Even The Nation's Top Law Enforcement Official Has Smoked Pot


Attorney General Eric Holder said he smoked pot in college during an interview with HuffPost published Tuesday.

Read the whole article here.

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  1. Why would HuffPost interview a pot smoking college kid?

  2. The fiend!

  3. More drug war fun:


    1. People on here bitch about public defenders. You tell me how you win these cases when the cops lie and the judge and jury always believe them?

      Had there not been a video, there wasn’t a damn thing the attorney could have done to save these guys.

      This is more than anything why cops hate video so much. It is not just about them not wanting to be filmed beating people up, though that is certainly part of it. It is more about them no longer being able to perjure themselves on the stand. Police work is really hard if you follow the rules. You tell me how you figure out which cars are carrying drugs if you can’t just search anyone you want for any reason.

      The explosion of easy video taping means cops no longer can lie about the searches they do with no worry of ever being caught. Sure most of the time they won’t be caught but they don’t know if some busy body was standing on the side recording what actually happened and if the defense attorney has the tape.

      Ensuring the ability of people to record cops is one of the most important things we can do. It doesn’t take recording every encounter, though that would be ideal. You just have to record enough that these assholes face the risk of being caught lying in court.

      1. Being a public defender must really be a drag.

        I have an idea that public defender and prosecutor should be the same job. You alternate being on the prosecution or defense side and always have access to the same resources.

        1. When I retire, I might go do it for a couple of years in a really busy jurisdiction.

          What makes it a drag more than anything else is that most of your clients really are guilty. You are forever waging a losing battle for people who often deserve what they are getting. You don’t get a lot of meaningful wins. Worse still, when you do have an innocent client that makes it even harder because the stakes go up so much. It is one thing to lose knowing the guy is guilty and justice is being done. It is quite another to lose and know the guy is innocent.

        2. I think that’s how it works in the military.

  4. Considering Holder’s age and that he came of age in the 80s, I would be very surprised if he hasn’t snorted coke. Not that I care. All of these guys are asshole hypocrites who want to ruin people’s lives for doing things they got away with and would do again.

    1. Hey! Just because we came of age in the 80’s doesn’t mean we were all coke-snorting fiends who dressed funny and had weird hair.

      Oh, wait…

      1. Clutches his acid washed jeans.

  5. Just think how his career could have been altered had he been caught smoking dope, expelled, had to work as a glorified paralegal, etc.
    Hmmmm..maybe, in his case, that would have been a big win for the country.

  6. It’s different now, what with teh Sooper Weed and all. Besides- Holder, even then, was obviously destined for greatness unlike the rest of you rudderless losers.

  7. Anybody care to venture over to the comments section and report back?

  8. Off Topic: Joshua DeLeon is a depraved government bootlicker who wanted the National Guard to kill the protesters who faced off against the BLM. Apparently, the Tea Party is so strong and insane that it scared poor widdle government.

    Oh, this ass clown also thinks the SEC is scared of Wall Street.

    So, how come the guys with the biggest guns and the prisons are so scared of the Tea Party and Wall Street?

    Also, this guy writes for and posts on a website curated by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.. Stay classy, Kennedys!

    1. Governing gets a bit harder when you lose the faith and trust of the people you are governing. Those articles are just Joshua trowing his bottle and stamping his feet at how hard that fact is.

      Law and justice are a commodity like anything else. You only have so much of it. If you use it all up, society loses faith in the government and just start ignoring it leaving you with no law. The progs are getting pretty close to that happening in the US. Even with all of its guns and pretty much full prisons, the feds would be powerless to stop widespread civil disobedience and ignoring of the law.

      People like this asshole thinks the solution would be to just start shooting people. That is harder than it sounds. You have to have people willing to do the shooting and a society that is as a whole willing to tolerate it. We are fortunately not there yet, though little Josua no doubts wishes we were.

  9. He even admits that the Justice Department does indeed have the power to reschedule Marijuana.

    He just believes it should come from Congress, because you know, that’s his stance on every issue and all.

  10. Another brain dead loser who never read the scientific literature.

    150+ Scientific Studies Showing the Dangers of Marijuana


  11. Thanks for the non-article. HuffPost’s website downloads so much shit that it takes ten miutes to start reading the damn thing. I guess I’ll get the gist of it from the comments.

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