Tiananmen Square

Lousy Job Numbers Temper Modest Economic Growth, Tank Man Still a Mystery, Gmail Gains Encryption: P.M. Links


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  1. …Hillary Clinton still plays coy over whether she’ll run for president in 2016.

    Then she’s the only one who doesn’t know.

    1. Hello.

      No, I wasn’t wondering about Hilary.


      Thanks for asking!

      So polite you people at Reason.

      1. Christ you fucking annoy me.

        1. Why?

          Is it because of my accent?

          1. ok… now that was funny.

          2. I’m totally going.to.start reading your posts in a Bob-and Doug.Mackenzie accent from now on.

            1. +1 Take off, eh

            2. I thought that was a given.

              But in truth it’s more like Dudley-do-Right.

              1. That works, too.

        2. See, every time I see the “Hello.” in my head I always hear the rest of the line:

          “My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” Then I chuckle. Every time.

          Not annoying at all.

          1. I saw that on a “Hello” badge once.

    2. Taking a page from Obama’s playbook, she will find out about her campaign by reading it in the newspaper.

      1. That would be a throwback to the first days of the Republic. I might actually approve.

  2. Twenty-five years later, people still wonder about the identity of the mysterious man who faced down a tank in Tiananmen Square. Ten of thousands of people gathered in Hong Kong to mark the anniversary.

    The last time Chinese students failed at something.

    1. ouch

    2. +1 A-

  3. Google is rolling out a Chrome extension that will encrypt Gmail. Much gnashing of teeth at the NSA to ensue.

    Like the NSA won’t have the keys.

    1. No, The NSA will now have to pretend it can’t read it and cover up the fact that they are.

  4. His exchange for Guantanamo detainees shows no sign of becoming any less controversial.

    I’m sure the Obama people have another distraction at the ready to draw attention away from this one, which they will also completely fuck up.

    1. The DoD is reopening the case to see if it’s desertion? what’s it going to look like if Bergdahl is charged with treason?

      Especially since it’d be a death penalty case…

      1. Pretty sure the Army prosecutors will receive instruction from the administration to go as light as possible.

        1. Commander-in-Chief, bitches.

      2. Treason would be a difficult thing to prove, I’d imagine, but I don’t think, from what I’ve read about this kid that it is outside the realm of possibility that he was indeed aiding the Taliban. I doubt that any assistance he could have provided them did greater harm than the results of his initial desertion and the logic consequences of that action in regards to American casualties. I mean, dude was a PFC, not an officer or NCO. I’m very curious to see how this plays out.

      3. Whatever he’s done, its not treason.

        Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

        And even if it was, proving it would be nigh impossible.

        No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

        Though, if interested, below is a list of the only capital offenses in the UCMJ.

        94 – Mutiny or sedition
        99 – Misbehavior before the enemy
        100 – Subordinate compelling surrender
        101 – Improper use of countersign
        102 – Forcing a safeguard
        104 – Aiding the enemy
        106a – Espionage
        110 – Improper hazarding of vessel
        118 – Murder (including both premeditated murder and felony murder)
        120 – Rape (including child rape)

        Four provisions of the UCMJ carry a death sentence only if the crime is committed during times of war:

        85 – Desertion
        90 – Assaulting or willfully disobeying a superior commissioned officer
        106 – Lurking as a spy or acting as a spy
        113 – Misbehavior of a sentinel or lookout

        1. This is correct, as far as treason is concerned. That crime is actually defined in the Constitution, and it’s about impossible to prove because of the two-witnesses-to-the-overt-act requirement.

          Of course, there are any number of crimes on the books that are, really, “treason,” that lack these requirements. So far have we fallen from our once mighty perch.

  5. In case you’re wondering, Hillary Clinton still plays coy over whether she’ll run for president in 2016.

    Is Hillary ready for Hillary?

    1. I’m not sure she is. Her only public office was for a seat that was safely in the TEAM BLUE column. Wait till she actually has to face criticism.

    2. Is Hillary ready for Hillary?

      What difference, at this point, does it make?

  6. http://deadspin.com/nfl-not-in…..socialflow

    Super Bowl 50 will abandon Roman numerals. Why not just use the year?

    1. Our country is far too Latin illiterate. They can’t look past the fact that 50 is an L in Roman numerals?

      1. Save a ton of money on shirts by using that one simple little letter instead of “50!”

      2. Meh. As big a fan as I am of the classics, I think that Roman Numerals have really outlived their practical usefulness.



        2. What? Have you no sense of tradition?

          Ever tried doing math with Roman numerals? It’s epically hard. They should make kids do that, just to make them appreciate the Indian system.

          Roman engineers did everything geometrically, just because math with Roman numerals IS IMPOSSIBLE.

          1. LOL, yes, I’m intimately familiar with doing math in roman numerals and converting them to/from base 10 in Hindu-Arabic numerals. Programming 101 exercise.

            Good point about the kids, though.

        3. Back in the days of mainframe computers I worked with a guy who modified the memory dump to display in roman numerals.

          That’s probably what killed mainframes.

          … Hobbit

      3. It was fun until the numbers got too big. I am fine with going to Arabic numbers.

        1. I hope they crucify you at a football game. Roman style.

        2. XXXVIII is the longest until you get to LXXXVIII

          They’re pretty much as long as they’re going to get.

      4. Super Bowll?

      5. Super Bowl L would have had to have taken place in Buffalo or Minneapolis.

        1. I’m both a Minneapolitan and stumped as to what that means.

          1. L is for Loser.

            1. Thank god the Bills lost four straight Supes, rather than just a total of four.

              My Vietnamese immigrant friends – hardcore NFL fans – are shocked that a team could lose so many in a row.

    2. They’re nipping in the bud the obvious jokes about Super Bowl 59.

      1. They’re only doing it for one year…so presumably, Super Bowl LIX will be a thing.

        1. The 2017 Super Bowl will revert back to “Super Bowl LI.”

          Bet it won’t.

