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Are Voters Too Sensitive to 'Microaggressions?'

Professors say Republican 'microaggressions' have pushed Asian Americans to vote Democrat.


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In a recent piece in Politico titled "Why Are Asian Americans Democrats?" professors Alexander Kuo, Neil Malhotra, and Cecilia Hyunjung Mo make the contention that "microaggressions" and social exclusion have pushed the entire Asian-American community to vote for the Democratic Party.

If you're unfamiliar with the term, microaggressions, according to Fordham University, "are common verbal, behavioral, and environmental indignities, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicate hostile or negative slights to marginalized groups."

The professors begin their microcase by pointing to a recent exchange between Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kansas) and President Barack Obama's nominee for surgeon general, Vivek Murthy, an Indian-American. Roberts invited Murthy to his state to meet a "lovely doctor from India. She's in her mid-30s and she's highly respected by the community. … And so, I think you'd be right at home, and we would welcome you."

This clumsy statement allegedly proves that Republicans have it in for Indian-Americans. As the authors explain: "However harmless it might seem, this is exactly the sort of exchange that makes Asian-Americans— the fastest growing ethnic group in the country—more likely to identify themselves as Democrats than Republicans, and by stunning margins."

Actually, it is harmless. Just as harmless as this line delivered by Vice President Joe Biden a few years back: "In Delaware, you cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin' Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I'm not joking."

The professors didn't see fit to mention Joe. It might have proven that the GOP doesn't have a monopoly on obtuse white guys. And when I searched for another example of a high-profile GOP politician smearing Indian-Americans with slurs like "lovely doctor" and "highly respected," I came up empty.

As it turns out, the problem is a more subtle one. Asking questions like, "where were you born?" has the propensity to turn people into Democrats, as well. Evidently, Asian-Americans have the extraordinary ability to discern the ideological affiliation of every person querying them. These racial "microaggressions," claim the authors, are "sadly common and carry the implied message that Asian Americans are not true Americans."

Foreign accents and unique features can arouse curiosity in people. You have to develop an impressive hypersensitivity to believe that asking people about their background infers that "you're not a real American"—whatever that means. But even if it were, so what? Why are we so distressed about the microhostility of strangers? Why do we have to be profoundly offended by every oblivious comment? Do dumb questions erect barriers to the progress of your community? More specifically, is there some conservative policy that aims to undermine the Asian-American experience?

Near the end of the piece we get to the real purpose of the so-called science. They don't like your tone. The authors ask: "What can the GOP do to win them back?"

The answer, you will not be surprised to learn, is to be more liberal. There is no doubt that Republicans are perceived as the party of immigration restrictions (for good reason), and that turns off many minority voters. It can also be argued that the GOP is also a party that is far more likely to celebrate and foster the merit-based success on which the Asian community thrives. (Though I should point out that making assumptions about Asian-Americans as a "model" minority is also considered microaggression.) And maybe one day the GOP will make that compelling case.

But it's difficult to believe that Asian Americans, as the professors maintain, believe half the country is out to marginalize them with a bunch of subtle insinuations. In our real-world interactions, we're just not that sensitive. We shouldn't be that sensitive in our politics, either.

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  1. And when I searched for another example of a high-profile GOP politician smearing Indian-Americans with slurs like “lovely doctor” and “highly respected,” I came up empty.

    I’d be kinda pissed if some guy I just met apparently decided it was his job to find me a wife; particularly if it was in a professional compact. It suggests they don’t see me as an equal, but rather as a subordinate who needs their guidance to manage my own life.

    1. Offering to find someone a wife isn’t a microaggression, it’s outright assault with a deadly weapon.

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    2. If stereotypes serve me correctly, arranged marriages are what it is all about in the Indian culture.

    3. That’s what I got from it. That it was a tad presumptuous, eh?

    4. What a bunch of bozos. “I could hook you up with…” is not an offense.

      Civilized people call this being considerate and helpful, even if they aren’t interested.

  2. There’s a general underlying hostility in the Republican Party to immigrants, non-whites and non-Christians, in general. Asian-Americans aren’t the first group they’ve turned off.

    In the 1990s, the Republican Party of California managed to turn off two generations of Latinos — a socially-conservative constituency — in the state by not just “microaggression” but explicit hostility.

    Muslim- and Arab-Americans before 2001 were up for grabs if not leaning slightly Republican because of economic and social issues; we all know what happened after 9/11 to the Republican Party. Even in 2010, leading Republican voices couldn’t stop themselves with the utterly ridiculous attacks against a planned mosque that was sort of near WTC, explicitly stating that Muslim-Americans and their needs were somehow less American.

    This is the background to Asian-Americans’ supposed sensitivity to Republicans’ hamfisted statements about them; it doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

    1. This is why the GOP is at the top of its game.

      Unfortunately… GOP members who aren’t that way are painted as such by a media that delights in that narrative. Romney was painted as a knuckledragging social con who wanted to round up gays and throw them into camps.

