Rand Paul

Matthew Feeney Discusses Rand Paul on MSNBC Tomorrow at 9am ET


Tomorrow morning I will be on MSNBC's Up With Steve Kornacki between 9 and 9:30 a.m. ET to discuss Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and his recent speech at University of California, Berkeley.

Watch the speech below:

Read more from Reason on Paul here.


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  1. When Feeney’s done with them, he’ll have MSNBC converted to Aqua Buddhism.

  2. Great week for Paul, and a great week for libertarianism. Paul is doing a masterful job of undercutting liberal icons who fail to live up to their rhetoric on civil liberties while also demonstrating the differences between his libertarian conservatism and the more hawkish, soconnery of Cruz. In other words, he is demonstrating libertarianism to the public, and they seem to like what they are seeing. If he keeps this up, if he can win the GOP nomination I think he will beat Hilary Clinton. Obama was able to topple her momentum by appealing to principle (which he then reneged on), imagine how Paul will upend her.

    1. …”imagine how Paul will upend her.”

      I applaud your optimism.
      But then I’m not sure I want to imagine her “upended”.

  3. Mike Rowe had a post on FB yesterday (yes I know, shutup)about Ottawa, Illinois, after the high school board voted for raises for the administration then cut the building trades class.

    Well, the kids doth protest.

    Activists say more than 200 students staged a protest at the school on Tuesday after the announcement that instructor Dave Keely would be dismissed and the Building Trades program which he taught would end.

    Members of the school board made the controversial decision Monday night. An unnamed school board member says enrollment in the program had dropped by more than 50%, and that the school could not afford to keep a full-time instructor for a program with so few students.

    About 130 students were given 3-day suspensions after failing to return to class after the demonstration became “unruly,” school officials said. Students who were part of the protest but returned to class were not penalized.

    Several dozen students and supporters kept up the protest on Wednesday outside school property.

    Go team.

  4. Sometoimes man you jsut have to roll with the punches.


    1. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang agrees.

  5. An unnamed school board member says enrollment in the program had dropped by more than 50%, and that the school could not afford to keep a full-time instructor for a program with so few students.

    I thought low student/teacher ratios were good. That must just be in the social justice classrooms.

  6. What a moronic cunt. Is that Huntsman’s idiot daughter? So hip. So edgy.

    So Democratic.

  7. Rand Paul is a racist!

  8. A racist PANDERER!

  9. I have the program running. It seems it run just after Thanksgiving.

  10. Wait, what? Did Schweitzer just call himself a libertarian?

    1. “And stay the hell out of my doctor’s office”*

      *Except for telling me who to see, what I can pay, what treatments he can offer, sending my medical records to the government…

  11. God that was eyerollingly stupid. “Yeah, Rand Paul might be right about this whole NSA thing, but HE HATES TEH GAYZ AND TEH WOMENZ AND BTW ISOLATIONISM!”

  12. Dammit. I meant to watch this.

  13. Haha, Feeney, you sucker.

  14. I couldn’t get that interview. I just got some stuff about Malaysia airlines and Thanksgiving.

  15. Rand Paul wants to ban abortions?

    1. Anything not mandatory is forbidden.

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