Brickbat: Losers


Officials at Nebraska's Lincoln Public Schools have apologized for passing out a flier at one school telling students not to tell on bullies because "the number one reason bullies hate their victims is because the victims tell on them." It also advised those who are being bullied not to be sore losers, not to defend themselves and to "treat the person who is being mean as if they are trying to help you."

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  1. Zero tolerance for snitchin’ would have been more effective.

    1. Bitches get stitches…

      1. Snitches and talkers get stitches and walkers

  2. It also advised those who are being bullied not to be sore losers, not to defend themselves and to “treat the person who is being mean as if they are trying to help you.”

    Interesting. This is also the way they (authoritarian enabling progs) want you to view the government.

    1. “Please hit me for my own good!”

      1. “I know your intentions are good!”

  3. When I was first bullied, I tried playing nice. I got me beat up worse. It didn’t finally end until I went around to each of their houses with a broom handle and beat them each bloody.

    1. This reminds me of the “revenge posse” scene from Repo Man.

      1. You gonna give me my car, or do I gotta go to your house and shove your dog’s head down the toilet?

        1. Best damn car on the lot!

  4. Perhaps they did not realize they were passing out an article from The Onion?

  5. Two possibilities: April Fool’s prank, or the deep undercurrents of what actually goes through a public school administrator’s mind.

    “There were certain teachers who
    Would hurt the children
    Any way they could
    By pouring their derision upon anything we did
    Exposing every weakness,
    However carefully hidden by the kid”

  6. It also advised those who are being bullied not to be sore losers, not to defend themselves and to “treat the person who is being mean as if they are trying to help you.”

    ‘Cause that worked out so well for all those 9/11 passengers.

    1. Yeah, that is the part that jumped out most to me, and probably the key part of the ‘lesson’.

      Training them to be good sheep.

  7. This is real?

    So the flier was accidentally sent home with the kids in a folder with other school work and this is what they said : “”It’s a staff issue, so we’re taking care of the staffing error,” Roth said. “It wasn’t supposed to be sent home.””

    In other words: Sorry! You weren’t supposed to know about this.

    1. “Sorry – we thought we’d be able to get away with it.”

      1. This propaganda is on a need to know basis.

  8. OT: Trending (whatever that means) on The Facebook: NYPD Twitter (whatever than means) campaign going poorly.…..-backfires

    1. whoops, shoulda checked the TI comments FIRST

      1. Did you hear about the Cleveland Browns fan?

        1. Something, something, let down… wait, Lou Reed IS WHAT?!?!

      2. No one reads those.

        1. Eh, some people do the crossword in the morning…

    2. That is some funny shit there.

      So a bully is surprised to find out that his victims don’t think of him as their friend. NYPD has the mentality of a grade school bully. What a surprise.

  9. School administrators and teachers have always been supportive of bullies. The reasoning mystifies me.

    The surest cure for a bully is to have the shit kicked out of them by the kid(s) they bullied. Being beaten limp with a brick usually fixes a bullies’ attitude with only one go around.

    1. What’s mystifying about school administrators being in sympathy with bullies?

      1. They’re brothers under the skin.

  10. The fun thing is that no-one is to blame. The flaky psychologist who promotes this sort of “Bullies2Buddies” thinking nationwide has disavowed the leaflet. The school administration said it’s not their fault.

    They’re probably figuring out a way to blame Mr. Wilkins the janitor.

    1. “Do not touch Willie. Good advice.”

    2. I’ll go get the orange sawdust.

  11. Is this school a training camp for cops and prison guards and gym teachers? ‘Cause it sounds like they’re strongly hinting that being a bully is a sweet gig.

  12. LPS Communications Director Mary Kay Roth said the flier was not approved to be sent home and was inadvertently included in fifth-graders’ Tuesday folders that went home to parents. Such folders typically contain student work and other information for parents.

    “It’s a staff issue, so we’re taking care of the staffing error,” Roth said. “It wasn’t supposed to be sent home.”

    “We sincerely regret that you found out.”

  13. In grade school I was bullied by a guy who would eventually become a mobster. I took my licks and didn’t run from him but I was scared as shit. It didn’t last very long. I think he got bored by the fact I would face him. It helped that a guy out of nowhere came up to me and told me that from that point forward to go get him. He told me this while the jerk had me in a choke hold. It’s pretty funny when I think about it. Anyway, I still see my ‘bodyguard’ from time to time. We’ve played hockey and baseball together over the years. Super, super, super guy.

    He’s also 6 ft. 8 inches.

    All this to say, I think Brickbat nailed it: They’re losers. What is this insanity of giving so much leverage to bullies? The best way is to face a bully down.

    1. Unless the bully has a badge and a gun.

  14. It also advised those who are being bullied not to be sore losers, not to defend themselves and to “treat the person who is being mean as if they are trying to help you.”

    Great advice for surviving an encounter with the police.

    1. +100 heroes

  15. ah – bullies.

    Back in 7th grade, I was a tall and skinny geek. There was a shorter than me jerk who had the locker next to mine. He would punch me in the arm every day. I made the mistake of not doing anything about it. Eventually the punches got harder and harder as I didn’t resist – hey, I’m a peaceful kind of guy I told myself.

    I told my older brother about this. He said, “If you let people push you around, they are going to keep on pushing. Do something about it.”