      So it’s a little of both. Some members of the GOP hold these views and the press makes sure everyone does.

    2. “”””two generations of Latinos — a socially-conservative constituency”””

      What is socially conservative about Latinos? They have high rates of single mothers, abortions, welfare and they like to vote for left wing politicians who promise them goodies.

      Their not even conservative in Mexico, their parties are to the left of the US

      1. Two of their parties recently achieved a massive pro-market reform.

        they like to vote for left wing politicians who promise them goodies.

        Has not affected Texas.

      2. They’re largely Catholic. If you grew up with Latinos (hispanics as they used to be called and still are on the Census form) you find them highly oriented towards family, religion– they believe in home ownership and are well known to have a strong work ethic.

        By many an estimation, this should be a population ripe for GOP picking.

        The fact that the population suffers from the same things many populations who are poor suffer, doesn’t make them a bunch of free-wheeling progressive whiz bang liberals.

        1. “”‘They’re largely Catholic”””

          Ted Kennedy was a Catholic. There are plenty of left wing Catholics

          1. I’m not trying to make a one-size-fits-all argument, I’m just saying that there are certain aspects to the Latino community that have, in some cases, made it difficult to box them in with the traditional progressive corral.

            In fact, here’s an interesting article that suggests that Latinos are conservatives when they get here, but after being exposed to Nancy Pelosi, they become less so. But here’s an interesting snippet that breaks down how they should be ripe for GOP picking:

            1. Given their relationship-driven culture, it is perhaps not surprising that Hispanics in the U.S. place high value on the traditional family. Three-quarters of all Latinos in the U.S. say that the traditional family is the main building block of a healthy community (78%). Seven out of 10 believe it is best for children to be raised by parents who are married to each other (69%). In addition, Latinos remain markedly committed to preserving the traditional family structure. Half say they are “very concerned” about the breakdown of Hispanic families.

              When it comes to typically hot-button social issues, homosexuality and abortion, most Hispanics embrace conservative points of view. On the issue of same-sex marriage, considered an important voting issue to many evangelical Christians, two-thirds of Hispanics say marriage should be defined as a relationship between one man and one woman (66%). And the majority of Hispanics in the U.S. (73%) believe that adoption or parenting are better choices than abortion for a woman who is not ready to be a mom.


          2. Yeah, since when does Catholic = politically conservative? Every Catholic I know (and I know a ton) is a registered Democrat.

            1. I too know several Catholics (non-hispanic) who are staunch Democrats. Their views on abortion are… complicated.

              BTW it’s not the Catholicness alone that makes you a potential socon, it’s that and the, and I quote:

              “Belief that the traditional family is the building block of society: 78%”

              “Believe that marriage is between one woman and one man: 66%”

              “Adoption is preferred to abortion: 65%”

              “Believe it’s best when children are raised by married parents: 69%”

              “Believe it’s not morally ok to have children out of wedlock: 66%”

              “Are concerned about breakup of hispanic families: 77%”

              BTW, those Catholics I know/knew, all divorced.

            2. That’s strange. You must live in the Northeast. Every Catholic I know is a Republican or Libertarian.

              1. In the Midwest, most Catholics are lefties.

                There’s very little difference between the idea of a Big Church and Big Government

                1. In MN, it is a mixed bag and seems to depend upon the population density. In rural areas, almost all Catholics (and protestants for that matter) are conservative. In the big cities like Minneapolis and St Paul, a good portion of Catholics are progressive.

    3. “There’s a general underlying hostility in the Republican Party to immigrants, non-whites and non-Christians, in general.”

      Republicans aren’t any more racist than Democrats. Democrats are just experts at drumming up outrage over perceived racism.

      Actually, if you want to see real hostility toward minorities take a good long look at the activities and attitudes of union members. They are generally one of the most racist groups in the country and they are dedicated Democrat voters.

      1. I don’t think it’s racism per se, so much as xenophobia.

        1. “Republicans aren’t any more racist than Democrats. Democrats are just experts at drumming up outrage over perceived racism.”

          “I don’t think it’s racism per se, so much as xenophobia.”

          Republicans aren’t any more racist than Democrats. Democrats are just experts at deflection.

          Xenophobia being soo much less evil than racism.

      2. “Republicans aren’t any more racist than Democrats. Democrats are just experts at drumming up outrage over perceived racism”

        Imagine if a republican would have pulled off di blasio’s charter school bullshit; with all those black kids getting fucked over for education? Chris Mathew’s head would have exploded.

        1. Like a checken beheaded he would have still felt a tingle run up his leg.

        2. That’s merely DeBlasio’s irrational fear of the other. Not his defacto effort to maintain the plantation of dependency.

          Nothing to see here, move along.

