Police Abuse

Dash Cam Shows Moments Before And After Deputy Kills 19-Year-Old Girl (VIDEO)


Authorities have released footage from a Kentucky deputy's dash cam that shows the events that took place just before a 19-year-old girl was shot dead.

Fox 19 reports friends and family of Samantha Ramsey are calling for justice to be served after they say the teenager was gunned down by Boone County, Ky. deputy Tyler Brockman as she left a party on Saturday morning.

Watch the video and read more.

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  1. Read the article. Sense of rage will not allow me to watch the video.

    But who are you going to believe? The lying video, or the word of one of our brave men in blue?

    1. Sadly, a lot of people will believe the heroes in blue over a video. Which is why I don’t ever want to be in the position of being judged “by my peers.”

    2. If you watch the video, you will see there is no possible way for the cop’s account to be truthful. She slowly pulls pass him and then barely accelerates. She does not try to run him over and the only way he ends up on her carhood is if he jumped on there.

      That was his opening to shoot her in the face four times, not only murdering her, but also endangering the lives of her three passengers.

      1. I had a case a few years ago where the cop claimed the defendant tried to run him over in the parking lot of Widespread Panic show. In real life, the cop jammed his arm through the window of a moving car to try and turn off the ignition. Because the guy was allegedly selling chocolates.

        1. Sounds like a fine argument for sharpening your side windows.

        2. That’s my shtick, he deserved it.

      2. I don’t see how this case isn’t worse than the case in Virginia where the cop murdered the Sunday School teacher. You can’t shoot someone in the face for the crime of driving off.

        This is murder and there is no way for the cops or the government to deny it is. So I think this cop could be looking at a misdemeanor reckless endangerment or maybe manslaughter charge. That seems to be the going rate for cop murders that are so bad even the cops can’t defend it.

        1. I forgot about that one. That was really one of the worst I can remember. This one is right up there.

        2. This is the case that came to mind for me, too. She was moving slowly and he was clearly to the side of the vehicle. He would have had to purposely place himself in front of her vehicle to claim she was trying to run him over.

          1. Cops really are delusional about this stuff. I remember watching a video of a low-speed chase of a bunch of teenagers that went around and around the same few blocks. At one point Sergeant Dip-ship lunges at the car from the side of the road to, I don’t know, stop it by grabbing the door handle or something. A few minutes later the driver gives up and pulls over. One of the mouth breathers keeps asking “Why did you try to run over the Sarge, huh?”

            1. You know what’s cool? If a kid ever asks that cop, “So, you ever had to shoot anyone?!” The cop can respond, “Yeah, I shot an unarmed teenage girl!”

          2. One interesting thing is that he initially stopped her in the middle of the road. Is it possible she was just trying to pull off to the side of the road when he ran over and jumped on the hood, startling her?

  2. Obey or die.

    1. Adav . (Adav_C)
      1 Fan
      Oh gawd – this hardly appears to be murder. We are all taught to STOP when an officer contacts us. The only thing I make of this video is THE OFFICER CLEARLY APPROACHED HER VEHICLE AND SIGNALED HER TO STOP – SHE CLEARLY DISOBEYED THAT COMMAND. Poor gal, she paid with her life but I’m not losing any sleep over it. Let this be a lesson to other happy go lucky young people who think disobeying law enforcement is cool.

      She had it coming.

      1. Man, Tulpa really gets around.

      2. Poor gal, she paid with her life but I’m not losing any sleep over it.

        And that is because you are a sociopath and authoritarian.

        Let this be a lesson to other happy go lucky young people who think disobeying law enforcement is cool.

        So you should pay for disobedience with your life. God damn I would love to see scum like this get a taste of their own medicine.

        1. I really want the cruelest and most brutal eye-opening education for these cunts. I’m done with giving the Hitler Youth the benefit of the doubt as to what they say.

      3. Poor gal, she paid with her life but I’m not losing any sleep over it.

        That’s got to be trolling.

        1. I don’t think so.

          Cowpow S. (Cowpow316)
          80 Fans
          I saw the video, and although you cannot see what happened at the end, I do believe it was a justified shooting. If an officer is standing next to your car and he feels you are trying to drive away and sideswipe him, he is permitted to open fire to protect himself. Her car was veering towards him. Her passengers say he jumped on the hood and that he was not hit and knocked onto it as he claims. It was most likely a case of him having to jump up there as the car was hitting him to avoid getting hit.

          Bottom line; a cop tells you to stop, you stop. You don’t try to speed away. It’s his call to make in that situation as to whether or not he is in danger.
          30 APR 10:06 AM

          Wendy B. (Dragon-Fly)
          36 Fans
          It was terrible but preventable, she just could have stopped.

          1. In that case I’m certainly open to Suthenboy’s intimation/suggestion.

          2. Of course it was preventable. All the cop had to do was get out of the way. I’m sure it was all worth it for the prospect of busting some underage kids and maybe getting that girl for a DUI.

            1. But then the buddies in blue would have nagged him for his impotence in letting some girl walk all over him like that.