  7. The salty ham tears of the left taste so yummy.


    Presidents tend toward overreach. Congress isn’t good at pushing back. Each president who usurps more authority for his office makes it easier for the next one to do more of the same. This will be a part of Obama’s legacy that darkens over time.

    1. “Obama’s legacy that darkens over time.”

      Next time please offer a racism trigger warning.

      Thank you.

  8. The Federal Reserve says auto sales led modest growth in the economy last month…

    You know what would have helped that? It rhymes with gash for bunkers.

    1. Was it that program where they gave you someone else’s money if you agreed to deprive a poor person of the opportunity to buy an affordable automobile?

      1. Yes, only if said automobile was rendered wholly useless. The poor should be deprived of parts, as well as entire vehicles.

        1. They weren’t deprived of parts, just the engine.

          Scrappers had to pour silica into the engine block.

          1. If I recall, the car had to be crushed within 6 months. That’s a small window in which to get non-engine parts. But yes, you’re technically correct. (The best kind of correct!)

      2. I’m looking to find a good solid used car for my daughter. What a fucking nightmare.

        1. used car

          Yeah, they stopped making those for a few years. Good luck.

        2. Same thing happened to a friend.of.mine and his daughter. She ended.up having to get.something newer than.necessary and certainly.more expensive.

    2. auto sales led modest growth in the economy

      Those recalls on the other hand…

      1. Those recalls on the other hand…

        Broken windows! So its all good.

  9. German museum displays living, 3D-printed replica of van Gogh’s ear

    A living replica of the ear Vincent van Gogh is said to have cut off during a psychotic episode in 1888 is now on display at a museum in Germany.

    Artist Diemut Strebe used cells from Lieuwe van Gogh, the great-great-grandson of Vincent’s brother Theo, to grow the ear and a 3-D printer to shape it. The artist said the ear, which was grown at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital, is being kept alive inside a case containing a nourishing liquid and could theoretically last for years. The ear is identical in shape to van Gogh’s ear, according to the museum.

    Lieuwe and Vincent van Gogh share about one sixteenth of the same genes, including the Y-chromosome that is passed down the male lineage. Work is underway with a female relative to include mitochondrial DNA ? passed down the mother’s line ? for future installations, according to the Associated Press.

    Visitors to the museum can speak into the ear through a microphone. The sound is processed by software that simulates nerve impulses to produce a crackling sound.

    The exhibition runs through July 6 at The Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, Germany. The artist plans to display the ear in New York next year.

    Huh, what other famously dismembered body parts can we print?

    1. Theon Greyjoy’s dick?

      1. His name is Reek.

        1. Rhymes with shriek.

      2. The Kingslayer’s hand? Oberyn Martell’s eyes, skull, and brain?

          1. Bad things happen to everyone in that story. You should know that by now.

            1. But the fun part is being surprised by the specifics.

        1. Tyrion’s nose.

    2. John Bobbit’s .

      1. John Dillinger’s was supposed to be impressive. Rumors are that the Smithsonian has that.

    3. Various French heads?

      1. They were usually pretty juvenile with their lyrics, but “Lights Out” is a good parody of mystic bullshit.

    4. Van Gough’s Ear. Now there is a great hipster Kazuu and Ucayali band name if there ever was one.

      1. Van Gogh. Kazoo. Ukelele.

    5. Luke Skywalker’s arm?

  10. Here’s your hilarious (all you can do is laugh, right?) Obamacare screwup of the day: Nearly 2 million of the policies filed for under the federal system may be invalid: http://www.philly.com/philly/h…..e.html?c=r

    1. Oh, but you can be damn sure the intended-insurers are going to honor those policies. Nice business you got there, shame if the IRS had to audit it.

  11. http://freethoughtblogs.com/br…..ensorship/

    Trigger warnings are not censorship. They are merely a means of protecting unprivileged students from the offensive education of privileged students.

    1. That is officially the most up-its-own-ass thing I have read yet about trigger warnings. Impressive.

      1. Again with the unfalsifiable concept of “privileged.”

      2. Well, it is FTB, Nicole. Myers and his sycophants are worse than you.

        1. The title of the blog is so bad it gave me cancer. “Brute Reason”? Ugh…I…ugh.

          1. I know. Don’t these people even know about the NAP?

            1. Lalalala…I can’t HEAR you. /progderp

    2. “I rather suspect the word “censorship” is just one of those moral bogeymen like “Communism!?” or any of a host of other such words that these people like to throw around. None of them have ever successfully explained or defended their use of such words. It’s just an appeal-to-emotion tool. Which feeds on an endless cycle of other emotions and tools used to prop up their entitlement apologetics.”

      Lord, Lord, Lord.

      1. “appeal-to-emotion tool”


        1. It seems the word ‘communism’ can never be applied other than in the context of the Soviet Union or China or Eastern Europe.

          Even then.

      2. I think we can move from Hypothesis, beyond Theory, and straight to Law, the idea that leftism is pure projection.

      3. -failure to define words
        -entitlement apologetics

        That’s some pure projection there.

    3. OK, let’s mine this for quotes. *cracks knuckles*

      Miri is a progressive feminist atheist and a recently transplanted New Yorker

      Zzzzzzzz…Fuck! Fell asleep there. All right, time to get going.

      But privileged students already avoid material that makes them uncomfortable; that may be one reason you see way too few white students in courses on African-American literature. Trigger warnings might make this slightly easier, but it doesn’t fix the larger, systemic problem of people choosing not to engage with material that challenges their worldview.

      Oh. Well then. And now let’s hie to the comments.

      F [i’m not here, i’m gone]
      May 27, 2014 at 9:17 pm (UTC -5) Link to this comment

      I rather suspect the word “censorship” is just one of those moral bogeymen like “Communism!?” or any of a host of other such words that these people like to throw around. None of them have ever successfully explained or defended their use of such words. It’s just an appeal-to-emotion tool. Which feeds on an endless cycle of other emotions and tools used to prop up their entitlement apologetics.

