James Bovard Boasts of Hijacking a Toll Booth and Other Acts of 'Public Policy Hooliganism'


Libertarian writer James Bovard, author of such politician-puncturing and bureaucrat-tormenting books as Attention Deficit Democracy, The Bush Betrayal, and Lost Rights, has drawn the ire of the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, among other defenders of the powers-that-be, for his efforts. His latest book, Public Policy Hooligan, includes some personal musings on just how he got under so many officials' skin—including tales about spending the night in an unoccupied Massachusetts Turnpike toll booth, and appropriating secret documents from the World Trade Organization (still known as GATT at the time).

Bovard presented some of those adventures in a speech at the recent New Hampshire Liberty Forum, sponsored by the Free State Project. The video is worth a watch. If you like it, don't forget to buy the book.


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  1. I’ve read some of his books. They’re good if you like building up anger to a very high degree.

  2. Wardrobe malfunction. I am not gay, but…

    The pairing of beige of slacks with a blue button-down shirt is so 1990’s. And a freight train conductor’s cap…

    John T. Malloy says “dress for success”. That wasn’t it.

    1. I would have listened a lot less intently if he had been in a suit.

      1. I have tried this over and over again. I am a blue jeans and t-shirt guy. Whenever I put on so much as a ragged golf shirt shirt with a collar my IQ drops 10 points.

        James Bovard is not the way he dressed.

        Funerals and wedding exempt.

    2. When did this place turn into Joan Rivers’ Fashion Police? Between you and Gilmore….

      Worst chatroom ever.

      1. Putting on clothes, or not, is one of the first decisions you make in the morning. What you wear says something to yourself and others about yourself.

        “We’re painting our faces and dressing in thoughts from skies”: David Bowie.

        1. ^the skies

          It’s a quote, I should get that right.

        2. He’s billed as a “libertarian hooligan”. If he had walked in there in a suit, I would have immediately doubted his credibility.

          1. I note only that brother James compromised by dressing up. I’ve done the same, mistakenly.

  3. Hooray for 3pm squirrelz!

    1. OMG, you’re…. you’re from… the future??!?!

  4. This was a good 45 minutes. A bit rambling, but that’s cool. He seems like an interesting guy.

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