    4. “a planned mosque that was sort of near WTC”

      It’s 3 blocks away. It’s also next store to a bar. I was always sure to piss on the place when I left that bar.

      1. sorry, 2 blocks

    5. They didn’t turn them off they never existed. Over the last 50 years the latino vote for Republicans has averaged 33%, never approached 50% and even if it were 50% GOP that wouldn’t be enough to change election outcomes. I know I researched the data from Presidential elections since 1964.

      This latino vote BS is a tactic to try and sway independent and white women voters. Not latino voters. It’s a PR campaign the same as the “war on women” being thrown out now because the Democrats have no counter to the failed ACA. Also for GOP leadership to claim they want to “win back” a voting block they never had is disingenuous considering the real motive is cheap imported labor.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but David is a white guy, n’est-ce pas? White guys don’t get to go around lecturing minorities about their oversensitivity.

    I don’t know if there is a separate explanation for why Asian-Americans tend to be Democrats. Republicans are pretty exclusively white these days. Maybe Asians don’t like a party based intrinsically on white supremacy anymore than other non-whites do.

    1. White guys don’t get to go around lecturing minorities about their oversensitivity.

      Fuck you I do what I want.

      Maybe Asians don’t like a party based intrinsically on white supremacy anymore than other non-whites do.

      So they throw down with the party of Stro-Thurmon and the KKK.

      1. Do you think you could spell people’s names right when you’re regurgitating Glenn Beck U bullshit about how the Democrats are tarred forever by ancient associations with southern racists but the Republicans get a pass on its overtly racist recent past and present?

        1. Do you think you could not accuse me of giving the GOP a pass when I did no such thing? Guess that would require reading comprehension on your part so no.

          1. Then don’t use their talking points.

            1. Oooo sorry Tony bitching about ‘talking points’ isn’t going to cover up the fact that you lack the mental discipline required to not read in arguments into what other people are saying.

              1. Anyone bringing up the fact that southern racists used to be Democrats in any context other than political history is engaging in stupid Glenn Beck U partisan nonsense that is as desperate as it is misleading.

                The southern racists left the Democratic party after the Democrats actually did something about pervasive racism in society, and the Republicans absorbed them and have been running on white racism to this very day. That’s a more relevant fact than anything about some guy named Stro-Thurmon.

                1. That doesn’t really make a lot of sense, why did the party of racists *do something* about pervasive racism?

                  1. Parties used to be less internally ideologically consistent. Northern Democrats were progressive, Southern Democrats racist. Realignments occurred, as they do, as a direct result of the single most repeatedly controversial issue in this country’s history: whether black people deserve to be counted as people.

                    Now all the racists are Republicans. It’s been that way for a while now. If you’re making up bullshit to defend a political party, it must be the case that you are partisan for them. Why else would you do that?

                    1. Today, a “racist” is someone not obsessed with race, and who believes that, regardless of race, people should be treated equally by the law.

                      Conversely, an “anti-racist” is someone obsessed with race, and who believes that members of some races deserve special legal privileges.

                2. Southern democrats are still racists.


                3. Orval Faubus
                  Benjamin Travis Laney
                  John Stennis
                  James Eastland
                  Allen Ellender
                  Russell Long
                  John Sparkman
                  John McClellan
                  Richard Russell
                  Herman Talmadge
                  George Wallace
                  Lester Maddox
                  John Rarick
                  Robert Byrd
                  Al Gore, Sr.
                  Bull Connor

                  Eat shit Tony.

                4. “In Delaware, you cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I’m not joking.” Joe Biden

                  No really. FOAD Tony.

        2. This appears to be mask slipping… the Beck U thing is trademark shrikiness. Perhaps we’ve located yet another Tulpuppet.

          1. lel most definitely

        3. I have been away for a while and had forgotten about Tony. I see he is still playing the race card. What an ignorant bigot. Would someone please wise him up?

      2. and the eugenics in an earlier time.

    2. White guys don’t get to go

      Fuck you, rent-boy. I’ll decide what I get to do, not you.


      1. Let me rephrase, it’s unseemly for white guys to lecture minorities about their sensitivity. But I’m unfair–David was saying they’re not as sensitive as the profs think. How he knows this being a white guy is anyone’s guess.

        1. I’ll lecture anyone about their sensitivity if I think they are oversensitive.

        2. it’s unseemly for white guys to lecture minorities about their sensitivity

          “I can’t come up with a real reason this is wrong, so vague BS no one cares about instead.”

          How he knows this being a white guy is anyone’s guess.

          He can comprehend data and think. You wouldn’t understand.

        3. While an Asian-American person would be able to accurately tell how sensitive every other Asian-American is?

          1. I get the mindset that everything is in theory understandable if you just apply enough objectivity, but it really is extremely difficult to understand the subjective experiences of people with respect to their characteristics that you don’t share. It is, if not impossible, extremely difficult to understand what it’s like to be a member of a different race (or sexual orientation, etc.) than you are. This basic ignorance can lead to what academics call microaggressions from people who would never consider themselves bigoted.