      Whew. I survived.

      1. way too few white students in courses on African-American literature

        I avoided all literature classes equally.

        entitlement apologetics

        If being responsible and productive are an entitlement then I shall refuse to be apologetic about my entitlement.

        1. So they basically believe that all African-American literature is the same – that’s not racist at all.

      2. Miri is a progressive feminist atheist and a recently transplanted New Yorker

        Zzzzzzzz…Fuck! Fell asleep there. All right, time to get going.

        No no, you missed my favorite part of her description: do you think that means she recently went to New York, or recently came from there? I have my suspicions about what she thinks it means, and they don’t comport with what I think it means, let’s just say.

        1. I think she recently moved to New York. I’d like to think most New Yorkers who move someplace else have the decency not to constantly tell everyone how much better New York is than wherever they moved to. Plus, this kind of rigid, provincial, shallow, angry pseudo-thinker kind of has to be in New York, right? If she lived in someplace less important, she’d never manage to unroll her eyes.

          1. I also think she recently moved to New York. But a “transplanted New Yorker” is…a New Yorker who was transplanted. I mean I can see it legitimately interpreted both ways but that screams “LOOK AT ME BEING A NEW YORKER NOW HAHAHA FLYOVER BITCHEZ”

            1. Yep, we’re right. Of course she likes shitty grafitti.

      3. Warty, I may have told this story before but in a European history class in university years ago the professor was quoting Edmund Burke (the subject was African colonization but I forget the exact quote) and one student went absolutely ballistic taking the professor to task arguing as if he was Burke himself.

        It was the most bizarre piece of prog derping I’d seen in school. It was obscene. The student was completely incapable of contextualizing.

        1. Well that’s not very smart.

        2. Do progs really hate Burke that much?

          I mean, I can see it, but damn.

          1. Who knows?

            Incidentally, the Burke v. Paine debates were great.

            1. I was reading on Econ Stories the interview with the guy who recently published the Burke/Paine book. Sounded interesting.

    4. About the author: After that, she hopes to pursue a career that combines activism with counseling. When not doing school things, Miri spends her time reading and writing about social justice, mental health, sexuality, and politics.

      Sounds like a real barrel of laughs. And better yet, she aspires to leech off my tax dollars. Yay!

      1. Oh man, the real world is going to hit her hard. Poor thing.

    5. “Miri spends her time reading and writing about social justice, mental health, sexuality, and politics. “

      Miri is a boring cunt

    6. I’m trying to figure out if the continuing pussification of the human race will soften us up enough for alien invasion or that these mental turds will simply weed themselves out of the gene pool via suicide, from all the chronic and painful assaults on their feelz.

    7. Oh god, this poor miserable woman. It would be sad if she weren’t such an obnoxious asshole.

      I used to hate myself for being romantic and preoccupied with relationships. Now I hate myself for being cynical (on a good day I call it “realistic”) and apathetic about the whole thing while everyone around me starts serious relationships and moves in with partners and gets engaged.

      Maybe that sounds depressing and pessimistic, but to a depressed person?or this depressed person, at least?it’s actually incredibly freeing. There is no reason for the self-hatred, or whatever the proper term for that darkness is. I didn’t do anything to deserve it. It is, for whatever genetic or circumstantial reason, just my darkness to live in. For now.

      Maybe you should squa…no, you know what? Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re doing great.

    8. I tried to reply twice and was informed that I was an imposter. First I used my handle PiGuy handle – which I used there for a few years* before they starting bashing libertarians more than I could stand – then using my real name. No dice. And my email address is legit.

      *although I am still an atheist, I am ashamed to acknowledge that I was a part of that shit. But, on the up side, I found out about Reason because Ed Brayton linked to a Radley post here. And, great Loki, for a bunch of educated people, they sure are dumb ass stupid.

      1. It’s ok, Guy, there are several of us here who are atheist refugees, or perhaps deportees, from FTB.

    9. Miri is a progressive feminist atheist

  12. …but payroll firm ADP reports an unexpectedly low 179,000 private sector jobs created in May (and April numbers were revised downward).

    Doesn’t ADP know there are mid-terms coming up?

    1. Unexpected? I expected it since the previous month’s jump was suspiciously high.

  13. Attack on school choice in the name of disability rights


    1. That clearly fails my 2 sigma test, so I will ignore.

    2. I refuse to click any link that contains both Rick and and any form of the word roll.

  14. National Research Council: Manned mission to Mars unaffordable, but necessary challenge for US

    Landing astronauts on Mars is unaffordable given today’s budget realities, but the U.S. can’t afford not to undertake such a mission.

    That’s the thrust of a new congressionally mandated report by the National Research Council. The 285-page analysis, released Wednesday, concludes that a successful trip to the Red Planet depends on a well-financed, “disciplined” approach with broad buy-in that must not fluctuate from administration to administration.

    “Our committee concluded that any human exploration program will only succeed if it is appropriately funded and receives a sustained commitment on the part of those who govern our nation,” said Purdue University President Mitch Daniels, the former Indiana governor who co-chaired the committee authoring the report. “That commitment cannot change direction election after election. Our elected leaders are the critical enablers of the nation’s investment in human spaceflight, and only they can assure that the leadership, personnel, governance, and resources are in place in our human exploration program.”

    No, fuck you, cut spending. And privatize this mission.

    1. unaffordable given today’s budget realities

      What budget realities? Are modern money printers no longer fast enough for government’s spending demands?

      1. Just think of the multiplier!

  15. Horrible. Obama to Leave US POW to Rot in Afghanistan After Withdrawal

    Posted by Jim Hoft on Wednesday, October 23, 2013, 9:34 AM


    RWNJs reverse course now that Obama does something they used to warn.

