Mark Cuban: Sterling's Racism "Abhorrent" But "People Are Allowed to be Morons"


Mark Cuban, the outspoken owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks has weighed in on the Donald Sterling controversy. Sterling is the 80-something owner of the Los Angeles Clippers who allegedly said vile things about blacks during a conversation with a former girlfriend.

Cuban, who also hosts the reality TV show Shark Tank, says

What Donald said was wrong," Cuban said. "It was abhorrent. There's no place for racism in the NBA, any business I'm associated with, and I don't want to be associated with people who have that position.

"But at the same time, that's a decision I make. I think you've got to be very, very careful when you start making blanket statements about what people say and think, as opposed to what they do. It's a very, very slippery slope.

"Again, there's no excuse for his positions. There's no excuse for what he said. There's no excuse for anybody to support racism. There's no place for it in our league, but there's a very, very, very slippery slope.

"If it's about racism and we're ready to kick people out of the league, OK? Then what about homophobia? What about somebody who doesn't like a particular religion. What about somebody who's anti-semitic What about a xenophobe?

"In this country, people are allowed to be morons."

More here, from The Dallas Morning News.

Cuban, who made his money with Broadcast.com and is one of the most forward-looking businessmen when it comes to issues such as intellectual property and technology (he supported file-sharing pioneer Grokster in its case against movie studio MGM), raises a series of interesting questions, including whether private conversations should have public consequences of the sort we're dealing with here.

To this point: If Sterling didn't have a long and unsavory history regarding racially charged issues (NBA legend and former Clippers GM Elgin Baylor sued him for wrongful termination and discrimination; he settled a case charging him with discriminatory housing practices), the tape might not have been as explosive.

One of the implications of Cuban's comments is that many players, coaches, and team owners would be in trouble if homophobia were raised to the level of racism as a disqualifying set of beliefs. Despite the recent announcement of an openly gay current player, the league is widely regarded as a hotbed of anti-gay animus. Cuban's point, which I think he makes with clarity and with the best of intentions, is that chasing out bad ideas is never as easy as it seems at first blush.

The NBA has a governing constitution that will guide the league commissioner in whether and how to discipline Sterling. The document is secret however, so it's not immediately clear what guidance it gives in this sort of situation (other leagues have squeezed out owners for racially charged comments and after being convicted for criminal activity). One hint as to what's in the card may come from Cuban's comments to his hometown paper:

Cuban called for maximum sanctions and said the NBA would be better off without Sterling but stopped short of joining Houston owner Leslie Alexander in calling for the league to force Sterling out.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver is holding a press conference today at 2 p.m. ET today.

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    I don’t even follow sports that closely, especially basketball, and I’m already sick of hearing about it.

    You’d think a guy his age would have learned his lesson from Nixon.

    1. I think he learned more from George Wallace.

      1. Plus he has a big fat belly and shit.

      2. Actually, in the picture of Sterling with the article, he looks just like Mike Wallace.

    2. It’s funny how whenever there’s white on black crime or racism, Reason is right there along with the rest of the so-called mainstream media pounding the ever-living shit out of that nail, but when it’s the other way around, they run away to hide in the corner so fast it’s like nothing even happened.

      1. It’s the way of the Cosmo

        1. I know, and it’s so pathetic.

      2. Pro tip: I find Gillespie’s columns somewhat easier to stomach if I imagine them being read aloud by Paul Lynde.

        1. Damn you. Now all I hear is Sylvester Sneekly in everything I read.

        2. *This* made my day!!! LOL!!

      3. Where’s the Black NBA owner saying racist things about white people? What’s that? No shocking recordings of one? Maybe that’s why Reason doesn’t cover it.

        1. You’re going to have to do a LOT better than that sad little red herring.

  2. If Sterling didn’t have a long and unsavory history regarding racially charged issues …the tape might not have been as explosive.