            Some white heterosexual males are capable of appreciating their own privilege to a degree and hence possess some measure of empathy for other groups. But those white heterosexual males are not often found on the rightwing end of the spectrum.


              1. I would love to get into a conversation about whether the academics here are right or off-base. On every thread I eagerly await the non-moron to come around to have an actual conversation about the subject.

                Alas, I fear I will be forever lost at sea surrounded by an endless void of ignorant rightwing jackassery.

                1. OK. I am a white, educated, libertarian, not a conservative. I have never been accused of being a moron. My best friend is a Hispanic lesbian, and my wife is a Native American.
                  So, let us have an intelligent discussion about race.
                  You are correct about the Republicans absorbing many of the racists that used to be Democrats and using race to win elections… in the 1980’s.
                  White people are the same as brown people. We all want what is best for us and our loved ones.
                  Democratic voting union members in the mid-west are racist as hell. Asians are the most racist people on the planet. Many Hispanics look favorably on La Raza, which means “The Race”, and is an explicitly racist organization founded on an erroneous understanding of the history of the southwest United States, and whose members vote 99.9999% Democratic.
                  Further, a Democrat such as Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton can say the most blatantly racist things and receive a pass by their fellow travelers in the mainstream media. But if a Republican or Libertarian dares to utter a single word about minorities or racism, no matter what his intent, the same media will perform astounding acts of mental gymnastics in order to find a way to spin those comments as “offensive” and “racist”.
                  Further, whenever I opine on a major newspaper’s comments section, I am automatically labeled a racist, simply because I disagree with the liberal agenda.
                  So, Tony, the ball is in your court. Let us have “an actual conversation about the subject”.

            2. A-hole is a-hole.

            3. Yet you feel comfortable making blanket generalizations about those subscribing to a political ideology at odds with your own?

              Also, privilege? For fuck’s sake. I suppose you consider one of those few enlightened “white heterosexual males”?

            4. “but it really is extremely difficult to understand the subjective experiences of people with respect to their characteristics that you don’t share. It is, if not impossible, extremely difficult to understand what it’s like to be a member of a different race (or sexual orientation, etc.) than you are. This basic ignorance can lead to what academics call microaggressions from people who would never consider themselves bigoted.”

              irony DEFINED. So wouldn’t this make you unqualified to speak on behalf of Asian-Americans as well, asshat?

        4. Well, I’m not black but I know that you are ignorant and a racist.

        5. ” How he knows this being a white guy is anyone’s guess.”

          Are “white guys” incapable of knowing certain things whose secrets are exposed preferentially by race to people who are not white? No matter how hard a “white guy” tries, he is just racially incapable of knowing these things? Are similar limitations applicable to other races?

          Please, feel free to expound on your racial theories.

        6. And you’re not a white guy, Tony?

      1. Not being affirmative actiony enough for you?

        1. Just holding you to your own standards, shitheel.

          1. Obama will have appointed a record number of blacks, Asians, Latinos, and women to the courts in his tenure. But maybe you’re right and Barack Obama is racist against blacks.

    3. What Cyto said.

      Fuck you Tony. I heard that ‘ you can’t / you don’t get to’ horseshit from the religious fundies down here all my life. I started telling them to go fuck themselves when I was 12 and I’m telling you now. Go fuck yourself.

      I will decide what I will and won’t do.

      1. Could you guys try to be bigger caricatures? All I hear is Cartman’s voice.

        Do you find yourself in awkward social situations constantly because you feel you are entitled to ignore all the unwritten rules of seemliness?

        1. No we’re just awesome. We don’t feel the need to conform to a rigid yet vague and subjective set of social rules to fit in with a political clique, unlike you.

          1. What about basic etiquette? Are you too awesome for that too? Consider it optional based on how “awesome” you feel like being?

            Or is it all irrelevant because you never go in public? That’s the impression I get.

            1. Yay, we live in our parent’s basement because Tony disagrees with us!

        2. But they’re your rules. And they are silly.

        3. All I hear is Cartman’s voice.

          That voice you hear is your own – you’ve been screaming “Respect my authority!” for the entire thread.

          Tony: Working diligently everyday to prove there is no such thing as Peak Retard?.

    4. Tony,

      Stop examining the motives and examine the argument.

      Examining the motives and not the main argument is a fallacy.

  4. If I were Asian and a party were committed to an affirmative action policy that actually penalized my entire race, so my kids would have to outscore students of other races by large amounts just to have the same chance of gaining admission at the same college, I’d be pretty pissed and at least consider another party. But, whatever.

    1. Asians are committed to the Democrats for other reasons (like religion), so they simply have to take what they don’t like with the total package.

      1. Really? Can you elaborate on that? I’m challenging you or anything, it just seems weird given the affirmative action point.