    1. ……………

      someone help my brain is melting due to reading too many of pb’s posts help me please

      1. Scroll wheel, Andrew, scroll wheel. Srsly. Life is too short.

        1. Right? If you don’t want – or can’t get – Reasonable, then just skip past it. I can pretty much guarantee you won’t miss anything worthwhile.

          1. I discovered a problem with McAfee + Reason on Firefox, so I switched to Chrome for this site (and a few others). This gave me the opportunity to use Reasonable and I really like it. The only person I wound up hiding turned out to be PB. That might be the best thing of all.

            … Hobbit

      2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhHdy1kkinE

        Always look to cartoons, Andrew.

    2. Hoft was way off, PB, in this way:

      Bergdahl was never classified as a POW.


      1. *sigh*

        In 2000, the U.S. military replaced the designation “Prisoner of War” with “Missing-Captured”. A January 2008 directive states that the reasoning behind this is since “Prisoner of War” is the international legal recognized status for such people there is no need for any individual country to follow suit.

        *No-one* is classified as a POW anymore.

        1. I learn something new here every day.

          Sometimes, its even something I can mention in polite conversation.

  16. Unshockingly, Syria’s President Bashar Assad won reelection in a stage-managed event. He had two “opponents,” both approved by the government.

    It requires, well, not much of a stretch at all to apply this to US elections.

    1. He had two “opponents,” both approved by the government.

      When was the last time we had three candidates approved by the government? Was one of them a Bull Moose?

      1. Ross Perot.

  17. Gun grabber under indictment for gun trafficking to raise campaign money drops out of race; 287,000 CA voters decide he’s still deserving.
    Or maybe they just saw D after his name, drooled, and pulled the lever.

    “287,000 vote for Leland Yee”

    1. Holy shit that’s retarded. People are idiots.

      We were asking about you the day about some rude Chinese waiter in SF who died in the 80s (I forget the name and restaurant) and whether you been or not.

      1. …”some rude Chinese waiter in SF”…

        It really started with him being honest about food, but then it turned into an act.
        But I missed him; hardly any Chinese food gets my attention.

  18. Re-upping from older thread =

    Please read the following short article:

    Critics Are Questioning American Military Credo of Leaving No One Behind

    …and ask yourself, “who are the un-named ‘critics’ here?, and why are there absolutely no quotes from *them*, but simply a bunch of canned ‘responses’ by administration officials’ suggesting their criticism is unfounded?

    Dwell on that for maybe a minute, then realize that the ‘critics’ the story claims are ‘Questioning the Military Credo’ are in fact, Berghdal’s actual Platoon Mates who are calling for his court-martial.

    The NYT seems to think conflating ‘court martial’ with ‘questioning his return at all’ is perfectly OK. Also, suggesting that actual Soldiers reject the notion of ‘rescuing former comrades’ is also acceptably-classy. so is writing a story about “critics” while never mentioning who in fact those critics are.

    1. These people have no shame. But that is not going to work for them. People know what a deserter is and they are not going to buy into the idea that going and getting one is the same as getting a real POW. They are amazingly tone def.

      1. amazingly tone def

        Your illest misspelling yet.

        1. And hip hop destroys another part of our culture.

        2. Your comment does not appear to be written in an English script. Please comment in English.


          1. Sorry, i got that for trying to use the “o” from Ton-Loc

    2. Everything for Obama, nothing outside Obama, nothing against Obama.

    3. and ask yourself, “who are the un-named ‘critics’ here?, and why are there absolutely no quotes from *them*, but simply a bunch of canned ‘responses’ by administration officials’ suggesting their criticism is unfounded?

      I don’t know if you answered me in the other thread, but do you not think the unnamed critics are the reporters and editors? I imagine the NYT having a general stance against the Military Credo.

      1. “Schmitt, Eric

        5:50 AM (11 hours ago)

        to me
        Mr. Gilmore,

        Thanks for your feedback. The voices of the critics — many of Sgt. Bergdahl’s former platoon mates — have been widely publicized in the media over the past few days. The attempt here in the limited space I had was to explain some of the background of the “leave behind no man” credo.


        ES “

        1. Vom. Thanks.

        2. Sergeants can be exceptionally caustic on the subject of an incompetent commanding officer, and can be seriously pissed about having to follow said incompetent’s orders.

          That doesn’t mean they are questioning the principle of chain-of-command.

  19. The Goog is releasing a Chrome extension for Gmail called “End-To-End.”

    End-to-End is a Chrome extension that helps you encrypt, decrypt, digital sign, and verify signed messages within the browser using OpenPGP.

    Nerds, weigh in.

    1. Already covered? Damn. I may need to think my habit of shotgunning a post I think won’t be covered and then reading the Links.

    2. Doesn’t matter, but creates brand-protecting image. People will ‘feel’ more secure, and Googs can be different than their peers.

      I’m not much of a nerd, FWIW

      Just saying that encryption dont really matter. It all gets stored, and it all is searchable. So says the people I read, at least.

      1. Uh…it gets stored, but without the keys it gibber.

        1. nope.

          there’s very few/nearly no system that doesn’t require someone to hold the key – and if ‘someone’ has the key, so do they.

          There are experiments to do things differently…as per =


          1. It looks to me like Google’s new extension is true end-to-end encryption. The key won’t be available to Google. It’ll be stored locally on your machine. The extension will be able to access the private key locally, encrypting the message before Google delivers it to the addressee. How the addressee gets an uncompromised copy of your public key to decrypt the message isn’t mentioned in the article.

    3. I’d trust it the encryption, BUT I don’t trust that they won’t be forced, now or later, to add a backdoor which the NSA has the keys to, and they’re not allowed to talk about.

      On the other hand, the NSA can read your emails right now, so this is at the very least an impediment to them.

