Lois Lerner Held in Contempt, Colbert to Replace Letterman, Teen Responsible for Mass School Stabbings Evaluated: P.M. Links


  • There were some good guests. A few now and then.
    The Colbert Report

    The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee voted along party lines (Republicans in favor; Democrats opposed) to hold former Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress for declining to testify about the agency's targeting of conservative nonprofits. She cited her Fifth Amendment right to avoid self-incrimination. The matter now goes to the full House.

  • Stephen Colbert will replace David Letterman on the Late Show, and Colbert's Comedy Central show, The Colbert Report, will come to an end. He says the parody right-wing version of himself is also done. All possible jokes about #CancelColbert actually succeeding have already been told this morning, so you'll have to move on.
  • The motives of the 16-year-old teen charged with the stabbing spree at a Pennsylvania High School that wounded more than 20 students remain unclear. The boy's attorney says he's asking for a psychiatric examination and said he's not sure the teen understands how severely he injured people.
  • A three-judge federal panel is hearing arguments today about whether Utah's ban on gay marriage recognition is constitutional. Observers say the court appears divided.
  • A federal administration review of the Boston Marathon bombing has found that agencies still aren't communicating with each other to share information about potential terrorism suspects.
  • Armed pro-Russian demonstrators in eastern Ukraine have reportedly rejected Ukraine's offers of amnesty if they stop stirring up trouble and seizing government buildings. They are demanding a Crimea-style referendum.

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  1. A federal administration review of the Boston Marathon bombing has found that agencies still aren’t communicating with each other to share information about potential terrorism suspects.

    The information is sheltering in place.


      1. Lol…also, everyone, repeat after me:

        It is Troll Free Thursday!”

      2. You’re checking first. You need to blindly post your comment. Fortune favors the bold.

        1. Sigh…

    2. The information is sheltering in place? No. The truth is out there.

      1. In a little orange tube tent among the scrub pines, wearing a gas mask and pouring water into an MRE heater?

        1. No, it’s being held secret by a vast, global really, conspiracy designed to keep the secret of extraterrestrial life from the world.

    3. Hello.

      So is this a significant or symbolic development with Lerner?

      1. Remains to be seen. If she continues to refuse to testify and they exercise their power to jail her following this necessary first step, significant.

        If she refuses and they don’t jail her, symbolic.

        1. Politicians specialize in symbolic

        2. They would have to grow a pair of balls to jail her. I will believe it when I see it. If they did, I have little doubt she would fold like a chair and the entire thing would unravel.

        3. I have always had problems with jailing for contempt.

          Stripping her of her pension and gov derived benefits would be just dandy though. In a perfect world when she called to determine why she wasn’t getting her checks, they would just plead the 5th.

          1. I agree. ARtifex. The SCOTUS ruled back in the 1950s that the government couldn’t take the pension of a government employee who took the 5th. That is a crap decision. If they take the 5th relating to official conduct, they should lose their job and pension.

            1. or gather enough evidence to try and and convict them without their testimony. Now we see the Elijah Cummings was involved with Lerner, so his conduct on the Oversight Committee was in part to cover up his own actions.

  2. The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee voted along party lines (Republicans in favor; Democrats opposed) to hold former Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress…

    I don’t think that parenthetical information was necessary, Shackford.

  3. I’m not exactly sure Colbert knows how to do anything else besides his faux conservative persona.

    1. If he resurrected his Mr. Nobblet role from Strangers with Candy, I might be interested.

      1. I hope he brings back the Late Show remote segments. Letterman has been slow lazy during the last decade.

        1. *so

          1. *so

            I liked “slow lazy” better.

        2. Monkey Cam! The Guy Under the Seats! Larry “Bud” Melman!

      2. “Jerri, you want to hear a little secret? You’re only as ugly as we think you are.”

        1. “I’ve seen that drill press a million times, Chuck.”

      3. I was thinking earlier that’s about the only time I actually thought he was all that funny.

        1. Even Stevphen was a great bit on the Daily Show with him and Steve Carell.

    2. It was getting a little stale anyway. But in the early years he was a pitch perfect right-wing idiot.

    3. A shame, I watched the Drew Carey April Fools episode of The Late Show and thought with a little practice he’d be perfect for the job. He could even have moved it to LA if he didn’t want to move to NYC.

    4. I actually find it fascinating that with all of the other good tv (and things to do in general) that people still watch late shows. I don’t get the appeal.

      I don’t get the appeal of the Independents either. There, I said it.

      1. A show that covers topics from a libertarian perspective is pretty significant to me.

        1. I wanted to like it, but it could use a lot less Kennedy and fewer topics.

      2. Or Red Eye. There, I said it.

        1. Red Eye just sucks. Greg Gutfeld has never been funny.

      3. You mean you don’t care about other people’s opinions about current events, or someone’s new album or TV show? YOU MONSTER!

      4. I figure people watch the late shows in bed.

      5. I used to watch some when I got TV with an antenna. Since it went digital, I can’t get shit.

        My favorite was Craig Ferguson.

        1. I have an antenna for over the air (free HD, woohoo), but damn it can be a PITA. Some channels I have to have the signal booster on, some if I have the signal booster on nothing appears at all. Then there’s cars driving by, aircraft flying over… (sigh) all I want is a pretty picture.

          1. Free HD is great. But if you are on the edge of where any reception is possible, I liked analog better. After a while you don’t notice the static too much and a brief bit of interference doesn’t completely interrupt what you are watching.

            1. This^^ Had HD radio when I lived in STL, MO. Was awesome. Moved to KY, and where I lived was on the digital reception edge. Having the analog and digital signal switch back and forth was huge PITA.

