Brickbat: Is That a Gun on Your Shirt?


Officials at New York's Grand Island High School ordered sophomore Shane Kinney to turn his NRA T-shirt inside out or change shirts. When he refused, they gave him one day in in-school suspension. School officials refused to speak to a local TV station about the matter, but in a statement they denied any student had been suspended for wearing a T-shirt "expressing an opinion of the NRA or gun control."

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  1. Must have been about all that writing. And in a public school too!

    1. The teacher thought he was sexy and was hankering for him to remove his shirt in her presence, over a glass of wine, in the teacher’s lounge.

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  3. I reiterate, no student was disciplined for wearing a shirt expressing a position on the NRA or gun control.

    He was suspended for refusing to take it off.

    1. Actually Fist, it was written up as “Refused to follow instructions of Administrator”.

      1. He didn’t respect AUTHORITAH! Lucky it wasn’t a cop, or he’d have been executed.

  4. Lawsuit in 3…2…1…

  5. Heaven-struck Baptists are more tolerant than Communists. No amount of flowery idealism rallied with ballyhooed collectivist thrill can undo the totality of narrow-minded pursuits that codify progressive machinations.

  6. there is a section which prohibits clothing which might “encourage …violent activities”

    So, no “Declaration of Independence” T-shirts, or football uniforms?

    1. The public school system has zero respect for the 4th amendment so why not defile the 2nd?

      1. How can one respect something of which one is totally unaware?

        1. Well, one would think a grown human educated in America should have at least a marginal grasp of the bill of rights.

          1. Then explain California’s congressional delegation, or the 2nd Circut.

            1. I don’t have the capability to grasp how one refuses to accept the very rights that defines them as American. Clearly, a significant number of people who end up with power have been taught that socialism is blessed and a constitutional republic represents a ‘violent activity’.

              Perhaps tyranny attracts micro-brained nitwits who are easily conditioned by smug authoritarians to be automated reactionaries.

          2. That there right wuz for militiaz not normal folk

          3. One would hope, but such grasp is not observed. In fact, such grasp may be inversely proportional to “education”.

  7. “Turn your shirt inside out.”

    *** student complies ***

    1) “You’re suspended for provocative behavior!”

    2) “You’re suspended for violating the dress code!”

    3) “You’re suspended for gang-related clothing!”

  8. So when do we invite Putin to annex everything above North Carolina and east of West Virginia?

    1. Pretty soon, I think.

      Mr. Obama has more flexibility since the election.

      1. Mr. Obama has more flexibility since the election.

        Doc Holliday: I’m your huckleberry.
        Doc Holliday: Why, Johnny Ringo, you look like somebody just walked over your grave.
        Johnny Ringo: Fight’s not with you, Holliday.
        Doc Holliday: I’ll beg to differ, sir. We started a game we never got to finish. Play for blood, remember?
        Johnny Ringo: I was just foolin’ about.

  9. He’s just glad to see them, lol

  10. Major Champagne drinking in the Candy household tonight- after a year and a half of legal wrangling, my step-son (who was charged with possession of an assault weapon under the SAFE Act) had all charges dismissed. Throughout, the prosecutors refused to follow any suggestion from the judge to make a deal (this kid has no criminal record, has awards for valor, doesn’t drink or take drugs, and is basically Captain America). Their own expert witnesses couldn’t agree on what the terms used in the law actually meant (is any adjustable stock “telescoping”?). The judge, a Democrat, was astounded at how vague the law actually was and by the venality of the prosecution; his written opinion was not kind.

    Well, the family is out over $50k in legal fees, but a great kid with a great future ahead of him will not be spending the next 10 years in prison (mandatory minimum) and can continue saving lives and being a huge asset to his community.

    Fuck New York. Fuck SAFE. Fuck the asshole prosecutors and legislators who blatantly violated their oaths to uphold the constitution. I sincerely hope that they all die in a fire and that our boy is nowhere nearby to save their asses.

    1. That’s awesome. Good for you and your son. I’m in Brooklyn. Parts of it I love but in reality I can’t wait to get out.

      1. Appreciate it. I wouldn’t post this anywhere else, knowing the idiot comments I’d get from people who wouldn’t know the constitution if it bit them in the ass.

  11. I wonder if that policy would ban a GOA shirt? If it just said “GOA” and their symbol, it wouldn’t express an opinion about gun control or the NRA.

    Of course they’d just come up with another unConstitutional reason to oppress him, but still…

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