U. Chicago Students Go Ballistic After Dan Savage Says 'Tranny'

Dan Savage denounced for making transgender person feel "unsafe."


Dan Savage
Erik Abderhalden (Wikimedia Commons)

Well known gay author and advice columnist Dan Savage recently spoke at a University of Chicago Institute of Politics seminar. Some students who attended the event denounced him for repeatedly using the word "tranny," which made one transgender person in the audience feel uncomfortable and "unsafe." According to The Chicago Maroon:

The incident occurred when, according to several sources, Savage and [IOP fellow Ana Marie Cox] began discussing his personal history as a gay man. According to a first-year student and member of the LGBTQ community who asked to be identified as Hex, Savage used the slur t—– as an example in an anecdote about reclaiming words. Cox then added, "I used to make jokes about t—-ies," audience members recounted.

"That was one of the most hurtful parts," Hex said, explaining the perceived insult was that Cox used the slur to refer to the group of people she joked about. "In that context, it was like being applied to all transgender people," it said. ("It" is Hex's chosen pronoun.)

In a statement, the IOP said, "A guest used language that provoked a spirited debate. The speaker was discussing how hurtful words can be repurposed and used to empower; at no point did he direct any slurs at anyone."

Hex saw matters differently:

Hex asked Savage and Cox to use the term "T-slur" instead of the actual word. According to second-year Sara Rubinstein, an executive director of QUIP (Queers United in Power), and Hex, Savage then named other slurs, asking if they were suitable to use instead. "Obviously [he attempted] to threaten me and make me feel uncomfortable in that space, which was pretty successful," Hex said.

By all accounts, Savage made no deliberate effort to threaten or perturb the student. Maroon columnist Anastasia Golovashkina investigated the accusation and determined that what transpired was nothing more than a dialogue over the acceptable uses of words like "tranny." And though Hex claimed that Savage and Cox repeatedly interrupted it, multiple students told Golovashkina that Hex was the one doing most of the interrupting.

Nevertheless, an activist started a petition to pressure IOP to issue some sort of condemnation of Savage. The petition also demanded that the University of Chicago vigorously police usage of "hate speech" in the future.

Ironically, Savage's entire purpose for bringing up the word was to discuss strategies for overcoming its negative and hurtful associations.

There is of course no better way to reaffirm a word's evil power than by making it unsayable. Many students, unfortunately, have committed themselves to the mindset that everything that bothers them should be banned—or at the very least, should come with a warning label so that they may avoid ever encountering a troubling word or concept.

I would say that people who feel existentially threatened by language itself need to get over themselves, but I would probably be accused of hate speech.

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  1. I guess it would be inappropriate and tasteless to tell the outraged student to “grow a pair.”

    1. Below or above the waist?

    2. of what? tits?

      1. I would be very surprised if the tranny wasn’t a female to male tranny. A lot of them remain hardcore feminists.

        1. I maintain that transgender is a mental disorder. They deny the physical reality of the sexual organs they are born with, and blame the body rather than the mind that perceives it. Simply incredible, objective reality is cast aside for subjective perception and the brain never gets questioned.

          I’m not saying we should lock anyone up or anything, but I feel bad for those people. Mental illness isn’t fair, and isn’t pretty.

          1. Mental illness (by whose standards, the APA?) or not, the reality is that they genuinely feel they were born the wrong gender, and if some surgery and hormones can make them feel normal and happy, then I guess this “mental illness” at least has a cure.

          2. I don’t think the trade usage of “mental disorder” is as a blanket term for all brain-related phenomena. I mean, I’ve never heard dyslexia referred to as a mental disorder, even though from common understanding of the words “mental” and “disorder” it probably qualifies.

    3. Please refrain from discussing or engaging in any inter-office ____ or ____ -ing, or finger _____ or ____-sting or ____-esting or _____ -eing or ____ or even _____. Oh and if anyone tries anything with my sister Lindsay, I’ll take off my pants, I’ll show you my _____ . And I’ll personally _____________.

  2. Savage used the slur t??

    You mean I can’t write out the word t_______ anymore? Like n_____ and f_ck?

    Its like some sort of anti-memetic weapon is being deployed here.

  3. Sounds like Hex is an attention whore. Whore is an OK word to say, right? Especially when talking about nicole?

    1. Hex sounds like some kind of a nut.

      1. Nice one.

        1. It’s all in your head, man…

      2. You assume hex nut? How di you know hex is not a hex bolt? Just cause Hex is tranny? Why are ao hurtful and full of hate?

        1. Sounded more like a washer to me

      3. Hex sounds like some kind of a nut.

        I prefer the more ironic “curse” interpretation, but the nut/bolt dichotomy (or not?) is pretty good too.

      4. Whatever he/she is, they’ve got a screw loose.

        1. Guy escaped from the mental hospital to see his girlfriend.

          “Nut bolts and screws”

    2. If you ever use “w-slur” instead, I will stab you.

      1. Nicole, you really are the w-slur. The other one.

        (locks doors, puts on chainmail)

        1. But that’s…not a slur…

      2. I’m going to keep using “W-slur”.

        I mean, otherwise I have to type out Warty’s name. And that scares me.

    3. I think it’s “attention sex worker” now. If you’re hanging with lefties.

      Or “attention sex trafficking victim” if you’re hanging with righties.

      1. Close – its ‘dirty whore who should be put in jail for the rest of her life’ for the righties


        ‘sex-trafficking victim who should be put in jail for the rest of her life’ for the lefties.