    5. What the fuck is a “Colbert”?

      1. A smug liberal posing as the caricature of a cross between Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity.

        1. So Rachel Maddow in drag?*

          1. Letterman has called Maddow the smartest person on TV.
            So he probably thinks Colbert is a genius.

            1. I remember when Letterman used to be topical and funny. Like when he said Sarah Palin’s 14-year old daughter got knocked up by A-Roid during a Yankees game.

              His class will be missed sorely.

              1. I used to like Letterman. But that was a pretty long time ago now. Even the first several years of the new show were pretty good.

                The most painful thing I have ever watched on TV was Letterman interviewing Dick Cheney’s gay daughter. Throughout the interview, he kept trying to indirectly get her to say something about contradictions of being gay and supporting Republicans and she was not going for it.
                If your whole schtick is being a dopey goof, don’t try to do political interviews.

                1. He was brilliant in the 80s and early 90s. Stopped watching him around then just because I stopped staying up that late to watch TV, but it sounds like he began to fade later in the 90s.

                  1. He lost his mojo when Jay Leno started to beat him in the ratings.

        2. It’s not like there’s a huge bench to pull from of non-liberal celebrities with the chops to host a chat/variety show and pull in the ratings. Dennis Miller is about it. Greg Gutfeld? Not even good enough to be Reason intern!

          1. Dennis Miller was great on HBO, but not a natural when it comes to the interview.

    6. I guess we will find out. He used to do other things.

      If he is serious about ending that character, he could be a decent Late Show host.

      I think his Colbert Report character was quite good really. Or would have been if it had been more of a one shot or limited deal. One sided partisan comedy gets really tiresome after not very long. But the send up of O’Reilly and his ilk was funny and appropriate.

    7. He’s a hilarious, knowledgeable, good-humored and quick-witted person. I imagine he’ll do great as host. Though he could also be crushed by the conformity of the format and continue to waste his talent.

      That said, I’ll probably only watch the occasional pre-recorded segments that are put on Youtube.

  4. The motives of the 16-year-old teen charged with the stabbing spree at a Pennsylvania High School that wounded more than 20 students remain unclear.

    What do we want? What do we want?
    Gun control! Gun control!

    1. The motives of the 16-year-old teen charged with the stabbing spree at a Pennsylvania High School that wounded more than 20 students remain unclear.

      He couldn’t take living in Pittsburgh any longer.

      1. Murraysville is actually on the eastern fringe of the suburbs, about 20 miles from downtown. Pittsburgh’s not a bad place to live, and has a quite low cost of living.

    2. “This just in, teen used knives because Gun Control X worked!”

    3. Have any of the grabbers crowed about how gun control laws kept him from getting a gun and thus kept the body count down?

      I mean, have they crowed yet. You know they will as soon as they think of it.

      1. Remember that shooting in Colorado a few months ago when a kid killed a classmate with a pump action shotgun? One of my friends immediately made a FB post about why weapons of war don’t belong in our streets. First it’s ARs, then it’s shotguns, then it’s just about everything including sharp pencils.

    4. You don’t NEED knife with a blade any longer than 4 inches!11!1!1!1!1!1

  5. A federal administration review of the Boston Marathon bombing has found that agencies still aren’t communicating with each other to share information about potential terrorism suspects.

    They are each fighting for all of the power. Why would they want to help the competition?

    1. See, if I were a conspiracy nut I’d think they were acting incompetent in hopes that more terrorist attacks would succeed. Fortunately, I know it’s much more probable that they are protecting their petty fiefdoms, hoping to be THE agency that stops the next attack, securing increased funding for a decade at least.

      1. They have to justify those budgets by any means necessary.

      2. It’s not so much protecting petty fiefdoms as much as everybody in each organization needing to parrot the “correct” angle (for their organization) on the global terrorism picture. These pictures cannot coincide, othewise their group’s unique viewpoint would be supporting some other group’s claims. The energy burned up trying to stay within the sanctified viewpoint while not corroborating some other group’s viewpoint would probably be enough to actually do the job required if it was applied to just keeping track of the bad guys.

  6. The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee voted along party lines (Republicans in favor; Democrats opposed) to hold former Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress for declining to testify about the agency’s targeting of conservative nonprofits

    Well of course they did. Does anyone think that the vast majority of politicians have a problem with the IRS being used this way as long as it isn’t against their TEAM?

  7. Wingnut Watch – Another Fake “WAR”!

    Limbaugh: Colbert Hire Is Declaration Of ‘War On The Heartland Of America’


    1. I’ll add it to the list of fake wars.

      Right under the War on Women.

      1. And while you are talking about fake wars, be sure to ignore the real one in Ukraine Obama seems intent on getting us into.


        1. Palin’s Buttplug|4.10.14 @ 5:10PM|#
          “WAR ON CHRISTMAS!”

          War on intelligence! Led by turd!

  8. Are we allowed to spoil the UEFA League scores? 😉

    1. It’s as relevant as MLS scores.

      1. I don’t know, easy there feller.

        I still think it’s pretty significant especially considering how they’ve watered down Champions League over the years.

        It’s still a good competition worth bragging about. Trophies are trophies.

        1. Sure, but I’d rather watch my hometown Dynamo than a Europa league match.

          1. Bah. I’ll watch it all.

    2. I watch online.

      Spanish sides are strong. Overcoming 2-0 and 3-0 deficits?

      What happened to the art of shutting down your opponent and sealing the deal?

      1. I thought Sevilla was only down 1:0 from the first leg.

        1. You’re right. My bad.

    3. Yes.

    4. What does disclosing soccer scores “spoil”, exactly?

      1. There are people who record the Champions League matches to watch later because they can’t watch the matches live. They don’t want the results spoiled.

