Veterans Affairs Drops Ball on 1.5 MILLION Cases!


If there's one thing worse than sending men and women overseas to fight for ill-defined reasons, it's abandoning them in moments of need after they've returned to the U.S. Cue the latest story, from the Washington Examiner, about just how rotten the Department of Veterans Affairs really is.

More than 1.5 million medical orders were canceled by the Department of Veterans Affairs without any guarantee the patients received the treatment or tests they needed, the Washington Examiner has found.

Since May 2013, veterans' medical centers nationwide have been under pressure to clear out 2 million backlogged orders for patient care or services.

They were given wide latitude to cancel unfilled appointments more than 90 days old. By April 2014, the backlog of what the agency calls "unresolved consults" was down to about 450,000.

What happened to other 1.5 million appointments is something that no one, including top officials at the veterans' agency, can answer.

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A few months ago, Reason TV's Amanda Winkler asked "Is Government Bureaucracy Failing Our Veterans?" Watch below: