IRS Admits to Losing Records for Six More Employees


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Late last week, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which has been under investigation for singling out conservative tax exempt groups for special scrutiny, informed the House Ways and Means Committee it could not provide an unknown emails sent to and from Lois Lerner, the head of the IRS tax exempt office, between 2009 and 2011—the most important time period for the investigation.

Lerner's computer had crashed, and her hard drive failed, the IRS said, meaning that although the agency could reconstruct parts of her correspondence using other emails obtained internally, it could not provide emails sent to and from outside agencies and offices like, for example, the White House.

The explanation was awfully, suspiciously convenient—especially since it happened just 10 days after the Ways and Means Committee sent its first letter to the IRS asking for information about its investigations into non-profit groups.

At minimum, the crashed-computer excuse suggested a lax and unaccountable approach to record keeping that the IRS would almost certainly not tolerate in individuals, much less in a large corporate environment where email retention requirements have grown increasingly strict.

But the explanation was technically plausible. The IRS email storage protocols appear to have limited the size of employee inboxes, meaning that most backups were kept on individual hard drives. If Lerner's hard drive crashed, the emails stored on it could be unrecoverable.

Lerner's emails, however, are not the only records the IRS now says it cannot produce. The tax collection agency, which previously promised full disclosure of email and other records, has informed the Ways and Means Committee that it cannot submit records for six other IRS employees who were involved in targeting conservative groups, according to a press release issued today. 

"One of those figures is Nikole Flax, who served as Chief of Staff to Steve Miller, who at the time of the targeting was Deputy Commissioner and would later serve as Acting Commissioner of the IRS – a position from which he was fired for his role in the targeting of conservative groups," the release says. "The timeframe for which Ms. Flax's communications are purportedly unrecoverable covers when the Washington, DC office wrote and directed the Cincinnati field office to send abusive questionnaires, including inappropriate demands for donor information, to conservative groups."

Flax was a frequent visitor to the White House, according to visitor logs.

It's unclear how the IRS lost the records associated with these additional employees, but the investigating committee says that the IRS has known that the records were lost for months—at least since February—yet despite the ongoing investigation did not inform committee members until much later.

The very best case here is that IRS record-keeping protocols were deeply negligent, and that the agency hid the fact of its negligence from investigators for months. No matter what happened, further investigation is warranted.

And that's what House Republicans have begun pushing for. Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-Mich.) and Oversight Subcommittee Chairman Charles Boustany, Jr. (R-La.) are calling for an independent prosecutor to investigate the case further. 

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  1. This shit is beyond belief. What I don’t understand is why the House isn’t going apeshit over this. This is a direct challenge to their authority. You’d think that would chap their ass.

    1. The Republican side of the House is going apeshit. The problem is that the Democrats will do anything to make this scandal go away. As long as it is only the Republicans going apeshit, the media can just portray it as a partisan cat fight and the public will ignore it.

      Basically, they have destroyed the evidence of their crimes and figure that since the media and the Democrats in Congress will never call them on it, they can get away with it. And they are probably right. What are the Republicans going to do about this?

      1. I honestly don’t know, but the precedent this sets if the IRS can get away with this is catastrophic. Already almost completely uncontrolled bureaucracies will see this as the green light it is to be utterly unaccountable.

        1. It is totally catastrophic. I know most Democrats are shreek level brain dead. But I really thought a few of them had some brains and integrity left. If they let this go, they really are pod people.

          1. No accountability means every department is for sale to the highest bidder. This will make it more obvious, and much much worse. Welcome to Italy.

            1. They are accountable. To the Justice Department.

              Elections have consequences!

              1. Elections have consequences!

                The idiot is right, just not in the way he thinks.

                1. Yup, win and you are above the law. Just put a partisan scumbag in as AG and you are safe!

              2. Nobody is going to prosecute IRS agents for doing unethical things. That would mean they couldn’t use the IRS to do unethical things.

                1. Especially if they might be able to “un-lose” those emails if they were to be prosecuted.

          2. The partisan rot is so deep that they will ignore this level of malfeasance because it was done by their TEAM. The fact that this means it can be done to them by the other TEAM soon enough is too much for their puny brains to comprehend. One of the more fascinating features of the TEAM mentality is how shortsighted it is. Looking ahead? Never. What is happening right now is always the most important thing.