  5. There is no such thing as an unintentional aggression. Anyone tossing off this pop-psych “microagression” guilt trip should be told to fuck off in no uncertain terms.


    1. How aggressive of you.

    2. That’s an interesting slant.

      1. *groan*

  6. half the country

    Half the country is Republican? Fuck I hope not.

  7. Could someone tell me where, say, relocating Asian Americans into concentration camps stands on the microaggression scale?

    1. They have progressive Democrats to blame for that, though.

      1. That’s why they vote democrat. They’re the battered wives of the electorate. They can change him, they just know it.

        1. I think every minority on the prog plantation thinks that.

          But it’s less about worrying someone might be having the sadz over being called a nasty name and more about careless inadvertent messaging – at least in the context of the article.

          Imagine if you were running for office and you said: “Gosh, I’d like to go back to the 1850’s and breathe in the freedom”. What’s that communicating? That you want a time with less government and more personal autonomy or a time when blacks were slaves or second-class freemen? Now, I know (well I hope) that it’s the first one but can you really blame a black guy for not trusting you at the levers of power?

          1. That you want a time with less government and more personal autonomy or a time when blacks were slaves or second-class freemen? Now, I know (well I hope) that it’s the first one but can you really blame a black guy for not trusting you at the levers of power?

            Nah, not at all.

            I’m kind of with Adamn Carolla on this one. We can go back to the way some things were, but that doesn’t mean we have to do it all.


            “Like, why can’t we go back to a time when people looked presentable when they left the house, and didn’t put their shoes on restaurant tables. That doesn’t mean I think black people should be in chains or I want antibiotics to be eliminated.”

          2. black guy for not trusting you at the levers of power?

            Although, when I sink my teeth into this statement alone, that’s the part I can’t figure out… why they think that libertarians who don’t want ANYONE’S hands on the levers to power are racist.

            1. Well, going into that would require a whole ‘nother discussion about the nature of power. Which I certainly don’t want to get into right now.

              How about I say: “for not trusting your motivations” instead?

          3. Anyone who wants to go back to the 1850s for any reason is delusional. If they could, they’d finally be acutely aware that there are things other than government that can harm freedom.


              If they could, they’d finally be acutely aware that there are things other than government that can harm freedom.

              And then they’d learn that government is far worse than all of those other things.

              1. Imagine you’re black. Would big government be anywhere near first on the list?

                1. Given that it was big government that perpetuated slavery and fought to keep it…yes?

                  1. If you like, but the Union government was even bigger and it ended slavery.

                    1. The big government that bulldozed “blighted” housing and moved blacks into housing projects like Cabrini-Green made blacks worse off than they were.

                    2. Pruitt-Igoe. If you want a story about housing projects that demonstrates typical from-square-one government incompetence that’s the only one you need. Reason ought to do a write-up on it.

                    3. it’s because progs put more value on intentions than on outcomes.

                    4. yessir, led by the newly formed Republican party, and its Republican president Abraham Lincoln. Did I mention that he was a Republican?

          4. ‘I’ll have those Niggras voting democratic for next 200 years’


            not as racist as the word “Chicago” though.

          5. That is a very perceptive comment. If more Libertarians (or even those Evil Republicans), would mull over that for more than a minute, maybe they would find a better way to communicate their actual goals.
            Seriously, I want to give you props, that is a very tidy way of framing how two different people can listen to the exact same words, yet HEAR completely different things.

            1. And I didn’t realize this comment would be so far down. I meant it as a reply to SusanM and her comment “Gosh, I’d like to go back to the 1850’s and breathe in the freedom”. What’s that communicating? That you want a time with less government and more personal autonomy or a time when blacks were slaves or second-class freemen?”
              It really is VERY perceptive, and instead of just hashing it out with each other, you all, Tony vs Everybody Else, you should stop and consider it for a minute or two.

    2. Or quotas on Asians for affirmative action sake?

      1. This, here. AA as implemented proudly discriminates against Asians because we can’t have the Golden Horde overwhelming our schools. Exactly what happened with Jews a couple generations ago.

    3. Funny, but the question remains, what makes Republicans so incredibly bad that Asians still prefer Democrats?

      1. What makes Democrats so incredibly bad that none of us prefer them?

      2. “What makes Republicans seem so incredibly bad…”

        Now no question-begging.

        1. Cytoxic,

          Bingo! Tony has a funny way of wording his/her thoughts to totally spin the arguments around.

      3. Relentless propaganda, Tony.

        Team Blue has a stranglehold on the media, entertainment, and higher education.

        1. That only about half of white people, mostly male, and nobody else (the makeup of the GOP), are immune to, apparently.

          The cool thing about this is that you cannot possibly answer my question without invoking Republicans’ racism problems without positing a racist explanation.

          1. Circular logic in the first sentence.

            positing a racist explanation.

