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The Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission has ruled that the Alehouse, a Halifax bar, discriminated against an immigrant from Sierra Leone by calling the police on him. When asked for ID, Dino Gilpin produced several different forms of ID but did not have a valid drivers license, the only ID the Alehouse will accept, so the bar refused to admit him. When Gilpin refused to leave, management called the cops to remove him. The commission ruled the bar's refusal to admit Gilpin without one specific form of ID was not racist, but it said calling the cops on him was.

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  1. So…

    * the state imposes tough rules about IDs, and tough penalties for serving underage drinkers or allowing those without valid ID to remain on licensed premises
    * the bar summons the state to enforce those rules
    * the state then penalises the bar for asking it to enforce its own rules

    That all makes perfect sense

    1. Gidday from Hobart

      1. G’day from sunny Sydney! How’s the holiday going?

        1. OK so far – Friday thru Sunday with the fam which included driving down to Southport. Spent today by myself wandering around the waterfront & the Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery. Port Arthur tomorrow.

          Now, if Telstra would get their shit together so my pre-paid cell was actually useful…



            Have you been to Port Arthur before?

            1. Haven’t been to PA: first time in Tassie.

              Went to the Lark Distillery Shop today. Apparently they have live blues on Friday so I think my Friday night is spoken for. Salamanca on Saturday.

              MONA is on the list – next week, probably. I looked at the reviews on Trip Advisor just out of curiosity – you should read the Poor and Terrible reviews; hysterical.

  2. “…Human Rights Commission…”

    That explains it.

    How much need for a Human Rights Commission in Novia Scotia? It sounds like they are trying desperately to show that there is a need for one.

    1. As long as Nova Scotians are forced to endure the scourge of round doorknobs, there will be a desperate need for the Human Rights Commission

      1. I made the mistake of reading that article. Now my head hurts.

      2. My apartment has handles on the doors, instead of round knobs, so the handicapped can open them, even though I’m upstairs.
        My Kitty learned how to reach up and open the door, so now I have to block the door with a heavy object to keep him from going out. (I’ve been using an old microwave.)

  3. a Halifax bar is now awaiting punishment for what the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission deemed to be a discriminatory act of “imposing the police” on a customer “because of his colour.”

    Is it racist?

    The bar, the Halifax Alehouse, maintains that it had no racial malice in kicking out Sierra Leone immigrant Dino Gilpin; they were simply fulfilling the strict requirements of Nova Scotia’s Alcohol and Gaming Division.

    Nope. And, yet, this man will still be punished for a thought crime.

  4. Despite unanimous testimony by Alehouse staff that Mr. Gilpin did not seem intoxicated, police charged him with public drunkenness and detained him for a night in police custody.

    I hate everyone involved in this story.

    1. Even Gilpin, what did he do to earn your ire?

      1. Gilpin refused to leave the premises when asked to do so, thus causing the owner to call the cops to remove him.

        1. I misread the article, I thought he’d tried to leave but got detained anyway. Sorry.

          1. Who sicced the HRC on the Alehouse?

            1. Gilpin is the applicant to the Commission. He could have heard about the HRC in a 1000 different ways, most of them presumably connected to some bureaucrat somewhere wanting to make work for themselves

              1. I hate to admit it, but now I agree with Fist, crappy people all around.

                1. I don’t hate the owners of the bar, trying to avoid legal trouble by evicting someone unlawfully on the premises refusing to leave when asked to do so.

                  They seem to be innocent of any NAP violation.

  5. At what point does the Brickbat staff need to worry about an America’s Funniest Home Video situation? This is like a brickbat to the junk and I, for one, can’t be sure it wasn’t staged.

    1. If the state was involved, chances are it wasn’t staged. 😐

  6. The Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission, gold medal winner in the race card mental gymnastics…

    1. There is no such thing as the race card. I know this because people who have just been caught playing it keep saying so.

      1. Yeah… they’re probably right, I should go and check my privilege…

  7. A dystopian satire writes itself.

  8. And if they don’t have the guy removed, the Alcohol and Gaming Division goes after them. Heads the government wins, tails the citizens lose.

  9. “As Maya Angelou has said: ? ‘people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel,'” wrote commission board chair Walter Thompson.

    “Mr. Gilpin wept as he told his story. He will never forget how the Alehouse made him feel.”

    Need I say more at the type of people who sit on these banana courts?

    He quotes fucking Angelou. Not some legal scholar.

    1. And I’ll never forget how your fuckwitted, mewling appeal to emotion makes me feel, Mr. Thompson.

    2. I said it before. People equate feelings with actual physical attack.

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