Obama Signs Gender Wage Gap Directives, Leland Yee Pleads Not Guilty, Ebola Outbreak in Africa Could Continue for Months: P.M. Links


Credit: White House
  • President Obama used his executive power today to sign two directives aimed at ensuring that federal contractors pay women the same as men for the same work.
  • The U.S. warned of Iran's "breakout" capability as talks on Tehran's nuclear program began in Vienna.
  • California State Sen. Leland Yee pleaded not guilty to corruption and gun trafficking charges today.
  • A former managing director of the National Transportation Safety Board told USA Today that the search for Flight MH370 could take "months if not years."
  • Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) announced today that the vote on the proposed minimum wage hike will not take place for three weeks.
  • Health experts say that the Ebola outbreak in west Africa could continue for months. More than 100 deaths have already been linked to the outbreak.

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