 3D printing adoption than to add physibles sections to porn trackers and encourage people to send dick cads instead of pics.

        Carl, I’m gonna need some upgraded files from you.

        1. Have you seen that new Neighbors movie with Seth Rogan?

          1. I have not. Is that a thing in the movie?

    2. And uhh, that’s first Black President to be 3d printed.

    3. I’m fairly sure bronze and stone will last longer than the thermoplastics.

  11. Fucking scumbag Islamists. Looks like they’ve blown up a mall where a bunch of people were watching the game,going on now. 21 dead and a bunch of wounded already.

    When will these assholes learn.

    1. Apparently, conducting a war on terra by means of looting the American taxpayer and going ahead full speed on the implementation of the police state is not the proper teaching tool, is it?

      1. This comment is so not connected to the one it is attached to that I suspect squirrels moved it here from somewhere else.

  12. Chinese “Philanthropist” Hands Out $100 Bills to Americans (scarequotes mine)

    2014 June 24 local time, New York, United States, Chinese billionaire Chen Guangbiao handed out one hundred dollar bills to homeless people and street artists [buskers] on the streets of New York, with some people refusing the money he handed them.

    [Note: Chen Guangbiao had recently posted a full-page advertisement in the New York Times inviting poor Americans in Manhattan to a free lunch where he would hand out 300 USD in cash to each person. He has done similar things in other countries.]

    1. heh

      Back when I was in primary school, the teacher taught us that we should refuse candy or money from foreigners, that it was the sugar-coated artillery shells?

    2. Uhm, money directly to the people that need it? Where’s the regulatory framework? Where’s the institutional presence?

  13. Oh wow. Apparently Samsung “contributed” (which could mean sold, but that seems only a little likely) it’s Knox BYOD security platform back to mainline Android.

    1. its Knox BYOD security platform

  14. I used to have an Indians t shirt, specifically because it had a great big Chief Wahoo on it. It’s a great logo.

    Also, how about The Washington Mob (or Mobsters) for that footsball team?

    1. The minor league team in Memphis used to the be the Chicks (short for chickasaws).

      They had it all, offensive name even when shortened, indian in the logo and then they went and moved away in ’98.


    2. As a man, I am offended by the name South Carolina Gamecocks.

  15. Google Docs will know support editing Word documents without converting them into Google Docs format. That’s pretty damn sweet.

    1. That will be very nice. I wish they would come out with an Access killer and I can dump Office altogether.

      1. Real men use SQL queries without a GUI.

        1. On a more serious note, I suspect that they don’t think the number of users they would gain is worth creating an Access alternative.

        2. I bet you still use FORTRAN too.

  16. I used to use Open Office. Now I use a piece of charcoal on a shovel.

    1. New bumper sticker idea:

      AND I VOTE

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