  20. Once more, ’cause no body should miss it:
    Lefty columnist says in the interest of “free speech” Amazon should be forced to sell books; market failure means you can’t get ’em if Amazon doesn’t sell ’em:
    “Mighty Amazon flexes, and the world quivers”

    Said columnist gets case of frozen balls several hours later:
    “Wal-Mart Seizes on Amazon/Hachette Book Feud”
    Yep, the hated Walmart steps up to save the world!

    1. Delicious, if only for the cognitive dissonance this will cause in progs. Heh.

  21. Why I posed naked in Brooklyn (NSFW)

    It was March in Brooklyn, which meant it looked like spring but felt like winter. I met the Shameless Photography team a block and a half from where the shoot took place to check in, fix my hair and practice my stance before walking to the shoot location separately, secret agent style. We met covertly, knowing that once my dress came off we wouldn’t have much time to get the shot of a 6 ft tall, 300 lb. woman standing butt naked in Brooklyn, New York without attracting some serious attention.

    I am 34 years old, and the first time I saw a naked body that looked like mine, worn proudly, was just over a year ago. In saying “a body like mine” what I mean is, no matter the steel cage of a corset or the taut elastic of a girdle, my thick curves pour over and out like soft dough. I have always been soft dough. This, just like my worker hands, was bred in me. This, like my strong will and stubborn heart, is indicative of both my light and my survival. I am not writing this to tell a story of how my body came to be as it is; I am writing to share how I finally came to stop and look, really look at my body and actively learn the power in what it is to redefine beauty.

    Click at your own risk.

    1. Yes dear, just be proud of your body that is some day going to leave your bones worn out and riddled with diabetic diabetic nephropathy. Just have another cheese burger baby. You deserve it.

    2. The blonde was almost worth the punishment.

      1. The blonde was Madonna (back in the day).

        The disclaimer should have been “NSFA”

        A = Anywhere.

        Where is the brain-bleach?

      2. Almost, but not quite.

        At least she’ll help prevent others from being obese. Seeing that would put anybody off their feed.

    3. Click at your own risk.

      No thank you.

      But, seriously, hasn’t the naked-In-New-York art theme been beaten to fucking death?

      Is this what the creative class is reduced to? Taking public naked pictures of people, getting the art world to declare how outr? and edgy it all is, and believing that they’re all first amendment-ey?

      I strongly suspect that if any of them were ever savagely beaten to death by a gang of criminals with badges, only then would they see where our civil rights have really gone.

      Or maybe it’s a kind of street theater where they can’t be stopped and frisked?

    4. How can HuffPo simultaneously want to stop “fat shaming” women like this and want the government to control the “obesity epidemic” by force?

      1. Because they are insane and just emote positions based on emotion with no regard to any internal consistency. Also, they figure the obesity rules will only apply to poor and brown people and men and not to respectable white women like this woman.

      2. They have finally reached enlightenment, being able to.hold two.fundamentally opposed ideas in their.minds simultaneously and.without irony.

        1. They can hear the sound of one hand clapping.

      3. dou?ble?think


        the acceptance of or mental capacity to accept contrary opinions or beliefs at the same time, especially as a result of political indoctrination.

      4. Because it’s not their fault that they’re fat. You see, it’s the fault of commercials and fast food restaurants and soda makers. So they can simultaneously hug the fatty and whisper, “there, there,” while demanding the government do something(tm) about the evil korporashuns.

    5. The funny thing is, since nothing on the Internet ever goes away, she has just potentially made herself into fap material for a “certain unusual segment” of the population for many decades from now.

      How’s that for empowerment?

  22. Google is rolling out a Chrome extension that will encrypt Gmail. Much gnashing of teeth at the NSA to ensue.

    I’m sure Google has provided an after-hours back-door key.

    1. I’m going to use it anyway. It’ll make the NSA’s life a teensy bit more difficult even if they have the keys and there are other entities out there that would like to look in my inbox.

  23. I did my good deed for the day, and simultaneously pissed in a cops wheaties while doing it:

    I’m walking back to work after lunch and I’m waiting at a crosswalk for the light to change. A car that was waiting to make the uncontrolled left is behind another car and therefore completely obstructing the sidewalk and partially into the intersection. The light turns yellow and both the car in front of it and that car make the left into the red light. A motorcyle cop who was traveling in the direction of the turning cars turns on his light and pulls over the second car, clearly claiming he ran a red (although worth noting that the motorcycle cop’s vision of the second car was obstructed by another car that was riding adjacent to him).

    I turned around and walked back over in the direction I came and as the officer is taking the motorist’s info back to his motorcycle to run it, I politely tap on the passenger side window of the car pulled over, hand my business card, and state I will gladly be a witness should he decide to contest the citation. The officer starts barking at me that I’m not allowed to solicit the motorist (without citing any relevent law of course) and I merely state I’m handing my info in case the driver wishes to contest.

    1. I’m actually very sensitive to moving violations downtown since I am a routine pedestrian (worth noting that while I waited for the light to change going back the other direction to hand my card, someone egregiously ran a red at a high rate of speed and should have been ticketed). But this person clearly did no wrong and had an obligation to pull forward so as to not block the intersection. My sense of justice kinda kicked in.

      1. Your next drink is on me!

        1. Didn’t Playa promise you a drink?

          If you tell Playa to give that drink to Sudden, everyone’s drink obligations can be discharged in an efficient manner!

          1. Hey its like that ‘how a dollar erased everyone’s debt’ stupid story.

      2. Risky move to tap on his window, if you ask me. Did that game 7 give you a death wish?

        1. Wasn’t the cops window, it was the driver’s window. And I didn’t tap as much as signaled the passenger (two Asian guys in a land rover) to please roll the window down as I held my card in my hand.

          1. Ah, misread that. I thought it was a miracle you were still with us!

            1. Day’s not over yet.

      3. Your sense.of.justice.is.going.to get a.bit sore once.the cops find.out.your name if.you do witness in court.

        1. Needs moar period.

        2. What can I say? 25 years ago today a man in Tianamen Square stood in front of a line of tanks 100 deep to stand up for freedom. The least I can do to commemorate that is to give someone else the chance to combat police lies where possible.

