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Hillary Clinton Launches Book Tour, Slams Team Obama for 'Sexism' in 2008 Race


Hillary Clinton's new memoir Hard Choices arrived in stores today and the former secretary of state is out pounding the pavement in an effort to spark interest in both the book and in the possibility of a 2016 presidential run. In an interview with Good Morning America, Clinton got the party started by airing a bit of dirty laundry about her former boss, President Barack Obama:

Hillary Clinton said on Tuesday there was "sexism" in Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign that she and the president needed to get past.

"Beginning the process of working with then-Sen. Obama after I ended my campaign, we had an awkward but necessary meeting to clear the air on a couple of issues, and one of them was the sexism that — unfortunately — was present in that '08 campaign," Clinton told Robin Roberts on ABC's "Good Morning America."

Yet the former secretary of state has also been doing some damage control of her own in the wake of comments she made on Monday stating that when she and her husband Bill Clinton returned (briefly) to private life in 2000, "We came out of the White House not only dead broke but in debt." Yet as The New York Daily News responded, "Hillary Clinton's first Senate financial disclosure forms, filed for 2000, listed assets of $781,000 to $1.8 million…. And Hillary landed an $8 million advance for her book, 'Living History.'"

Now, as CBS News reports, Clinton is trying to modify her original statement about her family's allegedly woeful finances:

Hillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday that she and former President Bill Clinton "fully appreciate how hard life is for so many Americans," seeking to refine remarks she made about the pair being "dead broke" when they left the White House.

Meanwhile, Clinton's aforementioned new memoir has received a less than friendly response so far from the critics. Politico panned the tome as a "newsless snore," The New Republic complained of its "dullness and lack of critical engagement," and even The New York Times was forced to concede that Hard Choices contains "little news."

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  1. “Hillary landed an $8 million advance for her book, ‘Living History.'”

    Just incredible that someone who was considered a living history exhibit sixteen years ago is the best candidate they can come up with for 2016.

    I’m not surprised that her remark, when defending her agressive personal fund-raising efforts after her husband, the President, left office that “And then you have to double that to account for, you know, taxes” isn’t getting more play. Taxes sure do suck when you are the one paying them, don’t they Hil?

  2. Funny.

    First, it was Obama having to ‘evolve’ into coming around to gay marriage, then someone – and not just anybody – claims he’s sexist.

    Wow. How to spin the war on women and gay rights, now?

    Unfreakingreal, how disingenuous Obama and his sycophants really are.

    1. It won’t matter. The comment may as well have not even been made, because nobody is going to pay any attention to it.

  3. I’ve said it before and I think it’s worth repeating…

    “An electorate dumb enough to elect Obama twice is probably dumb enough to elect Hillary, too.”

    You’ve been warned…

    1. The American electorate of the past generation put LBJ into office voluntarily, Nixon twice, and doubled down on Clinton, Bush, and Obama. Idiots follow perceived personality, and voters are, economically and politically, idiots.

      All that said, Hillary would be the least charismatic human being to aspire to the highest office since Bob Dole. I wouldn’t put it past the Republicans to nominate yet another Mondale/Dole, but all the establishment picks are going to have to break through the Cruz/Walker barrier first.

      I’d prefer Walker, but no establishment candidate beats Cruz, a man who was born to talk the stripes off a zebra, and Cruz would beat the shit out of Hillary once both opened their mouths on national tv.

  4. Barfman. Paging Dr. Barfman.

  5. Clinton may run but she won’t be nominated by her party in the end. As much as she may have “paid her dues” along the way, she’s going to be a big pain in the butt for the Democratic Party and, let’s face it, they are poised for many victories to come if they don’t stab themselves in the foot. They’ll do much better dragging in a Governor whom can not be tied to the current administration.

  6. The Democrats cling to their Hillary because, like Tito or Franco (still dead!), her presence as a figurehead props up the entire edifice, and once she is gone the survivors will immediately go to war over their different visions for the country.

    Progressives can throw their support behind her, because Team Blue, and ignore the fact that she is as much of a center-right corporatist as Obama, GW, and her husband were. Take her out of the picture, and they line up behind Lizzy Warren, while the party establishment tries to find someone to pull them back to the center.

  7. It’s nice to see that they throw the sexism charge at their own too (although less publicly it seems).

    What’s better is Hillary’s penchant for saying things that aren’t actually true. Like how she ducked gunfire in Bosnia as well as coming out of the WH dead broke.

  8. She’s not running for office, is she?

  9. Is it me or does her book jacket look a lot like Carly Fiorina’s book Tough Choices?

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