    That’s laughably naive. Did Eich have a history of unsavory history surrounding issues of homosexuality? Did Paula Deen have an unsavory history regarding racially charged issues (I honestly dont’ know, but I don’t recall hearing anything)?

    1. I agree–the remarks alone are why this shitstorm is happening. I’ll lay heavy odds that 90% of the people bitching about him knew next to nothing about his history.

      In any event, the constant talk about this is silly. What more is there to do than wait and see how the NBA handles it? Talking about news isn’t news.

      1. Talking about news isn’t news.

        Welcome to the future, time-traveller. Much has changed in the 25 years you missed.

        1. That’s just a blink of an eye to Pro Lib.

        2. The Winter ProL?

      2. It took about 6 hours after the story broke for sportsradio to go full retard. I actually listened to the local show this morning for a break…and got more Clowney talk.

        1. I’m surprised it took that long. 5 hours of that must be due to the different time zones and/or east coast bias.

          1. One of the worst bits I heard yesterday was Doug Gotlieb’s co-host/assistant guy complaining that the NBA didn’t postpone the game because it was just too much for the poor players to handle and they shouldn’t have to deal with major issues like that because they are adults and the league should do it for them.

            1. Well they are basketball players…

            2. Well they are basketball players…

            3. I’ve heard some people calling for the players to “walk out” and refuse to play, which is pretty retarded as well. So, you want them to walk out in the middle of a playoff series, giving up everything they’ve worked for all season just because their team’s owner is a dipshit? Really?

              1. I’d say that’s their call, but they obviously like the sound of $$$ more than their boss’ remarks.

                There could be a contractual element for performance, but if they felt that strongly about it, they could just not play.

                1. As Chris Cooley said on the radio today: “Green’s the color everybody likes.”

              2. I’ve heard some people calling for the players to “walk out” and refuse to play, which is pretty retarded as well. So, you want them to walk out in the middle of a playoff series, giving up everything they’ve worked for all season just because their team’s owner is a dipshit? Really?

                Questions surrounding whether Sterling should be crucified over a private conversation with his butterface mistress aside, a team walkout would at least show they had enough principle not to take a paycheck from the guy, rather than that childish “let’s hide the team logo” protest they did this weekend. I highly doubt that the league would risk a P.R. hit at this point by making them forfeit the series if the entire team actually did strike.

                I’d have a lot more respect for them if they actually put their money where their mouths are. As long as they continue to get paid by Sterling, they’re admitting that they’re just whores afraid to actually take a meaningful risk.

                1. Well, they aren’t just playing for the owner. From a players perspective, it’d be a bit much to give up my entire postseason which I’ve been working toward for myself, my teammates, my coaches, my fans, and yes, my owner, just because one of those groups is a racist (who also pays me). Either action they

                  1. From a players perspective, it’d be a bit much to give up my entire postseason which I’ve been working toward for myself, my teammates, my coaches, my fans, and yes, my owner, just because one of those groups is a racist (who also pays me).

                    Having principles sometimes requires making huge sacrifices. Curt Flood lost his career to ensure free agency. These knobs turned their shirts inside-out.

        2. Sports radio is ALWAYS full retard.

      3. The one thing I find interesting about this is that the guy apparently has had racist views for many years, and yet apparently did enough to benefit minority communities that he was up for his second award from the NAACP for his charitable work.

        Someone on the news this morning described his charity as a “smokescreen”. My response is, so what? It helped people. And isn’t there some ironic justice in him needing to hide his racism by helping people he supposedly hates, or at the very least looks down on? I thought actions spoke louder than words. But, yeah, I know, intentions trump results.

        This has all been brought up before, but it’s worth reiterating, especially with regard to his charity (rather than simply paying his black players).

        1. And isn’t there some ironic justice in him needing to hide his racism by helping people he supposedly hates

          Please, do not summon Bo.

          1. [In a dark, obscure corner of the internet, where only the most depraved dare tread, someone has used a colloquialism…]

            Bystander: This language…I know what it means, but it is seems less precise than it could be. Oh, who can save us?