          1. Honorable, that, and.hopefully not.enough to get your brains deposited.on a.sidewalk, eventually.

            1. It helps to read db’s period-text like William Shatner as Kirk.

              1. Of all.the comments.I have read, this was the most.cogent.

      4. The Force is strong with you.

        1. Thanks. It felt like the right thing to do. I turned around and took an additional 10 minutes out of my day to hopefully save some poor guy $250.

          Of course, I’m sure the officer strong-armed them into giving him my card and I can now expect threatening actions and police intimidation to ensue.

  24. “Unshockingly, Syria’s President Bashar Assad won reelection in a stage-managed event. He had two “opponents,” both approved by the government.”

    It’s good to see bought politicians staying bought even in those places brown people live!

  25. Get ready to roll your eyes-

    No sympathy here. She got exactly the kind of society she’s no doubt voted for and condoned for years.

    1. And when the same thing happened to some poor person, that bitch would have been all for it. Reap the whirlwind baby.

      1. Well, at least she got to take the government-approved Better Mommy classes she so obviously needs.

  26. Oberyn Martell (Pedro Pescal) and Gregor Clegane (Haf??r Bj?rnsson) shirtless together.

    You’re welcome.

    1. Which one is your type? Enormous Icelander or svelte and slithering Spaniard?

      1. Allow me to answer for Jesse: yes.

        1. Both more succinct and entirely accurate.

      2. If they both walked up to me at once and I had to choose one, I’d probably go with Haf??r just because it’d be the more unique choice and the least likely to possibly reoccur, but I wouldn’t kick either out of bed for eating crackers.

        1. Seems like a good a time as any to mention that jesse and I will be officially dividing the commentariat and all other male persons into his, mine, or unfuckable. And it’s working perfectly so far, because I definitely want Pescal.

          1. Were we going to tell them that before the dividing? I thought we were just going to tell them to report to Camp Nikki, Camp jesse, or the monocle mines after they’d been appropriately sorted.

            1. What if neither camp wants us?

              1. That’s why there’s an unfuckable category, John. But don’t worry, you get to come to Camp Nikki. Sight unseen, because I like your typos that much.

                1. Thank you Nikki. You are the bestest. You can count on me to be your devoted minion. I will even do the dirty work that Warty won’t do.

                  1. Thank you! I am the bestest!

                    1. But what if we don’t want to fuck you or jesse? Us asexuals have rights too.

                    2. That’s, um, that’s. Well. That’s not what I heard.

            2. I’m really torn here.

              On the one hand I’m not gay and sodomy sounds painful.

              On the other hand, nicole is the worst.

              1. I hope you like monocle mining!

              2. sodomy sounds painful

                I blame straight guys springing surprise buttsex on their girlfriends for this. Nothing about buttsex necessitates pain. Although Nicole prefers to get her bottoms ‘luded up for convenience sake.

                1. I blame straight guys springing surprise buttsex on their girlfriends for this.

                  The few and far between times I’ve managed to coax a woman into choco-taco permission (all without element of surprise), they’ve reacted as though I am ramming a tree trunk through the head of a needle (and that’s not me bragging, as I’ll readily admit to being decidedly average). Perhaps its one of those things that you need a few rounds to losen up first.

                  Plus, my hemmoroids are bad enough without foreign invaders pressing them into further pain.

                  1. Perhaps its one of those things that you need a few rounds to loosen up first.

                    Most of that is mental. People fear it’ll be painful and then get clenchy and it is. Lots of lube, take it as slow as it needs to be and a ton of foreplay and it’s not so bad. The first time or two, or if the person on the receiving end has had unpleasant prior experiences, is a major time investment, but after he or she gets comfortable it’s really not a big deal.

              3. Dude, they’re just talking about fucking, not a relationship. Sometimes the ‘worst’ women are exactly what you want in that situation.

                1. My 5:58 was a reply to Sudden @ 5:30

                  1. I merely assume she is the worst at everything.

    2. I’ve got to say, I’ve seen far more realistic deaths in film (and some real ones from wrong turns on the internet) and more gratuitous violence, but that’s the first time I think I felt clinical shock from an on-screen death and I have no idea why. Didn’t say much the rest of the night and didn’t sleep.

      Bravo, GoT.

      1. For me it was the screams. A very brutal and undignified death since only a moment before he was triumphantly trying to draw a confession.

        Pascal (who’s from Orange County, CA) was fantastic in the role.

        1. Yeah, even though I knew it was coming, I was still shocked by the whole bit.

        2. It was definitely his screaming. I always squirm when eyes are attacked, but his screaming is what sold his death as an incredibly brutal end.

          Pascal was awesome. I really hate to see him leave already.

  27. The Taliban released video of the handover of American prisoner Bowe Bergdahl to U.S. forces. His exchange for Guantanamo detainees shows no sign of becoming any less controversial.

    Ok, this Bergdahl swap has to be intentionally bad. I’ve decided that the Democrats believe the midterms will go better for them if every soundbyte is of a Republican on the attack instead of a Democrat on the defensive about the VA, negative GDP, Obamacare website, etc.

    It will be icing on top when a Republican warhawk gets all frothy and says something a little too vitriolic.

    1. “the midterms will go better for them if every soundbyte is of a Republican on the attack instead of a Democrat on the defensive”

      This is plausible.

      Because they knew the Berghdal thing would be a big, bad flap, and yet they did it in the most high profile way possible, *intentionally*.

      In fact its the only explanation outside of ‘they’re fucking retarded’ that suggests someone *had a plan*

      1. They are just fucking retarded. They honestly are so stupid they didn’t think his being a deserter would be a big deal.

        1. I’m with Gilmore. The O admin has pulled this sort of trick before where they engineer a controversy, even one where they know their assertions or statement will be demolished because they believe that having people focus on that will be better for them politically than what was going on previously, so long as the issue is something that the prog faithful will go to bat for.