    4. Well, that’s because trannies are predisposed to narcissism. it’s a feature, not a bug.…..tc0103.htm

      1. If only the suicidal tendencies ‘feature’ were a little more properly implemented…

      2. Does mentioning an increased risk of suicide that gender conversion therapy doesn’t appear to abate consitute a threat?

        1. Does mentioning an increased risk of suicide that gender conversion therapy doesn’t appear to abate consitute a threat?

          Pathologizing it at all constitutes intolerable hate speech.

  4. “I would say that people who feel existentially threatened by language itself need to get over themselves, but I would probably be accused of hate speech.”

    Check your sticks-and-stones resistant privilege.

  5. God I love this shit!

    1. I lol’d at the end of the first paragraph. A gay advocate talking at an university made a tranny feel “unsafe”? That’s funny.

      1. The advocate appears to be a white male, and therefore fits the profile of a rapist.

  6. Obviously [he attempted] to threaten me and make me feel uncomfortable in that space, which was pretty successful

    Did he hurt your feels?

    1. It’s quite a world we live in where someone doesn’t feel like kind of a pussy when admitting that someone “threatened” and “made them feel uncomfortable” with…a single word.

      I’m sure Hex has a lot of happiness in its future.

      1. And unsafe! UNSAFE! Un. Motherfucking. Safe.

        At the U of C.

        Take a walk west of Cottage Grove, It.

        1. “Unsafe” is just a conscious distortion of the language to make “uncomfortable” sound more serious and less like a rash. Because “unsafe” just means “uncomfortable”.

          1. But being unsafe also actually exists, like…not that far away. Which makes this an insulting, bullshit lie.

            1. A evening walking tour of some Chicago neighborhoods would probably him…er..her more accurately define that word.

          2. No, no, it really means “unsafe”, as in the freaking word “tranny” would take corporeal form and beat Hex about the head until bloody.

          3. Not “uncomfortable”, offended. No one should ever be offended.

        2. I guess they should cover her in nerf if she’s so damn scared of people breathing unpleasant words near her.

          Maybe a hazmat suit?

          1. Or a burka. Remember: the burka is about respect.

      2. Well, to be fair – setting has a lot to do with it.

        If I’m walking down the street and a group of Mexicans start following me and yelling gringo, honkey, pinche gabacho, etc – I’d feel pretty threatened.

        Talking about slurs (with anyone) in an academic setting, not so much.

        1. Right. But this was in a crowded lecture hall. Was Dan Savage going to incite the crowd to lynch it?

          Like Epi said above, it is a drama que-,er, regent that wants to make its own insecurities and self-esteem issues sound more dire and important so it can get the attention it craves.

          1. Like Epi said above, it is a drama que-,er, regent that wants to make its own insecurities and self-esteem issues sound more dire and important so it can get the attention it craves.

            Maybe once some of these shitlibs like Savage start getting burnt at the stake by the Church of Perpetual Grievance that they helped nurture, hopefully 1) this run of rampant PC crimethink will start to grind to a halt, and 2) college humanties departments, in particular, will undergo the massive cuts they deserve.

          2. Its choice of pronoun reminds me of Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs: “It puts the lotion on its skin.” A character who also made t____ look rather bad.

            1. I actually don’t feel safe using that pronoun, even if it is that person’s choice.

              1. Not really a he or a she, so “it” it is.

                1. And that is why there are no tranny libertarians.

                2. Why not “they” ?

      3. Sure, it’s Hex’s right to feel uncomfortable. It’s not the duty of society, or random speakers to change our speech to the liking of others.

        Sure, it’s Hex’s right to feel threatened by this. However, feelings don’t trump free-speech rights. It’s just that simple.

        1. Exactly. Suck it up, buttercup, the fucking world doesn’t revolve around you.

      4. I think “victim” is an actual career path now.

        1. Its the pre-requisite class for becoming a baby-burning puppy murdering drug warrior

        2. Working well for Ms Fluke so far.

      5. Well, assuming it’s a male to female transgendered person, the whole point is to feel like a pussy. Ironically, Savage had a letter from some tranny who was upset that someone had referred to her as “a transgender”, rather than “a transgendered person”. He treated the complaint as if it weren’t the most ridiculous whinery in history. And now it comes back to bite him in his frequently violated butt.

        1. No, F2M from an Islamic culture…

  7. Sticks and stones can be arranged in the shape of a penis, and words can make me scared.

  8. Wait, if you’re not allowed to say “tranny”, how are high school dirtbags supposed to complain about the cost of repairing their shitty cars?

    1. “Damn, my differently-gendered-mission went out. That shit’s gonna cost me like eight hundred bucks to fix!”

      1. “That shit’s gonna cost me like eight hundred bucks to fix!”

        BUCKS – Speciesist!!!

  9. Good to know that U. Chicago students are getting such educational value for their outrageous tuition dollars. Forty years from now, when they’re still paying off those loans, they can take comfort in the fact that they got to see Dan Savage speak in person.

    1. It’s parents are so proud of it.
      (and damned happy to have the little shit out of the house, no matter how much it costs)

      1. The little shit will be back in the house soon enough as it will likely be unemployable when it graduates.

  10. Hex asked Savage and Cox to use the term “T-slur” instead of the actual word. According to second-year Sara Rubinstein, an executive director of QUIP (Queers United in Power), and Hex, Savage then named other slurs, asking if they were suitable to use instead. “Obviously [he attempted] to threaten me and make me feel uncomfortable in that space, which was pretty successful,” Hex said.

