Medical Marijuana

Minnesota Governor to Parents of Sick Children: Go Buy Some Marijuana on the Street


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Parents of sick children who could benefit from medical marijuana have taken the lead in pressuring Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton (D) to support legislation legalizing the sale of pot for medicinal uses.

Lawmakers in Minnesota who support legalizing medical marijuana believe they have the votes to move the required legislation, but are worried any bill they pass would be vetoed by the governor. 

While protesting in front of the governor's mansion earlier this month, angry parents and their supporters got an audience with the man himself. CBS Minnesota reports

At an extremely emotional press conference Wednesday, the parents called Dayton's suggestion offensive. Struggling to hold back tears, the parents accused the governor of using them as political cover, so that he might to look good while opposing the medical marijuana bill they sought.

"Please…can you please help us now," cried mother Maria Botker of Clinton, Minn.

These parents had picketed outside the governor's residence two weeks ago, and were unexpectedly invited inside. There, they told the governor their stories. They say they were shocked when the governor suggested they can buy pot illegally on the street, or in another state, to treat their children.

Dayton didn't deny telling at least one parent to find marijuana on the street. He insisted in a statement that he doesn't support breaking the law, but that "as a father," he gets "parents who would do anything possible to help their children." As governor, he should stop threatening desperate parents with jail and other sanctions.

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