        Or are you just one of those philistines who trashes soccer just because? 😉

        1. because it’s piss boring to watch on television. if I can’t see it live there’s no point.

          1. WTF is “piss boring?”

            1. He’s referring to soccer.

            2. It’s how you carve a hole in a snow bank.

        2. Recording does let you fast forward through the simulated injury theatrics.

        3. Philistines love soccer.

          Good ol’ red blooded ‘mericans know that football is played on a 100 yd field with an elongated ball and your feet are for running.

      2. I, and others, DVR the weekday afternoon games, and requested no spoilers.

    5. Well, man utd is out. So now, I fully support Bayern crashing and burning their way out of the champions league. Also, SACK MOYES.

      1. Bayern is going for the Quadruple Title this season.
        I don’t think they can be stopped.

        1. The only team I think can stop them is Atletico because they play physical.

          1. They’ll need better finishing though.

            1. You don’t like it when teams hit the woodwork that often?

        2. What Rufus said, but you’re right, Guardiola is a genius, his tactics are difficult to counter, but not impossible.

          1. He’s doing it with more or less the same pieces Heynckes had.

            And if Arjen Robben could hit penalties (fuck you, Arjen Robben), Bayern would be going for a third straight CL.

            1. and next season they’ll have Lewandowski

              1. True, and I forgot to mention G?tze. Of course, they may be losing Kroos.

                And somebody needs to tell the English-speaking announcers that Toni Kroos does not have the same surname as Tom Cruise. That’s one that drives me up a wall.

              2. And Pustefix as prop forward, don’t forget.

            2. Robben is a frustratingly mad player to watch. Brilliant and an asshole at the same time. His arm action is weird too.

            3. They had a chance for more had they not lost to Inter in 2010. But Inter was just too good that year under Mourinho.

        3. Don’t jinx them!

          (I’m a nervous wreck before every Bayern game, and fear that they’re going to find some way to blow it like they did against fucking Chelsea two years ago.)

      2. Real Mancunians root for City.

        It was so nice seeing the last week of the 2012 season when the fourth official held up the stoppage time sign that read, “Play until City score the winning goal”. 😉

        1. I’m not a Manc, so I have no obligation to man $hitty.

    6. I’ll guess 1 – 0 with lots of zzz’s.

  9. “Armed pro-Russian demonstrators in eastern Ukraine have reportedly rejected Ukraine’s offers of amnesty”

    When will we have pro-Russian demonstrations in Alaska? You know it was leased to the US for 100 years only.

    1. Nah. The limo ran out of gas.


    2. I believe the more likely scenario is the armed pro-Mexican demonstrators in southern California, joined by several mayors and members of the police and military of Mexican descent, wanting a referendum on returning the land to Mexico.

  10. Oh no! Being held in contempt! I’m sure that will bring her to heel right away, just like it did Holder.

    Hans Blix: I’m sorry, but the UN must be firm with you. Let me see your whole palace, or else…
    Kim Jong-il: Or erse what?
    Hans Blix: Or else we will be very, very angry with you… And we will write you a letter, telling you how angry we are.

    1. I love seeing the government waste time fighting with itself.

  11. Mickey Rooney shuts family out of will, leaves entire estate to stepson

    1. In October 2013, Augustine agreed to a settlement with Chris and Christina Aber where all abuse allegations would be dropped against the couple in return for $2.9-million repaid to Rooney. “We had evidence that he had stolen $8-million (over the years), but we knew that we were not going to collect it,” Augustine said at the time. “Aber didn’t sock money away, he put it up his nose.”

      Hm. That gives me an idea for a hedge against inflation…

    2. This is either the least or the most crazy thing that he has done.

      1. Somehow I don’t think we’re getting a “Daddy Dearest” out of this.

    3. Go look at Mickey’s list of wives and conquests sometime. Derrick Jeter has nothing on that little bastard. He must have had a 15 inch dick. A midget former child star banged Ava Garder. WTF?

      1. Not just banged, married.

        He threw a lot of money around, that probably helped. And he was short, but not deformed or oddly proportioned.

        1. Married. It amazes me to this day. Whatever else he did, that guy had something.

    4. Mickey Rooney has been regular participant is Southern California high school parades for the last 20 years. He sat on of the of last floats and waved with a smile.

      The surrounding nubile cheerleaders did not distract me one bit in my report of this.

  12. A three-judge federal panel is hearing arguments today about whether Utah’s ban on gay marriage recognition is constitutional.

    Oh, no, Utah. A panel is between one judge and another judge. A third judge is unacceptable.

  13. This Colbert character: Is that the transgender character on the Comedy channel?

    1. Yes, first name is Clodette.

  14. The motives of the 16-year-old teen charged with the stabbing spree at a Pennsylvania High School that wounded more than 20 students remain unclear.

    I think it’s pretty obvious. Hollywood. What teen boy hasn’t watched Edward Scissorhands and become desensitized to whatever that movie was about?

    1. Hollywood? What is this, 1985?

      Video games, baby.

    2. Edward Scissorhands was made in 1990. I’d bet that most teen boys have never seen it.

  15. Butts wagner,

    If you’re around, email Hamilton and we’ll put you in on the discussion for meeting up soon.

  16. That sure is a damn big ship. And a cool set of pictures.

    1. Looks like Tobias has to buy another gay nightclub.

    2. I wonder how empty that thing has to be to pull that stunt. At the bottom of the page, someone should tell Hugo Boss they’re doing the keel-haul wrong.

      1. All they have to do is pump the ballast water aft.

        1. Ah, I don’t know enough about modern ballasting, obviously.

          1. You see, modern ballasting theory is a product of five different ballasting traditions. Six if you want to get technical.