    Hex, by trying to control what words Savage and Cox could and couldn’t use, was threatening them and making them uncomfortable.

    1. “second-year Sara Rubinstein”

      Is “Sophomore” now a slur?

      1. It’s JK Rowlings world, we just live in it.

      2. It’s sophomoric of you to even ask.

        1. Listing the school year is how they get around use of the work “freshman.” Freshperson was too stupid even for college kids.

          1. gah “…use of the word…”

          2. That sounds dumb enough to be true.

  11. I remember when people lost their shit over Bart Simpson saying “hell” and “damn”. If we have to have this sort of animistic censoriousness about words, I would prefer to keep our old obscenities rather than invent new ones, thank you very much.

    1. Eat my shorts, Warty.

      1. Don’t have a cow, man.

        1. Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger?!

          1. aye carumba! enough already.

            1. “Is there a Jass here? A Hugh Jass??”

                1. Why doesn’t Lisa love me? Is it because of my small calves? But they’re the hardest place to add mass!

              1. I’m looking for Amanda Hugenkiss!

                1. I’ve never watched the Simpsons and I know all these.

                  WTF is WRONG with me??!

                  1. For starters, you never watched Simpsons

                    1. “Do you find something funny about the word ‘tomboner’?”

                    2. DAMMIT. tromboner*

                  2. You need to ask?

    2. If we have to have this sort of animistic censoriousness about words, I would prefer to keep our old obscenities rather than invent new ones, thank you very much.

      Oh man, this whomps.

  12. I, uh, um…

    Uh, well, you know…

    1. When exactly did tranny become a slur?

      1. Actually, it’s more of a slurry.

      2. Its always been a slur. just because its also always been the common word to refer to these people doesn’t mean that there haven’t been highly negative connotations to it.

        1. If gays can reclaim “queer”, than transvestites can reclaim “tranny”. Of course once they do, the word can only be used by transvestites.

          1. Well, the transgendered, too. And NO, they are not the same thing, tyvm.

            1. I misspoke, I meant transgendered.

              1. Wait, I thought ‘tranny’ *was* for transvestites and ‘he-she’ was the preferred slur for transsexuals?

                Gee, who knew entomology was so fast-paced.

                1. Ooooo, RC’s Law? Can I get a ruling?

                  1. “Entomology” is practically a John-level illustration of RC’z Law.

                2. I, to my shame, when I was a lot younger, called them shits(she-it)

              2. Transgender. It’s not a verb.

            2. Read the comments after the Chicago Maroon article. Some classic material. Someone posting as Anonymous lays down the law in no uncertain terms. The proper term is transgender, which for some reason is considered “more inclusive” than transgendered. And transvestite is a slur now too. The proper term is cross-dresser. And he/she/it is none too pleased to have to provide this education either. We are all supposed to do research and learn what all the new insults are and strike them from our vocabularies before we dare to open our cisgender pie holes. As a matter of fact I feel unsafe and threatened over the fact that the spell check function of the comments box here shows the word cisgender as being misspelled. Stop the spell hate!

              1. Indicating that you know the right words indicates that you converse with and consume the intellectual works of the right sort of people. You can tell a Republican by the fact that he doesn’t know that ‘tranny’ is a slur.
                Ergo, knowing the correct words is in-group signalling.

              2. For all practical purposes we have the function of the Ministry of Truth but without the official updates on what words are verboten.

        2. Yeah, but that’s just the fact that the common word to refer to a stigmatized and disliked group will *always* be or become a slur. Even if you come up with new words, the euphemism treadmill takes place.

  13. “It” is Hex’s chosen pronoun.

    What, not “T-slur”?!

    1. It? Hex wants people to think of Hex as a child killing space clown?

      1. A child-killing space clown that wants to scare kids into a gang bang?

        1. Somebody read the book?

        2. Is that what Tim Curry is doing nowadays?

  14. “member of the LGBTQ community

    Well, there’s your problem right there.

    until they start charging fees in exchange for membership privileges like a fucking HOA, i say this ‘community’ bullshit is all in your head, lady/guy/person.

    Your feelings are the problem. The world doesn’t need to fix itself around them. You need to get your shit straight and quit playing St Fucking Sebastian because you think you can.

    1. “because you think you can”

      is one big reason for people doing stuff.

    2. “I’m really a ____ trapped in a man’s body”

      If I were to use any other noun but ‘woman’ in that sentence, I would be labeled insane. But in that one case, I’m part of a protected class and am therefore entitled to bitch about your insensitivity.

      1. Child, repressed dancer, soprano singer

        1. Just Google “otherkin”.

  15. What Ricky Suave fails to mention is that Dan Savage deserves this kind of treatment.

    You want me to weep for the Sorcerer’s Apprentice? Maybe Savage shouldn’t have lived up to his name so much by viciously denouncing just about anyone who isn’t like him – which he does in the name of tolerance, of course.

    1. Might this have been a setup? Maybe Dan has been feeling a bit neglected lately?

      1. Are you saying he’s some kind of attention-hungry self-promoter?

      2. He’s jealous of all the mentions RuPaul got and wants a little tempest in a teapot publicity action too.

      3. Unlikely. Dan Savage has been a target of trans activists for years.

        He’s been glitterbombed a few times over it, which just makes me cringe.

