26 Things You'll See At Cannabis Industry's First Big Conference


Ryan J. Reilly / The Huffington Post

The National Cannabis Industry Association is hosting its first annual Cannabis Business Summit at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver this week. See product photos here.

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  1. 26 Things You’ll See At Cannabis Industry’s First Big Conference

    1. How to navigate byzantine regulations for an industry that hasn’t even gotten off the ground.
    2. Profit.

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    27. Massive Federal Raid

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  8. Is one of them a SWAT team?

  9. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again; the amount of products, innovation, jobs, and commerce the legalization of MJ will result in will be staggering. Especially if the fucking scumbag state governments will get at least a little out of the way, which Colorado seems to be doing way better than Washington. Which is why Paul is in such a bad mood.

    Honestly, a nationwide legalization without an insane regulatory regime could result in a boom. If Obama and the rest of the politicians weren’t so fucking stupid they’d realize this, but…CONTROL.

    1. I think you are right. Just look at the already existing legal pot accessory industry. The vaporizers and grinders and such that you can buy now are remarkably refined and slick products. And you can buy them in half of the convenience stores in some states where weed is illegal. If the whole thing went legit, it would explode (in a good way).

  10. “26 Things You’ll See At Cannabis Industry’s First Big Conference”

    #1 – Doritos…

    1. Don’t know, I was commonly a sucker for Oreos.

    2. Pork rinds and salmiak, brah. That’s the way to go.

      1. Now that you mention it, I remember fresh sour-dough and some decent cheese.
        Now I’m getting all hungry…

    3. I’m thinking it would be a good time to move to Colorado and open a food truck.

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  13. OT: Tyler Cowen interviews Ralph Nader


    Franklin Delano Roosevelt foresaw some of this when he sent a message to Congress when he started the temporary national economic commission to investigate consecrated corporate power. That was in 1938. In his message he said that whenever the government is controlled by private economic power, that’s facism.


    1. Is Nader a bit around the bend by now?

    2. If he actually said what you wrote, dude has some bigger problems than failed Prog ideas.

    3. The looming spectre of face-ism…scary thought.

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  14. Let’s look at two opinions by writer Sarah Kliff and see if we can spot the contradiction:


    White House: More health spending means Obamacare is working

    Most of the data ? both from the federal government and private research firms ? shows that health care costs are rising because people are using more medical services. At the same time, health care prices ? how much a hospital charges for a knee replacement, for example, or an MRI ? are growing slowly.

    So it’s good that health care costs are going up.

    Sarah Kliff today:

    Sarah KliffVerified account
    That time when health care spending went down and people got sad about it. #bizarrowonkery

    When people spend more money on healthcare, that’s wonderful! When people stop spending money on healthcare, that’s wonderful too!

    No matter what happens, it’s all just so wonderful!

    1. “Most of the data ? both from the federal government and private research firms ? shows that health care costs are rising because people are using more medical services.”

      And one reason is that more people now have other peoples’ money to spend on it!
      But ignoring that, I was of the opinion that the claims of hight US medical care costs were somewhat distorted in that Americans treated medical care as a consumer good; that cosmetic surgery ain’t free, folks!

    2. Ah! The first class mind at work!



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  15. With Lerner trying to a audit Grassley, it seems like something is left out.

    How did she get an email to him by mistake?

    Did the sender write the email and send to the wrong address? They aren’t even close. It’s not an autocomplete issue.

    Paste the wrong address? Maybe. Big maybe. Hard to think the same person is inviting speakers as is arguing with the director of the IRS department that decides if they can be a nonprofit.

    Would love to see the header trail on that email.

    1. SG, where’s the object of your post? Sounds interesting.

      1. I haven’t read the email in question, this is just speculation and wondering how she got the email. It could all be explained and I just didn’t catch it.

        1. Yeah, but what thread mentions it? I hadn’t heard about that email at all.

          1. They haven’t posted a thread yet, I think (missed most of them today at work)

      2. I misremembered, it was a paper invitation in the wrong envelope.

        Email without headers

        And then I posted too many comments, apparently.

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