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Ron Paul on the CIA & Ukraine; Guam Gov. Eddie Calvo on Cutting Government, Plus Two Minutes Hate!


While The Independents enjoys its night off (though make sure you tune in the same bat-channel for Stossel!), here are three recent segments of potential interest (for a fuller list of video, go to the show website). First up from last night, Ron Paul talks about Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the CIA, spying, Ukraine, Russia, Vladimir Putin, Crimea, secession, and more:

Mediaite's Noah Rothman and the Washington Times both had some thoughts about that interview. Next up from Monday, Guam Gov. Eddie Calvo talks about the far-flung U.S. territory's fiscal turnaround:

Finally, Bernie Maxsmith is back from last night, with some Reason-comments-tastic Two Minutes Hate:

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  1. I’ve seen this already. Witness as Ron Paul expounds isolationism from his throne somewhere in the ethereal plane.

  2. Matt Welch went to Eastern Europe in the early 90’s after the Berlin Wall fell. Apparently, he got his whole tie collection around that time.

    1. No, no, no….

      …Matt went down to the crossroads and did a deal with Old Scratch – ‘Make me the editor of a libertarian monthly!’, he demanded.

      Satan was in an awkward bind = “Whoa….that’s funny… I got the same question from this swarthy guy from New Jersey, just like a few hours ago… deal with him was to carry around a Jacket made of Pure-Evil for the remainder of his days…? So, I’m kind of like, out of ‘libertarian magazine-editor-deals at the moment… maybe we can work something out…like a 5-year deal where you swap the job?… its that, or I can make you a drummer in a girl-rock band….”

      So while the Jacket is made of Pure-Evil, Matt’s ties? are only 70%-pure-evil. the remainder is a wool-rayon blend. Which is 25% synthetic evil, and a bitch to dryclean.

      1. Oops.

        “Went down to the crossroads,
        Got me some crappy ties.
        Went down to the crossroads,
        Gonna write about statist lies.”

  3. Congrats to Almanian to getting on the show and a misspelling to boot.

    1. I missed the misspelling but not that “Two Minutes of Hate” was 3:30 minutes long.

  4. The Kennedy insults are pretty good. I refuse to watch talking heads shows but I really appreciate the effort put into the 2 minutes hate from the commentariat.

  5. I saw last night. My computer and television are in different rooms so I have to run back and forth. i am usually too late.

    Glancing over at the Newsmax column I see Ben Carson going all Godwiny. Way to go Ben! Comparing us to post-war east Germany would have been accurate.

  6. Is Kennedy into married, middle aged, fat bald dudes? Because I am so into her…

    1. Magic 8-Ball says = “‘It is decidedly so””

  7. This post is so day-walkers can appreciate the venomous glory that is the Independents?

    Maybe get 10 more people to watch and increase viewership by roughly 5%?

  8. I might have to start participating in the Independants threads to see if I can manage to get into the 2 minutes hate segment. That seems to be the only part of the show worth watching.

    Congrats to those who managed to get a shout out.

  9. I need to start participating too. Fuck Gilmore, I need to at least get on the insult board.

    1. “Now, I had heard that word at least ten times a day from my old man. He worked in profanity the way other artists might work in oils or clay. It was his true medium …”

  10. I think that sounds like a great idea.

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