            I guess I can’t expect partisan morons to not be stupid. Planning ahead is expecting too much from them.

            1. That’s why they’re always on the lookout for more TOP MEN to come in and pass just one more law. The only option they ever consider is doubling down.

            2. The partisan rot is so deep

              The funny thing is Al Qaeda isn’t even this corrupt (yet).

            3. The Republicans would do the same thing except that they actually fear the media. The Democrats don’t. They think they can do anything and get away with it and there is no danger of it ever being used on them. You watch, a Republican will win in 2016 and there will be all kinds of Democrats without a single ounce of shame saying “you know maybe we need to start holding the executive accountable”.

              1. Sure, because no matter how badly Democrats fuck things up, they had “good intentions.”

              2. Like the media held the Bush White House accountable for 22 million “lost” emails?

                You get more nutty-partisan every day.

                1. You keep repeating that lie. Those emails were found. HM put t he link up saying so yesterday. Again, stop making up your own talking points.

                  1. Morons like shriek live by the mantra, if you repeat a lie long enough you begin to beleive it.

                  2. It’s not a lie if it disproves your emotional reaction. I thought all good progressive humans knew that!

                2. You’re one of those dolts I still see driving a 15 year-old Honda Civic with a “FITZ HAPPENS” bumper sticker, aren’t you?

              3. Good point, and we saw exactly this during the last Presidential campaign. Romney started to poll better, and Obama suddenly decided that his drone assassination program should have some oversight.

          3. John, you only care about this because you’re a SOCON!

            1. Damn, you are onto me.

              1. It was easy to figure out, because you once said you were religious, so you clearly want to force your preferences on everyone else too.

            2. Hey! What about me??

        2. The regional governors now have direct control over their territories.

          1. I find your lack of faith disturbing.

          2. Wait, Palpatine was pro-Federalism?

    2. Uh Epi, Congress has spent the last decade plus slowly giving up its authority. Throwing a tantrum now would only reveal how little control they have over anything anymore.

      1. Not throwing a tantrum also reveals how little control they have over anything anymore. So they might as well. It would probably make them tired enough for a nap at least.

      2. They lack the balls to defund agencies and mandate big reductions in these runaway bureaucracies.

  2. Woops…snicker, giggle… we lost some more e-mails.

  3. I am sure if you ever get audited, you can just tell the IRS that you lost the relevant documents and they would be totally cool about it.

    1. Yeah, that’s missing the point. It’s no longer about treating the IRS one way versus treating everyone else a different way.

      This is frankly a blatant case of FYTW. The powers that be at the IRS/Administration feel they are untouchable at this point. And this is merely putting a fig leaf on obvious corruption.

  4. As I wrote elsewhere, start subpoenaing IRS IT policies and procedures, and haul techies.and.managers alike before Congress to.testify.

    1. If nobody does jail time for this shit, I will become a corrupt government contractor since anything goes.

    2. I think the IRS is sticking their thumb in the eye of the House GOP now. And they can’t do shit about it.

      1. And that’s how the Republic dies, folks: to thunderous applause at the bureaucracy thumbing the Legislature in the eye.

        1. Yes. It doesn’t die from some nefarious plot by arch villains. It dies to the applause of partisan retards like shreek. At some point people just devolve back into animals.

        2. Come now, the Republic won’t die, this is all jsut a FAKE SCANDAL.

      2. “PB – I think the IRS is sticking their thumb in the eye of the House GOP now. And they can’t do shit about it.”

        That’s the most accurate post you’ve made in weeks.

      3. So… elections don’t have consequences?

      4. I guess with the right people in charge, dictatorship is okay. You’ve just chosen sides in the hope that your team wins, nay?

    3. My understanding was that a business was legally obligated to retain documents for 10 years. IRS the same. So the loss of emails is criminal as well. Go after everyone in the chain of custody for felonies.

    4. As I wrote elsewhere, start subpoenaing IRS IT policies and procedures

      Here are the policies for IRS emails.

      Look specifically at section #5.…..html#d0e51

      1. Sounds like their get out of.jail free.card.

      2. Yes, to quote:

        “ (07-08-2011)
        Emails as Possible Federal Records

        1. 1.All federal employees and federal contractors are required by law to preserve records… ”

        And also,

        “ (08-30-2012)
        Emails are Subject to FOIA

        3.Do not delete a message or attachment that is the subject of a congressional, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), or discovery request or that is needed for litigation. ”

        But it really doesn’t matter, because FYTW.