            Dipshit can’t not apply race card.

          2. About 10% of blacks and 20% of Jews identify as Republican. Try again.

            1. But you just tried on my behalf.

          3. It’s been my experience that the first to call racism are the ones that are actually racist themselves. Like Tony.

      4. Apparently praising a minority with what are phrases like “lovely doctor” and “highly respected” eventhough we all know that’s just redneck code for “I hate you, you brown/black/yellar piece of shit”.

        That seems so much worse than forced internment of an entire race, denial of achievement-based rewards such as elite collegiate admissions due entirely to race, and a ridiculously onerous tax structure that penalizes productive professionals that your group is known for in order to reward idleness.

        1. So obviously Asians, like blacks, are somehow especially prone to wanting free stuff or whatever other bullshit.

          1. Reading comp fail much? The language there is clearly implying that Asians are typically productive professionals (with higher median incomes than even whites, but let’s not mention that because it’ll fuck up your white priviledge narrative) and that a high overall tax burden disproportionately harms them.

            1. So they choose Dems because they are especially prone to Dem propaganda?

              Exactly what is it that Asians are especially easily duped about that makes them overwhelmingly reject Republicans?

              1. Being the focus of propaganda that makes you look like a victim of a group may be related to believing that you are a victim of that group.

              2. Frankly, it varies from person to person and form culture to culture.

                The idea of Asians as a sort of monolithic group is absurd. There are a wide variety of asian groups in the states and the histories of these groups and cultural background varies even more significantly. I can name one example of a college friend of mine who now works for the AFT on the east coast somewhere. He was raised Buddhist (Vietnamese) and as such, his family found the Left’s intentions for helping the poor and downtrodden commendable. There was a perception of the right as uncaring. That that perception is furthered by the Left’s near ubiquitious control of entertainment media certainly played a role in that.

                I do find it somewhat ironic that progressives are constantly frustrated by low-income rural whites who vote reliably republican as “voting against their interests” and yet seem to not acknowledge how Asians voting for Dems fits that same criteria.

                1. The difference is the overwhelming support Dems have for minorities. The simplest explanation isn’t that all minorities are largely easily duped, it’s that some whites are.

                  In truth only rich white people have any business voting Republican–as long as they don’t care about the future of the country or planet, of course.

                  1. In truth only rich white people have any business voting Republican

                    Pray tell, how exactly does white enter into that equation? I’ll grant you rich, even if I quarrel with that assessment. But what exactly has the GOP proposed in the last two decades that would be specifically onerous to Asians?

                    1. Oh all I mean is that if you’re rich and a minority you might legitimately be dissuaded by the GOP’s overt politics of racism.

                    2. Tony’s right. Obviously, the future of the planet and the country lies in voting Democrat, especially for minorities. Just look at Detroit, Flint, Baltimore, Chicago, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Miami Gardens, Birmingham, and scores of other cities: Democrat strongholds full of happy, prosperous minorities, saving the country and the planet.

                    3. It’s a very low bar. Vote for people who believe in reality.

                    4. Which are, somehow, slight worse than the Dem’s slightly more obfuscated racism?

                  2. LOL! My Gawd, what a tool.

  8. This micro-aggression stuff is pretty rich considering it’s coming from the sort of folks who coined terms like teabagger, homophobe, gun nut, Jesus freak, flyover country, etc.

    1. You forgot “Texas Taliban”

    2. That’s not micro-aggression… that’s macro-aggression, and it’s against the right people.

  9. Oh, it’s so terrible that Asians, who are arguably one of the more racist and xenophobic folks out there, are under “microagression” attacks by those white Republicans. Bastards, don’t characterize Asian doctors as “lovely”, that’s racist.

    It’s like, if a neighborhood turned 90% black tomorrow, the Asians will sing and dance and say “I’ll never move to that nice suburb with lots of white people. If my daughter has to marry a foreigner, the spouse has to be black or Mexican, NOT white. White people, we hate you!”

    Surprise! Surprise! Asians like big (activist) government that intervenes on behalf of the people. If they don’t like taxes or regulations, they’ll just ignore them. If Barack proposed a 100 billion dollar project to spread awareness of origami, well, you get the idea. Identity politics? Low information voter? Check.

    You see, most Asian people come from human sardine cans of a city. Rude people, caste system based on seniority, corporations that want to make lifetime employees out of you, endless hours, mandatory military service (Korea). America is laid back, and it has the courage to spend money it doesn’t have to please all kinds of groups and voting blocs.

    1. “Bastards, don’t characterize Asian doctors as “lovely”, that’s racist.”

      Are you guys not getting why that statement was offensive? It wasn’t the “lovely” part – it was assuming that just cause Murthy is of Indian descent, that he’d be interested in some guy he doesn’t even know introducing him to someone else just because she is Indian.

