AirTHC Aims to Connect Weed-Friendly Homeowners and Travelers



Presumably, folks visiting Colorado for a bit of "weed tourism" will want somewhere to enjoy the fruits of their travels. But until more cannabis cafes proliferate, what's a vacationing stoner to do? It can be hard to hide the smell of marijuana in a hotel, and most Airbnb hosts make no mention of their pot policies. Plus Colorado law prohibits smoking weed in any public places. Enter airTHC

Building on Airbnb's short-term rental model, airTHC connects travelers with marijuana-friendly vacation rentals, "ensuring that you'll have a private space of your own to smoke—legally—while you stay in Colorado."

As with Airbnb, both property owners and potential renters fill out a profile. "As you stay in places you acquire a reputation," Jordan Conner, airTHC's co-founder, told CBS Denver. "You will also be able to contact the person before they come and stay in your place."

So far, more than 30 property owners have signed up with airTHC. The owners plan to launch to renters "in the very near future," co-founder Greg Drinkwater says.