            1. Eh. What I know about ballasting is that they used to put heavy shit in the bottom to keep the weight amidships and the keel in the water. Now with chambers and pumping and all that shit, you need a fucking hydrodynamics simulator to make sense of it.

              1. You dont need ballast if you use a center anchored KiteBoat.

                Also, 32 fukin knots! DAMN!

              2. Given the way the green was growing on the bow, it looks to me like that bow tip normally is at that level when at rest.

  17. Not that I watch late night but is it me or is it going off in a different tangent with Colbert?

    None of these guys are in the tradition of Carson or even early Letterman. The thing I liked about it was you got the sense that political jokes weren’t partisan as they went after everyone.

    Today? Lines. Drawn.

    1. At least CBS has the money to get him a real eagle so he can stop using that CGI one.

  18. Does Christianity Really Prefer Charity to Government Welfare?

    Foremost is the idea that human dignity entitles people to an “existence minimum” which guarantees their basic needs will be reliably met without discrimination based on caprice, race, gender, creed, orientation, or any other marker. Since the guarantee of stability promised by an existence minimum is the foundation upon which lives can be built ? and because voluntary private charity is by nature not a guarantee ? the state is the best mechanism to deliver a baseline standard of living.

    It’s amazing how much the “Government is God” mentality can be shielded from christian (and non-christian) progressives. It’s simple history. It took less than one generation for the original progressives to abandon God to pursue their government worship.

    1. Since their tax exemption is a sub-category of the exemption for charitable organizations, this is probably not the smartest tack for them to take.

      For peak derp, this is hard to beat, though:

      Another practical Christian consideration ruling in favor of a state-provided existence minimum arises from the troubling power situations created by leaving the necessities of life up to the auspices of private charities

      Good thing there are no troubling power situations when you are totally dependent on the State.

      1. If you want everyone to starve, that’s not troubling in the least.

      2. Charity, to be charity, has to be something separate from and distinct from justice.

        That means that for an act to be charitable it has to be undertaken in the absence of obligation.

        So not only are “troubling power relationships” inevitably involved, they’re kind of THE POINT.

        1. THIS

          The entire thing is a perversion of the term charity. Just another example of how Leftism is like a vampire that sucks the blood out of anything it touches.

          1. Like I wrote in the comments of that article, giving is 90% about the charitable heart and 10% about the means to give. It is 0% about holding guns to people’s heads and forcing them to write a check to the government for “proper distribution.”

            The obfuscation is the disgusting part. Income tax is disgusting if you have to write a check for it every year. It’s not so bad when it’s buried in a table on a paystub that your employer emails to you. Government programs are disgusting when compared to a vibrant public sector, but when you do everything you can to regulate the public sector out of existence, the government doesn’t look so bad. There are so many bait and switch maneuvers in the progressive hymnal that the concordance is sold separately.

            1. It is a pretty sad perversion of Christianity to think that charity means forcibly taking people’s money and giving it to others.

        2. So noblesse oblige isn’t charity?

    2. What the f is a baseline standard of living anyway?

      1. A moving target.

      2. Enough for a cell phone with data plan, big screen TV, a house of your own and cable with HBO?

        1. Oh, yeah, don’t forget some drug n booze money

  19. Ten pieces of propaganda that backfired badly.
    “In 1950, Soviet authorities played the propaganda film Rusky Vaprosk in several theaters across the country, hoping to discredit American journalism and foreign policies. However, according to American observers inside the theaters, the film did not achieve its objective at all. On the contrary, it showcased the prosperous American way of life.
    The viewers reportedly paid little heed to the plot of the film, in which an American journalist faced losing his job and wife for writing pro-Soviet pieces. They instead focused on the kitchen appliances like the electric fridge and stove. Russians who watched the film admired the beautiful American homes, heaping praises on even buildings Americans consider “extremely poor housing.” Seeing the rows of shirts and trousers hung on the clotheslines, the Russians also expressed amazement that Americans owned such extensive wardrobes.
    Due to its unintended effects, the film was eventually cut off by authorities in Moscow a mere two weeks after its premiere.”

    1. The Law of Unintended Consequences works in mysterious ways.

      1. The Nazis made a Titanic movie around 1943, but banned it because they realized the German people would associate a sinking ship with the ship of state. Supposedly the movie was successful in occupied France, however.

        The Soviets allowed it to show in theaters in the sectors of Germany they occupied after the war, because it was less anti-Semitic propaganda than it was anti-capitalist.

        1. Oh, if only the German officer could have convinced the swinish British plutocrats to slow down! But all they cared about was MONEY.

  20. Alright, so which one of you is this?

    AFTER ‘a girl’ agreed to have sex, a man with dwarfism was so keen he drove 18 hours non-stop, urinating in a bottle, to see her

    1. Australian dwarves!? Has anyone told Peter Jackson about this?

    2. I mean, is there really a power imbalance there? Poor bastard. Hopefully, he can become the Stark CI mascot or something.

    3. Short and pathetic enough to be joe, but not in Lowell.

    4. Is it our fault men are desperate?

      1. no it isn’t. And thank god that the vast majority of women are hung up on status with each other rather than manipulating men. Cause one day they will realize the power they have and use it for evil…I have no doubt entire continents would go to war if their womyns said “No sex until we own the Balkins!”

        1. My sex has truly learned nothing from Aristophanes. It’s a sad state of affairs.

    5. What kind of car goes at least 18 hours between refueling? I assume that he had to stop to fuel up. Why couldn’t he just urinate then? And was there an actual 14 year old girl waiting, or did they just make that up to put the screws to whoever answered their call? If not, then what, exactly, was illegal about this? I’m not condoning what he did, but the charges they brought up against him seem to be without an actual underaged victim.