  10. Maybe, just maybe….and, I’m spit-balling here, “Asians” don’t do the whole Group Identity Voting thing, and looking at them, in such a light, isn’t really fair, or accurate?

    I’m NOT saying that there isn’t any kind of group identity, or cultural identity among Asians here in the U.S., but I don’t recall seeing pushes for a voting bloc, as a whole.

    Not living on a coast, I may be separated from it, but I really only see “Asian voters” in the context of people studying them based on their ethnicity IRT voting.

    I would imagine that the biggest groups of Asians immigrants tend to be found close to port areas, and that successive generations are likely college educated (if there’s anything to that stereotype). Both of these facets (if correct) could easily explain why they vote more for the D’s than the R’s–Non-flyover states being heavily Dem already (you live there), as well as the influence of university proglodyte types (you’re indoctrinated there).

  11. I went to school in CA when voters there passed the anti-affirmative-action referendum. My Asian friends sent around hysterical emails about how minorities were going to be marginalized.

    I tried to explain that Asians are actually considered worse than whites when it comes to college admissions. Nothing doing. Progs are simultaneously able to discriminate against Asians while persuading them it is conservatives who are discriminatory.

    1. you can’t reason with the FEELZ, the FEELIES man! Yes AA fucks asians (and blacks as well but in a different way), but it FEELZ good. Yes minimum wage hikes cause higher unemployment among the lower skilled but it FEELZ good, yes the welfare state destroyed low income families, bringing ruin to their neighborhoods, but it FEELZ good! You can’t reason against the FEELZ of the reality based community.

  12. Micro aggression is simply micro victim hood.

    Haven’t been hit in the head lately? Maybe someone looked at you in a way that made you FEEL badly.

    Anyone can be a victim!

    We are all victims now!

    It’s the ultimate denial of personal responsibility. The blame game.

    1. We are all victims now!

      Not entirely true. There is and will always be a single group that cannot be the victim: white heterosexual males. This is where the concept of priviledge emanates from. The left had to bash everyone over the head with this concept that being born a white heterosexual male to a single mother in a trailer park in Biloxi, MS confers on you a priviledge that pre-ordains your life will be exponentially more successful and comfortable than the black lesbian female born to a caring two parent household living on the Upper East Side. It is the only way to maintain the victimhood illusion: if everyone becomes a victim, none are victims. There must always be one aggressor, and they attempt to mask that putting the aggression in an unwitting form.

      1. The entire conservative faction in this country is premised on the claim that white heterosexual males are the biggest victims. They are not starving for attention on the victimhood front.

      2. white heterosexual cis gendered males.

    2. So much this. And yet, in spite of how awful the evil white American microagressors are, the professional victims keep flocking here in droves. We must be doing something right.

      I think the ongoing victimhood mentality is largely a manifestation of the cognitive dissonance they experience as a result of the knowledge they have deep inside that America is great, and that where they are fleeing from pretty much sucks.

  13. A Republican campaign consultant is doing outreach to Asians as we speak. They call it “me Rove you long time.”

    (see – Karl Rove?)

    1. 6/10

      Not bad, but you can do better.

    2. Om my God! I actually LOLed! “Me Rove you long time”! Priceless! Need posters and bumperstickers!

  14. Personally, I don’t think most people, regardless of race, put that much thought into their political views. I don’t think white evangelical Republicans in the South put any more thought into voting Republican than minorities (or, say, white liberals in San Francisco) do in voting Democrat. There are reasons why the white vote is less monolithic, but I don’t think “white people are less susceptible to propaganda” or “white people put more thought into their beliefs” are among those reasons.

    1. You are wrong. White peoples interests and beliefs cover the spectrum, but many minorities are driven by their race.

  15. From a friend who was manning a GOP registration booth at new citizen ceremonies: After the oath swearing the newbies all line up at the Democrat booth. He asked one older lady from Vietnam why. “We are now in a democracy! We will vote democracy party!”

    New citizens are NOT here for the politics. All they know about it is that they’re supposed to be democrats now.

    1. Whether they realize it, they’re right. Republicans are the anti-democracy party. They say it openly and they pass laws to suppress the franchise.

      1. Vote fraud ? democracy.

        1. And they propagandize stupid people into thinking there is a voting fraud problem to justify their suppression of the franchise.

          1. if democracy consists of 51% voting to take away my shit, then I am against democracy as well.

      2. And Democrats are the anti-freedom party. The only freedom allowed is below your rib cage and above your knees, and that only if there’s no money involved.

      3. “Tony|3.21.14 @ 10:07PM|#

        Whether they realize it, they’re right. Republicans are the anti-democracy party

        Tony, we already know you’re an idiot, but for the love of god: the nation is a constitutional republic. There is no “mass democracy” to oppose in this country. By calling them “anti democracy” all you are saying is that they continue to endorse the system of government we currently live in, and oppose the kind of appeal to mass demagoguery you seem to consider more ‘your style’. Its not a goddamn revelation, numbnuts

        1. Well to be fair, a bunch of old dead white guys decided it’s a republic, while the cool young diverse people of today want a democracy. So it’s pretty obvious who wins.