            2. Yeah, if you can jump onto the hood, you can also jump the other way, out of any danger.

          3. Don’t worry about the HuffPo crowd. Once there is a Republican in the White House again, they’ll suddenly find their outrage over the police’s misuse and abuse of force.

      4. I saw that. I wonder if Adav would also be cool with the death penalty applied to Huffpo commenters. Jesus.

        1. We told them to stop, they didn’t stop!

        2. I’m torn between what is more rage-inducing: the cop or the useful idiots at HuffPo polishing the cop’s knob.


  3. Totality of circs, procedures were followed, due process, OFFICER SAFETY!

    hth, bigorati

  4. Fuck, so if I deliberately get in the way of a moving vehicle the driver of that vehicle is trying to run me over?

  5. Since we’re all dudes here, I can say that the OBEY comments at HuffPo mostly seem to be coming from the ladies. Are soccer moms and soccer moms in training why we vote in people who allow a police state?

    Boom, I just dropped a misogyny bomb.

    1. Yes. Unequivocally.

    2. So the crowd who are probably the first to decry the WAR ON WOMENZ have no problem with a woman being executed for failing to obey an agent of the state.

      1. The cop would only be in big trouble if he had tried to thrust a pro-life pamphlet on the girl.

    3. Feminists are all about women’s strength, gender equality and fighting the patriarchy. But when push comes to shove and they have to use force to meet force, they become damsels in distress, waiting for their knights in blue uniforms to come and rescue them.

      The worse thing us that they want us to be like them. Damsels in distress, not self-sufficient independent strong men.

    4. It would be funny/satisfying/poetic if the mother of the murdered girl is a soccer mom, married to a cop, who is a member of MADD.

  6. There’s an edit at 1:20. I wonder what got cut out.

    1. Considering what was left in, it must’ve been pretty horrible.

  7. Jesus christ. The more I think about this, the more pissed I get. She was 19 years old, for fucks sake. I don’t even have a kid yet, and I just can’t imagine what that shit feels like. She had her whole life ahead of her. What kind of fucking piece of shit thinks it’s appropriate to kill somebody for not stopping their fucking car?

    1. What kind of fucking piece of shit thinks it’s appropriate to kill somebody for not stopping their fucking car?

      American police officers.

      1. American police officers

        And their enablers: Family members, politicians, soccer moms, Tulpa and assorted other bootlicking assholes and hero worshipers.

        1. That’s exactly right. I’ve preached before on these here threads that in my opinion, the most responsible parties for police behavior like this are 1) judges and 2) legislators. Both have the power to sanction this conduct. But instead, they go on cop praise-a-thons to appear “tough on crime.”

          The reality is that most judges and legislators are too limp dicked to do a damn thing that would carry out justice on cop thugs. They are after all, politicians.

          1. The thing is that at heart I am really a law and order kind of guy. I honestly think law enforcement should be a noble profession and a dirty job worthy of respecting the people who do it.

            Even thinking that way, I am appalled by the LEO culture in this country. In fact, my respect for the profession as it is supposed to be makes me even more angry to see what it actually is.

            If you care about law and order and law enforcement, you should find these people even more disgraceful.

            1. Law enforcement is not respectable because the majority of the laws they enforce are not worthy of respect. The laws that are actually worthy of respect are things the cops themselves do on a daily basis. So it’s not like they give a shit.

              1. The laws are a problem. Of course there being a law against drunk driving doesn’t mean this asshole should have shot that woman. So there is more wrong than just the laws.

                1. The laws no longer center around victims. They center around being obeyed.

                  Everything is about being obeyed.

                  Cops don’t give a shit about a crime with a victim. Crimes against the state where someone didn’t obey? That shit gets the mad. Victims though? They’re just pussies who need to toughen up.

              2. It would be a lot easier to be for law and order if laws were more reasonable and just.

            2. Remember how cops used to tell you that “you can’t outrun the radio?” That seems quaint, now.

              1. Remember how cops used to tell you that “you can’t outrun the radio?” That seems quaint, now.

                It used to be “You can’t outrun Motorola.”

                Now it’s “You can’t outrun Hornady.”

              2. You can’t outrun the hail of bullets.

      2. They’re far from alone. And that’s what makes this doubly enraging. There ought to be angry mobs calling for this sick fuck’s head on a pike.

    2. but…but…but she was probably breaking the law and not complying with an officer’s orders.

  8. This is the sort of shit we should be showing to people who deny that all laws are violence. This girl was killed because the State didn’t want her to drink alcohol. When faced with the choice of letting somebody possibly get away with a nonviolent “crime” and killing them, we see what the State chooses. Obey or die.

  9. How is shooting to kill the first reaction here? Shoot the tires!* The car was barely moving, and he was at point blank range. I get that shooting the tires might cause bad things to happen; she might crash and hurt herself, but if the alternative is shooting to kill, anything else is an improvement.

    The fact that these people don’t serve jail time for their actions is appalling.