            Commissioner: Quickly, light the Bo Signal!

            [Meanwhile, in a stately cardboard box with a sign advertising “Legal” Advice…]

            Bo: Ergo, ipso facto, reductio ad absurdum, wingardium leviosa…

            Sidekick: Look, the Bo Signal!

            Bo: Quickly, to the Bo-Mobile!!

            Sidekick: You mean your Chevy??

            Bo [Dejectedly]: Yes…

            1. I’m bookmarking this for later.

              1. I actually don’t even mind Bo all that much. But he just makes it so easy.

                1. Chevy = Schwinn

            2. Second the Ruler of the Waste’s assessment. Well done.

            3. supra

        2. Someone on the news this morning described his charity as a “smokescreen”. My response is, so what?

          No shit. Where were these same people and their hysterical limpouts during all the previous reports on Sterling’s bigotry?

          The only reason this is getting any traction, as Kareem pointed out, is because our society has turned OUTRAGE! into a status-signaling contest (especially amongst white liberals) on the level of buying a better car or having a nicer house than your co-workers.

          And all the players, current and former, affecting a tone of disgust about it are especially hypocritical because they play in the league and should be better informed. If you know a guy to be a racist based on his previous record, what the fuck are you doing shaking his hand or taking a paycheck from him? Oh, that’s right, now it’s convenient for them to take a stand because all the low-T jock-sniffing sportswriters are going to back them up on it 100 percent and blow a silly inside-out shirt display into some massive blow against RACISM!!11!1!, rather than the superficial gesture that it really is.

          1. Righteous indignation is its own reward.

            1. I just don’t care. Is being a racist any better or worse than other kinds of assholeness? If his behavior hurts the NBA brand–which I think it’s fair to say it does–then let them take action or not take action.

        3. Another angle that no one mentions is that on the tape he tells his mistress,(whore or whatever) that he doesn’t care if she fucks black guys – just don’t stick it in his face.

          Which is a pretty funny thing for a racist to tell his whore.

  3. I haven’t been following that closely either. Is the escort (or whatever she is) going to be charged with illegal wiretap or whatever it’s called in CA?

    That’s all I care about in this case.

    1. I’m not sure where you got the impression she was an escort. From what I’ve heard, she is (was?) his girlfriend.

      1. I got that impression from seeing a fat 80-year-old billionaire sitting next to a hot 30-year-old. Maybe he has crazy game or she gets turned on by racist oldster ramblings and was taping him for later masturbation.

        1. She’s not that hot and in her 50s, based on what I heard on the news last night.

          1. 31 and reasonably hawt, until she smiles.


            1. Hawt? She looks like a clown. That plastic surgery is horrible.

            2. Hawt? I guess. To me she looks like a Thai ladyboy RealDoll possessed by the spirit of a goldigger.

            3. Son, that plastic surgery/botox/whatever. Her face looks like a mask of a face. Or Richard Hamilton.

    2. According to the latest TMZ post, the recording was actually about 45 minutes long, and he was aware he was being recorded.

      1. Why would he consent to that? He seems even dumber than before if that’s true.

      2. he was aware he was being recorded

        According to her? Is that consent on the recording?

      3. http://www.tmz.com/2014/04/29/…..ba-lawyer/

        I’m just going by what the article said:
        “people who have heard the entire recording say there is “NO DOUBT” Donald Sterling KNEW he was being recorded.”

  4. You gotta like Cuban – he is a successful Ayn Rand fan. I wish his bid on the Cubs had been accepted.

    1. As a Cubs fan I agree. I was definitely in the minority though.

      1. I was definitely in the minority though

        And that’s why Donald Sterling hates you.

    2. I was really hoping that he’d pick up the Pirates.

  5. I was watching Face the Nation this Sunday and Bob Schieffer made a point of starting every interview with a question about Sterling. “Senator, I know you’re here to talk about Ukraine or whatever, but first I want to get your reaction to an old dude saying something racist in private.”

