Have Your Local Police Been Properly Trained Not to Have Sex While on the Clock?


Well, we can't even fire them for shooting innocent people, so what do you expect?

Well, on the bright side, the time Spokane County Deputy Scott Kenoyer spent having sex with an ex-girlfriend was time not being spent harassing citizens for jaywalking or having marijuana or what-have-you. Nevertheless, some may be appalled that the Spokane, Washington, county sheriff has been forced to hire Kenoyer back after terminating him for literally fucking around rather than working his beat. After Kenoyer's union pushed the matter into arbitration, Kenoyer is again on duty having successfully argued that his punishment was too harsh.

Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich has responded by sending out a memo to all his deputies explaining that having sex is not part of the job duties and will get you fired. Via KREM in Spokane:

"I never dreamt I'd ever even see such a memo," Knezovich said. "I'm shocked I had to make this statement. Sex on duty is not tolerated, nor is lying."

Sheriff Knezovich said he was worried that giving deputy Kenoyer his job back would make it seem like it was alright to have sex on duty. In the memo, Sheriff Knezovich said that sex on duty was a breach of the public trust and a breach of the Sheriff's Office code of ethics; core values and officer safety.

"My legal adviser advised that in order to keep this from being a precedent, it had to be very clear," said Sheriff Knezovich.  "This agency has established a very firm policy that if you have sex on duty or falsify an official document intentionally, you will be terminated."

KREM has the memo posted on their site for all to read. The falsification comments come from Knezovich's claim that Kenoyer lied and said that he was on a break at the time of the interaction.

Probably the most serious accusation against Kenoyer inadvertently came from his own union representation, who essentially called him a lousy lay. He is quoted by KREM saying the deputy shouldn't be punished for "90 seconds of indiscretion." Harsh! Work on your game, Kenoyer! No wonder she's his ex now.

The kicker: The sheriff's department found out that Kenoyer lied about what he was up to during an investigation of a Spokane police officer who was accused of stalking this same woman.