    *The last gun I shot was a .22 rifle 13 years ago as a scout, so I have no clue what I’m talking about here, but it seems to me if you can shoot to kill through a car you can hit the tires on a slow-moving vehicle.

    1. Or just let her go and write down her plates, for fucks sake. It’s not like she was a bank robber or kidnapper.*

      *SLD: Underage drinking shouldn’t be a crime at all

      1. Agreed, though I see a legitimate concern about letting a drunk driver loose on the roads. Certainly nothing justifying shooting the poor girl though.

    2. I think cops believe their own “its a war out there” bullshit. Shooting is what people do when they are scared. If he were just a lunatic sociopath, he would have shot out the tires and dragged her out of the car and beat the shit out of her. If you are a nasty mean person beating the shit out of someone is much more satisfying than shooting them.

      He open fire because he was hyped up on adrenaline and terrified. Add that to his his no doubt poor level of training and you end up with this. The cases where cops beat the shit out of people or shoot dogs are just cases of the cop being a criminal with a badge. Cases like this where the crazy fuckers just starts shooting happen because cops are poorly trained and the culture of LEO has made them completely terrified when doing their jobs.

      1. Anyone who doesn’t immediately obey is a deadly threat.

        1. That is what they think. It is not quite “anyone who doesn’t obey deserves to die”. It is “anyone who doesn’t obey must want to kill me”. The result ends up being much the same but the thinking is slightly different and in some ways worse. If they were just psychotics we could fire them and hire new cops. I don’t know what you do about a culture that convinces people to be that irrationally terrified.

          1. I don’t know what you do about a culture that convinces people to be that irrationally terrified.

            Cops have two jobs. Serving and protecting are not on the list. Neither is enforcing the law.

            Their jobs are to ensure compliance (forcing people to obey), and to go home safely.

            So anyone who is a threat to the first job is obviously a threat to the second. The only option is to start shooting.

        2. And dogs. Of any age, type, or size. Dogs are, like, so deadly they can murder you without even being awake. And their saliva eats through metal.

      2. Why do they need training? I’m pretty sure I know you shouldn’t shoot someone in the face for what the girl was doing and I haven’t spent a day in training. I’m a decent human being, which apparently would preclude me from a career in law enforcement.

        1. They need training to condition them to react in ways that decent human beings do not. That’s why being a cop is a job for life. Once conditioned to react with violence and get away with it, a person is unfit for civil society.

        2. If this is going to be the standard of behavior, they don’t. They shouldn’t even be paid since there are plenty of people who would carry a badge and shoot people for free.

    3. How is shooting to kill the first reaction here?

      Anyone who fails to obey is a deadly threat and must be killed.

      That’s the common thread in most killing by police. Rarely did the dead citizen actually threaten the police beyond failing to obey, but that’s all it takes.

      1. Anyone who fails to obey is a deadly threat and must be killed.

        Not quite. If it were just that, they would just beat her up and brutalize her. That is more fun and requires less paperwork. They shoot because they are terrified.

        Now how we ended up in a situation where cops are terrified for their lives when entering a college beer party is beyond me. That is however what is happening.

        1. They shoot because they are terrified.

          How does that contradict what I said?

          Failure to obey is considered to be a deadly threat.

          When someone doesn’t obey, the cop is trained fear for his/her life and start shooting.

          1. The difference is one is “anyone who obeys deserves to die” and doesn’t care if the person is a threat and the other is “anyone who disobeys must want to kill me”.

            1. Go find some hairs with lice eggs on them. Being in a government office you shouldn’t have to look very hard.

  10. Are soccer moms and soccer moms in training why we vote in people who allow a police state?

    *pushes entire stack of chips to “Yes”*

    1. Don’t forget “old people”.

    2. But I thought wimmen were more empathetic.

  11. Or just let her go and write down her plates, for fucks sake.


    Was his fucking radio broken?

  12. HOW did you allow yourself to end up on the hood of a drunk girl’s car?

    1. Let me tell you about last saturday night…

  13. Has an officer ever been executed by the state for something they did while on duty?

    1. How about a disgruntled vigilante?

  14. Don’t forget there were a few other people in the car. This cop almost killed another person who was sitting in the back seat behind the driver. Fortunately, she ducked. But I’m sure the others that were in this car will probably have mental issues after this.

  15. Sometimes I think we go about our hatred of the police the wrong way. Instead of isolating ourselves further, we need to organize in mass and enroll in police academies across the country. The only way to subvert the authoritative shitheads who patrol the streets is to “breed” them out, as it were. Then, we should refuse to enforce the most asinine laws in the books. If the old brass threaten to fire us, promtly go on strike. After a few weeks of having a large number of police officers off the streets and not seeing the them run with blood, the public just might realize how pointless most cops truly are….you may saaayyy I’m a dreamer…..

    1. Or….organize in disgruntled vigaltes.

  16. If this were a civilian that did this he would get charged with first degree murder (even though it is actually second), and the gun grabbers would be blaming it on a lack of background checks and no waiting periods for machine-guns.

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