    1. “Why would I care about his opinion on anything at all, Bob?”

      1. I really wish politicians, who act like they must be treated as serious people, would begin responding like this. Maybe then I could treat them, even those I adamantly disagree with, in a serious way.

  6. “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

    1. “Lady Bertrum was a grand woman, full of life, vest and ideals, but she died a gruesome death at the hands of the mob…”

      1. Or, you know, zest. She might have a lot of vests, but I can’t confirm that.

        1. Both. lots and lots of both.

          But, you’re right about the mob. Who will stand up to the mob?

  7. Seriously, why does it have to be a national event every time some idiot says something stupid.

    1. Because racism.

    2. That’s a very good question, really. I’ve been under the impression that racism is so normalized and trivialized in this country that some old white guy spouting it shouldn’t even make the paper, much less be front-page coverage for days.

      You might almost get the impression that instances of actual racism are, I don’t know, surprising.

      1. Just what I’d expect from a Reason.com-freqenting teathuglihadistracist.


    3. Was he saying something stupid or was he stupid for saying something that could be recorded?

    4. squirrel!

  8. Good for Cuban. It is funny to listen to the condemnations of this and then remember that last fall the owner of the Colts was arrested for driving stoned and having something $20,000 worth or prescription pain pills that were not his.

    Take the drug war issues out of it for a moment. Irsay committed a pretty serious felony and also put himself and other people in danger by driving while pretty seriously impaired. Yet, no one on ESPN or any of the major sports media called for him to be run out of the NFL. Is it the case that driving while stoned and placing innocent people in actual danger while also committing multiple felonies by possessing prescription drugs that are not yours is not worthy of you being kicked out of professional sports but not liking it that your black girlfriend is being seen in public too much with black men is? That logic doesn’t seem to follow very well.

    Further, does the sports media really want to live with the precedent that saying something racist or bigoted in private makes you unworthy of being involved in professional sports? Really? So when some big bankable star is caught telling his wife or g/f how he doesn’t want her hanging out with white men or Jews or Muslims or how her gay brother is a deviated pervert who ought to be locked up ESPN is going to be on the bandwagon to end that guy’s career?

    1. Damn, what I could do with $20K worth of pain pills….mostly – take them.

      1. It pays to be a billionaire NFL owner. I bet Irsay was having a hell of a nice evening right up until the moment the cops pulled him over.

        I just don’t live in the same world as some people. I am lucky to get a Tylenol 3 script after a root canal. Irasy and a lot of others seem to have no problem collecting huge numbers of pain pills.

        1. Yeah, this. I’m on my last 10 from my last kidney stone escapade. Can’t afford to pop acouple for my EXCRUCIATING shoulder pain, for which my dr. (bless his Addiction Counselor heart) is prescribing ice and Naproxen (uesless).

          I just live with it and hope it gets better. If not…in two weeks I MIGHT be able to get the cortisone shot I sought last week….:)

        2. I remember having a conversation with someone the night or two before this incident. One of those money-envy proggie types that bemoans money being the source of all evil and then complaining that others have more of it than he does.

          At a point I said, I’m rather glad not to be a super wealthy 1%er. The target on your back is too much. Eerily prescient I guess.

        3. Private doctors. A few of them only exist to give out pills on request to the rich and famous.

          I’ll cop to being jelly.

          1. Back in the 60s and 70s before the DEA cracked down on it, rich people would just buy their own pharmacies and skim whatever they wanted from the inventory. There wasn’t any controls on or accounting for the drugs other than not selling them without a prescription.

            Technically it was illegal for an owner of a pharmacy to take some pills out of his inventory but no one ever enforced it. As long as you didn’t get into serious dealing and just kept it for the personal use of you and your friends you were very unlikely to ever run afoul of the law.

            It was kind of a golden age in some ways.