        1. The fact that it is written as a pleading to employees tells me that they intend for their employees to fail to comply with FOI requests and discovery requests.

          In every other corner of America email is archived behind the scenes before the recipient even sees it. The recipient (and sender) have no ability to alter the archived copy. Document retention policies are enforced at the server level on both the email server and the archive server.

          Saying “don’t delete emails that are subject to FOI or discovery” means that you know you can’t ensure the integrity of your document retention policy. Archiving is a simple process that has been the industry standard for more than a decade. The fact that they chose to avoid archiving and even long-term backup of email means they have no intention of ensuring full compliance with FOI, congressional or discovery requests.

  5. Delay, delay, delay until Obama’s out of office and no one’s paying attention any longer.


    “The index for meats, poultry, fish and eggs has risen 7.7 percent over the span [last year],” says the BLS. “The index for food at home increased 0.7 percent, its largest increase since July 2011. Five of the six major grocery store food group indexes increased in May. The index for meats, poultry, fish, and eggs rose 1.4 percent in May after a 1.5 increase in April, with virtually all its major components increasing,” BLS states.

    So we’re seeing inflation in food prices, but I’m wondering about consumption/demand. Are Americans eating more whole foods and less processed food stuff? Everyone I know is eating Paleo, LCHF, or just whole food style(nothing processed). Could demand be driving prices up?

    1. Are prices rising at the wholesale.level linearly with retail prices? If retail only were.going up, you.might.imagine that higher demand at the retail level may be.made up of people eating out less a buck.

      1. It’s prices at the retail level. The middle market restaurant chains have had a lousy year in general.

        Yeah, I’m curious about consumption numbers.

        1. Isn’t dumpster-diving really just a hedonistic adjustment?

    2. Yet wheat and corn are in bear markets.

      Meat is subject to shortage by disease – not really inflation.


      1. Meat is subject to shortage by disease

        Idiot. We all forget the drought that led to more livestock being sold to market last year.

        IOW, all predictable 9 months ago and we knew 2014 supplies would be down. 2015 possibly, too.

        This is why Hillshire got such a great bid from Tyson. In two years, that might not look like such a smart move.

    3. From an anecdotal perspective, food prices certainly do seem to be going up. And people don’t tend to change their food eating habits that much, so it may not be related to consumption.

      1. Most of the increase in inflation was in meat, poultry, fish, and eggs. I didn’t word it well: I’m wondering if consumers are buying more of those items and skipping processed foods, shifting consumption.

        Probably impossible to tell.

        1. Yes, I understood, and my observation was that people don’t usually change their eating habits, so I wouldn’t guess it was a shift from processed foods to unprocessed.

          1. Blame “Cash For Clunker Cattle”

        2. The bottom round I buy for making beef jerky went from $4/lb to $6.50/lb in a matter of months.

  6. But the explanation was technically plausible. The IRS email storage protocols appear to have limited the size of employee inboxes, meaning that most backups were kept on individual hard drives. If Lerner’s hard drive crashed, the emails stored on it could be unrecoverable.

    Many wingnut conspiracists are sad. If I heard BUT EVERYONE BACKS UP! once I heard it 200 times.

    1. I guess they don’t have anymore talking points to feed you. When you have to make it up on your own damn does it get pathetic.

    2. Sure PB. Lerner’s hard drive just crashed and had the only copy of the emails.

      Oh, and tragically it looks like we lost the emails for Chief of Staff to the Deputy Commissioner too.

      Oh, yes and 4 other IRS agents had tragic email mishaps also.

      Wow, what a string of Bad Luck.

      1. Maybe they had Seagate hard drives.

        1. Worse. Western Digital.

          1. Never had a problem.with WD. But three Seagate drives (same.model #) have failed.on me.within.90 days of.purchase. that was from.their bad.batch a few.years ago that they kept.selling even knowing they were bad.

            1. Every one of my hard drives (except one) that have failed on me rapidly have been WD. I will no longer buy them.

      2. Back in the 90s the IRS contracted Unisys to move them to a RDMS for their main tax processing system.

        It completely flopped at a cost of several hundred million.