          Everyone (outside of the truly blind partisans) understand that O broke a law he signed to trade five nasty prisoners for a deserter who’s actions led to the deaths of American soldiers, however, the scandal which this is now overshadowing is one where the administration was in a totally vulnerable position and no amount of leftist talking head-ism was going to be able to deflect from it, so: now we have this, and the strategy is working so far.

        2. Ok, even if they were desperatie for a “win.” They still had to contact the Taliban, go back and forth in the negotiations, get Qatar to accept them, get together the resources for the transfer and execute it.

          I find it hard to believe that during all this time that nobody discovered what a POS this guy is. They keep a muzzle on Rev. Wright, tell Ayers to chill out, hide the Khaleeli tapes, silence his brother, hide Benghazi witnesses, but they decide to parade THIS guy out? It makes no damn sense.

          They are retarded in a number of ways, but they’ve shown numerous times in the past that they can at least control people or distance themselves from them effectively. Why embrace this guy?

          1. It sounds like they had this deal on the table for a long time–defense and intelligence types in the administration were objecting to it several years ago.

            They clearly pulled the trigger now to get the VA scandal off the front page, but I question whether that one is actually worse than the Bergdahl scandal, in terms of politics.

            The VA scandal was somewhat vague and bureaucratic. The media was already turning away out of boredom. This one is visceral and immediate. I think it could have legs.

      2. I dunno. I’ve learned to pretty much assume stupidity as the cause from the get-go.

        The Obama crew seems to credit themselves with an out-sized ability to “control the message.”

  28. TNR dutifully whistles past the graveyard in latest Obamacare flap over erroneous enrollment data

    Could the problem actually be a lot worse than Administration officials think?or are letting on? Sure. Even if it’s not, there are undoubtedly some people getting the wrong amount of financial assistance. Those who are getting too much will have to pay the difference, presumably by next year’s tax deadline. Those who are not getting enough are entitled to more assistance?and in many cases they need it, because they are extremely poor. The amounts might not be big in most cases. But there are bound to be some exceptions.

    These kinds of problems are inevitable with a new program, which is one reason why the law gives the Secretary of HHS extra flexibility over enrollment in the first year. The question is how widespread the problems are?and how long it takes the Administration to fix them. As Judy Solomon, vice president for health policy at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, told the Post, “The longer it takes and the more months .?.?. go by, the more serious the consequences of any error that may have occurred.”

    The data errors affect 2 million people.

    1. out of 5 million.

    2. “‘These kinds of problems are inevitable””

      And so the bar was lowered.

    1. Those monsters. They have finally gone too far. Eva Green’s breasts are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happen. One a spawn of Satan who hated all humanity would deprive us of seeing them.

      1. Even Eva’s breasts can’t save penny dreadful.

        1. Eva’s breasts are forces of nature. They can do anything.

          1. Camelot was based on Eve Green’s breasts.


            and it was not saved.

    2. You made me cry real tears.

  29. youngservative 36 minutes ago
    Who doesn’t love it when liberals have to eat their own nanny-state dogfood.

    And, of course, the inevitable butt-hurt, goalpost shifting, and denial:

    Frank650 12 minutes ago

    Like the Californians who were horrified when the state suggested that babysitters have a paid break.

    orbitboy 7 minutes ago

    There’s nothing “nanny-state” about this. It’s straight-up conservative-style fascism. 1984, big brother run amok.

    1. Sorry, should have used block quotes.

    2. Where’d that come from?

  30. Pope Francis on Monday (June 2) warned married couples against substituting cats and dogs for children ? a move that he said leads to the “bitterness of loneliness” in old age.

    Melissa McEwan of shakesville responds and leads her response with trigger warnings “Reproductive policing; choice policing; infertility” and snark “Your progressive pope on people who choose not to parent”

    This calls for popcorn.

    1. So if a woman chooses to have an abortion, that is her choice and a wonderful thing. If the Pope chooses to tell people that they ought to have kids, that is “reproductive policing”, whatever that is.

      I really think these people hate themselves so much that they end up hating the entire human race and hate children especially because they see ending fertility as a way to destroy the entire hated species.

    2. That’s the worst part about having dogs in an apartment. You run into these crazed people that have substituted Fido and Mittens for sons and daughters. Some are just obsessive, but I’ve met a few that probably need serious help.

      1. You will never meet a bigger pet lover than me but I think the Pope has a point. Animals are not substitutes for children.

    3. Childless dog-couples are, in my opinion, a bit odd.


      Having said, that… so what now? Who’s the bad guy in this scenario?

      1. The guy claiming that the only way to be a fulfilled nonloser is to create more people who would be unfulfilled losers if they didn’t create more people who would be unfulfilled losers if they didn’t create more people who would be unfulfilled losers if they didn’t create more people who would be unfulfilled losers if they didn’t create more…?

        1. Since said guy is a committed celibate, I am pretty sure that he is not saying creating more people is the only way to not be an unfulfilled loser. He is just saying owning a dog doesn’t ensure you won’t be one.

        2. Uhm, if people aren’t creating more people, how will the progressive pyramid scheme of ever-growing and expanding pensions be fulfilled?

          Answer that Ms. Kochtopus!

      2. Who’s the bad guy in this scenario?

        Hmm, the guy who is giving a little well-intentioned advice, or the harpy who attacks him?

        This is a tough call?

    4. Is this lady choice-policing me when she lobbies the government to infringe on my economic freedom?

    5. That whole blog comes off like parody. These people really are a hive mind.

      In all seriousness, I might have been more sympathetic to her point of view before my son was born. My wife and I have a dog that was our “fur child” for many years before that.

      Having experienced both sides, it’s not the same fucking thing, and no amount of pretending can make it so.

      There’s no guarantee that having children will eliminate loneliness in old age.