    2. Sterling is an ugly and old. There is an entirely different standard for the Johnny Footballs of the world.

    3. The NFL has morals standards for owners. Irsay’s pain-pill habit for an old football injury is nothing like being a hostile bigot.

      1. Sure driving stoned is totally different and better than not liking your black girlfriend to be seen too much in public with black men.

        The depths of your retardation are just epic. And bigotry really offends you, that is why you call Clearance Thomas an Uncle Tom and comment on his having a white wife like it matters.

        1. To be fair, the NFL didn’t lay any sanctions on Riley Cooper. And I’m actually impressed with the way that was handled by the Eagles, by other players in the league, etc.

          And in all seriousness, what Cooper said was I think worse in level of hatefulness than Sterling’s comments. I think the outrage at Sterling is also somewhat related to him being a rich 1%er combined with a history of housing discrimination claims (the merits of which I’ve not researched).

    4. So when some big bankable star is caught telling his wife or g/f how he doesn’t want her hanging out with white men or Jews or Muslims or how her gay brother is a deviated pervert who ought to be locked up ESPN is going to be on the bandwagon to end that guy’s career?

      It’ll depend solely on how many TDs/ points the player in question scored. Hell, Riley Cooper said the N-word last off season and he’s still allowed to play. And he’s not even a marquee player. Why didn’t the NFL ban him for life? If Donald Sterling isn’t fit to own an NBA franchise, then Riley Cooper shouldn’t be fit to play, right?

      1. The Cooper thing was really funny and telling. The fact is most people under 30 black or white don’t give a shit about the Nword. It has for young people completely lost its sting. It was quite comical watching a bunch of old guy sports writers who still think it is 1968 not understanding that and being shocked when the various black players on the Eagles came to Cooper’s defense.

      2. Why didn’t the NFL ban him for life?

        Because there is no way in hell they would ever be permitted to do that based solely on his offense. Do some research on unions and collective bargaining agreements.

  9. It’d be purdy neat to see this level of outrage leveled at government corruption and abuse of taxpayer money. Interesting how the most mundane bullshit trifles like affairs and moronic comments can get the ire of the media and the public a rockin’ but cops beat to death a homeless man and its like slogging through tar to get even a collective glance.

    Hell, smear the guts of a pile of innocent kids all over an Afghan desert with a drone and the American public barely takes notice through their pizza steam. Blow untold billions building a humongous federal enterprise that fucking collects and stores every facet of hundreds of millions of lives within the purview our so-called free society and it takes months and months of reporting to even get a ripple of collective concern.

    But some fat fuck few have even heard of and don’t give a shit about who is drowning in money throws a racist comment out of his racist piehole which is secretly recorded by his billionth mistress and the entire nation practically screeches to a goddamn halt.

    Fuck the national obsession with individualized racism in a world filled to the brim with far more complex and serious threats to human rights.

    1. I agree. It is almost like a form of displacement. The media at some level knows that it should be outraged by a lot of things but for ideological reasons isn’t. So it makes itself feel better by being outraged about meaningless shit like this.

      And don’t forget that an NBA ref was caught taking money from gamblers to throw games a few years ago. The sports media just took the NBA’s word that it was an isolated incident and no one else was involved and nothing but a few meaningless regular season games were effect. They couldn’t be bothered to investigate a scandal that actually affected the integrity of the sports they covered but they will spend days acting like a Congress of angry baboons over this.

      1. The sports media just took the NBA’s word that it was an isolated incident and no one else was involved and nothing but a few meaningless regular season games were effect.

        Except for possibly games 6 of the 2002 Western Conference Finals.

        But yeah, let’s get our collective rage boners at full engorgement over some idiotic statements by a fat old rich white dude… Wait, I think I’m starting to get a clearer picture of why they’re getting so pissed.

        1. Google 2001 Eastern Conference Finals sometime. I don’t see any other conclusion other than the NBA fixed the series to make sure they got an Iverson versus the Lakers finals matchup.