        Why is government inept all the time (which it is) to the right except when they are flying their CT flag?

        1. Back in the 90s the IRS contracted Unisys to move them to a RDMS for their main tax processing system.

          It completely flopped at a cost of several hundred million.

          I blame BOOOOOOOOOOOOSH and the Christfags!

        2. “Why is government inept all the time (which it is) ”

          You could barely get away with Lerner’s emails being lost as gross ineptness. Now there are six other sets of lost email.

          There was a time when the benchmark of governmental corruption and cover up was a tape missing 18 minutes of audio.

          This is two years of lost email.

        3. I was there for that. Unisys was about 20% to blame for it, IRS (mis)management for the rest.

    3. They’re legally required to back up their correspondences, as was pointed out elsewhere. So, suppose this astronomical coincidence is in fact just that; they’re still guilty of gross negligence to follow communications protocols. As the article notes, at the very least this is an embarrassing, hypocritical, double standard and the IRS should be shamed into oblivion.

      And yet you cheer them on. Moron.

      1. I’m not cheering them on.

        Where I see an incompetent bureaucracy wingnuts see Obama as marionette master of the IRS.

        You give them too much credit.

        1. You are a liar.

          You are cheering them on. You are rooting against those that seek the truth in this matter simply because they are Team Red.

          If this had been perpetrated against any of your Team you’d be batshit crazy calling for investigation and impeachment.

          Instead, you say FAKE SCANDAL.

          You are a liar.

        2. “I think the IRS is sticking their thumb in the eye of the House GOP now. And they can’t do shit about it.”

          There’s no way you didn’t write that without a sense of glee.

          1. Err… too many negatives. But the point is you’re being dishonest.

          2. Oh, I am laughing at Team Red. This is an IRS scandal – not a White House scandal.

            Yet Team Red sees it as the latter only.

            1. Of course it is not a scandal. Obama used the IRS to go after his opponents and then destroyed the evidence showing as such.

              At this point, we should welcome you shitting on all of the threads. You have gotten so pathetic and embarrassing, nothing we could say could do more to discredit Obama.

              1. Obama used the IRS to go after his opponents and then destroyed the evidence showing as such.

                You could sell that story to someone like the Wall St Journal and become rich if you weren’t making it up.

                1. I am not making it up. Lois Lerner said that is what happened. That is how this whole thing started you half wit. She admitted that is what they did and tried to blame it on low level staffers.

                  Now here we are a year later and retards like you are claiming that didn’t happen. When are you going to realize that we are not as stupid as you are? No one is as stupid as you are.

            2. It is both the ITS and their puppet masters in whitey’s house.

            3. Liar.

              You have shown zero interest in the finding the truth in this matter.

              FAKE SCANDAL. You have repeatedly referred to this entire episode that occured under Obumbler Clownshoes’ watch as a FAKE SCANDAL.

              Do you still think it is fake, you liar?

        3. Fine, call it incompetence. In some ways, that’s even worse. If I were similarly incompetent, there would be no benefit of the doubt in tax court.

          1. Seriously. It’s either criminal negligence, or criminal activity–whether Obama was involved or not. I doubt he was, since he has no idea what happens in his administration until CNN tells him.

  7. More quality alt-text. This IRS email story appears to be a treasure trove.

    1. I live to serve.

      1. That’s disgusting.

        1. It’s a cookbook!

    2. The IRS service people the same way ranchers have their cows serviced.

      1. Only without the lube, kiss, or reacharound.

  8. Computer crashed?
    Just write it off.

  9. I didn’t note the byline prior to jumping into the text. But once I got to “the explanation was technically plausible” I knew it had to be Obama water boy Suderman.

    1. I can’t figure out if Suderman is being sarcastic or if he is really just that stupid.

      1. I am wondering that too. Given other recent comments by him I am going to go with “Partisan Hack, with occasional libertarian streaks when convenient or when Megan says ok”

      2. He’s actually 100% correct. If those are the IRS’s rules, this is “technically” plausible. He didn’t say it was objectively plausible. If you’re going to give Suder-Man shit, give him shit about something that he actually said that was stupid. Here he is correct.

        1. Fair enough. And “technically” is a pretty loaded modifier.

          It is however, not possible to have lost these without committing a crime. These emails were the subject of an IG and DOJ investigation. The IRS therefore had a duty to preserve them rules or no. Whoever didn’t preserve them is guilty of obstruction of justice.