        1. I had no idea.

          Is it a good or bad thing that I pay utterly no attention to people I dislike? I made one tiny mention of my thoughts on Savage a couple of years ago and that’s all.

          1. I can’t really get excited about him one way or the other. I really appreciated some of the stuff he said when I was still sorting out my coming out, but he hasn’t said anything that’s made me think in several years.

            1. When I quickly perused the article, I first assumed Dan Savage was Michael Savage.

        2. Dan is thuggish/goonish enough that I feel nothing but satisfaction.

          You have sown the wind, Danny-boy.

          1. The Revolution Eats Its Own, Part #4,329.

    2. Ex-fuc**ng-actly.

      Savage is one of the folks taking the lead in rousing up the hurt and offended forces of tolerance against white, male, heteronormative, blah, blah, blah. That he’s on the line to get skewered by those very forces doesn’t bother me in the least.

    3. Just like Colbert – when your audience is trained seals, don’t be surprised when you get bit.

      1. when did Colbert get bit? Link please. Also, H&R commenters are a better kind of trained seal.

        1. Trained seals? H&R commenters? I’d say a little more like herding cats.

          1. Pfft. Modern technology. Get one cowboy and a laser pointer.

            ‘Course this has hit the cat-herding industry hard. Union lobbyists are trying hard to push regulations on laser pointers. They like to talk about ‘pilot safety’, but its just protectionism in disguise.

        2. The whole Asian thing. It was really stupid.…..celcolbert

    4. “Notorious G.K.C.|6.4.14 @ 3:13PM|#

      What Ricky Suave fails to mention…

      Por Favor = Roberto es *Rico*

  16. “In that context, it was like being applied to all transgender people,” it said. (“It” is Hex’s chosen pronoun.)

    It puts the lotion on its skin! It does what it is told!!!

    1. “In that context, it was like being applied to all transgender people,” it said. (“It” is Hex’s chosen pronoun.)

      “Stop saying THE WORD!!”

        1. +28?

    2. Seriously?

      “It” is a great pronoun to use … if your a SLAVE.

      I suspect Hex is protesting a bit too much.

  17. Hmm…I’d kind of wished this might be the Execution of Robepierre moment for this political correctness, but I suspect the Terror will continue.

    1. I wonder if Dan Savage will find that he’s just a Girondin?

  18. “Obviously [he attempted] to threaten me and make me feel uncomfortable in that space, which was pretty successful,” Hex said.

    1) You’re a fucking pussy – fuck you.
    2) That is all.

  19. Fucking college students.

    People like this make me embarrassed to be someone who went to college.

    All I can say is that I’m very glad to be rid of such a foul institution.

    1. The student loan bubble can’t burst fast enough.

    2. I thank god it wasn’t like that when I was around (six years ago). At least, I didn’t remember it being like that.

      1. College is pretty well siloed. Unless you’re actively looking for it, the stupid will stay out of sight, mostly.

        Just don’t read the student newspaper.

      2. I don’t remember it being like this either. Maybe I just didn’t see these people because I didn’t go to meetings of the Grievance Society.

      3. It was bad at some schools in the 90s. So bad that I left one small, liberal arts college, and transferred to a big university, where I could at least avoid the nonsense — somewhat.

        When I went to law school, there was even less of this nonsense, though I remember one student used the phrase “jew them,” which caused the pussified Dean to write a letter to the entire student body, criticizing such speech and stating that the university didn’t condone it. Ironically, I noticed that when the Dean had quoted the dictionary definition of “jew,” it included the synonym “gyp” — which should have started a new round of outrage, had their been any gypsies on campus.

  20. T-slur, please…

    1. That’s it’s rap name.

  21. I believe Savage has repeatedly failed to check his cisgender privilege. This is far from the first incident.

    1. At least he didn’t get glitter-bombed this time. That shit’s impossible to clean up.

      1. *jazz hands!!*

      2. Glitter is the herpes of the craft world.

    2. Yes, apparently so. From the comments:

      Bringing in Dan Savage was as negative as bringing in a member of a Hate Group. He is Transphobic, Biphobic, and says very questionable things about Sexual Assault. Bringing him to our school is harmful to trans* people’s, bisexuals’s, and survivors’s feelings of acceptance at this campus.

      1. Savage derides asexuals as well.

      2. Does trans* indicate a footnote, or is it being used as a shell wildcard to cover all possible gender identification?

        1. shell wildcard, but it’s gonna start getting awkward once transhumanism takes off.

          I’m a tri-gender pyrofox!

          1. Hey, I sure wouldn’t mind getting some more of that Arcturian poontang!

          2. They’ll have to learn regex.

        2. wildcard

        3. It’s a wildcard. FWIW, I think the only people who’ve got a problem with Tranny are people who are out to find anything to be offended by. It’s a word that can come off as dismissive but there are far worse words out there.

            1. If anyone can tour while dead, it’s Lou Reed. 😉

              1. He’s dead? Why the fuck didn’t Reason cover that?

      3. Would it be inappropriate to laugh in this person’s face? Because if not, I’ll need to think of something else.

  22. How is tranny a slur but queer is not?

    1. You are making the mistake of applying ‘reason’ and not ‘feelings’ to this issue.

    2. Queer has been adopted by The Community.

      1. I thought that show got cancelled.

      2. *** rising intonation ***

        I think I see a solution to the “tranny problem” ….