      However, a lot of people who avoid having children so they can shop ’til they drop and make annual jaunts to Europe may not be thinking about what happens when they are 80, their few living friends are also 80, and no else in the world gives two shits about them. It’s a realistic and understandable fear.

      1. Having kids is no guarantee you won’t be a lonely old geezer anyway. Sometimes kids die. Sometimes people are insufferable asses no kid would visit. Sometimes kids are insufferable asses and their parents wouldn’t want them to visit. Sometimes kids just don’t give a shit about you.

        Thanks, but I’ll stick with my dog.

        1. All of that’s true, but there’s a special kind of bond with your child that you could never have with a pet.

          People should do what they want to do, obviously. I’m just saying that the Pope’s comments are not without merit.

          1. Sure, a special kind of bond that lasts until the last kid turns 12.

            At least you can keep getting new dogs when the old ones wear out.

            1. And train them to fight! I tried to teach my daughter to fight, but her mom just kept going, “Wah, wah! Abuse! Abuse! Wah!”

              No sense of risk with this new generation.

        2. Thanks, but I’ll stick with my dog

          I thought about getting a pet…

          Then i remember they are going to die before me.

          Maybe when i am 80 or whatever.

      2. My wife and I have a dog that was our “fur child” for many years before that.

        No kids here, but always a pack of dogs roaming the Casa Dean.

        But even I know that there is a fundamental difference. Oldest Pit Bull has late stage terminal cancer. I’m currently contemplating the right point at which to euthanize her. Its not a happy place by any means, but its a long long way from the life-destroying event it would be if this was a child, even one not my own.

  31. Hungarian Cultrure Comissioner, Imre Ker?nyi is standing tough against the gay agenda:

    “The queer lobby has infiltrated the international theatre and opera world. It has to be taken on,” said Ker?nyi, concerning the preservation and development of Hungarian cultural values at the Christian Theatre Festival […] in Budapest.

    Ker?nyi went on to slam his colleagues, saying that the directors and dramatic advisers are “Mr. Nobodies” and that he would “welcome some major changes” at the University of Theatre and Cinematic Arts, “like the organization of a counter-university at least.” He also added that “these dramatic adviser kids are a little rainbowy.”

    *shocked face* Gays in the theater!? I’ll give this Ker?nyi fellow points for packaging an incredibly banal observation in an entertainingly nutty screed.

    1. Next thing you are going to try and tell us there are a bunch of gays in the fashion industry. Who do you think you are fooling with that?

      1. Goddamnit. Brother’s gotta hit the refresh from time to time.

    2. Riiight, next thing you’ll tell me is that they run the fashion world, and it’s actually not heterosexual men who’re responsible for the proliferation of the stick-figure female form.

      1. the proliferation of the stick-figure female form

        Personally, I blame sarcasmic.

        1. Well you can’t blame me (or John– so I hear).

      2. Riiight, next thing you’ll tell me is that they run the fashion world,

        Not all of them. Just the Jewish ones, of course.

  32. Obama works out like my mom.

    1. That lifting form is far better than his golf, pitching, skeetshooting, or jumpshot form.

    2. Odd, I was expecting the shake weight

    3. I’m gonna guess those are special aluminum weights, just for the Prez.

  33. Can someone please explain to me how Adobe software manages to suck so hard?

    1. Have you been updating it every 25 minutes of your waking life like it asks you to?

      1. lulz! It’s true because it’s FUNNY!

    2. If you think of their products are being a stealth technology intended to destroy Apple laptops by making them overheat, then you might better appreciate their brilliance.

    3. Committees.

      1. Mad Scientist has the correct answer.

    4. Can someone please explain to me how Adobe software manages to suck so hard?

      Their programs do often suck, but have you ever tried GIMP? As its name implies, it’s handicapped software. Terrible, even factoring in the purchase price.

      1. Really, I’ve used it somewhat successfully as a photoshop replacement.

      2. I use GIMP occasionally and have no complaints. The Adobe shit I’m complaining about is Acrobat Pro. And Flash. Acrobat’s huge, bloated, and.slow. its setting are the most opaque and unintuitive of any program I’ve ever.used. they have no.idea what a mouse.wheel is.for nor how to apply it’s input consistently. The constant updating of a program designed to VIEW AND EDIT.DOCUMENTS is ridiculous. Explain to.my why.it.is.a.good.idea for any type.of.document.to be able.to.contain any executable code at all, much.less code that is capable.of.fucking your entire.system rawer than a prospective porn actress.at her first.interview.

  34. The Federal Reserve says auto sales led modest growth in the economy last month, but payroll firm ADP reports an unexpectedly low 179,000 private sector jobs created in May (and April numbers were revised downward).

    Is everyone still blaming Global Cooling for the economy?

    1. Well until next month, when it gets ‘balls hot’ again.

    2. PB assured us that the Q1 numbers were bad because of Climate Change Snowpocolypse, but by golly get ready for an awesome Q2 now that the pent up demand is going to be unleashed.

      But hey, as long as those printing presses keep rolling the DOW will keep going up so no worries right?

  35. The topic of crustaceans came up in my Grade One class today, leading to an impromptu lesson about them.

    I am am pleased to tell you all that I was able to use a picture of Lobster Girl as an aid.

    1. Kudos!

  36. “While the image of Tank Man is widely known outside of China, inside the country very few people have seen it. The nation’s Internet censors make sure it is extremely difficult to find ”

    Hey, Net Neutrality coming right at ya real soon in the USA bitches!

    Reason.com, and Mises.org will be hard to find.

    Check your Internet connection.

    Oops, looks like we can’t find this site.

    Oh snap, looks like your bitch ass has typed in a wrong address.

    The site you are trying to access will teach you about liberty. Access denied!! You are now being directed to the appropriate indoctrination.gov site.

    1. ^THIS

      This is net neutrality and in fact, the very goal of it. These technocrat fascists are drooling at the chance to control access to information.

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