Ohio Alt-Weekly 'Can't Locate' Anyone to Argue Against Legal Weed

The Dayton City Paper, an alt-weekly out of Dayton, Ohio, recently ran a "debate" on marijuana legalization. On one side of the page, a DCP staffer argued in favor of Ohio moving to legalize. The other side of the page was mostly blank.


Dayton City Paper

The Dayton City Paper, an alt-weekly out of Dayton, Ohio, recently ran a "debate" on marijuana legalization. On one side of the page, a DCP staffer argued in favor of Ohio moving to legalize. The other side of the page was mostly blank. 

An editor's note on the anti-legalization side of the page says, "On behalf of the Dayton City Paper staff, we apologize, but we were unable to locate a debate writer who was able to submit a view opposed to the legalization of marijuana in Ohio at this time." 

The paper's plan had been to have another staff writer make an anti-legalization argument. But a scheduling mistake prevented the one staffer amenable to writing against legalization from filing on time. Rather than scrap the debate—a weekly staple in the paper and one of its most popular features—the publishers decided to have fun with it. 


Clearly, the paper could have found a writer, if not necessarily a staffer, to take the opposing side were time constraints not an issue. But they were. DCP Publisher Paul Noah points out that the editorial note merely says they couldn't locate someone in time

"We're making a statement in a playful way," says Noah, a supporter of legalizaiton efforts like Colorado's.

Not even medical marijuana is currently legal in Ohio. Three medical marijuana amendments have had language approved by the attorney general and the Ohio Ballot Board, but campaigners have been unable to collect enough signatures to get these on the ballot.

In 2013, State Rep. Bob Hagan (D-Youngstown) introduced legislation that would allow people to grow marijuana for medicinal use or designate a caregiver to grow it for them, a proposal similar to existing laws in 20 states and the District of Columbia. But after an initial May 2013 committee hearing, there's been no action on Hagan's bill. Hagan also introduced a measure to legalize, tax, and regulate recreational marijuana, but it has met a similar fate. 

According to a poll released in March, 87 percent of Ohioans (including 78 percent of Republicans) think medical marijuana should be legal. And a slight majority (51 percent) support legalizing small amounts for personal recreational use. "Is it time?" as the Dayton City Paper recently asked. It seems like the answer's inching closer to yes. 

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  1. Episiarch smokes weed.
    Episiarch is a scourge on civilization
    Therefore weed smokers are a scourge on civilization

    1. No wonder he likes weed.

      From my observation, pot may be great for jazz musicians and Beat poets, but it saps energy and will-power and can produce physiological feminization in men.

      1. Wait, I thought weed made me the gayest monster since gay came to Gaytown. I’m so confused. Maybe I should get stoned.

        “Wanna get high?”

      2. If there’s anything alcohol encourages, it’s social behavior.

        Yeah, I got laid plenty because of booze in my yute, put it’s nothing compared to the property damage that also occurred. I did pretty much everything short of destroying a famous astronaut’s mailbox.

        1. Maybe all the mailboxes in your town were properly secured. Or you’re just lazy.

          1. I picked my battles. My parents straight up told me that they weren’t going to hire a lawyer for any federal offenses.

            1. See, that’s why I stuck mostly to lawns, sports fields, and basketball hoops.

              1. We had this section of the local paper called “Crime Watch”, which was basically just excepts from the weekly blotter of the police department. My friends and I spent most of our junior year trying to make Crime Watch. Then, we took it way too far and made the front page.

            2. My parents straight up told me that they weren’t going to hire a lawyer for any federal offenses.

              But they would for state or local offenses? That still leaves plenty of opportunities for mischief.

              1. Yep. Just not mailboxes. It is hilarious to see one blown to bits by an M-1000, but it isn’t worth the 5 years in federal prison.

        2. In my youth, we preferred more modern armaments.

          One of my favorite memories is buying potassium nitrate and “bluetip” matches at the local pharmacy when I was twelve- and the old dude behind me pitching a fit that they would sell them to me.


  2. To this dump of a state’s credit, possession of an eighth or less of weed will only get you something like a $150 fine. That’s almost legal, right?

    1. Why that’s low enough to be considered a penaltax.

    2. To paraphrase jesse from above:

      Warty lives in Ohio.
      Warty is a scourge on civilization.
      Therefore Ohio is a scourge on civilization.

      1. I find your logic unassailable!

    3. According to NORML, it’s up to 100g. That’s like 3.5 ounces. Over 200 joints.

      Ohio is OK in my book.

      Louisiana? That is not a free place.

  3. While I laugh, I also don’t like unbalanced reporting.

    (Disclaimer – I’ve long been in favor of legalization simply because a stoner on their couch is no danger to anyone except perhaps themselves, so there’s no reason for me to care about their usage.)

    One thing that strikes me while laughing, would it be as funny if the editorial that had been printed against a blank page had been in opposition to something I support, giving the impression on it’s face that none of my arguments are valid. I stopped laughing.

    1. I think it would have been better if they just had printed: FOR THE CHILDREN!! in huge letters on the other side of the page.

      1. “Go to Colorado and see if that’s a place you’d want to live.”

        1. Trudat. You should see my new vacation home in Camden.

    2. UnCivilServant|4.23.14 @ 1:02PM|#
      “While I laugh, I also don’t like unbalanced reporting.”

      Agreed, but the paper here is making it clear that it is a ‘statement’.
      The rag that lands on my porch most mornings is equally biased and claims to be “neutral”.
      So I’ll laugh.

      1. Newspapers have been biased so long that I don’t (directly) fund them anymore. (I’m sure my taxes are finding their way into those pockets though).

  4. Send the question to Christy; he’ll respond with some bullshit.

  5. I was gonna take the opposing side, but I got high.

  6. I not a player and I don’t have many notches on my bed post, but back in the day, long before the smart phone, I would read the leftist drivel in our local alt-weekly. So when the publisher’s daughter turned to me to complain about how long it was taking to make her fish taco, I had some conversation to keep thing going. Small investments.

    1. Did you ever get a return on that investment?

      1. He said he got to make her fish taco.

        1. He didn’t say if the fish was fresh.

          1. And just how many wild-eyed leftist tacos have you fished?

            1. More than I care to admit. In my defense, I went to Berkeley and had no choice.

              1. It’s Berkeley… How much fur was on that taco?

  7. In some manner Dayton, Ohio itself is as “alternative” as one can imagine.

  8. What, they couldn’t get a hold of Chris Christy in time?

    1. He was busy eating. He said he’d get to it next week.

  9. Perhaps one of the authors of one of these studies might be available to present the “against” argument?

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