          1. No argument here, and I would imagine that Suder-Man would say the same. It’s a steaming load of shit, but they picked a slightly feasible reason for it (on purpose, of course). I wonder how long they had to scheme to come up with it.

        2. Suderman is just being objective to avoid the “wingnut partisan” attacks. No need to speculate about motives; the facts are damning enough.

  10. “technically plausible”

    Wrong. Yes, it’s routine to limit inbox size, largely for the purpose of avoiding legal discovery.

    But does not the IRS have a legal requirement to maintain records?

    Ha ha! But I kid. Rules aren’t for our Rulers.

      1. If they’re legally required to back up the data, their failure to do that should result in criminal charges for everyone in the chain of command and everyone who so much as dusted a keyboard in IT. I don’t care what their story is – earthquake, fire, asteroid strike.

        “Oh we did our best it was an accident!” Fuck you. Hopefully for your sake we don’t accidentally forget to feed you in prison.

      2. Every federal agency is under such requirements. Your defense is “so what if he IRS broke federal law and obstructed justice”. Since you are retarded and mentally ill, you actually think that counts as a defense.

      3. Legal = criminal. Either accidental or on purpose, someone has commited a crime.

      4. FAKE SCANDAL, eh liar?

      5. I am sure they have printers that work. (07-08-2011)
        Emails as Possible Federal Records

        All federal employees and federal contractors are required by law to preserve records containing adequate and proper documentation of the organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, and essential transactions of the agency. Records must be properly stored and preserved, available for retrieval and subject to appropriate approved disposition schedules.

        The Federal Records Act applies to email records just as it does to records you create using other media. Emails are records when they are:

        Created or received in the transaction of agency business

        Appropriate for preservation as evidence of the government’s function and activities, or

        Valuable because of the information they contain

        If you create or receive email messages during the course of your daily work, you are responsible for ensuring that you manage them properly. The Treasury Department’s current email policy requires emails and attachments that meet the definition of a federal record be added to the organization’s files by printing them (including the essential transmission data) and filing them with related paper records. If transmission and receipt data are not printed by the email system, annotate the paper copy.

        1. If I were the IRS I would argue that there was no specific case.involved, and no reason for such emails considered.permanent records.

          1. If I were the IRS I would argue that there was no specific case.involved, and no reason for such emails considered.permanent records.

            You could, except for the “created or received in the transaction of agency business” requirement. If you seriously want to argue that she didn’t do any agency business for two years, well then I don’t know what to say. The admins may be off the hook, but not her.

            1. She was doing Obama’s business, not the agency’s business.

  11. C’mon people, let’s go to the Oracle of all things DNC, the Democratic Underground.

    Liberal groups were actually targeted more, the right wing knows that their groups are scams so are pushing that they are being targeted., They absolutely should be targeted because they are the ones breaking the law, but still numerically more liberal groups were investigated and more liberal groups charged. Of course, you never hear that from main st. news, they don’t care about reality, just spin, spin, spin.

    but oh well. tell me what conservative group was denied then I’ll listen. But mostly it was a conservative controlled IRS nothing to see here and I’m sure Obama is not a Republican but he has acted like one from time to time

    1. Yep, DU – where Obama is a neoliberal free-trade corporate/bank loving sellout.

      1. That’s right, FAKE SCANDAL, amiright liar?

    2. It has been established over and over again no liberal groups were targeted. The whole thing started when Lois Lerner admitted that they had targeted conservative groups. Yet, these people continue to repeat that lie. They really do live in their own world. Facts mean nothing to them.

      1. Even the IRS inspector general admitted as much. The “liberal groups were targeted too” talking point is from last year, and totally outdated.

      2. “Yet, these people continue to repeat that lie. They really do live in their own world. Facts mean nothing to them.”

        That’s the standard MO of the left, isn’t it?

        It’s the same thing with that lie that 97% of climate scientists accept the theory of man made global warming.

        It doesn’t matter what is true – if the lie is repeated enough, it becomes true merely by repetition.

  12. “We only keep backup tapes for 6 months.”

    6 fucking months?

    Fuck these cunts. I am destroying every business record that is more than 6 months old from now on.

    Oh, you want me to file tax returns covering a full year?