      1. “traveling to meet a child for sex” I can understand laws against sex with children, but the guy chatted online, drove across the country, and was arrested in a gas station for the crime of traveling.

        I believe the order to not use the internet would hurt me more than jail.

    6. “Note to parents that there are predators out there,”

      Yeah, and they seek out and pounce on utterly painfully desperate men. This guy would have driven 18 hours if it was a female of any age saying she do him.

  21. No word yet if Neo-Tokyo is about to explode: new Honda 750cc NM4 Vultus motorcycle.

    “The NM4 appears to finally consummate the long-standing efforts of the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer toward designing motorcycles with greater ease-of-use so it can attract to a new generation of rider considering two-wheels for its low cost-of-ownership (primarily fuel consumption) and the ability of a narrow-track vehicle with a small footprint to ride through the ever-increasing traffic congestion on our roads.”

    1. It looks hideous.

      1. Since you would be closer to the ground it also seems like it would make it easier for car or truck drivers to not see you.

        1. I agree. The laid back riding position would bug the hell out of me too. I don’t see how you could see anything.

          1. Sure, but it’s not made for you, it’s made “with greater ease-of-use so it can attract to a new generation of rider.” Honda will keep pumping out real bikes for the rest of us.

            1. , it’s made “with greater ease-of-use so it can attract to a new generation of rider.”

              Am I the only one who reads that as a euphemism for “so it can attract fat people”?

              1. I read it as “chick bike.”

                1. Maybe that too MS. If they want to have a chick bike, they should make it automatic. Chicks can’t abide by manual transmissions for some reason.

                  1. It might be an auto or semi-auto. Honda’s new VFR has that weird, double-clutch, semi-auto transmission. Wouldn’t surprise me if they dropped it in this machine.

                    1. SEMI-AUTO??? THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

                    2. MS,

                      Manuals are going away in cars. You can’t even get a manual on a lot of exotic sports cars these days. They all have automatics with paddle gear change. As things get smaller like they always do, I wouldn’t be surprised to see bikes be next.

                    3. I don’t mind those paddle shifters so long as you also get a real clutch you can slip. The mechanical parts of those transmissions are actually simpler because they’re sequential gearboxes.

                    4. I love a manual transmission. That said, the good automatics with paddle shifters are usually bullet proof. A manual in contrast requires you to replace the clutch once in a while.

                  2. Chicks can’t abide by manual transmissions for some reason.

                    My sister can. She’s a hell of a rider.

                    1. Some chicks can Lean. A lot can’t for some reason. I am trying to teach my wife to drive a manual right now. Jesus please save my clutch.

                    2. I have two female drivers on my race team. Neither has any problem with the clutch, but I am having problems convincing them to carry more corner speed.

                    3. What kind of race team MS?

                      And I hope my wife picks up on it as fast as your team members. Our first lesson was not promising. A little progress but less than I hoped for.

                    4. We run in ChumpCar at any race within a 6 hour tow. I have a 24-year-old RX7 we beat the snot out of.

                      Tom and Ray may be able to help with your wife’s driving habits.

                    5. That is awsome MS,

                      I have heard of cump car. I would love to do that. But I need a garage and a trailer neither of which I have.

                      Seriously, do you have to be a mad mechanic to do it? Is it as expensive to do as it would seem to be?

                    6. I have heard of cump car.

                      Is that anything like a bang bus?

                    7. We had neither when we started. Worked on the car in the driveway. You can get a 2-axle open trailer for $1500, or do like some Chump teams and just rend a U-Haul for the race weekend.

                      You don’t have to be a crazy good mechanic. I’m certainly not. But if you hate working on your own cars it’s probably not the right thing to get into.

                      Find an upcoming race near you and volunteer as a pit marshall. You’ll learn everything you need to know about how the series works and you’ll get $100 off your next race entry. You may also find a team looking for a new member, so instead of having to build your own car from scratch you could pitch in working on someone else’s car and get to drive that.

                      As far as the expense goes, it’s racing. It always costs more than you think it will, but the nice thing about ChumpCar is it doesn’t have to break the bank.

                    8. I should do that MS. I like the idea of pitching in with a team. I could write a check and turn a wrench. That sounds better than building my own car. At least at first.

                    9. The car building part is really time consuming. The cage will cost you $800 if you can find one pre-bent for your car, and then you’ll need someone to weld it in place for you unless you know your way around a welder. Then there are all sorts of ancillary costs for a new team: fuel jugs, radios, pit furniture, number boards, night lighting, removable steering wheel, fire bottles, race seats, etc., etc. If you’re playing with an existing team they’ve already covered those expenses and just need someone to help support more racing.

                      WARNING: Racing is fucking addictive. If you do it once you’ll be hooked. Here’s a video from the first race we successfully completed. Speeds aren’t too high in old jalopies, but the fun is just as good.

              2. I bough my Honda 1981 CB400T Hawk back in ’93 from a guy who sold it because he’d become too fat to ride it.

        2. Juts hoist a little orange flag in the back.

    2. I don’t like the idea of reclining. Moves the CG too far back.

      1. So you’re a top then?

        1. Just like Palin’s Buttplug!

    3. “The NM4 appears to finally consummate the long-standing efforts of the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer toward designing motorcycles with greater ease-of-use so it can attract to a new generation of rider considering two-wheels for its low…

      Uh, Honda already makes some pretty fun scooters.