      3. Nobody ever sent me a ballot for that one.

        1. Your right to vote was revoked the minute you started posting on HyR.

      4. FWIW I fucking hate the word “queer”. And I supposedly am one.

    3. The same reason nigger is a slur if I say it, but its not if a black person says it.

      I don’t know man – honkey and cracker are slurs no matter the color of your skin. White privilege.

      1. I’ve long thought that one of the major problems of blacks is that they don’t have any good slurs for whitey. Honky? Ha! Cracker? Pitiful. The only halfway decent one is peckerwood, and that’s more funny than hurtful.

        1. Peckerwood is a racial slur? I had no idea!

        2. Slurs are a consequence, not a cause, of relative status. Any word used for a low-status group becomes a slur. Conversely, even if you try to come up with something like an intended-to-be-offensive “Fighting Whites mascot name, white people will just think it’s hilarious and ironic.

          1. Or “Fighting Irish”, of which they are quite proud.

        3. The slur is only effective if it stings its victim. It is hard for a minority group to have a good slur for the majority since the majority has the power and the slurs don’t really sting.

          Blacks don’t have pithy slurs, but they do have effective insults to white people that work because there is a grain of truth to it. White men can’t jump or dance and all of that.

        4. “White boy.”

          Although, that can alternately be sexy or scary depending on the speaker.

          1. Do any of teh Blacks use the term ‘ofay’ anymore??

        5. The slur that works best against white people is “racist.”

      2. I’m not sure if the transgendered community uses the term “tranny” other than (or if even) to refer to an automobile transmission.

        1. I don’t think there’s even a consensus yet within the transgender community, although the vociferousness of the “tranny is a slur” contingent seems to be forcing everyone else in line.

          1. Don’t know if it’s that far gone yet. I mean this flap reminds me of what was going on about “queer” in the early 90’s.

          2. This is all a complete surprise to me. I seem to remember “tranny” being thrown around quite a lot – even by trannies – back in my going-out days, i.e. up to about 2008 or so.

            1. On the other hand, I rather suspect that the key word here is “college”. The real world is going to come as a rude awakening to folks like Hex.

              1. As someone who grew up in the 70’s I think it’s a mix of increasing tolerance and more than a little PC sheltering which makes people way too sensitive. This Hex person wouldn’t be able to watch a couple hours of 1979 broadcast tv without ending up in the fetal position.

    4. I seem to recall that Savage used to use the word “faggot” quite a lot several years back.


      1. I thought we took “faggot” back a long time ago? My friends and I (straight and gay) throw it around all the time. Not in public – but that’s different, as it so often is.

    5. I loathe the word “queer” and wish it weren’t part of the lexicon. It may be a personal thing–that was the preferred slur when I was a kid, and I also read a lot of old literature, so it still retains the meaning “weird.” I’m not weird, I’m gay, thank you very much. Queer people pick their noses in public.

  23. I can probably retire on the damages I’m going to collect for the trauma of hearing the words “Whig,” “Tory” and “Quaker.”

    1. I thought it was “popery” that you considered a slur word. 😉

      1. I don’t know, we’re reclaiming “Papist” –

  24. Does no one else find it ironic that people will band together to BAN FORMS OF SPEECH and accuse people who refuse to comply as being ‘oppressors’?


    1. When you try to stop people who are initiating force from using force, then you are using force! That’s tyranny!

      1. You can’t spell “tyranny” without “tranny”!

        1. You win.

  25. I was under the impression that calling someone an “it” would be offensive. If Hex is reclaiming the word “it” I find its reaction to Dan Savage quite amusing.


    *cowers in corner*

    1. “Trigger warning”? Isn’t that when your firearms instructor yells at you to keep you finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target?


  27. “Obviously [he attempted] to threaten me and make me feel uncomfortable in that space, which was pretty successful,” Hex said.

    IOW, the T-slur became a T-rex.

    1. T-Slurous Hex – from the greek for “Thunder Rage”

  28. It is interesting that some people seem to feel “unsafe” whenever they aren’t being deferred and pandered to. When in reality, it is their need to be deferred and pandered to that makes them unsafe, because it cedes power over their psyche to someone else, leaving them vulnerable, dependent, and easily manipulated.

  29. Tranny is bad, but tyranny is grand!

    1. y, yes!

  30. More of this, please. Dan Savage routinely uses bad-faith arguments and cheap bullying tactics to shout down people who stand in the way of his political agenda. I don’t believe that Hex really felt unsafe, but making the claim chills discussion, which was the real intent. Too bad “Savage” already is a word, or else Hex could have mounted a campaign to turn it into a foul sexual term.

    1. You thought the Santorum was bad – you should have seen the SAVAGE those people left…..gross!

    2. Well Santorum deserved it, I have no problems with that.

      1. Santorum is an ignoramus, and maybe even a jerk. There’s a name for the kind of behavior that Savage engaged in, though — the kind of behavior where you single someone out for harassment and humiliation because they’re unpopular. That is bullying, which, I am assured, Dan Savage is totally against.

        1. You don’t get it, do you? He’s not against generic bullying, any more than a nationalist is against generic “invasion.” Just like a nationalist is against invasion of *his own country* while reserving the right to invade other countries, so Savage is against bullying of people he likes while reserving the right to bully people he doesn’t.

