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@BarackObama's First Tweet Was Anti-War


On April 29 2007 @BarackObama, which is currently run by Organizing for Action, tweeted its first tweet:

@BarackObama is one of the most followed accounts on Twitter, with 42.1 million followers at the time of writing.

The tweet came a few days after the Senate passed a funding bill that would have set a date for American combat troop withdrawal from Iraq. From a press release about the bill from then-Sen. Obama:

I believe that my plan for a phased withdrawal with the goal of removing all combat brigades from Iraq by March 31st, 2008 is still the best way to pressure the warring factions to reach a political settlement necessary to end this war. This similar plan responsibly redeploys our troops from Iraq while protecting our interests in the wider Middle East. It ensures that we are as careful getting out of Iraq as we were careless getting in.

During his 2008 presidential campaign, Obama made sure to highlight the fact that—unlike another Democrat seeking the presidency, then-Sen. Hillary Clinton—he was an early opponent of the war in Iraq.

As Reason's Ed Krayewski pointed out in September 2012, President Obama did not end the war. The agreement to withdraw American troops from Iraq in December 2011 was negotiated between American and Iraqi officials in 2008. In fact, Obama wanted American troops to stay in Iraq after 2011. The troops left then anyway because of that agreement signed by his predecessor—and so, as The Huffington Post explained, "the president ultimately had no choice but to stick to candidate Obama's plan."

More from Reason on Iraq here.

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  1. I am not sure what is more funny, that tweet or the morons who believed it.


      There, I took care of the sock puppet.

      1. New here. What’s the significance of 8%?

        1. The resident monkey fucked up and posted some leftist blog about how popular Obama care is and didn’t bother to cut out the part where it says that 8% of the country supports the law as it is.

          1. He basically tried to lump in the people who said “make less than drastic changes” in with people who said “make no changes” and call that a majority of people “like the law as it is.”

          2. You stupid fuck, it was a Gallup poll that refuted your constant lying that Obamacare is electoral doom for Democrats. The number who support the ACA is actually growing despite your constant propaganda efforts.

            Your same head-in-the-sand myopia got Romney elected, remember that?

            1. yeah, it is constant at 8%. The other 92% want it repealed or altered in some significant way.

              And sure Obamacare doesn’t matter. That is why that Florida special election ended up with the Democrat winning just like you guaranteed the day before. Right?

              You used to be annoying. Now you are just pathetic and grotesque.

              1. Nothing but lies. How typical of you.

                1. does your handle really link to soros? you 1%er sociopath…take your crony capitalism and bought elections and sabotage of foriegn gov’ts back to yugoslavia, you Evil White Person.

            2. True dat. Even Ellen said we’re all grateful for O’Care.

              Is it me, or is OFA as an extension of the sitting president like, uh, totally illegal/unethical? this fucking obama cocksucker is a real fucking cocksucker (nttiatwwt). [and a affirmation of one thing is not a negation of all else: boosh sucked dick too.]

              1. Don’t bother denying your clandestine love affair with the Booooosh presidency, Ace. PBP sees through our tepid criticism. We praise the former president with our faint damnations, even though we know, as PBP points out all too often, that Bush’s snaky tendrils continue nourishing the imperialist, corporatist executive branch that Obama has spent his career trying to prune back. And at the end of Obama’s scandal-ridden reign in 2016, with healthcare premiums rocketing stratospheric and his approval rating plumbing the depths of single-digit despair, we’ll finally have to acknowledge the hold Bush had over Obama’s presidency. And PBP will be there, beatific in his condescension, to welcome us back to reason.

          3. Please tell me you have that bookmarked. I’d love to see it.

            God shriek is pathetic.

              1. Thanks!

    2. Don’t you mean the morons who still believe it?

  2. Testing. Also why does a grown man have a twitter?

    1. To make a grown woman atwitter!

    2. A grown-assed man doesn’t have twitter. Otherwise… you get the picture.

  3. It’s sad that having the good sense to not start a war in Iraq is considered a rare quality in a POTUS.

    1. He just tried the 8 percent solution.

    2. Yeah, everyone knows that the prudent course is to murderdrone people in Yemen and pick sides in a Libyan civil war.

      1. Lest we forget his desire to embroil us in the ongoing Syrian Civil War, on the side of johadists at that, and his current efforts to meekly start a war with a resurgent expansionist Russia.

        1. Resurgent?

          Expansionist, definitely.

        2. Syria/Libya = Iraq again.


          (only a $1 trillion + 4500 US soldiers difference)

          1. I am sure the people Obama bombed in Libya and Yemen feel so much better knowing Obama and not Bush did it.

            Obama is a war mongering piece of shit who ordered the assassination of an American citizen and brags about how good he is at killing people. That is his record. You own it shitbag.

            1. He killed an Al-Qaeda Islamist terrorist. You TEAM RED assholes used to hoop and holler when our guys did that.

              1. Lots of terrorists at those weddings?

              2. When did Boooosh do that?

                Oh that’s right, he didn’t you mendacious shitbag.

            2. Obama’s bombs cause economic recovery and solar companies to sprout when they go off.

              1. That’s not shrapnel… Obama’s hugs are just very sharp and fast.

                1. Well he IS all elbows and shoulder blades…

          2. The Libyan situation didn’t end up costing a significant amount of money or lives, thankfully. But its downstream effects are less-known. Keeping in mind that Ghaddafi was the one ruler who actually gave up his WMD program to the West, our govt proceeding to overthrow him in a coup does not strengthen our ability to enforce peaceful non-proliferation one bit.

            As for Syria, we know not what the result of our involvement there would have been in terms of its cost in lives and treasure, but I’d guess it would be closer to Iraq than to Libya. The Assad regime enjoys much wider support than Ghaddafi did and it supported by Iran as a proxy in the region.

          3. 1600 plus dead American soldiers in Afghanistan since your boy took over. I guess when it gets to 4500 you’ll actually find fault with him.

            1. Need the total body count there. It’s not like Barry opposed Afghanistan, so he gets to wear those casualties too.

  4. But war on the American people is A-OK, folks!

  5. As Reason’s Ed Krayewski pointed out in September 2012, President Obama did not end the war. The agreement to withdraw American troops from Iraq in December 2011 was negotiated between American and Iraqi officials in 2008. In fact, Obama wanted American troops to stay in Iraq after 2011.

    And yet how many times was this discussed during the 2012 election? The Republicans were scared to death to portray Obama as a warmonger for fear of harming their own reputation as the flag-waving, butt-kicking army.

    The consequence of that is that, even now, progressives will crow about Obama bringing Iraq to a conclusion even as he’s done his best to prolong and expand American involvement in the ME, Afghanistan, and now the Pacific.

    1. Don’t forget bringing back the Cold War. Because Obama is retro and ironic. Let me see if I can find a picture of Obama with a messenger bag…

  6. 42.1 million followers at the time of writing.

    I wonder what the ratio of bots-to-people is.

    1. The better question is what percentage of them pay net taxes.

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