  22. Old Mouse, New Thymus: world-first regeneration of a living organ.
    “In a study led by researchers from the Medical Research Council (MRC) Centre for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Edinburgh, levels of a protein called FOXN1, which is produced by cells of the thymus and helps control how important genes are switched on and off, was increased. This instructed the stem cell-like cells to rebuild the organ in very old mice.
    This resulted in the thymus being regenerated to have a similar structure to those found in a young mouse, with the organ’s function restored and the mice producing more white blood cells called T cells, which play a central role in fighting infection.”

    1. “We have the knowledge, we have the technology…”

  23. Can The ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers Be Believed?
    …So to get to 7.1 million, these 36 states had to boost their numbers 80% in March.

    What’s more, seven of these federal-exchange states have revealed their sign-up numbers through the end of March: Alabama, Delaware, Michigan, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and West Virginia. Assuming their numbers are correct, these seven states account for more than 590,000 of the 7.1 million, according to ACASignups.net, a private site that has been closely tracking ObamaCare sign-up numbers and is supportive of the law.

    This leaves just 29 states that must have added almost 2 million ObamaCare enrollees in March ? an eye-popping 90% increase in just the last month of the six-month open enrollment period….

    1. …But states that relied on HealthCare.gov and that have reported total sign-up numbers through March 31 haven’t seen gains anywhere near 90%.

      Alabama’s, for example, was 40%, Delaware’s 22%. In West Virginia, the gain was 40%. The highest were South Carolina at 74% and New Mexico at 76%.

      In addition, by mid-March, Georgia was up just 27%, Ohio 23%, Arizona 39% and Mississippi 25%. Arkansas’ sign-ups had climbed only 22% by March 26….

        1. Nooope. That is the worse site on the internet for comments.

        2. Nooope. That is the worse site on the internet for comments.

          1. Apparently, the squirrels are regular slashdot commentors.

    2. Can any numbers from the Obama administration be believed?

  24. The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee voted along party lines (Republicans in favor; Democrats opposed) to hold former Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress for declining to testify about the agency’s targeting of conservative nonprofits. She cited her Fifth Amendment right to avoid self-incrimination. The matter now goes to the full House.

    And HuffPo calls it “McCarthyist.”


    1. If it turned out the IRS was full of communists, would anyone actually be surprised?

      1. They may be on commission. Real capitalisty in other words.

  25. Imagine that, NYPD cops are petty, vindictive assholes.

    Seriously, why do people in that city tolerate this kind of shit? Oh, that’s right, it’s because they are heroes because 9/11 or something.

    1. They tolerate it because it mostly doesn’t happen to them and it is easier to just convince yourself that this guy had it coming than to contemplate the horrible truth that the police department is this out of control.

      1. Yeah, like what kind of monster would question the people tasked with upholding the law? Especially after all they must have gone through on 9/11.

  26. Remember the cop in Culpeper, VA that executed that woman in a church parking lot? Well, he’s serving three years for manslaughter, but the taxpayers are still going to have to pony up for his murderous rage.

    1. Three years. It just makes me sick. That one is inexplicable even for cop rage cases. He must have just got mad and murdered her. How the hell any jury could find him guilty of only manslaughter is beyond me.

      That was a while ago. I bet he is already out of prison.

      1. My guess is that there were plenty of other uniforms sitting in the courtroom during the trial.

        1. Yeah, we touched on that topic the other day. Seriously, I think every municipality in America ought to make it a condition of the CBA that cops are not allowed to be in uniform except when on duty and assigned in accordance o the current duty roster. That intimidation is totally unacceptable in a reasonable system of justice.

          1. I remember that discussion. Someone participating said something along the lines of, “But they are always on duty. It’s a lifestyle, not a job.”

            1. You’re not on duty unless you are on the clock.

              1. Take heart, though! Even if you’re not on duty, you can still be an authoritarian asshole!

            2. The US military is much more of a “lifestyle” and more dangerous than police work but they are not allowed to wear the uniform outside of official duties. A serviceman/womn can be brought up on charges just for attending a political event in uniform. Cops should get no more than that.

              1. As it should be – the military is normally respected and having uniformed military personnel, at say a civilian trial, would be perceived, correctly or not, as an endorsement for a certain outcome by the US military.

                & since soldiers do not speak for the entire military, these restrictions make sense.

                & note this is mostly true of private companies – sure, they don’t have uniforms that you cannot wear – but you are not allowed to attend events under the auspices of representing your company unless you’ve been given specific permission to do so or it’s within you job duties (CEO, PR, etc).

                & it should be this way for the police too – they have no right as employees to support anything under the banner of them being cops – because like the standard employee, they have no right to speak on behalf of the organization.

                As a matter of fact – cops should only be uniformed in court rooms if they are on the side of the prosecution since both have the same employer.

                Doing so would be like having the CEO & CFO of the same company argue publicly about policy positions of the company.

                It’s retarded and it absolutely should not be allowed.

                & as for “it’s a lifestyle” – BS. Complete lie for a number of reasons.

                But of course this is what bullies do – abuse people without the power to fight back, and anytime someone might show the power to fight back, then use a gang of people so they’ll never think about that again.

                & yet they’re “heroes” – because FYTW

      2. I’m one of those white guys who has mixed it up with blacks. It’s true, a nigger will strong arm you for $20 bucks.

        From who are the $100K+/yr salary police protecting us?

          1. My thoughts as well.

            1. Thirded.

          2. WTF indeed: it’s “From whom…”

  27. El Paso, TX cops shoot three-legged dog. Promise “thorough,” although private, investigation.

    1. I woulda bet money that the dog was named Lucky.

      1. Actaully, it’s name was “Suerte”. Which in English is, well, you guessed it.

    2. & there goes my good mood for the day.

