Raw Story Totally Busts Reason in the Great Dildo War of 2014


normalityrelief / Foter / CC BY-SA

Raw Story's David Edwards totally busted Reason on our report that Lousiana residents swarm the state's sex shops to stock up on dildos on the taxpayers' dime! He even headlines his story, "Busted: Libertarian magazine falsely claims poor families can buy sex toys with food stamps."

Ouch. That hurts.

Actually, our own Elizabeth Nolan Brown blogged TV station WAFB's report that a Gonzales, Louisiana, lingerie store accepts EBT cards. She noted, "I hate to be one of those people who makes a huge deal at any hint of benefit abuse, so let's acknowledge that we don't know how many (if any) people have used federal benefits at Kiss My Lingerie." After hearing back from the store owner, Elizabeth added that the number of people who have actually used the cards in the store is "zero so far."

Debunking…something…Edwards also reached out and chatted with a clerk at Kiss My Lingerie. "We don't accept that for adult toys," a store employee told Edwards. "No, no way."

Well, except that WAFB reports that, whatever the store policy, "there's no violation of the law with the store accepting the card for lingerie and other adult items."


Edwards says Reason didn't respond to his request for comment by publication time. When we receive it, we'll get back to him.