          1. Exactly. Just as hounding someone out of a job because they donated to a pro-gay marriage campaign would be a horrible thing, but hounding someone out of a job because they donated to an anti-gay marriage campaign is just the community speaking, and so is totally OK.

        2. Nope, scumbag politicians deserve all the humiliation they get.

          1. I would like to agree with you, but scumbag media people deserve it just as much.

            1. Well there’s no reason to pick and choose! Plenty of humiliation to spread around.

      2. At least we should be grateful to Savage for giving everyone a mental image which can only increase their favorable impression of sodomy!

        1. But at least he wasn’t tactless enough to make a “burn, baby, burn” joke about an infant who suffered near-fatal burns during a wrong-house police raid. That’s some real class there.

          1. For the record, i not only made that joke, but actually provided the disco soundtrack as well.


            1. BURN!

      3. Rick Santorum may have deserved it.

        What about Billy Santorum, from Key West? Or Sue Santorum, from Portland?

        Did they deserve it too?

    3. So, for you, this is really about payback for “Santorum”…

      1. Nope. Santorum was just an example of how Savage operates. It’s not the only one. His usual MO is bullying.

  31. I am aware that, as a non-trans individual, I speak from a position of cisgender privilege. More than anything, I applaud students for speaking up for their principles. It is neither my place nor intention to dispute how Savage’s choice of language may have made some students feel, or to question the genuine hurt or distress they may have felt as a result of this experience.

    Does someone think this is journalism?

    1. Don’t you oppress me!

    2. Check your cisjournal privilege.

      1. Checkez votre Anglais privilege

        /Quebec Libre

    3. It’s a college paper. It was either this or a story of the faculty parking lot getting repaved.

      1. Check your non-pedestrian privilege.

      2. They don’t have one. But I specifically meant that excerpt.

        1. Oh. Then, sadly, yes that is journalism.

    4. Sadly, yes.

    5. Journalism? I am not even sure it is English, or any other language I am familiar with.

    6. No one can ever say whether anything is right or wrong. Because if you tell someone they are wrong, they might feel “unsafe”.

      1. Don’t tell me how I might feel!

  32. In the not too distant future, MMA will be replaced with two 20 something college students who simply listen to mild insults through headphones (one must protect the audience, after all). The loser will be the one who cries, collapses to the floor and curls into a ball, or runs out of the arena first. Luckily, their PTSD and psychological concussions will be covered under Obamacare.

      1. And sadly, if that aired today it would be a scandal to dominate headlines for at least a week.

  33. But reason told me there isn’t a gay agenda.

    1. They lie!

      /Joe Wilson

  34. But we’re still allowed to use a spork, right?

  35. It “twink” a slur word?

    1. Depends on if you’re in West Hollywood or Silverlake.

      1. Which place is it a slur?

        1. It’s more likely to be used derisively in Silverlake. WeHo skews young, skinny and hairless below the eyebrows.

          1. I am not surprised. Isn’t West Hollywood, old school gay, meaning from the 70s and 80s when gays had their own culture and Silverlake just leftist Hipster douche? Figures the Hipsters would find terms the gay community invented to now be some kind of homophobic insult.

            1. Figures the Hipsters would find terms the gay community invented to now be some kind of homophobic insult.

              Twink, when used derisively, is less a slur and more the gay equivalent to a blond joke. Nobody is actually going to be offended by it.

              In LA WeHo, Silverlake and Long Beach all have entrenched and longstanding gay populations. The Black Cat Riots (1967), which predated the Stonewall Riots by two years happened in Silverlake. WeHo tends to be trendier and Silverlake tends to be more hipster, but Silverlake catered less to the early-20s, waxed-below-the-eyebrows crowd that was concentrated in WeHo through the ’90s and early ’00s.

              1. Thanks Jesse. You never know when a good knowledge of gay community history in LA might come in handy.

              2. Jessee,

                I always respected gay culture when it was about people leaving their home towns and saying fuck you to convention and going to some city and living by their own conventions. Regardless of what you think of the conventions, you have to respect anyone with the balls to go and do it. Somehow that seems to be getting lost and so much of gay culture such as it is is becoming settling down to be good leftist suburbanites or worse, going back home to fuck with everyone who objects to you.

      2. Or bought your Pally from a south east Asian “gold miner”

        ***lets see who gets this***

        1. I thought the Pally was turned into a bowling alley, a supermarket, and a car park in that order.

          1. My sister used to go there on Saturdays.

            1. JEEBUS H FSM!

              y’all be old AND fired

  36. Someone on here a couple of weeks ago, I forget who, made a great point. All of this obsession with gender identity is just enforcing the worst and most stereotypical views of gender. All it is really saying is that any man who is effeminate or woman who is masculine or otherwise doesn’t fit the tradition, stereotypical view of their gender is really just the other gender stuck in the wrong body.

    Why can’t a woman be masculine and attracted to women? Who says that makes her a man? The same goes for effeminate men. Saying they really are the other gender is to define gender in ways these people in any other context would completely reject.

    1. Why can’t we just laugh at these kooks until they find other, less annoying, hobbies?

      1. We can and should. But there is nothing wrong with pointing out their stupidity as well.

      2. I don’t think you understand that this isn’t going to stop. The Social Justice Warrior mentality is pretty much endemic at major universities now. Student councils/governments seem particularly vulnerable, which I take as a sign that it’s just a prelude to attempts to implement their ideology in actual politics, where the stakes can actually matter. I’m not sure you can just laugh at them and wait for them to get bored/go away. That avowed Socialist recently elected to the Seattle city council is wholly a creature of this ideology–do you really think she’ll be the last to try to gain actual power over people?

