"We Deserved Better than Kathleen Sebelius"


Whether you're among the 36 percent of Americans who have a favorable view of Obamacare or among the 53 percent who do not, it's important to underscore the lessons of her tenure. Her widely acknowledged incompetence in overseeing the implementation of a major new program is one of the reasons why record numbers of Americans think the government has too much power and have low and declining levels of trust in government to do the right thing. Whether you're liberal, conservative, or libertarian, that's not a good thing….

Sebelius's abrupt resignation, then, is the fitting capstone of a cabinet tenure that did nothing to inspire feelings of competency and trust in government in a century that is so far replete with revelations of bipartisan secret surveillance, financial mismanagement of the nation, and failed foreign policy.

That's from my latest column at Time's website. Read the whole thing here.