Battlefield Ukraine: Separatists With Missiles Shoot Down Helicopters


Howard Amos, Twitter

Eastern regions of Ukraine are battlegrounds today. The government in Kiev has launched a full-fledged offensive against pro-Russian militants, and there are reports of heavy casualties. President Barack Obama is meeting today with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss the situation. The Putin administration has condemned the operation, saying Ukraine just extinguished any chance of a peaceful resolution to the crisis. The United Nations held an emergency meeting that included U.S. Ambassador Samantha Powers.

There is no official tally of casualties from the fighting in Donetsk and Sloviansk, but Ukraine's interim president, Oleksandr Turchynov, says the operation left "many insurgents dead, wounded and arrested" and accuses them of using human shields. He also claims that "armed saboteurs" from the Russian government were fended off at the border in the night.

Separatists, reportedly armed with surface-to-air missiles, shot down two military helicopters, killing two soldiers and injuring others.

In Odessa, there are ongoing clashes between pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainian protesters. Agence France-Presse reports three deaths from these skirmishes, and the Kyiv Post reports 20 injured. Moscow Times reporter Howard Amos is tweeting live updates and photos (images above and below) of additional injuries and deaths.

Howard Amos, Twitter

A Kremlin spokesman has stated, "While Russia is making efforts to de-escalate and settle the conflict, the Kiev regime has turned to firing on civilian towns with military aircraft and has begun a punitive operation, effectively destroying the last hope of survival for the Geneva accord." Yesterday Russia demanded that Ukraine remove any military presence from its own eastern territories or else face "catastrophic consequences." 

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry counters that "despite calls of the international community, the Russian Federation has taken no steps to de-escalate the situation and fulfill the Geneva agreements. Russia strongly supports the terrorist groups that operate in the eastern regions of Ukraine, endangering civilians, seizing hostages and building the atmosphere of terror and violence."

Obama and Merkel both are threatening new sanctions against Russia, according to The Guardian.

Here's a video of the action in Odessa

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  1. Did they buy the missiles in the local pawn shop or make them in their basements? They just couldn’t have come from Russia. No way.

    1. They’re artisanal scuds.

    2. Yeah cuz it is impossible for a person living in a former Soviet satellite which had close military ties for 20 years, during a civil war to get russian made military gear.

      Almost as impossible as Syrian rebels to get a hold of sarin gas.

      1. Both possibilities do seem exceedingly unlikely.

        1. Yeah, I’m going to go with Drake’s theory.

        2. Sure sure it is impossible for a Ukrainian former military pro-Russian group to not only know where the anti-aircraft missiles were stored but impossible for them to get at during the non-chaotic change in government.

          1. And they work perfectly fine and are operated just right and have no problems with dead batteries. Yeah okay.

            1. A guy trained by the Ukrainian military of course would have no idea how to operate and maintain equipment he stole from the Ukrainian military that he was trained to operate and maintain.

              Sounds Legit Cytotoxic. You have convinced me.

              But how did Ukrainian military personal even know how to operate and maintain the Ukrainian Military choppers that were shot down?

              It must have been Russians flying the helicopters as well as shooting them down right?

              1. Why would they have only used them now?

  2. accuses them of using human shields

    I sure hope that’s not cover for “firing indiscriminately into crowds of civilians”.

    1. Both could be true.

  3. Horrible stuff.

    Seems like a good time to leave NATO before those missiles and Helicopters are manned by the US military.

    1. If the U.S. decides to get involved militarily, our status in NATO won’t have anything to do with it.

      1. Maybe we should just delay a few more months until China is the world leader.

      2. Yeah cuz the fact that we are involved at all has nothing to do with the entanglements (such as NATO) we have with Europe.

  4. President Barack Obama is meeting today with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss the situation.

    Obama: “Bad, huh?”

    Merkel: “Ja.”

    1. Why meet? Just ask the NSA what she thinks.

  5. Obama and Merkel both are threatening new sanctions against Russia, according to The Guardian.

    And why not? The sanctions in place now have done so much to de-escalate the situation and put an end to the violence.

  6. Ukrainian spring!

    1. BTW, I was trying to Post this in Ukrainian, but Reason won’t let me. Why the fuck is a libertarian site fucking English only?

      1. Fallout from the Chinese spammer scourge.

      2. That’s kind of bizarre I’ve posted in Korean.

      3. How libertarian is much of the non-english speaking world?

        1. So I am guessing we can post in Somalian.

          What is the Somalian word for “ROADZ!!!” anyway?

  7. I guess this has been an inevitability for the past month, but it’s still gut-wrenching to see. I’m not sure how this works out well for anyone, other than maybe Russia in the short term.

    1. This could bankrupt Russia.

  8. I have total confidence that the Obama administration is going to handle this in a way that has maximum effect on the final outcome. I just hope we all survive.

  9. I smell a plot for the next Rambo movie. Stallone’s getting a little long in the tooth, so they may need a replacement like Jason Mamoa.

    1. Rambo 4: Norwegian Resurrection

      Simo Haha is cloned Ripley-style and trained by Stallone to be Rambo 2. Followed by an hour of killing Russians

  10. I think if there were no legal sanctions against this, I think private efforts from European and American companies and individuals could help out.

  11. I heard that only one of the two helos was confirmed downed by SAM. Puts lie to the (already unbelievable) statement that this is all grass-roots and Russia is just a bystander. Good to see that the Ukrainians are doing something to take back their nation. Not good that they reinstated the draft.

    1. So even under threat of Russian invasion you’re opposed to a draft?

      1. Yes.

        1. I’m curious. How exactly is the Ukraine supposed to defend it’s self from Russia?

          1. With volunteers?

          2. In the event of Russian invasion, they’ll need guerillas behind enemy lines ie young men not drafted into a dysfunctional army and moved far away from home in an easily recognized uniform.

    2. Good to see that the Ukrainians are doing something to take back their nation.

      What about the Pro-Russian Ukrainians? Is it good they are doing something to take back their nation from the Pro-Europeans?

      1. No. They don’t get to join or form a morally degenerate unfree entity, which is what Russia/The People’s Republic of Donetsk is.

        1. a morally degenerate unfree entity

          Like the oil/natural gas grabbing NATO and EU.

          1. ….what?

      2. Are you seriously equating the EU (as despicable as it may be at times) to Putin’s Russia?

    3. Puts lie to the (already unbelievable) statement that this is all grass-roots and Russia is just a bystander.

      To be honest it makes it more believable that Russia is not involved.

      Crazy grass roots assholes would think using SAMs would be a good idea. At least more likely then Putin would think it is a good idea.

      1. Stop that. Crazy grass-roots assholes can be armed and trained by Russian instigators. You also over-estimate Putin’s ability to control events on the ground, much like Putin himself.

        1. So he can’t control the crazy grassroots assholes from using the equipment he gives them but he can control them enough to stop them from stealing and using Ukrainian Military equipment…

          1. No he can’t. The crazies grass roots already did that a couple weeks ago-raided some police armory.

  12. Well, it seems like every 100 years some dispute in Eastern Europe drags most of the world into a major war. Maybe it’s time again.

  13. Well now that makes a ll kinds of crazy sense dude.

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