        1. No it won’t. And no one is immune. If Dan Mr flaming polymorous homosexual, isn’t immune no one is. All these idiots know is hate and division. No one will ever be safe from their attacks. If they were content to confine themselves to a few looney colleges, that would be one thing. But they are not. They are going to try and make our entire society like this.

        2. It’s widespread throughout the universities, spread through the media, and eventually adopted by government. PC’s tentacles are ever expanding.

          A few months ago, I needed to get a sheriff department employee’s attention as she was exiting the court.

          “Excuse me, miss,” I said.

          The judge quickly scolded me. “Counselor, I believe she prefers to be called ‘deputy.'”


  37. What a fucking drama queen.


      i can’t help it if I was born Viscount of Burgandy. God made me this way.

  38. Goddamn whiny trannies.

    1. I think he blew a SEAL.

  39. There is of course no better way to reaffirm a word’s evil power than by making it unsayable.

    Not only is this completely true, but I believe this is a major point in Harry Potter.

  40. tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny fried chicken tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny

    1. Cornflakes, cornflakes, cornflakes, cornflakes, cornflakes, cornflakes, cornflakes, cornflakes, cornflakes…cornflakes.

    2. Say, you’re not uttering some sort of hex, are you?

      1. + it

    3. “Fried chicken”! Why you…! / shakes fist

    4. “Fried chicken”! Why you…! / shakes fist

    5. badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger …

  41. Do you really want to hurt me? Do you really want to make me cry?

  42. Oh yeah, and I seem to recall RuPaul aroused similar criticism also for using the word tranny.

    I think gays took the right approach when they embraced “queer”.

    1. Except that any embracing they might have done to ‘queer’ is long gone.

      Now queer is ‘an umbrella term for sexual and gender minorities that are not gender-binary’ which, strangely enough, encompasses both bisexuals and *asexuals*. Members of the Homintern need not apply.

    2. “I seem to recall RuPaul aroused”


  43. You know, even though he’s a hardcore leftard, Savage doesn’t deserve to have people jump down his throat for not being on board with the latest jargon shift. I hate it when people get snotty with me for saying “black” instead of “african american” or “disabled” instead of whatever the euphemism of the month is now.

    All the trannies I’ve ever met referred to themselves as trannies when I met them. I’m not buying the claim that it’s pejorative all of a sudden.


    1. No he doesn’t. The only good thing about this is that perhaps it will wake a few people up to how awful and crazy these idiots are.

      1. The thing with the Mozilla guy seemed like a tipping point.

        1. Eventually leftists always turn on their own. The Mozilla guy was a liberal in good standing I think. That didn’t help him when the mob came. Hopefully people are starting to realize that just because they are not an evil Republican or Christian, doesn’t mean the mob won’t come for them.

          1. The thing is that they are always engaged in a game of one-upmanship about their moral superiority. Dinging someone for using the wrong word is a great way to display not only how much more senstive you are, but your superior level of education, because you obviously read the right magazines.

            1. Yes. And after you run off everyone who doesn’t use the right language, what do you have to feel smug about? Nothing. So you invent a new proper language and declare the old one offensive and run off a portion of the people who are left. Rinse and repeat until you end up putting people in ovens.

              1. Exactly (except the ovens part, perhaps). The goal is to always be correcting people. When your preferred nomenclature is widely adopted it’s time to change it so you can always be correcting others to keep that superiority buzz going.

        2. No way. Did you see Jonah Hill’s groveling apology?

          Opie and Anthony have a running bit about public apologies. They are trying to go 10 days without one. They haven’t made it past 1 yet. Somebody is always groveling before the PC police. Funny but sad stuff.

          1. That was the first incident I can remember that resulted in a lot of progressive infighting.

            Or maybe the internet progs I’m thinking of aren’t representative at all.

        3. I think this brown shirt behavior by the LBGTQ “mafia” is hurting the cause, quite frankly.

          As a libertarian, I’m quite sympathetic to the desire of individuals to be individuals. However, this recent spate of ‘takedowns’ is making me sympathetic to their cause, even if I still intellectually agree with it.

          My guess is that there is a substantial percentage of the population that is on the fence when it comes to gay (or whatever they’re calling it at the moment) rights, and shenanigans like this could tip people the wrong way. It’s not even a backlash–it’s shooting themselves in the foot.

          1. That should say “less sympathetic.”

          2. I was reading the comments to the story in the Denver paper about the bakery in Colorado that is no longer making wedding cakes after the courts forced them to sell to the gay couple. It was running 90 to 10 anti gay and much of that 90 percent really vile hatred. Reading it made me very sad. Gays have just gotten to t he point that they are pretty well accepted. That will end pretty quickly if being gay is viewed as synonymous with being an asshole bully who uses the courts and the media to bankrupt anyone who objects to you.

          3. they are inviting their own backlash, even from people prone to supporting SSM.

    2. But John, why don’t you just EDUCATE YOURSELF to LEARN the correct terms?

      Why can’t everyone just use the language and terminology progressives demand? If everyone did that, then their minds would be rewired to tihnk correctly, like us!

      1. That’s retarded.

        1. Wow! How stupid are you? You CLEARLY don’t know that “retarded” is a slur for mentally unpriveleged people. Either that or you are a bigot.