  28. Baton Rouge cop who once headed up the narcotics division is arrested for???

    Survey says…

    1. I’m going with running a drug delivery service. Although prostitution is always a good bet.

    2. malfeasance in office

      I wonder how many convictions there are for that, and how many convictions there ought to be.

  29. The TSA should have said they were just trying faith healing: TSA bars mute stroke victim from flight, forces her to take 8 hour bus ride.
    A woman claims an airport security agent refused to let her disabled sister on board a plane because she couldn’t say her own name.
    The problems began when Heidi, who was left wheelchair-bound and unable to speak or write after a stroke a decade ago, was stopped by the Transportation Security Administration due to an expired driver’s license, CNN reported.

    1. Wright claims the TSA agent was rude and insensitive, insisting Heidi talk.
      “I showed her ID, her (Social Security card) and her DMV papers,” Wright said, to no avail.
      “He just wanted me to make my sister talk, and I couldn’t believe it.
      “I was just standing there, tears were coming out and I was like, ‘Are you serious? We can’t get her to talk.'”
      TSA spokesperson Nico Melendez told ABC7 that it regrets the incident.
      “I think it could have been handled differently by the TSA and it probably could have been handled differently by the family, and hopefully moving forward the family won’t have this problem again, because they know about the programs that we have in place,” Melendez said.
      Wright’s sister Heidi had to take an eight-hour bus trip to get to Phoenix. She has filed a complaint with US Homeland Security. The TSA has been contacted for further comment.

      1. I’ve never been asked to state my name. I just show my ID with my ticket and go through security. Is this a “thing” now?

      2. “I think it could have been handled differently by the TSA and it probably could have been handled differently by the family, and hopefully moving forward the family won’t have this problem again, because they know about the programs that we have in place,” Melendez said.

        Translation: you need to learn to shut up and obey.

        1. Or in this case.. Translation: you need to learn to be able to heal your disability when commanded or suffer the consequences.

          Why… FYTW

    2. She should have spoken up about this sooner.

    1. What does the fox say? It says “I’m the size of a fully grown man, I can stand upright, and I’m not even 100% sure I’m a fox”.

    2. This may be my new favorite thing.

  30. Gaping FDA loophole allows food manufactures to determine for themselves whether chemical additives are safe

    Best summation is the top comment:

    CEOUNICOM 2 days ago
    GRAS standards have been used since the late 1950s, and shockingly, there have been no mass-contagions foisted upon the public.

    But introduce a Salon-writer with zero real-world experience to some hysterical B.S. from a political-activist group like NDRC, and *whammo* = instant ‘controversy’.

    Its not a lot to ask that some kid 2 years out of college actually make some effort to learn how the food industry works before recycling scare-pieces in the form of Progressive-Clickbait. But then, that would probably be questioning the entre reason for the publication’s existence.

    1. BURN!!!

      Something tells me that guy is not going to be on any “Top Salon Commenter” list any time soon.

      Did they all jump him with stupidity like a pack of congress of angry apes or just pretend the comment didn’t exist?

      1. Pretend it didn’t exist. That’s the new M.O.

  31. /humblebrag for beginners

    “Bro code” my ass
    Princess Fluffybutt

    Princess Fluffybutt
    Tuesday 9:30pm
    EShare to Kinja
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    rGo to permalink
    Shieeet. Damn vultures have no shame.

    For the past…week or so? the vultures have come out of hiding and have been swooping in on me. It’s probably partially because I, myself, have slowly started coming out of hiding. So they’re probably all “Fluffybutt exists and is single! CAW. CAW.” Plus the red hair definitely had something to do with it.

    The best part is? Almost every single one of these dudes is friends with either the Prince or Consort or both.

    I’m like, are you fucking kidding me right now? Sit the fuck down. I don’t even want to go near anyone in this borough let along anyone in the friend circle at this point. But it’s just amazeballs to me how little ANY of these dudes give a shit about their friendships. They’ll piss a circle around their exes but have no qualms going after their friend’s exes.

    Damn thirsty fuckers need to find a glass of water elsewhere.

    Poor, poor woman. We should start a kickstarter so she can go on a trip and get hit on by guys from out of town.

  32. Banned Creepshots Forum Reappears as Clearly Fake ‘Fashion Police’

    When Jez talks about someone’s clothes who was photographed in a public place, it’s different, because “reasons”.

    We get it. The thought that some guy somewhere might be getting a little pleasure from your existence without your knowledge is creepy.

    Trade you for the pleasure you’re getting from me out of my wallet with the ACA. Wonder if they’ll be any takers?

    1. Come on, a bunch of nasty snarky women tearing another woman apart over her choice of fashion is just totally different and not horrible and creepy like a man saying “wow, she is really pretty”. That is just the patriarchy there.

      1. Honest question:

        Is there any male on the planet who would be freaked if he found out women that women were trading his photos and talking about how hot he is?

        I feel, but am not sure, that even gay men wouldn’t care.

        1. Maybe some really crazy religious guy who felt dirty for being part of sinful thoughts?

          1. Come on John, nobody is *that* religious. If they are then they are likely a troll.

            1. Yeah, not even then.

        2. No matter what the behavior, activity, or thought there is someone, somewhere that will be offended by it.

  33. Texas is big

    This map shows (roughly) how large the Lone Star State is. Points in the map’s red section are closer to somewhere in Texas than the opposite sides of Texas are to each other.

    That’s right: You can be in Fargo, or Atlanta, or San Diego … and be closer to Texas than Texas is to itself.

    That’s what the map above says. Texas is big.

    This map comes from a Reddit thread (and via a radio station) that is brief but also worth revealing. It’s a fun read: One Redditor questions whether the original poster failed to account for the curvature of the Earth; another asks whether Cuba makes the cut.