    So the next day, the kid punches me in the arm – hard. I turn, pick him up by the shoulders, pick him up a few inches, and throw him into the lockers saying “If you ever touch me again, I’ll kill you.” He said something face saving to his own ego… but he never bothered me again.

    1. Some older bullies tried to steal my basketball, I grabbed it and ran home, they followed me and sat outside telling my mom how they were going to kick my ass. I told her where they lived and she got one asshole grounded. When I hit high school, ran into asshole again, he would push me around and punch me in the halls. By 9th grade I’d shot up over 6 feet but was skinny as hell, still lacking confidence. One day, and I remember this as being a totally involuntary reaction, like being suddenly possessed, I body slammed said asshole into the lockers. He never bothered me again.

      Learning to stand up for yourself is just part of growing up.

      1. And this is the ultimate human tragedy in all this. Schools are turning kids into fucking weaklings. It’s a basic, tribal axiom of human nature to defend one’s self.

        I don’t know why there isn’t more outrage over stuff like this. There has to be a parent that laced into this school, no?

    2. I hear these stories, and wonder why it never worked out that way for me. Every time I stood up to a bully, he’d hunt me down after school with a dozen of his friends and pound the shit out of me. And the bullying would continue. If I stood up again, the gang would descend on me again. It only stopped when I was beaten so badly I ended up in the hospital, and the courts got involved. No, standing up to bullies never worked for me because the bully always had a lot of violent friends.

      1. The hospital? Jesus, you grow up in East LA?

        1. The dangerous white burbs of Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

      2. I had two older brothers – so perhaps that gave me some protection. My older bro, who I hung out with the most, had a white hot temper that was sometimes useful – like the time just he and I fought five other kids at the same time – and won.

      3. I think that Machiavelli quote is relevant here,

        “Men ought either to be indulged or utterly destroyed, for if you merely offend them they take vengeance, but if you injure them greatly they are unable to retaliate, so that the injury done to a man ought to be such that vengeance cannot be feared.”

        For some bullies it might take less to “destroy” them than for others, especially if bullies have friends.

        1. Ever read “Ender’s Game”? That was pretty much his philosophy.

      4. I went to a gang-infested school. One day I had to go into the locker room during a recess and a group of the young hoodlums were in there. One started talking shit to me. I didn’t wait; I dropped him with a body blow. Fuckers were speechless and left me alone after that.

      5. A gang. That’s rough. For that, you gotta set a trap or just go bugshit insane on them.

        I had a group of four kids following and taunting me one day. I thought they were going to get rough, so when I saw a coke bottle on the ground, I picked up and threw it. Caught one them square, don’t remember where, but it hurt like hell. They ran.


    3. Gordon Liddy said that when he was a kid, he would get punched in the arm every day by a bully. His solution was to push some thumbtacks through the sticky side of some tape, then wrap the tape around his arm under his sleeve.

  16. RULE #6: If someone physically hurts you, just show you are hurt; do not get angry.

    If this shit is real, everyone associated with its development and distribution should be physically hurt.

  17. Just training them how to behave with the ultimate bullies – government goons.

  18. I was bullied in grade school. My mom made me study Martial Arts so that I could fight the bully. Bullying stopped. She did the same with my brother. He didn’t want to play outside because of some mean kids in our new neighborhood. She made him stay outside until he fought and beat them. And now I’ve made my own daughter study fighting: hand-to-hand, knives, guns.

    1. Is your real name Sue?

      1. If this is a funny reference, sorry, I’m oblivious. But no, it’s not. ?

        1. A Boy Named Sue

  19. My 13 year old was taught two things:

    1. Never start a fight. If you do, I will personally kick your ass into the next century.

    2. If someone else starts a fight, you need finish it. By “finish,” I mean the guy on the ground bleeding out of at least three orifices. The school may suspend or expel you, but I will reward you. And no one will ever start a fight with you again.

  20. It’s written as though the schools think that all bullies are actually just autistic children who don’t know their own strength.

    Just be nice to him! Maybe he’s just looking ofr a friend, and doesn’t realize that he’s hurting you!

  21. The school’s advice here is:

    (1) Don’t defend yourself.
    (2) Don’t turn the bully in.
    (3) Do what the bully tells you.

    Seriously, I think they took their policy for kids dealing with administrators, and just swapped “bully” for “administrator”.

    1. There’s a difference?

    2. (1) Don’t defend yourself.
      (2) Don’t turn the bully in.
      (3) Do what the bully tells you

      Isn’t that strategy what they used to tell women to use to deal with rapists? You know, “Relax and enjoy it”?

  22. (1) Don’t defend yourself.
    (2) Don’t turn the bully in.
    (3) Do what the bully tells you.

    Unless he uses a computer. Then it’s cyberbullying and it’s a felony. Because words, unlike baseball bats, can HURT, especially your self esteem. So, the takeaway is: if it’s a real threat to your physical safety, just spread your cheeks, wet your lips and allow them to do whatever they want. If it’s some ephemeral threat to your self esteem, call the DA, the AG and the FBI so we can ruin their life.
    Yeah, that’s sounds about right for the educational establishment.

  23. *(1) Don’t defend yourself.
    (2) Don’t turn the bully in.
    (3) Do what the bully tells you.*

    Because this is the course of action that makes the LEAST AMOUNT OF WORK FOR THE SCHOOL. Duh. It’s so obvious.

  24. All the public school officials need to understand that they can’t behave in a wrong way no matter whatever the situation is

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