        2. You’re never going to understand this are you? Should I simply not bother?

          We are a democracy. People vote for the makeup of their government. It’s not a direct democracy. Nobody ever said it was. Republicans are trying to make voting (of the kind that happens in this country’s system) more difficult for certain types of people, those who don’t vote for them, and they all but admit it.

          1. and dems are trying to import a foreign electorate to drown out the votes of their own countrymen so they can get power, what’s your point?

            1. That there’s nothing wrong with people voting even if they’re a race you don’t like? But there is something wrong with suppressing their votes?

      4. Yup, that’s right. We are NOT a democracy. Democracies are evil, and history shows why. This is the reason the founding fathers did not create a democracy, but rather a Republic. Choke on it.

  16. Hey, look, it’s another piece of GOP apologia, and another example of me not giving a shit about reason’s output of late.

  17. I think it’s hilarious that we can have a straight-faced conversation about the characteristics of over 1/4 of the planet’s population and try to generalize their behaviour in the same breath.

  18. If there is one common denominator among Asians, it is that most adhere to non-Christian faiths. The anti-abortion fight has made the GOP the Christian party. While non-religious people can easily be Republicans on economic liberty grounds, most Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists have a knee-jerk anti-Christian reflex, and they will vote against the GOP regardless of any political or economic issues.

    1. Actually, Asia has a large and vibrant Christian population, being the dominate faith in the Philippines and South Korea.

      At present, Christianity continues to be the majority religion in Philippines, South Korea, East Timor, East Russia, Armenia, Georgia, and Cyprus. And has significant minority populations in China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Syria and several other countries in Asia with a total Christian population of more than 260 million.[1]

  19. It is, if not impossible, extremely difficult to understand what it’s like to be a member of a different race (or sexual orientation, etc.) than you are.

    Perhaps if you don’t ever talk to such people.

    I have a Vietnamese GF. I think I know quite a bit about how Asians think about certain topics, and why so many Asians vote for Democrats. As my GF’s brother put it, “I’d vote for Republican politicians if they weren’t insane.”

    It’s not hard for GOP politicians to turn this around. All they would need to do is make Asian friends and talk to them, particularly about immigration, and learn why they are pissing off a generally affluent constituency that should be breaking more than 50% R.

    1. [It is, if not impossible, extremely difficult to understand what it’s like to be a member of a different race (or sexual orientation, etc.) than you are.]
      This is one of the most infuriatingly racist concepts ever.

      “you cant say the ‘n’ word cuz you aint black”

      if being black bestows experiential difference between us, than we are not equal. obviously the implication is you are superior, but at the very least you have to concede equality is a myth to your worldview.

      we then dont share the same qualitative experience as human beings.

      clearly you understand things beyond my capacity to grasp, on a new plane of consciousness.

      but the basics like love, rejection, acceptance, disappointment, hope, shame. that stuff we would call ‘sharing the human experience’ or ‘humanity’. that bullshit you felt aint enough to understand ‘me’, cuz having black skin makes my rejection experiences on a new plane of existence.

      sure you felt rejection, but have you felt ‘black rejection’? its a new flavor that is qualitatively different. you couldnt understand. cuz we are not the same.

  20. Its the religion not the race thing. While liberal higher ups might be more appealing when it comes to ethnicity, your average white liberal is going to make the exact same mistakes as you average white conservative or libertarian.

  21. I am around Asians every day. Most that I know are immigrants,small businessmen and Buddhist monks. For the most part they have very conservative views. They vote Democrat because of the casual demonization of Republicans in the media and by teachers. My wife attended an ESOL (formerly ESL) class and quit because they were not teaching English, they were teaching how to apply for Welfare and how to make a discrimination complaint. They used class time to show Al Gore’s propaganda movie. She was thoroughly disgusted and quit going.

    I don’t know how many other classes are used like that but judging by the attitudes that I ran into at that campus, I’d have to guess more than a few.

    Their views are Conservative and I’ll wager that some skillful outreach would bring them over to our side. Just don’t try to BS them. They’ve got BS detectors like you wouldn’t believe.

  22. Couldn’t have anything to do with nearly all media voices loudly proclaiming for decades “Those nasty hateful Republicans are all evil white scum who hate you and want to kill you.”

    No. It’s “microaggressions” like offering to hook you up with a woman they know. A lovely, respected, doctor in her thirties. Yeah, I hate it when people do that to me.

    Could also be that Asian culture is just a little more favorable to collectivism, as almost all cultures are in comparison to the US. Just because you move to the US, it doesn’t mean you’re a budding Thomas Paine, yearning for liberty. Could just mean you prefer the financial opportunities and institutional capital available in the US.

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