    Go fuck yourselves. 6 months is the new rule, you fucking cunts.

    If al Qaeda flew a 747 into every IRS building in the country, I would stand up and applaud.

    Please, Osama bin Laden. Please rise from the dead. You’re our only hope.

    1. “We only keep backup tapes for 6 months.”

      As I said earlier this morning, the company I worked for kept the monthlies FOREVER. Actually, I think that wasnt true, at a certain point only December was kept forever. But the monthlies were kept for something like 5 years.

  13. That’s one hungry dog, eating everyone’s homework like that.

    1. He just needs further training!

    2. That dog is going to go hungry.

      FAKE SCANDALS are just empty calories.

    3. “We attempted to speak to said K-9 but it lunged aggressively so we shot it 137 times.”

      /IRS SWAT team

      1. I think you forgot the prelude. “Congress subpoenaed the K-9, so we went to get him from the kennel, unfortunately…..”

        /IRS Acting Commissioner

  14. In my limited experience =

    the legal and compliance dept dictates to IT what their document retention requirements are, and the IT department mandates its policies around maintenance of said about of ‘legally required’ backup. What that usually entails is that they maintain current (say) ~6 months of ‘current storage’ divided by number of users, and every 6 months back up their own servers then tell employees to do the same on their own local systems; individuals are not required to keep all the historical backup info, but IT *is*.

    The only point of asking users to back up their own records is to reduce/prevent the need for individuals begging IT to recover their own info from backup; said backup is stored and not used for regular ‘re-access’ unless compliance dictates. Thats what the whole @#*(& policy is for. Otherwise, fuck it = why not just outsource ALL your IT to some 3rd party if you have no actual legal need to provide for *complete document control*.

    if a person’s address is hosted by an exchange server, that server does backups of itself on a rolling basis. the end users’ own document retention should be entirely *redundant*.

    This is SOP for most businesses I’ve ever worked with/for. Government? Christ, I’d expect them to be 10X more strict about it. Next is how ridiculous the claim of ‘crashed drives’ is. what, data recovery is *impossible*? did they *melt them down*?

  15. Start jailing people for obstruction of justice and one of the birds will sing.

    1. yeah, for reals. Isn’t that what they do with us *little people*?

  16. There are lots of problems with this claim. First, why was it 7 people who lost their emails? The data is stored on a server, and I expect the servers provide email to hundreds of users. They reported they used RAID technology. But typically RAID arrays are 100s of GB in size – enough space for hundreds of people’s email databases.

    Given a crash leading to lost data (and violating the law) one would expect actions were taken to prevent the problem from occurring again. Was this the only time and what precautions were taken?

    Once they start asking the IT guys questions, I expect the truth will come out. And I bet the Obama administration will have them sign non-disclosure agreements so they risk losing their pensions if they do testify, or some other nonsense. Lets get the low level people’s point of view, just like for Nixon’s secretary. I only wonder what Obama will do to prevent the House from investigating.

  17. Hmm. I’m just wondering if the House is waiting to prosecute for political reasons – the November elections.

    If the GOP prosecutes too harshly right now, the media will leap at the chance to flood viewers and readers with a GOP “war” and “trying to find scandals.” The Dems would bring out the big guns if this were pushed too hard. Echoes of the Clinton perjury charges. The GOP was destroyed in the media for impeaching him even though Clinton committed a crime. I remember that many of them blamed Republicans for Clinton’s perjury!

    They may be trying to avoid that to not be demonized by the press. Everybody with any shred of honesty or 17 IQ points knows the IRS and the Dems are covering this up, and it’s huge criminality in action.

    Just a thought, anyway.

  18. “But the explanation was technically plausible. The IRS email storage protocols appear to have limited the size of employee inboxes, meaning that most backups were kept on individual hard drives. If Lerner’s hard drive crashed, the emails stored on it could be unrecoverable.”
    Yeah and if a company had set up their servers like that they would be held responsible for not producing the emails, whether it’s negligence or active coverup.

    1. You’re right. I work for a company that is more and more regulated by the government. Our mailbox size is limited and storing (archiving) on a local PC/laptop drive does not pass an IT audit. To “rectify” the issue of retention we were required to pay for a third party email archiving system. This system captures a copy of every email sent through our corporate email system. This way we can now produce correspondence when demanded to do so by Big Brother.

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