          I, on the other hand, am both better informed and more sensitive than you. I am a better human being.

          1. Hey now! Its hurtful to call someone stupid. You should use the phrase ‘knowledge challenged’.

            Clearly I am a better human being than you are.

            1. You are right. I offer my mea culpas. However, you should join me in mutual distain for Drake. We are both better human beings than he is.

              Repent, Drake!

              1. Your use of latin is “othering” me. Now how am I supposed to feel safe??

      2. I know, we all need to join the hive. The only problem is that the hive always needs an other. So when everyone joins, they just redefine the hive to make some of the members the new enemies.

        1. It’s like High School, but with “grown ups.”

        2. Precisely.

          If your identity revolves around feeling morally superior to others, you have to keep coming up with new things to feel morally superior about.

        3. Oceana, Eurasia, and Eastasia, locked in an eternal war where none gain the upper hand and always provide an external enemy to hate for the other two.

    3. Savage doesn’t deserve to have people jump down his throat for not being on board with the latest jargon shift.

      Tell me again how people don’t deserve to reap what they have sown?

      1. Yup. My inclination to want to be nice even to Dan Savage is tempered by my recognition that he now finds himself in a brazen bull.

      2. They should only reap what they have sewn. Or intend to sew.

  44. Fluke / Hex 2016!

  45. I will refrain from calling this person a tranny.

    I will instead call them an obnoxious censorious twat, and encourage them to take their delicate feelings, print them out in 196-point blue italic zapf dingbats, roll them up, shove them halfway up their ass, and light them on fire.

  46. I remember the good old days of like 10 years ago when people in the gay rights movement were taught to develop a thick skin and that words could only hurt if you let them. I personally and I think some gay activists have been taken aback by the aggressive word policing going on particularly by a handful of trans activists.

    The gay community I know and love is the least politically correct environment outside of a redneck family reunion. One should never tell members of a minority one doesn’t belong to what those members should be called or what they should or shouldn’t be offended by. But recognizing that “mainstream” society is always going to be slow to adapt is part of the process, and being polite is a two-way thing. I have no experience with what it’s like being transgender, and thus no right to tell them what they should think and do in their own rights struggle, but a sense of humor about oneself never hurts.

    1. God damn it, Tony. That’s the most agreeable thing you’ve ever said and you wait until the thread is dead to say it.

      1. Don’t worry, he probably won’t say an agreeable thing ever again.

    2. Perhaps you aren’t aware of the hurtful connotation of the slur “redneck”. As a southern white male I’ve had to suffer this attack my whole li-

      oh fuck it. This particular brand of sarcasm is beginning to feel a bit faggotty.

      1. As a fellow Southern white male I find the term a bit outdated. I prefer toothless cousinfuckers.

  47. What kind of poof has a chosen pronoun?

    1. Today’s progressive poofs.

  48. I would say that people who feel existentially threatened by language itself need to get over themselves, but I would probably be accused of hate speech.

    I’m late to the party, but I wanted to say this: People are such fucking thin-skinned pussies anymore that, pretty soon, a light breeze will need to come with a ‘trigger warning’.

  49. Ru Paul has been taken to task over this same issue. Here is his statement about it:…..4_q2_ldWSo

    1. Oops, try again.…..4_q2_ldWSo

      1. “Does the word ‘tranny’ bother me? No. I love the word ‘tranny.’?It’s not the transexual community who’s saying that. These are fringe people who are looking for storylines to strengthen their identity as victims. That is what we are dealing with. It’s not the trans community. ‘Cause most people who are trans have been through hell and high water? But some people haven’t and they’ve used their victimhood to create a situation where, ‘No! You look at me! I want you to see me the way you’re supposed to see me!’ You know, if your idea of happiness has to do with someone else changing what they say, what they do, you are in for a fucking hard-ass road? I dance to the beat of a different drummer. I believe everybody ? you can be whatever the hell you wanna be, I ain’t stopping you. But don’t you dare tell me what I can do or what I can’t ? say or can’t do. It’s just words, like, ‘Yeah, you hurt me!’ Bitch, you need to get stronger. If you’re upset by something I said you have bigger problems than you think.”

        Read more:…..z33jZfrk64

  50. I’m a UC alum. #2 son graduated with honors. I think he will be amused. I sent him a link.

  51. It’s kind of amazing how many words we could freely utter 15 years ago, that are now considered hurtful/hateful.

    I used to use “gay” to describe something that was lame, having no connotation in my mind about the sexuality of the object of my scorn. Probably like most people here, I could care less about someone else’s sexual orientation. But now, instructed by the language police, I am not supposed to use that term, and I am looking for an available substitute. I could use “lame,” but that is derisive to the crippl– er, handicappe-, er… disabled. I could use “dumb,” but that is potentially offensive to those who cannot speak. I could use “retarded,” but that would obviously require a trigger warning first. I guess I’ll just continue to say “gay” in my thoughts, and translate that into some neutered, politiKKKally KKKorrect phrase as needed when in public.

  52. These PC people are just fucking nuts. There is nothing wrong with the word tranny. Savage got a dose of his own medicine. Sara Rubinstein, an executive director of QUIP (Queers United in Power ). Now that that (queers) is a bad term to me.

  53. the student should have felt pathetic for being scared just because someone used the word tranny. come on really?

  54. Trannies are what percent of the population, again?


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