          The thing that makes me think the scandal goes much deeper than just a few degenerate referees is that the games were always fixed in favor of the more attractive team to fans and the media. If it were just gamblers and some indebted refs, they would have fixed some games for less attractive teams out of blind luck if nothing else. What do the gamblers care who wins as long as they know what is going to happen in advance?

    2. Worse still, you’re a racist for even bringing those issues up because of the melanin content of the man ordering said bombings and wholesale public surveillance.

    3. The story has money, glamour, sports, famous people, sex, racism plus miscegenation, and political ingredients.

      It simply could not fail to go over in a huge way.

  10. Yeah, OK. I’m still stuck at “sticks and stones”. Guy says some shit – no effect on anyone, anywhere. None.

    Evidently does enough elsewhere that the NAALCP was finna reward him in a couple weeks.

    But because he’s “caught” on tape saying above-noted stupid shit (that didn’t materially do anything in and of itself), he’s gonna get ridden out of town on a rail, tarred and feathered, whatever else.

    But – The President and his AG can fuck around getting agents and civilians killed to do a little gun running in Mejico, and The President and his Sec’y of State can let 4 diplomats and associates get killed, and that’s a phony scandal.

    I do not understand the world in which I am living. Mostly never have. Must be me.

    1. Oh, PS, not that I’m condoning what he said or agreeing with it, for fuck’s sake! Must add that – that was some weapons grade ignorant.

      And really small and petty and banal and insipid.

      Still – sticks and stones…

    2. Magnificent rant, sir.

      1. I’m a big, big believer in “sticks and stones”. Srsly – who gives a fuck what someone says? What’s “I’m offended”? Fuck off, already!

        “I’ll judge you by what you DO, not what you SAY. Fer reelz.”

    3. NAACP to Sterling: “We’re gonna need a bigger check and a year to let this cool off.”

      1. NAACP to Sterling – “Pay up, nigga!”

        YEAH, I SAID IT!

    4. The news has mostly become an outlet for entertainment or for people to feel self righteous. And entertainment is broadly defined. It includes gawking at tragedy in much the same way that people slow down to look at a really serious car crash.

      I don’t know, maybe that’s always been the case. We have a tendency to view the past through rose colored glasses, and I’m not old enough to have been really cognizant of how news was reported before the internet.

      1. Well, back in MY day….

        *adjusts rose-colored specs*

      2. Yes, things were much better 35 years ago.


    5. They only people I think who should care about this are the people who know and work for Sterling. If Doc Rivers, who has a white wife, is offended by this and wants to walk away from his contract as coach this summer, good for him and too bad for Sterling. If the players, at least one of whom has biracial parents (Blake Griffen) want to leave as soon as they become free agents because they don’t like the owner, sucks to be Sterling.

      I am at a loss why anyone else should care about this.

      1. Yeah, that makes sense. Good call.

      2. The NBA gets it’s cut of everything so it certainly takes a financial hit if the Clippers do. I’m guessing that their coliseum is at least partially publicly financed and if so the taxpayers have a say as well since the argument for public financing of these things are money and prestige brought to the city, both of which could take a hit.

        1. For sure. But Sterling has been a horrible owner squatting on a valuable franchise for 30+ years. Seems a bit rich to get rid of him now. And if we are going to start kicking owners out for being morons who can’t run their franchises, shouldn’t the Knicks’ owner Dolan go too?

  11. “In this country, people are allowed to be morons.”

    Sorry Mark, but Sterling committed the sin of racist thoughtcrime and un-PC blatherings. Therefore he must be punished, posssibly even killed. And besides, your star player is a white dude. Not just any white dude, but a German! You’re practically a Nazi!!!! /DERPITY DERPTY DERR

  12. The market will take care of the bigoted Mr. Sterling, as it should.
    Let’s remember that the CRA drove this kind of bigotry mostly underground. Perhaps if Sterling’s early career had allowed him to put out “No blacks, Hispanics or kids allowed” signs on his real estate investments, he never would have risen to such billionaire heights as to own a team in a “black league.” Now we see LGBT groups trying to drive bigots underground again by forcing them to serve them. Wouldn’t you rather have the bigotry out in the open so
    the public can decide whether or not to do business with bigots?