    1. Isn’t Texas less than half the size of Alaska?

      1. Yeah, but no one lives there so no one cares.

    2. Cut Alaska in two and make Texas the third-biggest state.

    3. A good bar bet trivia question is which city is closer to El Paso, Houston or San Diego? The answer is San Diego.

      1. Wow. I am surprised by this.

      2. I grew up in El Paso and have only visited parts of Texas east of the Pecos less than a half dozen times. Too dang far away.

    4. Texas state motto: We’re the second-largest state in the Union!

      1. Oops, someone already did a better joke on that theme.

  34. University of North Dakota sorority celebrates a hockey victory by hanging up a banner. The banner references the University’s *former* (guess why?) mascot, the Fighting Sioux: “You can take away our mascot but you can’t take away our pride!”

    There’s an indian center nearby and the university was having a weeklong celebration of Indian (feather) heritage. Naturally, the university and the national sorority organization came down on them like a ton of bricks.

    University President Robert Kelley: “UND has a long-standing respect for the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment, which we teach in many of our academic programs”…”Along with that, we have a critical responsibility to promote respect and civility within our campus community. We teach and model respect for others. It is imperative that, through our actions, we demonstrate respect for all.”


    Kelley added, “I mean, I’m Irish-American, what if they had a team called the Fighting Irish, that would be really insensitive!”

    1. They’re repeat offenders. Around 8 years ago, they held “a “cowboy and Indian” party in which partygoers wore headdresses, face paint and other stereotypical Indian garb. As a result, the sorority was put on probation for a year and received diversity education.”

    2. I honestly don’t understand how honoring them as warriors is “insensitive”? Do the Progs want all traces of the Indians’ existence erased from society in the name of “sensitivity”?

      If calling a college hockey team the Sioux is racist, why isn’t naming a street after Martin Luther King also racist?

      1. Cultural appropriation or some such bullshit. What a stupid concept.
        What culture is more often appropriated by others than mainstream American culture?

        1. Cultural appropriation

          I admit that these two words, when placed together on the lips of progs, make me want to smash something.

    3. I think objections to “Redskins” is silly enough, but at least that is sort of a slur (though honestly, has anyone ever heard someone less than 90 years old use the term unironically to refer to American Indians?). But here they are using the name of a tribe. A tribe that did a lot of fighting and seem to be proud of that fact.

      I hate the idea that certain ethnic groups get to claim some sort of ownership of their traditions and names and such. Putting that much value on who your ancestors were is exactly what keeps racism and ethnic hatred alive. It’s great to remember history and learn about where your family came from, but that doesn’t mean that is the way you should define yourself.

    4. The only minor question I have is whether banning the “Fighting Sioux” mascot was or wasn’t based on the fact that “Sioux” was a somewhat pejorative word used by outside tribes to refer to the Lakota and Dakota tribes.

  35. Federal judges and jurors have found that conservative professor Mike Adams was denied a professorship at UNC-Wilmington because administrators didn’t like what he wrote. Now the administration is ordered to promote him to full professor and give him back pay.


    1. They should make his return to campus a reality show. The butt hurt and anger amongst his prog colleagues should be real made for TV entertainment.

  36. “Why I am Still a Neocon,” by Reihan Salam

    “Given all of this, why am I still a neocon? Why do I still believe that the U.S. should maintain an overwhelming military edge over all potential rivals, and that we as a country ought to be willing to use our military power in defense of our ideals as well as our interests narrowly defined? There are two reasons: The first is that American strength is the linchpin of a peaceful, economically integrating world; and the second is that we know what it looks like when America embraces amoral realpolitik, and it’s not pretty.”


    1. I think an overwhelming military edge is always a good thing.

      Defending our ideals is great too, except when it is not. Grow up kid.

    2. that we know what it looks like when America embraces amoral realpolitik,

      Cheaper? Freer? Less Explode-y?

  37. Fuck you in the neck.

    In a statement, OCT’s Pliny Gale characterized that as willful distortion. “MDA is a hate group that seeks to cause chaos and target any group with a mission opposed to them,” he said. “They promote stripping citizens of their rights, and bullying others into accepting their loud and vague notions. Members of OCT and of our leadership have publicly received threats from MDA (from illegally calling the police to report non-crimes, to castration, to even death threats).” Gale defended the Arlington incident as a rally seeking “educated debate.” He points to a photo tweeted by MDA that shows the armed protesters photographed from behind, an angle that Gale says made the scene look more menacing. Another photo, taken from the front angle at the same time, shows the group smiling. “No one was harassing anyone else,” says Gale, “When the photo is actually viewed from the correct angle, it tells the full story.

    1. “At SXSW, members were legally expressing their rights to carry arms. There was no harassment, there were no criminal events. Our members are safe, respectful, and polite. The Second Amendment protects the First Amendment, the right to gather and the right to free speech. Carrying rifles at SXSW was a celebration of our rights (even for MDA who chooses to use their right of free speech to distort the truth). At the Festival, there was a tragic car/pedestrian accident. We are saddened that this happened. I would like to point out that no one was harmed with openly carried weapons.”
      Lundy brushes off that criticism. “When you chose to congregate in a restaurant parking lot, armed with loaded rifles in the middle of the afternoon because our members are having a lunch meeting,” she says, “you lose ability to control your image.”

      1. Translation: if you behave in any way we find disagreeable, we have the right to completely distort your personal image in an attempt to make you look as evil as possible.

        If fact – by holding up a sign promoting intolerant ideas such as capitalism or opposition to affirmative action, you have perpetrated violence on our community and as such, we have the right to respond with kind.


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