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Lapel Video: Albuquerque Cops Fire About a Dozen Shots At Knife or Brake Pad-Wielding Man

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Last December, Shaine Sherrill became the seventh person shot by Albuquerque police officers in 2013. Sherrill was allegedly brandishing a knife, or maybe a metal brake pad, although police insist they were also told he may have had a gun.  There were hours of video from a dozen officers, according to the Albquerque Journal, which posted the following 3 minute video on its YouTube page: 

 It takes the officer less than ten seconds after exiting his car to start shooting. You can hear the command "drop the weapon" once. They handcuff him before providing any medical assistance. 

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The Albuquerque Journal provides more details:

While on the way to meet Sherrill, according to lapel videos and an audio file of radio communications between officers and police dispatch, officers were told about prior calls where Sherrill made it clear that he wanted to commit suicide by police officer and that he was suicidal. That information was disseminated through the Real-Time Crime Center, which references crime data and other databases in hopes of giving officers as much information as possible about a call while in the field. The tool was touted at the time as potentially a way to reduce the number of deadly-force encounters between officers and possibly suicidal or mentally ill suspects.

Officers finally found Sherrill near Northeastern and Wyoming NE, and fired. One officer can be seen kicking what looks like a knife away from Sherrill's body and then several more officers rush to give the suspect medical attention. Officers applied tourniquets to Sherrill's legs and slapped adhesive bandages on gunshot wounds on his back.

Police still won't say just how many times they shot at Sherrill, but his mother says he suffered from seven gunshot wounds. The family sued in January, accusing the police department of withholding documents related to the shooting.

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