    1. I know if someone hated me the first thing I would want to do is transfer money from me to them.

    2. iWouldn’t you rather have the bigotry out in the open so the public

      But then people’s precious wittle feewings might get hurt! We can’t have that! We have to protect the poor fragile little snowflakes from ever having to be confronted with icky thoughts like bigotry. /more derp

      1. html tags, how do they fucking work?

    3. To be fair, he is the owner of the Clippers. Hasn’t the market done enough already?

  13. Despite the recent announcement of an openly gay current player, the league is widely regarded as a hotbed of anti-gay animus.

    Except in that case, I’m willing to bet that its the players, not the owners, who are the source of much of that alleged animus.

    1. I am pretty sure the owners and coaches would be fine with their entire team being gay if the team won. It is totally the players. Most NBA players are from poor and middle class backgrounds and are black. The black poor and middle class are not very down with gays generally.

  14. It’ll be like one of those ancient Greek battalions. They have great team spirit.

    1. Response to John @ 10:28

  15. Interesting that everyone is cool with him screwing around on his wife. Publicly humiliating her by taking his girlfriend out in public, and perfectly fine with him spending their joint savings on lavish girts for the girlfriend. All that and he’s still a swell guy. Say some general ignorant statement and it’s off with his head.

    1. In fairness, I believe he and his wife were already separated and undergoing divorce proceedings.

      Although I’m sure that he was probably getting side action while before the split.

    2. Not to defend him on that front, but my understanding is that they are separated, in practice if not legally.

    3. The most interesting part of all is he didn’t really even say something disparaging about blacks per se, he said he didn’t want his mistress to hang out publicly with them. I’m guessing it might not have been so much a “I hate blacks” by him, as “I’m a withered, impotent old man with a pencil dick, and my girlfriend is being photographed in public with big black guys. Everyone knows they are giving it to her like I never can. Why can’t she hang out with some white guy instead, so I can tell everyone she’s being escorted by my nephew.”

      1. After much enlightened discussion in a previous thread we came to a collective Reason decision that even if that was the case he’s still a neo-confederate racist hate monger apartheid lover whose shame is shared by his staff, the league, and the whiter portions of humanity more generally.

  16. You would have never thought that there this many stones lying around, waiting to be cast.

  17. Seems like people are missing the critical point to this story, which is that it’s hilarious.

    Elderly racist owns an NBA team and is caught admonishing his mixed-race girlfriend/”archivist” that society is racist and thus she needs to be more circumspect about being seen in public with minorities? Check. Outrage machine thrown into overdrive? Check. Said racist was due to receive a “wrote us a big check” award from the NAACP? Check. Everyone demanding that something be done as long as it doesn’t cost them anything personally? Check. Outrage machine is shifting into “what about other racist/sexist/homophobic attitudes” mode? Check. Team Red/Blue finger wagging? Check.

    Hoping the next phase will be to draw some celebs into the story. Maybe Bieber attends tonight and wears oversized sunglasses bedazzled with a “No Racism” message?

    1. This. The absurdity of this train wreck leads to morbid curiosity.

      1. That is a good way to describe it. I normally watch sports news not because I care that much but just because it is a break from the absurdity of normal news. Now thanks to this story, I can’t even do that.

  18. Still not seeing any racism whatsoever. Telling his sugarbaby that he’ll tolerate her screwing around with black guys so long as she’s not publicizing it doesn’t strike me as particularly racist.

    Besides, he’s apparemtly at least nominally a dem, and a big NAACP supporter–don’t people like that get a pass?

    1. He is a registered Repub since 1998.

      The wingnut media tried to call him a Dem for his donation to NBA HoFer Bill Bradley (NJ-D).

