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District: Sorry Kids, No More Birthday Cake In School—Try a Delicious Pencil Instead

Just let them eat cake.


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A Washington school district is going the extra mile to ensure that fun dies a wretched death: Students will now be prohibited from bringing cupcakes to school to celebrate their birthdays. 

The sweet snacks were deemed inappropriate, given the Obama administration's federal health mandates for public schools, according to KIRO 7:

The move is part of an 18-month wellness and nutrition study that started after a new federal wellness policy took effect requiring superintendents nationwide to monitor nutritional standards for students.

The district has gotten three written complaints so far.

Instead of a cupcake, students will now get a pencil or handmade card from classmates.

How fun.

Apparently, some teachers complained that there were simply too many birthdays during certain weeks and the extra sweets made kids rowdy. Okay, but can't they just celebrate some joint birthdays without cutting cake entirely?

Nope, according to Edmonds School District spokeswoman DJ Jakala:

"If the child chooses, the class will sing to them. Like I said, there are instances of personalized cards and they can be first in line," said Jakala.

Just let them eat cake.

Hat tip: Eric Owens / The Daily Caller