      1. He’s only *ever* contributed to Dems.

        Face it, shrieky, you just like him because he reminds you of your favorite Nazi, Soros.

      2. If he’s been a Republican for 16 years then he must have been a Democrat for at least 50. Or maybe it just doesn’t matter.

  19. Can we all agree to stop commenting on stories about Sterling?

  20. I suspect the other NBA owners have been itching to get rid of Sterling for years. He has sat back for 30 years and collected revenue-sharing checks and not added a penny of value to the NBA brand himself. They’ll use this as an excuse to hit him as hard as they can–without putting themselves at risk.

    Personally, I think the racist nature of the comments is the LEAST interesting thing about this story. If you proposed a plot like this for a dramatic TV series, you’d be laughed out of the room for coming up with something so ridiculous.

    1. It is not ever particularly “racist”. It is more pathetic and weird. The guy has an interracial girlfriend. He knows the girlfriend is two timing him with various men black and white. He doesn’t have a problem with either. His only complaint is that she appears a bit too often with black men in public. She can in his view bang them all she wants as long as she doesn’t appear with them so much.

      I don’t even know what to call that. Whatever it is, it is to me at least too strange and pathetic to get angry about.

      1. Yeah, I agree with that. My conclusion is that Sterling was either paying way too much or not nearly enough for his choice of female companionship. Hard to decide which one. It kind of reminds me of Anna Nicole Smith and that nonagenarian gazillionaire she was “dating.”

  21. Cuban needs to get with the program and accept blame, guilt, and culpability for the retarded shit this guy said in a private phone conversation with his mistress, as Gillespie previously admonished. The whole “embarrassment and shame brought collectively upon the entire league, owners, players and staff from the things that nobody else in the league, none of the owners, none of the players, and none of the staff said” thing isn’t going to work out unless everyone pays proper penance.

  22. I’m surprised that even Reason and its commentariat don’t know, or mention, that Sterling’s now deceased-from-an-overdose son, once clearly murdered his friend over a girl, and the Los Angeles D.A. at the time, Gil Garcetti, declined to prosecute. Sterling was a big fundraiser for Garcetti.

    Don Sterling has always been a terrible human being, and no one cared about his relationship with the Clippers before. My bet: Magic Johnson is looking to buy the team for a song, now that he’s sold his piece of the Lakers. This was just a group of buyers deciding now to force Sterling to lower his selling price by exploiting the open secret of his douchebaggery.

    1. Sterling has been the worst owner in professional sports for decades. But none of the big leagues ever police their own and they all allow horrible human beings and in many cases outright crooks to own franchises.

  23. What I notice about this affair is the ritualized mass Kabuki dance of self-righteous posturing. Everyone has to chime in and decry racism, the World’s Number One Problem, as if Sterling’s millionaire basketball players have been suffering on the plantation. Everyone must take a whack at the totem. It’s all very bonding. It’s like something from the Middle Ages, just with new labels.

    And amid the self-righteousness, some of the “anti-racists” say things that, in a fair world, would be considered just as bad, if not worse. So the net effect is to make everything about race relations worse. But hey, racism.

  24. I wonder how many people realize that he is Jewish

  25. The league, I understand, already declared him a pariah. And they’ll probably get away with it because the courts have declared the sports leagues above the law. But what else would they have been expected to do? Blacks are a preponderance of the players. Cuban, having graduated from Indiana, I think probably understands these things better than most. But this yet another Paula Deen episode, and the ppl who ought to be disciplined are those who invaded this couple’s privacy. Those who’ve declared an opinion ought to recall the Bible’s admonition about casting stones.

  26. WAHHH! My culo hurts! Kick him out/fine him millions/make him sell his team! WAHH! Somebody give me ointment for my hurt culo!

    Fucking crybabies. Grow some skin you whiny cocksuckers. Man the fuck up.

    He hates black people so much that he pays some of them *millions* a year to play a fucking child’s game, and they’re giving him shit because of something he *said*? I can’t find a word vile enough for these people.

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